Cherry Kiss

Coral Sunset

 4.53 (393 votes)
  • Release date: 2012
  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 41 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 7

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Reviews & comments

July 17, 2017
Having owned this card for some time, I'm puzzled why I'd never seen it until it just popped up on my screen today. And wow, what a ***** fantastic show!

In her amazing sexy outfit, Cherry Kiss looks like an absolute Goddess... a pure blonde sex bomb! My God she's so beautiful. I'm in awe of her stunning body and beautifully groomed genital area... gorgeous pussy.

I've never seen any other babe do what Cherry does in this performance ... her rapid-thrusting-vibrating-pulsating-pelvic gyrations. Unbelievably sexy! Goodness gracious... great balls of fire!

This is a peformance you want to dream about all night! Thank you, Cherry Kiss.
January 31, 2013
pure natural beauty, peardrop tits, ***** bearing hips, a pity this is proberbly her last card for a while. Hope she goes on to do desktop solo's. superb.
July 17, 2013
Cherry Kiss real name is Ivana Slavkovic, she's a Serbian up and cumming pornstar. Totem has her listed as 20 years old but she's actually 18 or 19 and already has done quite a few porn scenes. Why she made her debut on VG instead of DB is beyond me. I have all but one of her VG shows. Maybe Totem will stop playing and put Cherry Kiss on DB soon.
November 25, 2012
Cherry Kiss has a most perfect, quite iconic,extremely lush, female beauty! Fully voluptuous, yet fit, curves, in perfect proportion from her buxom legs & hips to her supremely hugable torso, fully plump & jiggly breasts, all topped by her angelically lovely face.She sheathes it all in that tight shorty skirt so sexily that when she appears on my screen I'm ready & howling that PornDawgHowl within!Her presentation is all well rounded,enthusiastically seductive,Erotically effective,"Hot Doll from yer Local",temptingly sexual,Wiggle AND Pump, done quite effectively for the "JackIt'n'Nap" crowd!Strutting out fully clothed she gives us alluring facial expressions as her skirt slides up over her hips & PantyClumpPump becomes the move of EyeCandy pleasure!She gives great eye contact as she proceeds to do a series of sexy moves including lots of very satisfying spread & pump moves!Friendly,Fresh & Erotic, she's the embodiment of the- "I can't believe this young babe wants to ***** Me" dream!!
November 24, 2012
I will always give Cherry Kiss a 10,her first card (very cherry) is without a doubt her best performance to date.She seem to be more serious than the fun loving gal i adored from very cherry. I still enjoyed this card.
December 3, 2012
Cherry Kiss I to like her hips and legs what a ass she has to I like them thick and with curves. And she has it. 9/10 for me. Her outfit bring the tone out on her very nice color on her.
November 26, 2012
Plasonic's review did a far better job communicating this card's assets than I would ever be able to duplicate. I won't even attempt to one-up him or even to equal him. I do want to add, however, that I wouldn't normally find Cherry Kiss all that terribly attractive - her face is very pretty (kinda Gretchen Mol-ish) but not strikingly gorgeous, her body is very nice but kinda lumpy in some key areas. Regardless, she obviously knows how to have fun with her routines, I love her frequent and radiant smiles, and she just oozes seductive and confident sexuality! I do like this card better than Southern Picnic but not quite as much as Very Cherry (where she seemed on fire with the pleasure and joy of pure Tease). This outfit is awesome and the color perfectly compliments her hair and skin tones. Sexy, sexy, sexy. I want more...
May 5, 2013
I was fucking shocked!! All I could do was yell "WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHAT!?!" This girl shakes ass, dawg!!! Even better, when she slows down, she is *very* sexy, particularly on the taskbar, and her thong barely covers home plate. Content-wise, the explicit clips are nice: nothing over the top, but she is not shy either. I almost passed on this girl. Glad I took the chance. 10 out of 10.
August 12, 2013
Wow it's shocking that she's getting 10's. I agree that there are clips that I would rate a 10 but I can't overlook the clips that I would rate a 4 or a 5. She's an 8 to me. When she focuses and pays attention to where the camera and the lights are its fabulous, but unfortunately that's not often enough for my taste. It kind of pissed me off. It's one thing if you don't have the ability to play the role it's another if you have the ability and don't put any effort into what you're doing. Take pride in your work girl.
November 23, 2012
In this card Cherry Kiss dances with the same movements of Shakira, this music is perfect for this card ( ), great card 100/10 :))
February 22, 2013
Cherry is so sexy in this card. What a perfect behind on this woman, love it when she spanks and shakes it. I'm mesmerized!
February 27, 2022
BEAUTIFUL Lass...Thanks again & God be Praised in ALL THINGS.
April 18, 2013
Cherry Kiss a very beautiful girl with a wonderful blossom (pussy) !!! She is so exciting.
April 12, 2016
I love to see you in all your beauty, baby! Thanks you so much! I love this a lot!
May 25, 2013
Cherry Kiss rocks tha house from coral sunset to red sunrise.
November 18, 2019
Non Nude Standing Clips 5,6,8 - Kitty Visible
November 23, 2012
STR ....zi !! avete tagliato i clip migliori !!!
February 20, 2014
Cherry Kiss is one fine lady.
May 12, 2021
Jolie blonde au bronzage uniforme. 24 clips, pas mal de In/Out, secoue bien ses fesses.Carte de 2012 donc résolution de moindre qualité, dommage.
December 18, 2020
super sexy !!!!
April 18, 2016
Lovely looking woman. Good show.
February 26, 2017
Super !
May 27, 2016
Blonde sexy !