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I adore her striptease sessions. 10/10
Dear Totem, please bring Zara back! She's an example of female perfection, she's explicit AND she can dance. I considered for a moment giving her 4,5 because I didn't enjoy this card quite as much as "Stunning in satin" but then I remembered that I should be comparing it to all cards, not just Zara's cards. I haven't seen her other cards yet and I'm looking forward to it. Shoe note: the heels stay on. There are some rendering issues with the heels in the standing and pole clips but the taskbar clips are fine.
Zara SensuGlides onto the task bar in this micro-mini 1 piece outfit that enhances the long,sleek, beauty of her gorgeous legs,percolating pucker-pillows,& pretty cunny.Her Red lips give her "ultra-pretty girl" beauty a sultry aspect as she continues to melt me with her sexually formidable looks & expressions. Here is a woman who knows her SexPower & expresses it flawlessly!Potently hypnotic in her dance moves,she undulates & flows in a flawless demonstration of Feminine Erotic Seduction & Confidence.She's got you by the mind, eyes, dick,& clit, and she's gonna open a can o'FuckDoll on you & smear it all over yer mind!She does it perfectly with beautiful Xplicit action, equally hot in nude,explicit,& X modes.StripperWiggle flows into pussy spread,flows into finger fucking, & back to sexy hip sway & tit squeeze, all controlled by her incredible warm, friendly,expressive command of "here ya go, have some" seduction technique.A most intimate erotic experience by a PrimeSexy StripperBabe!!
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