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September 3, 2011
Sherry is quite easily the hottest new VirtuaGirl to hit the screen in a while. She embodies everything I love about the desktop dancing program. She is extremely beautiful with her red hair, milky skin, big natural breasts, and beautiful body. To go with that, she has a sexy, happy attitude and isn't afraid to be playful or erotic - often in the same scene.

This bombshell performs on a level equal to Virtua Girl greats like Melisa, Mandy Dee, and Ariel.

In short, this is one of the best cards to hit VGHD in weeks. GRAB IT NOW!
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August 25, 2013
Sherry on a Brunch Cruise is a fun bikini show by a natural blonde with natural and very large breasts. You can see that she's enjoying herself, between the bright smile, nipple licking, rubbing and fingering: you've got a great show.

Sherry maintains fantastic eye contact throughout. She knows that her chest is a good asset, so she uses it well. She's good at teasing and performs some basic pole moves quite well. Some clips are labled "explicit" only because she dips a hand down her suit. The normal heels stay on in this good length show. She has nice curves and a very thin blonde landing strip. Plus she does a very good clip with body lotion.

There's nothing wrong with this show, I just feel it could have somehow been a little better.

9 out of 10
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September 3, 2011
Sherry joyously dances onto our screens in a fresh-from-the-beach hairstyle & bikini to show us her incredible, voluptuously curved, slender, beautiful body dancing in erotically-charged, swaying, hip-gyrating enthusiasm.

Sherry's beautiful face is constantly decorated with bright smiles & charming, sexy looks directed at us that sometimes morph into arousing, sultry passion, assuring us of her enjoyment, & ours. She keeps tabs on us even over her shoulder & as she dances onto & off screen. The show doesn't end or begin in the middle of the screen for Sherry.

Sherry enjoys convincing us that her beautifully large breasts are natural with enthusiastic massages & many delightful shakes. Although she doesn't do gymnastics with the pole, Sherry makes good use of it & frequently f***ks it in a very enjoyable way that is all too rare on VG. Her show is spiced with light-hearted blow kisses, finger insertion, & p***y rubs.

If this is "Brunch", I can hardly wait for Dinner & DESSERT! A ten!
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