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Special announcement : our VR stripclub is about to be released!

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@Narson, yeh. the models themselves are good enough as is the motion capture for the most part(self intersections aside), but the rigging is just noob level. It's like they just ran an autorigger on the model which really lets it down. The boob and butt physics is something i brought up months ago when they anounced they were working on it, seems they didn't pay any attention.

It's a shame they have hidden the unreal settings too (gameusersettings.ini, scalability.ini ect) hopefully they will rectify that at some point. Can't even get at them by unpacking the .pak as it's encrypted... as if that will stop people ripping the assets.

Things i would do...
Remove the player model as it's garbage and doesn't scale with the user except for the hands and have them closely match where they are on the controllers and scale them corectly(i don't think many guys have donald trump hands). Atm my real fingertips are in the models palm and rotated differently. The closer they are to your real hands the more your brain is fooled into thinking its real. Hoverjunkers found ages ago it's better to have disembodied hands than poorly matching arms.

Hire someone that can actually do rigging properly ( i have done better myself, so it's that bad).

Allow free movement (teleport or walk), and who thought it was a good idea to set chairs that don't face the stage as teleport hotspots and leave a sofa where a girl sits without hotspots?

One payment per show ie; pay once watch as many times as you want. I appreciate the increased cost of producing the mocap vs a video but the mocap can be used on different girls(reduced cost of the show if you already have that animation).

Info about shows duration on the buy popup.

Add some ai to the girls so they try to interact with you if you teleport near them rather than only if you sit in the next chair or wave money at them(suppose it's realistic in that way ;D ), atm they just walk off, seem more interested in the poledancers on the stage.

All of that before it comes out of beta, then a bunch of stuff after if it's a success.