Pink Shirt Flirt

 4.68 (499 votes)
  • Release date: 2012
  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Duration: 49 min.
  • Level: XXX
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 4

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Reviews & comments

July 3, 2018
Zara is another Hungarian honey who knows how to put on a very entertaining & captivating performance. She’s like a delicate little flower, swaying in the wind. Wow… so beautiful to see. Love her pink outfit.

Zara is a gorgeous babe. Her delightful breasts, with lovely pink areolas, are awesome. She has a fantastic tight little round butt. As a pussy connoisseur, I’m in awe of her attractive pussy. Her cute labia are exquisite!

The show’s quality of vision, lighting & colour are excellent, allowing one to enjoy Zara’s sexy stretch marks & finer details of her skin. This is especially evident in the two ‘xxx’ scenes, which are done tastefully & are a great pleasure to watch.

This is a wonderful performance!
September 1, 2012
Zara is a consummate VG StripperBabe! She brings it all on! Angelically beautiful face, devilishly gorgeous sexy body,hot tempting Erotic attitude, friendly tease,& Xplicit "Please"(finger insert) action, all brought to us with a supremely sexy, sensual, StripperPornDoll dance presentation, that in itself, is a pure horny pleasure to watch! The Queen of the "Damn she looks so fine in jean cut-off shorts" babes, Zara is a Goddess of Hot Pants Wiggle here!This card accents her extremely lovely,lean, toned, legs & ass, especially once she dances in bra & thong!Coquettishly teasing us she is a Marvel of hot sexy babeness in Pink!Once she gets naked, all bets are off, yer gonna cum for sure!She flaunts her juicy, massive, breasts,offers her Tangy Poony & Pucker in a constant erotic flow, culminating in a fine Xplicit ClittyTwirl & deep finger plunge that's ZaraPrime & a nice add to the collective Zara PornyPixels that are a formidable collection IF you have ALL of her VG/DB offerings!Yay!
September 1, 2012
An appropriate title for the final card of Zara's six. She wears a pink shirt and is flirtatious with it :-) A lovely fresh look for her as well.

Although she did get flirty with the shirt, not to mention the rest of the outfit, this wasn't one of Zara's best task-bar performances. Very good certainly, but her eye contact was a little intermittent in places and although charming and very sexy as always, this one seemed to lack little sparkle compared to her last 2 or 3. As usual there was plenty to merit full attention though, with her usual blend of highly seductive eroticism and explicit content, including 2 x-rated clips.

She was sexy and pleasant to watch around the pole and used it reasonably well on occasion, but as usual, her actual pole dancing was nothing much to speak of. The standing clips were the highlight of the show for me. Not particularly up-tempo or dynamic, but beautifully varied, with wonderfully sexy movement, gorgeous personality and seductive, entertaining striptease work in all clips, including 2 full strips.

Not her very best, but a satisfyingly pleasurable show, finishing off Zara's set of cards in good style.

personal rating 9.27
September 3, 2012
Such looooong legs. Soooooo busty. Zara does an okay job in this ***** get-up, but she's wayyy better once she takes it off. I don't think you can teach this kind of sexy.

In this show, Zara reminds me of Lorena, another one of VG's elite sexy babes. Zara is as explicit as ever (rubbing and fingering), but she always appears poised and beautiful. Great skin tone and warm smiles top it all off. 10 out of 10.
July 24, 2022
Honestly, Zara is very underrated. She has that college girl look and it really stands out with this card. She's the kind of girl that you would take out for a nice dinner, then ***** her senseless after taking her home.
April 13, 2019
Zara has the girl next door innocent look yet looks like she would surprize you in bed with an insatiable sex drive. Watching this show, I could imagine my door opening in the middle of the night, to reveal Zara in this cute little outfit asking me if it would be okay if she crawled into bed with me. I would say yes! Yes! YES!
June 7, 2015
Zara has that rare combination of innocence and sexiness. She is so beautiful and all natural without any tattoos. She has a beautiful smile. On top of everything else, Zara has the best ass of any girl on Virtual - and that is saying a lot!
January 15, 2015
Le prof Zara nus montre de belles courbes vues de l'axe des X.

Vous aurez envie d'apprendre !
September 2, 2012
She's soooo sexy, I can't tell you why, but the way she looks and moves makes her

one of my favourites and a pefect 10!
February 1, 2013
you can watcj any of zara s no matter which one you will always blow your top
March 13, 2014
cute looking girl, lovely body and a nice outfit thank you Zara
November 6, 2012
So cute
January 7, 2013
CUTE. I want one.
February 24, 2014
Lovely lady.
August 20, 2018
Le petit short à la Daisy Dukes produit immanquablement son effet et il faut dire que Zara est faite pour porter ce genre de fringue. Elle est hyper attirante ici et je ne ma lasse pas d'admirer son corps de rêve onduler sur mon écran :)
May 15, 2016
Funny how now i read comments which more than agree with my description of Zara when at first i was poopood.
February 1, 2019
Zara is one of my all time favourites. She's so charming and sexy, I'm under her spell - and she has a ***** body. I love her in pink, in all senses of the word.
April 4, 2016
<3 Sweet dream. PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!!
April 13, 2016
Sexy girl and perfect outfit for her. Delectable.
October 20
Le rose lui va bien, le short aussi, remarquable.
March 18, 2017
un bijoux!!!!
December 13, 2020