Nataly Von


 4.66 (505 votes)
  • Release date: 2012
  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 5

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Reviews & comments

June 13, 2018
Is Nataly Von cute or what? She’s not just elegant… she’s extremely sexy! Her sensual performing style immediately captures your attention. Her femininity shines through. She oozes amazing sex appeal. The way she discards her clothing is a treasure! This performance really is outstanding. Her pole work is excellent.

The more you watch pretty Nataly, the more you appreciate her amazing beauty. She’s absolutely all-over gorgeous. What a body!!!!! The moment she’s naked, her beautiful hairless genital area captures your attention. As a pussy connoisseur, I consider her pussy to be very attractive. It’s nicely formed. It’s very attractive… nice to admire. Love how she gently massages it.

This performance is unbelievably good… better than could ever be expected. Watching this performance, you can’t help but fall in love with Nataly. A very impressive performance indeed!!!!!!!
November 20, 2012
I agree with plasonic wholeheartedly, I couldn't have said it better...and Nataly is also the exact kind of woman I dream about. Elegant indeed, and exceptionally beautiful, erotic, sensual, and wonderfully sexy!!! Nataly Von has won my heart!!!
May 3, 2012
Nataly's performance & beauty has the quality of "Liquid-Sex" more than many VG babes this side of Sandra H! Being "easy on the eyes" ultra beautiful, & having a deeply Womanly erotic persona,she moves her slim & perfectly proportioned body thru a series of sensual "dancer-babe" moves that have me imaginatively feeling her luscious feminine "squelch" effect strongly all over my whole being! Her movement is slow & sensual,playing fully on "desire & promise",as she flows in a complete "gonna give it all to you" dance of temptation, then satisfaction.Her clothed action clips are incredibly sexy,(imagine your hands slipping under her skirt into her "pussy-silk" as she dances!)It's her ability to totally Erotically engulf you in her Womanliness that sets her leagues above most VG babes.Naked, she is a sexy *****,moving her perfect body with ever present seductive facial expressions fueling her display of fully committed Erotic "show it" action.She is ultimately watchable & highly wankable!
April 27, 2012
This little mini-dress gives Nataly a lovely fresh, Summery look that really brings out her natural beauty.

Although pleasant enough in her previous shows, this is her first task-bar performance that has really impressed me. Her movement was measured, but not too slow and she varied her position perfectly. She was as pleasant and charming to watch as always, with a smile to melt the hardest of hearts, but seemed to have an extra seductive edge here, which added to the eroticism considerably. Plenty fully nude explicit content for those who like it here as well. Although Nataly isn't my physical type, I found this one quite a turn-on.

Her pole routine, although slow moving, was a very stylish and yes, elegant, with a gentle grace about it that I found very appealing. I have seen her use the pole better though. The standing clips, although again sexy and pleasant to watch, were mostly very slow somewhat static and rather tiresome. A couple of them were considerably better though.

Nataly's best so far on the task-bar, but fell down a little in other aspects, especially the standing clips. So very good, but not her best overall.

personal rating 9.21
May 4, 2012
Nataly is Cute and Beautiful!!!!! What a perfect performance 10/10 I like all of the outfits of Nataly. More of Nataly
August 22, 2021
I love the elegant pleated dress! It looks so nice on Natalyh, whom is certainly more than elegant! Nataly is gorgeous and sexy and sweet beyond one's dreams! Wearing that dress, One could take Nataly on a dinner date and a night of dancing, etc, one would be comfortable taking Natlay home to meet the parents. But I would certainly hope to take Nataly home, just the two of us, and get that sweet girl out of that dress and enjoy that sweet girl turn into a tigress in bed!
July 12, 2017
Nataly Von is no doubt a beautiful woman & looks "Elegant" in this outfit...I like ALL women but I prefer "voluptuous" women more.The show was not bad at all.Thanks & God be Praised!...of course I'll continue to keep ALL of you close to my Heart in Love & Prayer.
May 26, 2013
Girl next door de buena calidad. Buen cuerpo y cara. Outfit adecuado. El show va despacio pero sin hacerte querer cambiarle. Si te gustan naturales y de tetas pequeñas ella es para ti. 9.6
May 18, 2020
Elegant indeed! Sexy outfit, sexy dancing, and sexy stripping! Nataly puts on a seductive performance. Absolutely beautiful!
April 28, 2012
Is it me or does it seem that each Nataly Von cards/shows get hotter and hotter ... OMG!!! *drools for more Nataly Von* \m/
January 14, 2018
I love Nataly. She is a beauty with a tiny little body and shaved pussy. I'm not a big fan of this outfit, but she does a nice job of taking it off pretty quickly in all of her shots that have nudity.
October 12, 2018
VON VOOOM MM Very sensual lady

always arouses my mind sexy legs and

Seductive teaer
February 15, 2013
I have to admit I only saw part of this card. I found it too ***** to watch. It's like seeing the WWII films of death camps. Did Nataly escape from a Soviet gulag or what? Slender is one thing. Slim, thin and skinny are okay. But this girl is *****! When you can count ribs, it's no longer "slender". I agree she moves very slow and smoothly- but I have to assume it's because she doesn't have the energy to move any quicker. She grabs the pole and hasn't the strength to hold herself up, but just plops to the floor.

Sandra H is my stated favorite, for her grace and I assume ballet training- but there is no comparing her to Nataly who you can almost imagine wheezing as she shuffles through her routine.

This card in one word-- *****.

For God's sake Nataly- eat something!
November 11, 2014
Sublime show pour une sublime petite femme jolie comme un cœur, naturelle et terriblement sensuelle, un régal.
December 23, 2019
So damn beautiful, russian women truly are something else
February 28, 2016
So pure, so natural, so beautiful, so sensitive, so sweet, so sexy. What can we wish more? Thanks baby!
May 20, 2012
Like her .. a lot :]
January 3, 2014
O so sweet, great show.
March 14, 2017
WOW! Just wow!
July 18, 2013
April 16, 2017
Je ne me lasse pas de voir son adorable minois, son cul magnifique et ses jolies jambes douces. Son sourire est très attirant et le show termine de nous la faire adorer. Mériterait autre chose que du 720p.
December 18, 2020
Wonderfull 10+
April 15, 2016