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January 7

I find this interesting because I feel the answer is different for everyone.
For me? I love playing uplifting happy music while pretty big titted cute girls smile at me at the end of a long blue collar work day. Anyone else?
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January 7
My strip-clubbing days (and nights) are over, and I can't afford them anymore, anyway.
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January 7
Eye candy/entertainment that makes being on a computer for so many hours much more bareable and enjoyable.
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January 7
I prefer sensual / soft core stuff, and love heels. iStripper is the perfect combo for me.
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January 8
For me its a combo of having my very own personal Strip Club on my desktop and being able to collect these cards of amazing women from all over the world all in one place.😎
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January 8
it appeals to my collection nature as well and it doesn't take up any physical space plus to I can do so many things with this since its captured via my desktop screen like make a playlist of music capture the footage using my HDMI capture device add a transparent layer of a game or something and make a cool music video (long video) using my music to watch later. Or sometimes just a dancer to my music but to me this is the coolest adult entertainment around I have so much fun with other than obvious reasons :)
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January 8 (edited)
I use iStripper ALWAYS as an adjunct to music. Almost exclusively use it in Fullscreen mode and with a constantly honed favorites playlist according to the mood.
As well as the finest striptease in the world, iSTripper is like an artform where you can paint scenes with the Girls any way you like.. Bravo to @iSTeam & all those who support it. May they live long and prosper ;-)
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January 8
keep it up guys, it's interesting :)
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January 8
I have two screens with my "right" screen being my primary. I have iStripper running on the left screen either in small mode or full screen depending on how hard I need to concentrate on what I am doing on my primary screen.

I just let it run and occasionally I will stop what I am doing on my work screen and watch the girls cavort around which allows me to "de-stress" from whatever I am working on.
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January 8
For me it everything, the girls and the friend here you make. It`s the theads that are here. This is a world wide side so we see everyone here. There are always good topics like this one. 👍
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January 8
It's addictive.

Also I use full size desktop mode as a background distraction while I am reading on my tablet.
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January 8
I just discovered iStripper and I have to say it seems like they intentionally weaponized my interests. The card collection aspect is addictive (in a good way). Add the countless gorgeous babes and the saucy teasing shows. Put the whole thing on my desktop and you got me. It helps me relax at the end of a day. It provides a pleasing distraction while I wait for other projects to finish. It's like a little reminder not to take thing too seriously and remember to have fun. I can see myself here for the long haul.
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January 8
I use the desktop mode.
It is also possible to be distracted by other programs if you want to reorganize your thoughts.
With a large selection of cards you are always happy to see some shows after a long time.
For me, the variety of models and their shows is already important.
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January 8
If I'm going to sit here and edit videos for a couple hours, I might as well have something to watch in the meantime. The fact they're also insanely hot women stripping and dancing around my desktop is just a bonus as far as I'm concerned. 😉
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January 8
I love to watch beautiful ladies dancing and stripping in front of me, like if they are in a strip club, but in the privacy of my home. The XXX scenes are very good to watch too, because in club, they are inexistant. iStripper is the perfect software for me to let my fantasies come and go. After over 10 years, I'm always glad to see new ladies, new clothes and new way to excite me 😊
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January 8
To escape from the reality and to watch beautiful ladies, who I wouldn't be able to see otherwise / elsewhere.
To learn more about myself what I like or don't like and it is not just about how she looks like, it is about the way she acts, guestures, dresses, etc. the complete package of diversity like a 1000 silent dates all 4 the eyes only.
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January 8
when i'm working on my pc i play them always in small mode (only one girl - more would be too distracting, hehe).

when i'm not working on my pc i play them in full size (only one girl too) or in fullscreen mode with a max of three girls. mostly while playing music.
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January 8
As many people say, it is addictive and fun. It can be used in many ways and integrate it into the gadgets that we have at Home or Office. They can make many interesting combinations. For my area of ​​work many times end up being my work colleagues.
It reduces stress enough.
My friends often like to come to my house over the weekend.
Watching videos on a big screen, good music, good food and wine are a perfect mix of entertainment. My girlfriend likes, comments such as "How cute are the suits, or the shoes?" It makes me laugh 😂 a lot or "Do you want it to be Your Michaella or Gloria Sol tonight, Honey?" 😈
I hope in the future they will integrate native 4K, and a fourth way that could be top zoom (frontal focus of the head to the navel). I prefer sensuality and enjoy the details, a nice smile, a good lingerie, etc.
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January 8
For me its a combo of having my very own personal Strip Club on my desktop and being able to collect these cards of amazing women from all over the world all in one place.😎
and the same is for me to.
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January 8 (edited)
For me it's an addiction pure and simple with women and adult content. Totem has created a unique platform that displays them both nicely.

That's why when things get on my nerves as far as the business side they always seem to find women that entice me, even if they aren't always my first choice they have alot of choice B and C.

That's why i use the product...and keep coming back.
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January 9
Me - I use it 'cos I'm a dirty old perv😎😎😎
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January 9
Me - I use it 'cos I'm a dirty old perv😎😎😎
with a good taste in women 😉

Oh! and me too 😊
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January 9
My strip-clubbing days (and nights) are over, and I can't afford them anymore, anyway.

Aint' that the truth! When I did go to clubs in the 1990s table dances were a mere $5 and VIP was just $15. The one time I went in the last few years it was $15 for table and VIP was $40. In these days of stagnant anf falling wages, who can afford that? Not to mention the outlandish drink prices.

Also, in both North Carolina and South Carolina where I have lived, full frontal nudity is not allowed in a club where liquor is served. It can only be done where there is "Bring your own beer and wine" which attracts a lot of what I will just call lower life.

Bare legs/feet, a favorite of mine, are seldom done in clubs. I remember one dancer in a NC club who always wore fish net stockings and heels. I asked her if she would take off the stockings if we went VIP and she declined. I even offered to double the price and she still declined. No more of that.

Finally, it's obvous that you can't jerk off in a club. Where' I've been, you are not even allowed to go into a rest room stall and do so.

Beautiful women of my choice, having them always, and total freedom to do what I like when watching... that is why I have iStripper.
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January 9
@Buttbandit , nice topic. I sometimes use that for the same reason too.
But also It's therepeutic for me and satiates my love of looking at a gorgeous woman/women. I love watching all types of woman in general.
istripper is one of the coolest most intimate ways to behold such beauty and decide who I want to see and for how long. All while kicking back in my man cave, doing art work/homework/projects/tediuos research and just plain relaxing.
After 40 years of living I've never had the desire to go to a stripclub. And videos and "live" shows got boring after awhile for me.
I'm a fine arts creator and lover of design and form. I think a womans physique is one of the most mesmerizing and awe inspiring things to look at, respect and appreciate.
I just create my own music playlists, ranging from N.I.N. to Nelly Furtado and custom istripper playlists and enjoy 4 screens of pretty curvey shapes!
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January 9
With my morning coffee, next to a browser window with the news and emails....it reminds me that the world really is full of amazing and beautiful things.
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January 9 (edited)
Why do I use iStripper...?

There are many reasons, mostly common with other members here, I think. Most of the girls here are beautiful, natural, sexy, alluring... and quite scantily clad :) What's not to like!

BUT I'd like to pick a couple of specific things:

1) Most importantly, the models exude positive attitude. They seem to like what they do and are not there just to pick up the paycheck. I believe the work conditions for them are very comfortable, safe and welcoming. I just have the feeling that the staff at Totem are very nice to work with, giving the models enough freedom to do what they are comfortable with and hiring sexy models even when they are not comfortable to do the most daring routines (Margo Dumas, Sofie Lilith for example, of the more recent cards). You can't find a performance where you feel that the performer has been coerced to do something that she clearly isn't happy to do. I like that and how it radiates through in the performances.

2) Compared to traditional edited, directed adult videos, I prefer the iStripper approach in that you can see the whole of the model at all times :) In edited videos, the director chooses the angles, zooms, close-ups, frame-cropping etc... I love being able to concentrate my attention to wherever I want at whatever moment I choose. For example, I can point my attention to looking at their expressions all the time - whereas in an edited video release, the editor/director have chosen, when I can do that and when not.
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January 10
I may have missed it, but I don't think anyone else has highlighted the joy of collecting the cards?

Having a collection of over 4K cards, it's fun to add more to this collection every day and see the great talent that is part of iStripper.

I also like to play the dancers over Youtube video backgrounds with music from a custom iTunes playlist to recreate a "custom stripclub" feel.

It's just as much fun to collect, watch and engage on these forums.
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January 10
I like many of the models and there dancing on the screen. I have a strong preference for Standing clips. The choice of fullscreen scenes is nearly always for Standing and Pole clips.

There is an immense difference of use of downloaded video's/movies of other sites. Those downloaded video's/movies of other sites I nearly never watch again and mostly by streaming (not possible with iStripper clips).

The downloaded cards of iStripper I watch with selected scenes with a maximum of three models at a time. More then three models is too crowded and becomes chaotic for me. I have selected the cards bought during the last month's plus the cards of a certain year like now 2017. They come at random; I nearly never use playlists. When I use a playlist, then it's a playlist with all the shows of one model, which is a favourite

I watch a new card intensily clip by clip, when writing a comment.

The normal use is a selected fullscreen scene and at the same time I read the newspaper or something else.

I use not often music while watching shows, but sometimes I do and the combination of a great formance plus music is bringing me in higher spirits!

Because the models are dancing on the screen, you get a certain relationship, a personal feeling towards them. This makes iStripper so unique. It's nowhere else. I think this is the most strong property of iStripper.

I'm not seeking for stripclub experience; I have visited one time in my life a stripclub and that was during summer vacation in Paris/Pigalle in 1966. The show there was great. I still remember.

What I missed in all the comments so far is the word "Masturbation". I'm not a holy saint. Are the other companions?
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January 10
I use not often music while watching shows, but sometimes I do and the combination of a great performance plus music is bringing me in higher spirits!
I forgot the third ingrediënt: les bières trappistes de Chimay/Rochefort/Orval😍😉.
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January 10
"I forgot the third ingrediënt: les bières trappistes de Chimay/Rochefort/Orval" or a glass of good wine (Margaux, St-Emilion, Sauterne, Nuit St-George, Corton, etc.) 😜

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