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  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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Big Boobs
High Heels
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User comments (29)

WyDude avatar
Coxy is a beautiful Virtua Girl with a great, natural body and a very sexy look. Her performance in this card is good, with a lot of striptease and some great highlights like tearing off her stockings in one scene, but overall she is not a shining star in the new lineup of VirtuaGirl HD offers. Her demeanor is a little aloof and she has a lot of hesitation during her scenes where she is clearly trying to think of what to do next. Her moves and skills are average and a little repetitive. She is very beautiful and this outfit is a good one, however. That makes up some for the lack of talent and charisma. Overall, this is a card worth having if you are into Coxy's look, which is easily the most compelling this about this desktop dancer.
Reggun avatar
Coxy (COSY) At Gourmet Club >> Hey another Czech Chick that cozily impressed me; green-eyes, well proportionate natural body; however, her moves show an occassional lost of activity and vigour; and her somewhat languishing look reflects indolence plus physical weakness or faintness but brings out some emotional softness and tenderness in her. Her visible legs' bruises could had been from anything ie. trying too hard to get accepted in the entertainment business or perhaps from the hardships ex russian kids had to endure during their part of growing up. At least she is genuinely trying to please us while performing for her first two shows; and for that I do give her 9 out of 10. My advices for her are: be yourself; don't try to follow the bimbos with implants, piercings & tattoos; and have more practices for your moves-routines. If you wish to visit other countries, please go to countries who are more advanced than yours; then you shall better yourself. >> Good Luck.
Phlebiac avatar
Wow!!!. She looks so gorgeous, not only her body, but i like her face as well. Looking forward to see more of her. As long as she doesn't cut her hair, as i'm not waiting for short haired girls :(
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