Funny Afternoon

 4.32 (214 votes)
  • Release date: 2020
  • Shows: 18 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Level: Nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 5

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Reviews & comments

March 5, 2020
Jessika is talented model, who does a kind of artistic performance in a very sexy bikini.

It’s a standard show with 6 clips of each cliptype (Standing, Pole and On TB). No touching/rubbing. Bare feet a few TB clips. Starting Nude (no panties)

two Standing, one Pole and one TB clip. Not one clip is labeled as Full Nude, what means No open leg shots.

Jessika looks very good, both face and body. A great outfit this combination a sexy bikini and high heels. It suited her perfect.

In the Standing clips a slow dance in an artistic style. Gracious moves with arms and hands; she plays with her hair. Jessika keeps in contact with the camera.

In the Pole clips more beautiful, graceful movements with her legs and arms. In the TB clips she shows her flexibility. In all cliptypes she could smile a bit more!

The rating: Standing 5 (artistic), Pole 5 (artistic), Taskbar 4 (more smiling and facial expression needed), Beauty 5 (face and body) and Outfit 5 (sexy bikini).

Total 24/5 = 4,8--> 5 stars. If you don’t mind No open legs and not much smiling, you will love her show!


As Song of the Show because Jessika is French speaking Juliette Gréco with “Je suis faite pour plaire” (I’m made to please): “Je suis faite pour plaire -

Et n'y puis rien changer - Mes lèvres sont trop rouges - Mes dents trop bien rangées - Mon teint beaucoup trop clair - Mes cheveux trop foncés -

Et puis après? Qu'est-ce que ça peut vous faire? Je suis comme je suis - Je plais à qui je plais - Je suis comme je suis - Je suis faite comme ça..”
March 6, 2020
I couldn't heartily disagree more with ckvghduser's entry, and have to say it.

1. Since Dominika C., any iStripper lover knows that when she's this fit, a girl moving her body (in timely manner), is far more interesting on stage : this is no picture shooting.

2. Some of us are sensitive to the style of Isabelle, Jessika... Kristina. The girls have such elegance, charm and style. Damn.

Along with the elegance, they got something to share on stage.

3. Could understand this kind of crit towards Hilary C. cos the ukranian pearl spoils imo alota her beautifulness with not very elegant postures and awkward moves part of the time, but certainly nope towards any of the forementioned models (!)

Speaking 'bout Jessika. Not only has she a marvel of a body but.. she got the moves !!!

Crap how I like it myself when she leisurely undulates her splendind body laterally with possibly a bend over (or lay back) towards cam ; just kinda drives me crazy. What a superb view on her splendid chest !!! Why oh why don't more models do that (well, Niemira briefly does in some table clips).

I adoooOoore as you may have noticed by now as we're on the fourth card when she does these scissor n' crossing movements with her perfect legs, etc.

She even makes the most of her superb wavy tenebrous hair, that have such a splendid implantation in her neck area.

Put in short : the supa movements Jessika executes makes the most of this splendid anatomy nature gave her and offers imprenables views on her statuesque beautifulness !

Talking by arms, btw, any guy a little sensible to female beauty knows that arm variation of position is what reveals the most of natural breasts' gorgeousness. And I am a lover of natural breast.

Getting back on the precise card :
  • I would have feared myself, with recent light overexposure practice on stage, of non-bearable whites' agressiveness but it passes.
  • Jessika's eye contact seems better, she appears less distracted by off-stage sollicitations in this card than in some others.
  • Post-prod flaw : there is one tearing/misalignement in the image of all table clips, pretty discreet, not too damaging.
March 7, 2020
Definitely bumped into my top 5. She's simply stunning. I enjoy that she's more subtle with her expressions, too. She's also one that smiles far more with her eyes than her lips. I hope she comes back for another round!
November 21, 2020
Another calm, competent and supremely elegant striptease from this beautiful performer. As with many of the pro dancers, she recognises the importance of her hands in producing a graceful and varied sequence of moves – the show is all about moves, rather than poses. There’s no real attempt at playfulness and very few smiles, but she doesn’t appear sullen or sultry, just a bit neutral. Eye contact is almost perfect in this show – she’s getting the hang of having the director on the left and he’s not interfering too much. No lifts on the pole.

The show is laid out in 18 clips, with the 4min full strips at the beginning of the nudity sequence in each format, followed by nude-starts. 6 of each format: pole, standing and on the table. No clips behind the table and no glass, swing or in-out. The short clips are sequential. No full nudity clips, but 11 nudity clips with occasional flashes between the legs. No barefoot dancing, but she strips the shoes on the table.

Technically ok, with gorgeous colouring, but a bit of dark outlining against white backgrounds. The 3-part costume, plus silly platform shoes, gives her enough to do and the make-up is less grey than in some of her shows. Jessika isn’t quite explicit enough for me and her personality is understated, but there’s no questioning her beauty or dance ability.
March 13, 2020
Another very nice show from a natural brunette with smooth moves and a gorgeous figure. Clever that what appeared to be a two piece swimsuit turned out to be three.

The description said bare feet but... Oh, here we go! Took awhile but there are those naked little piggies now. :)

Hoping to see many more from Jessika and her fellow Canadian newcomer Isabelle.
January 22, 2021
i want to marry her
March 5, 2020
One of the top 5 in my list and view, that includes the girlsof past and present. Nice natural unspoilt body and beautiful face. Keep Jessika coming and we will!
April 9, 2021
Seems from comments you either love or not this show. I love it! Super body, great legs, graceful moves, sweet smiles very occasionally and certainly looks to be happy in her work. Nothing explicit to see and yet much of the time she is all nude and looking super lovely. Those panties are only held by a simple tie at the side and luckily for us she keeps on tugging at it and they fall away.
March 5, 2020
Not a fan of the "graceful" and "artistic" flowing arm movements -- they're kind of a turn-off. Kristina and Isabelle do the same thing.

This isn't a ballet performance -- they're here to turn us on.

But, as always, I give in to Jessika's great face and body and just inactivate the clips where the arms go flailing about more than usual.

I don't give in to Kristina and Isabelle because they take the arm flailing to another level
March 5, 2020
Can we please reduce the delay between her shows?! And line up her up for a Take-2 already!
March 5, 2020
Still one of my faves!
March 5, 2020
Wow. Best outfit ever seen..... Excellent work. Please increase the number of outfit just like this . Thank you !
May 27, 2021
Jessika is gorgeous and a great dancer. But, she should smile more, and at least act like she is having fun.
March 5, 2020
With a body like Jessika's, afternoon would probably carry on until night!
March 5, 2020
Booty FTW =D
March 5, 2020
OMG! Heart-stoppingly beautiful! More of Jessika please! Xxx
March 10, 2020
For a pro, Jessika is a little boring. This girl would probably blend into the background at a strip club. She does have a nice set of perky titties and awesome hair.
May 13, 2022
Jessika is the most beautiful women I have ever seen in entire life. She is absolutley breathtaking.
March 5, 2020
I love Jessika in all the clips, sex bomb of 2020; best curves of the universe 5++++:))
June 30, 2020
Beautiul girl.The more cards Jessika makes the better.
May 15, 2020
Tak je mam rad
May 2, 2020
Just the sweetest girl. Love her soo very much!!
March 7, 2020
Nonn Nude Clip 1 - nipple flashes
May 23, 2021
I love her naturally sexy body.
March 5, 2020
Shy and not smile... :(
March 6, 2020
i buy the credits for you
August 1, 2021
this is an incredible card
September 12, 2022
super sexy!!!
June 10, 2022
one of the best. jessica is too good to be true
August 8, 2021
Ok, she is a beauty but she doesn't seem to like what she does and the eyecontact isn't that good. Maybe she isn't confident enough but I think stripping isn't her thing. 3/5
March 21, 2020
Jessika,vous méritez le 5/5!

Un peu moins de timidité serait un must!

votre corps est magnifique ,particulièrement vos seins et vos fesses pleins de grâce!
March 5, 2020
WOW echt heiss!!!!!!!!!
May 29, 2022
Après midi plus que réussi avec une fille de ce calibre.
May 27, 2021
May 6, 2020
June 28, 2020
scharfes GoGo Girl
December 23, 2020
bella sexy
March 6, 2020
is a very pretty girl
March 5, 2020
In the on taskbar clips she looks like she doesn't want to do what she's doing. She does only the dance routines nothing more. She looks a lot off cam for instructions and sometimes even covers her pussy with her hand.

Disappointing show and her worst card so far and not only for the lack of full nudity.