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I would like to see every model strip fully naked in iStripper

Everything about iStripper
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please read you PM.
and also the T&C

and Forum Code of Conduct.

Breaking our rules by not respecting the spirit and tone of the community or posting something that demands a disproportionate amount of time and moderation by our team may lead us to suspend or -in extreme cases, to banish your account.

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You are entirely liable for all activities conducted by you or by others authorised by you or otherwise on your behalf. You agree NOT TO DO any of the following actions while using iStripper services:

To post picture including partial/total nudity or pornography only when it's not formally displayed you can.
Outside that, if you want to post pictures of your favorites girls, make sure they are still wearing something
To post picture that don't belongs to you without a watermark of the owner on it. This also applies to resources belong to iStripper and artworks made with.
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I would like to see every model strip fully naked in iStripper

Everything about iStripper
1 day ago, 122 answers
There are 6 erotic levels
Level 0 has not been used except once.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

these levels are coded in to the Naming of the clips.
It is the third digit from the right, in a clip name.

the levels have a definition of what erotic activity is allowed to be seen.

to make it more User friendly.
Words have been selected that approximates what you can expect to see
in a particular Level

Words added to make them more user friendly
Level 1 - No Nudity
Level 2 - Topless
Level 3 - Nudity
Level 4 - Full Nudity
Level 5 - XXX

The Levels are more about Erotic Behavior, then just the Level of Undress.
Level 0 - What you would expect to see in a public place. Walking out in Public.
Level 1 - No Naked bits and nothing to sexually suggestive
Level 2 - anything that is more then Level 1, but not level 3
Level 3 - erotic activity that can not be seen in Level 2 , but is not Level 4
Level 4 - this level you might get a clear view of the inner lips, or arse spread open. But not enough to make it level 5
Level 5 - this is the highest level and usually means, some type of insertion happened.

Note: none of the levels, specifically call out, that the Model must remove all of her clothes.

Fully clothed examples
A model touching herself over her clothes, , grabbing her breasts or her pussy briefly, is a level 2
A model putting her hands under her waist band and briefly rubbing and touching herself is a level 3
A model putting her hands down between her legs, under her waist band,
and rubbing herself almost to a climax while fully clothed would be a level 4 clip.

The level descriptions are more detailed than above, but none of them, require that the model be naked.
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I would like to see every model strip fully naked in iStripper

Everything about iStripper
1 day ago, 122 answers
@Number6 Haha, your examples make me laugh they are insane. I hope I do have some sanity left to explain what is full nudity to you

Unfortunately the Forum isn't equipped with a sarcasm mode.

1) How do think you would get inside a shower for a bath?

Usually butt naked, altough when I was much, much younger there was the odd occasion where the bath has been occupied by a naked woman and I have dived in fully clothed.

Also when I am having a bath or I shower I am not removing my clothes for the entertainment of others.

2) After you jump inside a pool, exclude whatever that is soaked or affected by water. I mean remove everything that absorbs water.

At our local pool you have to wear bathing costumes removing them would probably get you arrested.

But again in this case I am not removing my clothes for the entertainment of others. I would be removing them because I am wet.

3) How do you make love?

Bloody hell mate!! You have led a somewhat sheltered life if you think you have to be naked to have sex. Undoing one's zip and pulling a girl's panties aside is all thats needed in some situations.

For all of the above, if not at least one of the above 3 points should give you a perception of what full nudity is. Guys I am 100% sane explaining what's full nudity to @Number6 😀😀😆

All your posts tell me that a) You keeping wanting to move the goalposts and b) You do not appear to understand Totem's definitions of Full Nudity and Nudity.

They are erotic levels defined by them to help customers who want to know how explicit a card is going to be.

Full Nudity generally means a girl will open her legs and expose her pussy - even if only for a second or two. She may not even be fully naked. Nudity just means that a Girl may remove her panties (and possibly other items) but does not give an explicit view of her pussy.

To go back to your original post, like many others I do not see barefeet as being a complete pre-requisite for a girl to be fully naked. Yes sometimes it is nice to see feet, other times not necessarily so. You wish to impose your narrow views as a definition of fully naked.

I do not accept that. I prefer a broader definition, where girl can occasionally keep on items such as boots and stockings which I find mildly erotic.

The arguement now just seems to be going around in circles and has become somewhat piontless.