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July 18, 2012
Zara has a perfect body, with her petite build and awesome big natural breasts, she is definitely a "10." Add to that her solid performance here which includes both pole work, taskbar hotness, and beautiful expressions as she shows that she enjoys it all.

The outfit here is the usual "sexy cop" thing, but at least it doesn't include a lot of props to get in the way. Anything to cause distraction from this hot desktop dancer would be evil.

Many of us have been fans of Zara from her performances on DeskBabes, and she is one of the few women to be paired with the uber-hot Eve Angel and be on equal footing.

Definitely a great card and one well worth having. Zara is hotter than hot.
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July 6, 2012
Zara is the Queen of All Things VG/DB for me now!She has everything that makes an exemplary StripperBabe in action!Gorgeous looks that morph between young girl sweet & sultry Gypsy Erotic seduction,voluptuous body, lean & tangy, but oh so JugJiggle-icious & PumpAss Buxy!She has a smooth sensual style & she performs with confident Erotic Power & Grace with prime stripper talent to FILL her dance with effective Explicit Erotic Action! As she gazes into us with her lovely eyes,flashing facial expressions from mirthful smiles to a knowing sexual allure & SensuGlides her silken goddess body thru her dance of explicit & X rated action it all merges in a combination of supremely smooth of tempting invitation & intense sexual fulfillment!Explicit spreading & fingering flow from her in a completely natural & lovely way.A Slight quibble: Her first card had a bit more & longer X action clips. Something for all is fair but I hope for more X in her coming cards-she merges it so well in her dance!!
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July 30, 2012
Zara plays the sexy US style cop in this show, complete with cool shades in the photoset, but not in the actual show.

On the task-bar the she performed with the same very explicit eroticism, including x-rated content, as in her first show and was just as sexy and seductive. Here, however, she also wound up the charm a notch with lots of smiles and fun gestures. Her movement wasn't quite so slow, although still rather sedate, and she changed position more often showing off her practically perfect body to a tee. A much better balance between sheer seductive sex appeal and entertainment value.

The pole clips mostly seemed rather pointless and dull, except for 2 rather charming nude quickie clips. In one, she threw her panties into view from off screen and then walked on to very sexily pick them up. Both should really have just been standing clips though. The standing clips were also mostly a bit dull, except for the occasional charming gesture or wave and another fun quickie clip. The full striptease was a little more interesting than most and had x-rated content.

Particularly good on the task-bar, but kind of mundane in other aspects despite a few fun moments.

personal rating 8.98
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