Coxy show a0848 Campus room


Campus room

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: 407MB

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User comments (14)

WyDude avatar
This card is a much better showing from Coxy than in Gourmet Club, the last one I reviewed. In Campus Room, Coxy is much smoother, has a better routine, and doesn?t have the aloof demeanor she had before. Her smile is great and her attitude is good here as well. Her beautiful, natural body and red hair are showcased along with a great mix of tease and stripping. The outfit is also very good and she does a lot with it (it remains somewhat on her person during most of the scenes). Overall, Coxy was much more comfortable in front of the camera in this card. This card is a definite keeper and while Coxy doesn't get too explicit, she does put on a great performance. She is one of the more classically (naturally) beautiful girls to come to VirtuaGirl in the past little while.
Spacephantom avatar
This is a great look for Coxy. She suits the colours and, although see-through, the outfit gave her something to work with in the show. She isn't the most expressive performer on the task-bar, but Coxy came across here as both sexy and charming, if not overtly so. The presence of a teddy bear in one clip added the potential for some fun, but I didn't think she used it as well as she could have. I did like the way she played with the outfit though, especially the suspenders, but I think she missed a trick by keeping the stockings on. Her pole routine was fairly up-tempo with varied pole use and included some pretty good moves, but she seemed rather awkward and in a few places hesitant. She seemed much more assured in the standing clips, where her routine was up-tempo and entertaining. The teddy bear made another appearance, but was again rather underused. A good solid show from Coxy, but not quite as good as her previous cards.
marvilous1 avatar
I love her outfit in this Card! As always Coxy is beautiful, sexy , and a perfect performer and a lady after my heart. I love her pretty hair, pretty eyes, and her luscious red lips and of course there are several other of her body parts that I lust after. Coxy is my dream fuck.
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