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Question about shows' resolution

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13 hours ago, 20 answers
Hello again, I'm back to show a screenshot that shows the differences on a single image, how the differences show up on my monitor.
The card set is: Francys Belle - I Dream Of Red. 2 clips are used for testing:
#4 e1222_1024201 swing clip
#6 e1222_6148201 pole clip
settings are: Fullscreen 100%, Zoom >100% not allowed
Default and last downloaded card resolution: 1080p

Both clips replaced by 3K resolution clips. Bigger Model shown in the background. Then both clips replaced and shown with original resolution 1080p, the model in front of the pic.

Left you can see that she leaves the screen on top just by standing at the pole (same model size on dancing clips without pole in 3K, too).
Right you can see that she loses her feet on the bottom of the screen while swinging.

Nothing changed on settings, simply changed the clips 1080p<->3K.

I do not want to attack anyone, sorry, if that seems like that. 😟
I'm really wondering how to say that the higher resolution clips are the same size (downscale to fit screen resolution) as the clips with the resolution under which the card set is kept in the models.list and was last downloaded. I'm confused.😖

Edit (after reading @WA post):
If you have the Check Box Checked
Don't zoom over of 100% of Original Clip Size
Yes, you could see a difference, because now you are NOT letting it scale the clip to match your Screen.
Now thats the info that explains everything for me. 😐