White lotus

 4.47 (572 votes)
  • Release date: 2011
  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Level: Nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 4

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Reviews & comments

April 8, 2011
wunderschöne frau, gute performance

man sieht, das sie Freude bei ihrem Auftritt hatte

sehr symphatisch, schöne Augen

und sexy Körper
April 8, 2011
I LOVE Coxy! She's a beautiful, blonde dream come true! From her genuinely sweet smile and slightly naughty gleam in her eyes, to her amazing, pink nippled breasts, to her wonderfully firm ass, down to her slender, sexy legs and pretty bare feet, she is absolutely intoxicating!

Her playful personality really shines here on this card as she poses perfectly and dances just right across the stage. She never seems to be trying too hard to be sexy; she just lets it come naturally so that watching her feels like a treat to behold and, like any sensuous woman, always leaves you wishing for just a little more, please! ;)

Once again, Coxy has left me breathless!

April 9, 2011
Coxy looks fantastic in this white lacey bikini, and I think this hairstyle suits her better.

On the task-bar she was as charming and sexy as always, but just seemed to lack the spark that would have made her performance really special. The clips where she came up from behind the task-bar had a little more entertainment value than the others though. Her full nude, level 3, clips were just a touch more explicit than you would normally expect, but certainly not enough for level 4.

Although a bit slow and not very dynamic, Coxy used the pole very well in a varied routine, which included some basic, but well performed pole-dance moves. She was quite entertaining in the standing clips, with fairly up-tempo and sexy dancing, but she did tend to wiggle around on the spot for too long. The full-striptease included a stool prop, which resulted in a bit more variation of movement as she danced.

Overall not Coxy's best or worst, and rather similar in quality to her previous shows. It can't be said that she isn't a consistent performer.
December 26, 2016
White lotus flower: this color lotus is known to symbolize Bodhi (being awakened), and represents a state of mental purity, and that of spiritual perfection; it is also associated with the pacification of one’s nature. This lotus is considered to be the womb of the world...anyway I enjoyed the photos,videos and the performance.I'll keep Coxy close to my Heart in Prayer as with my other friends.Thanks to One & ALL who made this possible...God be Praised!...No doubt Coxy is a beautiful and sexy woman.
February 6, 2016
The always delectable beautiful Coxy is one of my favorites. I give her a 10! She has pretty hair and face, nice breasts, cute but and since she is one of my fantasy or dream fucks, obviously I love her pussy area. Great suble but Sexy performer and my dreamfuck buddy.
May 31, 2011
I own two of her cards shes hot sexy and puts on a great show and she has small landing strip that I like.

June 25, 2011
I'm kinda surprised by the high rating that this card has. I guess "To Each His Own". While I was watching her performance I thought her movement looked like she was posing for a photographer and not dancing for the viewer. I'm not going to dog this the card but I just didn't like it. I look at every clip and she didn't arouse me at all. She gets high marks for the outfit. 7 out of 10
June 23, 2011
Coxy is my favorite virtuagirl, she is insanely beautiful, knows just how to keep me interested in her shows, has a very endearing face, and has a great body of course! This is my favorite card of hers because the outfit and makeup work well with her and make her look even sexier 10/10!
August 13, 2014
Nice blondie girl, better is this outfit thath I seed of her cards. Lovely body, she dance and strip very well. Almost perfect, great job of this girl !!!
August 24, 2012
Dear VG,. just seen demo 'campus room' ,. could someone ANYONE @VG tell some of these girls Coxy included that if they are going to wear seamed stockings, the seam is supposed to be at the back of the leg!! both legs !! jeeez!
May 6, 2017
Grade C+ (Sexy). 6.5/10.0. Nice Body. Nice Face. Just Annoying Bikni-Lingerie. VG Can just get her a String Bikini for $12 and She'd be Bangin'.
April 24, 2020
Coxy is a beautiful woman with a great body and cute outfit. You can't go wrong with this card.
January 2, 2013
Does nothing for me.
July 14, 2011
A 6 tops. Really not all that pretty or a great dancer.
August 10, 2011
Though she be pale, she has quality.
December 23, 2021
ausome dancer
February 28, 2014
One fine perfect lady.
November 19, 2019
September 16, 2019
She's really beautiful, even when she's naked, i can't stop focusing on her face
April 19, 2016
Very attractive woman.
December 6, 2020
Very Hot