Joy Lamore

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 4.77 (198 votes)
  • Release date: 2020
  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Bonus photos: 49
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 8

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Oliver Nanto DIRECTOR (Oliver Nanto): "If you like bohemian atmosphere and bare feet, then Joy will drive you crazy! Lots of energy, smiles and fun in this perfect show. Joy loves what she does, and that changes everything."

Reviews & comments

October 12, 2020
For a model like Joy Lamore with real dance skills nothing better than to dance on bare feet. It gives her the highest freedom of movement. An excellent card recommended for

everyone, who likes dance and pole skills.

@pickle1 gave already the statistical imformation and some peculiarities of certain clips. In addition to that: starting Nude (no panties, just dress) one Standing and two Pole clips;

Starting Real Full Nude (wearing nothing) one Standing, one Pole and two TB clips.

Like in her first show Joy ‘s hairstyle is unchanged. It fits very well with her ballet inspired show. That also applies to her plain white dress with underneath the normal (!) white panties.

When a model has learned something and so has skills, than that implies nearly always 5 stars (or 10 points) for the show. In this show again a dance of joy, a celebration of life in the

Standing clips. In clip 13 the dress is used as skirt. That gave a very ballet-like impression. Her tempo is high, but it’s not hectic. Hectic is cycling in my home town. The same we see in

Pole clip 17. Her Pole clips are in a artistic semi-acrobatic style and of great quality.

Great variation, creativity and flexiblity in the Taskbar clips. The start of clip 7, 8 and 13 is a very original find. Short after the beginning of #13 Joy’s lips touch the platform (view in slow

motion). Joy smiles and laughs a lot, but it’s never the continuing grin of certain models. She likes, what she does and shows it in every way.

The rating: Standing 5 (pro dancer, ballet-like style), Pole 5 (pole dance skills in semi-acrobatic style) Taskbar 5 (variation, creativity), Beauty 5 (face, body, expressive face) and Outfit 5

(simple dress, normal panties). Total 25/5 = 5 stars.
October 12, 2020
The Duracell Bunny is back for round 2.

This time she is wearing more – but – this delightful white dress flicks up all the time when she is spinning around. And considering how many times her panties have gone missing first (start with clip #12 followed by #14, #15, #23 and #24), then there is much for the connoisseur of the panty-less upskirt to enjoy.

Statistics – excluding previews we have 6 standing, 6 pole and 9 table; 4 no-nudity, 4 topless, 1 nudity and 12 full-nudity.

No shoes – she is barefoot throughout.

You just cannot believe this woman is 30 – you can’t even really refer to her as a girl, yet that is what she looks like. Apart from the dynamism, she has such a young face (with such a big grin) and fabulous perky breasts. Her impish sense of humour shows through (see table clip #8 and #13). And again she is not afraid to show you EVERYTHING she’s got (but no rubbing).

Another excellent show from Joy.
December 6, 2020
June 2, 2023
Joy again puts on a joyful show. She's very energetic compaired to many girls here (not a putdown of other girls, but Joy just does a different style of show). With her slim-average build, average-small tits, and trimmed pussy, it is a 'joy' to watch her shows. Her playfulness, eye contact, and flirtiness is on full display in this card. Even in the small clips where the girl is waving her hands to get your attention, her energy shines through. In this card, there are several clips where she removes her panties before her nice flowy dress (a favorite move of mine). Lovey girl, great card, I'll be getting more of her shows. 5/5
October 12, 2020
In fact I can't add anything more to these positive comments. She has a great body which she shows with pleasure. It's obvious she loves dancinga lot. She's one of the best dancers on istripper with also one of the best bodies.
October 12, 2020
Joy shed her shoes at the beginning of each strip in her first card and her pleasure in dancing barefoot is obvious, so starting barefoot was an obvious choice for what is otherwise a similar routine. The difference here is that she’s actually wearing clothes to start with and she fully exploits the dress, pulling it about mercilessly. The dress is actually a rather ingenious garment, stretchy with fake buttons, side opening and a half-slip. Once again, a fast pace, graceful and elegant, almost always on her toes, with perfect eye contact and communicating a tremendous sense of enjoyment and lively humour.

The 7 pole clips include numerous swings and back-bends, various low-level ascents and descents, a side-splits and an invert – proper, varied dancing round the pole. The 7 standing clips, all cheerful and bouncy, make full use of the stage and the potential of the dress. The 10 table clips, some leaping up from behind the table, are playful, equally brisk and show off her formidable flexibility. No swing, glass or in-out. 3min full strips in each format and the short clips are mostly around 1.5min, offering different orders of stripping rather than being strictly sequential. 12 clips are explicit full nudity with numerous spreads.

Technically this show is good, with no serious outlining or colour problems, though I think the camera was closer this time, so her image is bigger. More clothes would have added to the variety and progression of the show, but it’s all about the dancing, the humour and the smooth acrobatics on the table, so there’s ample variety. I enjoyed her first show, because we got to see longer views of her supple and fit body, but this card really delivers irrepressible, sexy fun.
November 9, 2020
she lives up to her name! i love her energy and in her performance! one of my new favs. would like to see her with her hair down or pig tails. i hope she does a barefoot bikini card
October 13, 2020
Didn't have to think too long about this one! Insta buy.

Everything's already been said in previous comments, so no point repeating

If you like 'em dancing around with pure joy and lots of talent, you need this show.

We all need more Joy in our lives.

Five "Joy de vivre" Stars.
October 12, 2020
Another bare feet lover's dream come true. Another total nudity lover's dream come true. She has a great natural body with nice tan, not many tattoos, and she's trimmed but not shaven. She's very flexible too. Joy, just keep more like this coming.
November 12, 2020
i love this woman. i dig her energy, she is a good dancer. and the way she drops her panties on the stand up scenes in hot. she need an xxx card.
January 9, 2023
Joy Lamore has such amazing sexual energy & charm. Which only enhances her girl next door appeal. An absolute stunner body, great eye contact and sexy, flirty smiles. She looks delicious in and especially out of any outfit.

Joy Lamore has such a playful and erotic nature. You can tell that she really loves to tease and turn you on!
March 20, 2023
This card is one of my all-time favourites. It has the main thing I look for which is sexy panties and lots of panty flashing.

The panty style is near perfect for me (a white flimsy thong than looks conventional). Plus she flashes it a lot with some nice dance moves.

The conventional white dress adds to the eroticism of this card.
October 12, 2020
Joy is one of the most exhuberant entertaining, fun models

ever to feature on iStripper. Radient smile & expressions,

beautiful from head to toe. Joy's playful enthusiasm & skill

as a dancer creates a winning combination. Great find Totem !!!!!
October 12, 2020
I love the energy of this women, smiling, and someone who seems to enjoy bearing it all. Oliver Nanto's photo set of Joy is outstanding.
October 12, 2020
I love Joy,so cheerful,bubbly and full of energy and very pretty as well.
March 21, 2023
Women from Spain are some of the best dancers on the site.
October 12, 2020
she jumps around and is actually annoying to watch unfortunately.

quite a bit different from her 1st card.

still the hottie, but needs to go back to her sexiness she had in her 1st card.
October 19, 2020
I agree, it is hard to believe that Joy is 30. I suspect she works out often, and it looks like she may have been a ballerina at one point, or at least wanted to be. She doesn't have a lot of hair down there, but I wish she had thought to shave before her shoot.
October 12, 2020
Beautiful Joy Lamore

October 12, 2021
Sweet Juicy 100 +++++++++
10 days ago
I love Joy's joy as she dances...great energy
October 14, 2020
Great white outfit and it don't exist a girl like Joy Lamore: best dancer and woman of my dream on VG; many, many cards with her 5++++ :))
October 14, 2020
She is a great watch everything about this show is simply beautiful..
October 29, 2020
Please darlin' slow down. You are too quick and jumpy and energetic for anyone to actually see your gorgeous body.. slow down and be more sensual. Please.
January 19, 2021
Thanks again & God be Praised in ALL THINGS...
October 12, 2020
What a spicey HOT Quesadilla! Keep it coming!
February 28, 2022
Dance for me
May 9, 2021
Always five stars! Beautiful!
October 12, 2020
100% D109 Approved.
October 12, 2020
October 12, 2020
very good
October 14, 2020
August 5, 2021
Joy ist ein hübsches Girl mit einem schönen Körper. Das Outfit ist hier nicht ganz so sexy wie in anderen ihrer Shows. Trotzdem ist diese hier sehr gut, weil sie sich schön auf die getrimmte Pussy gucken lässt und geil ihren Hintern in die Kamera reckt.
October 13, 2020
Super heiss wie sie sich Beweget.Ich hoffe einer ihrer nächsten Schows ist eine Glasscheibe dabei denn das würde bestimmt super heiss und super sexy !!!!!!!!!
October 12, 2020
Après des mois de disette ça fait vraiment plaisir de voir une jolie femme avec des petits seins merveilleux, un sexe pas rasé et un beau petit cul nous faire un strip tease de grande qualité où elle nous dévoile toute son intimité dans des positions trés sexy.

On veut des shows comme ça sur istripper et pas des sets photos genre *****ées 70 où on voit des modèles croiser les jambes ou mettre les mains devant leur sexe...........

Reviens nous vite Joy !!!!!!!
October 13, 2020
Was für ein Energiebündel!

Das halte ich nicht lange durch, dann brauche ich was zur Beruhigung. Tanja R zum Beispiel, die Königin der geschmeidigen Langsamkeit...

Und ich finde es auch überhaupt nicht erotisch, aber aufgrund ihrer entwaffnend sympathischen Ausstrahlung absolut sehenswert.
February 6, 2021
Joy ,une vraie déesse sen suelle aui corps parfait...

Pourquoi pas nous gratifier d'un show "XXX",histoire d'apprécier comment vous satisfaisez votre vulve magnifique...
October 12, 2020
Joy Lamore has a great figure and beautiful legs. A great card!
October 12, 2020
Adorable petite hispanique, souriante, envoûtante, drôle et danseuse merveilleuse!!
August 4, 2022
Superbe, débordante d'énergie, sourire adorable, i am very very enjoy.
March 22, 2023
She's the maniac the song was talking about
December 29, 2020
Very energetic and sexy girl ! I enJoy it ;)
October 12, 2020
7 min of full nudity on taskbar clips.
December 24, 2020
wow very good
October 12, 2020
Beautiful - SeXy
October 12, 2020
Super Sexy