Dolly Dyson


 4.87 (94 votes)
  • Release date: September 15, 2023
  • Shows: 16 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Level: XXX
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 6

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Reviews & comments

16 days ago
Dolly is a beautiful model, one of my favorites this year. She’s a great performer in all cliptypes (Standing, Pole and Table).

Total 16 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6 and On Table 4 (No Nudity 6, Topless 2, Nudity 1, Full Nudity 4 and Sexually Explicit 3 (together 18:54; 2 with vibrator)). Starting Nude (just heels, bow tie and socks) one Pole clip. Starting Real Full Nude (wearing nothing) one Standing and one Pole clip.

The titel of this show “ L'Effrontée” is named after a famous French movie and could be translated as The Impudent Girl. Charlotte Gainsbourg, ***** of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, plays the leading role as a working-class 13-year-old girl.

Dolly Dyson is a great looking woman with beautiful face and hair, very nice breasts, very strong developed thighs and an ass to die for. The outfit suited her perfect. Interesting to see the same panties as in her first card (Deep Inside).

So there are six Standing clips. The striptease is sequential starting in clip 3/6 with the skirt, in clip 4/6 the heels and the socks, in clip 5/6 the blouse and the panties. The last clip 6/6 Dolly dances with just the bow tie on. She smiles a lot and is always in contact with the viewer.

There are also six Pole clips. The striptease is sequential like in the Standing clips, but in a different order. In clip 3/6 the blouse is taken off; in clip 4/6 the skirt and the panties, in clip 5/6 the heels and the socks. In this clip she shows her flexibility by making a split with the heels on! Clip 6/6 is real full nude. Like in the Standing clips Dolly gives you many smiles.

There are three SE clips. The first starts with the whole outifit on. The panties go out and Dolly fingers herself to a climax. The second clip starts with everything on except for the panties. Now it’s time to remove the blouse, the bow tie and the socks. She has meanwhile company of a vibrator, on which she sucks to make it wet for the third clip. This last clip starts with just skirt and socks on, but not for long. With the vibrator inside in different positions (triangle and doggy) the show and Dolly come to a climax!

The rating: Standing 5 (good dancer, many smiles), Pole 5 (good use of the Pole, flexibile, split), Table 5 (fingers and vibrator, Dolly is not the talking, but the doing type), Beauty 5 (face 5, body 5) and Outfit 5 .Total 25/5 = 5 stars. With 6 Standing and 6 Pole clips this card could be interesting for those, who prefer e-cards.
7 days ago
Love This Babe
8 days ago
After a thrilling energetic first show here we are slowing her down and plopping that perfect ass on the taskbar for more deliberate boring masturbating. She is super hot in this outfit and I don't mind the slowing down she doesn't need to be flying around all the time. If she decides to be slower sexier and more seductive I'm all for it she's that smoking hot. I'm glad there's both standing and pole sequences this time but for the love of god enough of this format of 20 min on the taskbar.
14 days ago
Dolly has got to be my favorite new girl, love her body! WOW
16 days ago
She's an excellent dancer with great eye contact and a fantastic body. Looks like a young Bridget Fonda. Shame I can't think of any cosplay for her
7 days ago
Seductive and sexy
5 days ago
From Germany a new girl very hot; Dolly is a sweet hot candy, 5+++:))
14 days ago
more of her, now!
15 days ago
14 days ago
Lo Siento!!! pero una mujer tan Hermosa como Dolly no debe estar descalza.

Porque es extremadamente Bella le doy 2 estrellas; Si no hubiese tenido descalzo alguno, le daría 7 estrellas.
4 days ago
Superbe miss et on a juste envie de se branler avec et sur elle.
12 days ago
Avec sa petite coupe de cheveux au carré, un regard qui envoute, un sourire parfait et de jolis petit sein Dolly est vraiment excitante !

En plus elle est vraiment chaude et ses gemissement montre qu'elle aime le sex.
15 days ago
I love this girl, I just see her and I get horny. I enjoy seeing:

her beautiful legs

her pelvis with hair

her pussy (it's beautiful)

and her ass while she gets up

a summer fantasy
14 days ago
Whis woman be my wife <3 I love you Dolly <333
16 days ago
Dolly Dyson is very sexy, has a good figure, and is overall pretty good!
1 day ago
Wäre richtig geil wenn ein Clip von ihr käme, in dem sie Deutsch spricht!
11 days ago
13 days ago
You are sooo horny babe!
16 days ago
she's perfect...
13 days ago
Sexy Sexy