Brunch cruise

 4.42 (577 votes)
  • Release date: 2011
  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Level: XXX
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 5

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Reviews & comments

September 3, 2011
Sherry is quite easily the hottest new VirtuaGirl to hit the screen in a while. She embodies everything I love about the desktop dancing program. She is extremely beautiful with her red hair, milky skin, big natural breasts, and beautiful body. To go with that, she has a sexy, happy attitude and isn't afraid to be playful or erotic - often in the same scene.

This bombshell performs on a level equal to Virtua Girl greats like Melisa, Mandy Dee, and Ariel.

In short, this is one of the best cards to hit VGHD in weeks. GRAB IT NOW!
August 25, 2013
Sherry on a Brunch Cruise is a fun bikini show by a natural blonde with natural and very large breasts. You can see that she's enjoying herself, between the bright smile, nipple licking, rubbing and fingering: you've got a great show.

Sherry maintains fantastic eye contact throughout. She knows that her chest is a good asset, so she uses it well. She's good at teasing and performs some basic pole moves quite well. Some clips are labled "explicit" only because she dips a hand down her suit. The normal heels stay on in this good length show. She has nice curves and a very thin blonde landing strip. Plus she does a very good clip with body lotion.

There's nothing wrong with this show, I just feel it could have somehow been a little better.

9 out of 10
September 3, 2011
Sherry joyously dances onto our screens in a fresh-from-the-beach hairstyle & bikini to show us her incredible, voluptuously curved, slender, beautiful body dancing in erotically-charged, swaying, hip-gyrating enthusiasm.

Sherry's beautiful face is constantly decorated with bright smiles & charming, sexy looks directed at us that sometimes morph into arousing, sultry passion, assuring us of her enjoyment, & ours. She keeps tabs on us even over her shoulder & as she dances onto & off screen. The show doesn't end or begin in the middle of the screen for Sherry.

Sherry enjoys convincing us that her beautifully large breasts are natural with enthusiastic massages & many delightful shakes. Although she doesn't do gymnastics with the pole, Sherry makes good use of it & frequently f***ks it in a very enjoyable way that is all too rare on VG. Her show is spiced with light-hearted blow kisses, finger insertion, & p***y rubs.

If this is "Brunch", I can hardly wait for Dinner & DESSERT! A ten!
September 2, 2011
Sherry is a naturally voluptuous blond with a charming up-beat personality. Her bikini in this card is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of outfits, but it certainly shows off her fantastic figure.

She was expressive, interactive and very charming on the task-bar, with a gorgeously endearing smile. Although she touched herself and played with her boobs a lot, however, she often didn't move or change position much, so some of the clips seemed too static for my liking. There are 5 x-rated clips in this show, but only 2 of those feature very explicit content. Good clips for those who like full-on action, but it's a pity their level isn't differentiated from 3 much tamer clips with content little stronger than you would normally expect at level 4.

In the pole clips she performed with sexy movement, great personality and wasn't afraid to try a few moves on the pole, although she seemed rather awkward working with it at times. Her movement and striptease in the standing clips was mostly excellent, apart from a slight stumble and a couple of other awkward moments. Entertaining and erotic enough though.

A good solid début show from Sherry.
September 4, 2011
Man I`m a BIG BOOBS man and these are natural BOOBS. Great Body to go with those BOOBS of hers. Love show. 9/10 for me. Move of SHERRY PLEASE.
April 13, 2015
die dame wird hier ziemlich schlecht bewertet,deswegen habe ich ihr gleich mal eine zehn gegeben ,denn die show ist ziemlich gut für vg gibt es recht viel zu sehen einige xl,sie zeigt gern ihre pussy ,sie sieht ein bisschen wie die scharfe nachbarin von nebenan aus( die ich gerne hätte :) )
October 30, 2011
Pros - Body like POW!!; a plump, firm ass coupled with a walk that says "va-va-vooom!!"; lovely boob action like boing, boing, boing!; good explicit content; enthusiasm so genuine that you will love it; probably the most fun VG model to watch ever

Cons - She could use some sun, but I am nitpicking here (trust me, you really won't care)

Sherry's show is 37 minutes long. She earned her 10 in less than 15 minutes. You do the math. 10 out of 10.

April 2, 2014
7 Tits are natural, sag ok for size, too big. Shows them very often. Plays with them often.

9 Ass is right for body. Shows it enough. Spread view enough. Plays with it often

9 Honey Pot has landing strip. Shows it often. Spread view is enough. Plays with it often.

10 Performance : Attitude is having fun. Eye contact is very good. Facial expressions are good.

10 Strip frequency is good. Sexiness is good. Dance is average, moderate.

10 Task bar very good. Walk on good. Pole good.

Good explicit performance.

Some clips mis-labeled.
September 12, 2011
Wow!! :) Now that's what I love to see more of her pretty please :)
December 22, 2012
Wow Fantastic 10_10
September 12, 2016
Best Bod Babe , So deep in that - 10++++
September 6, 2011
In a simple word... WOW. One of the best without question.
January 15, 2012
beautiful chest.... 9 for me
December 10, 2020
This is Sherry's best outfit in my opinion and it's a really good show with those amazing boobs she has. As a big tits lover its great to see her shake them, grab them and even brush across them ground. With decent dance moves and a great body to show off, who wouldn't want to have brunch with this lady while on a cruise.
September 13, 2011
OMG.. Big Fucking Tits.. I LOve Them About Jack Off With It ;)
September 8, 2011
If big natural titties that wiggle and jiggle are your thing then get this card, you won't be disappointed. Totem... not only do we need more Sherry we need more girls like Sherry too! Hook us up! (and say no to silicone in the future!)
May 9, 2012
Boobs from heaven.. This is a outstanding card.

Sherry is super sex all I can say is WOW!!!!!

Big 10+++++++++++ from me

So nice to see a woman with boobs and nipples like this all home grown..
May 4, 2012
Perfect body for me(not only the boobs), amazing performance in this show of 37min(with 3 explicits and 5 Xrated)

One of the best shows i've seen so far on VGHD, a must have!
September 3, 2011
Sherry is so sexy :-b I love her natural body and tits. Does someone know where i can get more of Sherry?
January 19, 2012
Agreed with nygiants2008.

Natural wiggling boobs displayed perfectly in this card.
April 26, 2014
this is a great show. Sherry really knows how to move. if you like blondes in binkinis don't pass on this! its a shame Sherry only has 2 VG shows :(
June 4, 2020
She reminds me a bit of Tina Kay facial expressions and cool moves. 9/10
December 30, 2017
I see what I'd like to eat on that cruise!
May 14, 2017
Grade D (Not Bad). 5.5/10.0. Sherry has a Huge Rack, but Floppy Chest. Blonde, Bikini. Not Super Classy. Overall Below Average Card.
December 31, 2011
Was für eine Frau. Was für wunderbare natürliche Titten! Mit Sherry allein hat die Anmeldung schon gelohnt
March 20, 2015
Jolie fille très souriante avec de bons gros nichons laiteux qu'on aimerait beaucoup jouer avec.
September 2, 2011
Lovely , look forward to her on desk babes.

Real tits are a real plus !!
March 19, 2012
Unbelievable natural boobies!! WOW! Far far superior to implants.
September 12, 2016
Sherry is better than the finest wine!
September 27, 2020
😍 🥰 😘
January 16, 2012
Perfect 10
March 20, 2021
Over 4 min of full nudity and over 10 min XXX on taskbar clips.
April 19, 2016
Nice looking woman. I like her.
December 9, 2020
wow !!!!
June 26, 2016
das sind titten
July 27, 2018