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Changing the order or number of scenes within a certain model card

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14 hours ago, 10 answers

For a Full Screen Scene
Since only the 1st Model position comes from the Play list, the other two are selected from Enabled Cards.

It is, however possible via Progressive Hotness to do what you want.

But here is the catch.
You would have to rename the Levels and Level order of the filenames of the clips.

You can do these steps by hand, Keep track of it on Paper or in a spread sheet.

Or a programmer could create a tool that would allow you to do this.
1) make a list of the Orig Names, with an ID number.
2) allow you to change the names, and track the New name to the Orig Name List, using the ID number.
3) restore the Orig Names when you are done

each clip name ends with the right most 3 digits making up the Level, and Level number.
Levels go from 0 to 5, and the Level number is the last 2 digits.

After you Have renamed your clips

then you got to settings, check Advance Settings, and click on Rebuild Collection.

this will re scan all of the folders, and create a New arrangement of the clips, based on the new names you have given them.

Is it worth all this trouble?
to me, no, but maybe to you it is...

Perhaps, one day, we will get a version that ONLY selects models from the Playlist, for all of the Models Positions.

Or better. allow a playlist to be used for each Model positions.

This would then allow Each Position to be controlled by a specific Playlist.

In the Scene code, a playlist name could be assigned to that clip position.
So all of the clips for that particular position and pulled from that specific playlist

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Changing the order or number of scenes within a certain model card

Everything about iStripper
15 hours ago, 10 answers
Number and order of clips - my plan still does not work

I followed stefnev1's hint (above) and created a playlist of 5 clips of a certain model, saved the Playlist und loaded (mounted) it again. The system will neither play all the 5 clips nor will it play them in the order of the playlist. What is a playlist for if nevertheless I have to choose the order of the clips manually (and often not knowing if a clip of the next erotic level will match the clip before?)

For me (and my Mac) the essential flaw of iStripper's system seems to be the following: They wanted to build up an entire striptease and cut it in clips; or better: two ore three different stripteases which clips result in two or three complete shows from "no nudity" to "fully nude" or "XXX".

Some older model cards seem to indicate that certain clips belong to a "scene", so you can decide which clips to choose and in what order (of hotness). But mostly I am not capable to guess in which order which clips to play.

So I get a model who starts with a non-nude demo (level 1), then bares her breasts (level 2), then does a pole dance competely naked (level 4), then reappears fully clothed and strips out of bra and panties, then shows only her breasts, then opens her legs in the nude, then reappears in her dress ... and so on. Do I call this a striptease?

If I choose the option "progressive hotness" ("Schärfe steigern") she starts with some boring demos, then does several clips of the next level, so that I can see her three times remove only her bra, then the next level etc. Repetition, of course, kills the progression of hotness. Do I really have to wait 30 minutes or so until she bares her girlie goodies???

If i uncheck "porgressive hotness" and tick only some erotic levels, the order of appearing is equally arbitrary, and I can only avoid the more boring introductions (demos, topless)

If anyone has a suggestion how to change this, I would be sooo grateful.

I'm working on a Mac, maybe that's a problem?
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Meaning of clip codes

Everything about iStripper
1 day ago, 18 answers
Are there any improvements to iStripper running on Mac?

NO! To the best of my knowledge iStripper does not run as well on the Mac as it does under Windows. My household has been a Mac-only environment since 1985 and I've never owned a DOS or Windows computer. I presently have a 2013 Mac Pro with three attached displays and a 2016 MacBook Pro. I've noted the following issues when running iStripper on my Mac's:

1. You can not place a card on top of a window in the Mac environment.

2. When I play multiple cards on multiple monitors at the same time the responsiveness of iStripper becomes terrible. Latency time for a mouse clip can exceed 3 minutes. I only play cards on one display for this reason.

3. Even when playing on one display, every so often iStripper has an attack of "the slows". Latency can exceed 2 minutes, but this only lasts for 2-10 minutes before iStripper returns to normal behavior. I suspect garbage collection, but I have no evidence.

4. It is not possible to change the currently playing clip using a program. This capability exists for Windows and existed for the Mac with VirtuaGirl. When iStripper was released, it was lost for the Mac. I suspect an error when Totem ported iStripper from Windows to the Mac, but they have never corrected it. Under Windows this capability is achieved by changing a value in the Registry. On the Mac the same capability was achieved by changing a value in the iStripper Preference File. That value is still present in the Preference File, but changes are now ignored.

If you have any other iStripper Mac-related questions, I'll try to answer them. I've done a lot of experimenting with iStripper on my Macs.
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Meaning of clip codes

Everything about iStripper
1 day ago, 18 answers
I remember to have read a blog post months ago where someone explained the meaning of the codes of clips. To know that meaning could be very useful in deciding which clips to group in a playlist without having to view them.

For example, there are clips belonging to a greater "scene", like in Aislin: Hostile Takeover. There one clip is encoded as
"f0153" is obviously the number of the model card titled "Hostile Takeover". Then it seems part of a greater scene "sc2" which allows to connect them to other "sc2"-clips of "Hostile Takeover" resulting in a consistent and progressing show.

But there are other examples, where this is not possible, e.g. Alba da Silva: "Sex On A Leash". Here you find codes like
f0343_2048401.vghd, and I am completely without any clue what to make of that. Another clip is named
f0343_22528403.vghd and I wonder, how both connect or don't.

Somebody has already explained it somewhere in this blog, but who and where?

Finally: Some clips have an added symbol (or icon) that looks like a handbag. Does this indicate the use of props? (Or has the model just forgot her handbag when leaving and istripper tells here this way to come back and collect it? Which would be a great opprtunity for a new show.)

Thanks for all answers.

P.S. There are so many great ideas and products here that improve user experience. Not being a nerd I nevertheless try to grab what IT specialists are talking about. But I want to put it simple: Are their tools or improvements that run on a Mac and can be used without years before applying to MIT and study programming?