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Big Boobs
High Heels

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See how gorgeous Coxy is in her overview!Supreme classy loveliness plus an enthusiastic,effective,smoothly confident StripperBabe performance is abundant here.The Bikini outfit,along with flesh colored stockings is perfect for her as they allow for lots of viewing of her perfect female form as she works her soft erotic magic in undulation & wiggle.I recently found out Coxy is a soft-core, glam, model on the web & her cards here reflect that.Her seduction is so good that I'm split in my horny reaction. There are no X or even explicit level clips & her exquisite seduction makes me long for her COMPLETE offering.As much as I long for the explicit I am also truly appreciative of her tease too,man does she bring that aspect full on! I luv a pretty woman who does sexy thong dancin',slow leg kicks,flowing stripper moves & Coxy succeeds in making this softer style work because she's just soo pretty. Well done standard moves, yet I luv watching her! THAT's CyberSeduction!Her beauty makes it so!
TallandSlimMan avatar
Number of explicit clips: ZERO. Number of X-Rated clips: ZERO. Number of NO nudity clips: TEN. Totem can do better. Not recommended.
cala avatar
Can you just imagine waking up next to Ms. CoXXXy? I'm thinking you just might find it a little difficult getting out of bed. Ms. CoXXXy, you are a real dream! Yummy!
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