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WyDude avatar
This is lipstick lesbian at its finest. Eve Angel is about as hot as it gets, with her natural beauty and womanly body, while Zara is also natural and very hot, with excellent breasts and a definite love of getting it on with Eve. This card is not spectacular in its hardcore nature, but it is top notch in its Penthouse-type lipstick lesbian affair with lots of caressing, touching, kissing, and using toys on one another. An excellent show and very much worth the download.
plasonic avatar
Eve & Zara are a couple of shy,sensual,horny, babes & I luv their abundant"girlfriend kissing" action.The beauty of both their faces, especially Zara's, is phenomenal as they react to each others licks & touches!Zara is so lickingly attentive to Eve's lovely pussy,giving her long sensual full cunny wash licks.Their responses to the sex stay natural & real, not over-amped and flow, one scene to the next, just like real life lovers do.Zara on her side getting her pussy licked & fingered is a sweet, fucksome,dream as is Eve as Zara tongue licks her enthusiastically, like a hungry Kitty lappin' up split milk!Zara getting dildo fucked on her knees is heaven! Both babes look so fine when on all 4's, both have breasts that sway so sexy in that position.Both have luscious little fulsome peachy splendid asses. Such sweet natural orgasms followed by sexy girl kisses! Mmmm, Shy,sly, erotic, sexy, REAL action!Eve on knees/ass up/Zara licking,looks sly to us, goes in again-ah sweet & hot!!
Cherry2000 avatar
Disappointing. Why use a vibrator if you're not going to turn it on? Not only do you not see her turn it on but you don't hear it either. From a female perspective using a vibrator as a dildo is useless. I found the show to be very fake. When Eve is pretending to lick Zara's clit she's an inch too high, not even coming in contact with her vagina. They should look at each other not at the camera as well. I prefer my porn a little more realistic.
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