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TGIF - Free Packs

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15 hours ago, 33 answers
I'm wondering a bit, when we see again a special offer that is also attractive for those customers that only want to buy those cards, that they are interested into. As since a while the TGIF offers are only worth or attractive for those, that buy any of the cards, regardless which one. I understand that there are more often special offers for those. But the last really attractive offer for me and I expect several others was:
  • in May (May Redraw). There I bought a big part of my todays collection. And even if I have redrawned for some packages that often, that most of the discount, was lost, I was able to just buy those cards I really wanted, and could even profit in some cases or overall from some discount.
  • in March (buy 4 get 1 cash back), was also quite nice
  • in February (Booster Pack Reddraw) was nice
  • in January (20% off all 2018 cards, I also liked)
  • in December, there was another interesting redraw offer, but at this time i didn't know about istripper.

Since then there wasn't any really attractive offer anymore.

Some of the offers were quite interesting with some luck, when at least was already visible, what the possible outcome could be (e.g. sexy goose game). But finally all those I tried,were finally ended into wasted coins (meaning effectivly paying for the cards I want, the price without discount or even more expensive, than just a single card costs.)

So please, it would be really nice to at least having once month a offer which makes me happy to buy and use some more coins. Because I also like to collect some cards, but finally June to August was for me extremly money saving compared to May. And finally with already more than 500 cards, I have anyways already more then enough cards, to stay with that, if collecting more isn't getting again a bit ore attractive and is providing a bit fun.

Just my opinion, of my seeming minority interest.

By the way, the actual 1st free pack has 2 cards i like, 1 I don't want -> already lost.. especially as the probability to have better luck in the following packages is not really good.
While my personal goal is of course to have as many cards, that I like. But I also want to have a "clean" collection. Meaning cards, I'm not interested in I really don't want them to have in my collection. Not even if I would get them all for free.
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