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  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.45 ft.
  • Weight: 110 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 24" / 33"

In Prague the world of high fashion and the realm of adult entertainment often collide so a girl like Coxy can straddle the line between the two with a foot firmly planted on each side. At 22 years of age, Coxy is already one of the top lingerie models in the entire Czech Republic, and now she is ready to show off her body in a whole new way for you today!

Number of shows: 6

Coxy's shows

4.2 (560 votes)

Narrow street

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 420 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (17)

One of my favorites, Coxy has a body to die for! Perfect performance. Very pretty and sexy lady. speaking of sex Coxy can share my bed anytime she wants--that is an open invitation!
Cette fille est superbe, dans cette tenue décontractée elle est hyper sexy, un pur régal.
SUPER mega schöne Titte, ein Traum!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:10
All Virtuagirl girls are wonderful. Each of them makes us feel and trigger different emotions and desires in our bodies and minds, more or less intense, depending on the emotional situation in which we find ourselves. Honestly, I congratulate the entire team of Virtuagirl, that makes this great software full of wonderful emotions.Congratulations! Great Striptease of Coxy. I love this girl, with a face and a body can only imagine in dreams. She is really wonderful.
My first Coxy card but certainly not my last. 10, 10 and 10. Great outfit, great routines, and a great looking girl. The lack of L4s is just a plus in my book. Nothing to distract from the freshness and vibrance of her style.
There is something about this simple outfit that just magnified Coxy's sex-appeal. I loved the denim and boots that she wore. So simple, yet very satisfying.
Perfect 10 baby!!!
Wow! This is the lovely Coxy at her sweet, sincere and sexy best! The denim outfit and little boots are perfect and her hair and makeup are very understated and natural, which is very nice!She's always a great poser and dancer and that shows on this card as well, but the real treat are the standing/dancing clips! She joins the select few girls who actually dance barefoot at the pole for several clips!Why is this a treat? A girl dances and moves totally different without heels or boots on, and wh...
Coxy looks stunning of this card, nice outfit, nice move, nice body, nice smile, nice face what else? --------Nice everything, thanks VG
beautfull women, good show, and good performance10 of 10
This is Coxy´s best card I really enjoyed it. I like this girl.
While it's always nice to see a girl wearing more every day looking attire, not many can pull off a denim look and still come across as glamorous. Coxy, however, does so effortlessly.On the task-bar she was at her most fun and entertaining. If anything she was even more charming and expressive here than in "Bikini Summer". She's just absolutely beautiful in these clips and a real pleasure to watch. A good one for foot lovers as well. If you like bare feet, you'll love the way she wiggles her toe...
Très belle Coxy, de magnifique seins, et des belles fesses, un bon visage, un show bien mais pas aussi sexy que j'aurais pu le penser, je mets une bonne note comme même.
Nice blonde girl, nice body, lovely horny ass. She moves and strips well. Maybe not the best outfit, and of course she can make better, I hope to see more spreading pussy in her other cards !!!
Hot, hot, hot!!!
Beautiful woman.
Nous avons avec ce show, une charmante blonde vétue d'une tenue sexy. Lors de ses clips avec barre, elle use de mouvements chaudement séxy.
4.1 (493 votes)

Bikini summer

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 59
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 482 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (5)

super schöne Titten,geile Muschi ;-))
This little pink bikini is my favourite outfit for Coxy so far. It has "sexy" written all over it - literally - and the colour suits her perfectly.For me this was Coxy's best performance on the task-bar yet. She was much more expressive and seductive than previously. Her delightful charm and sense of viewer interaction shone through even more than usual here, making this set of clips absolutely enchanting all the way through.The pole clips were a bit variable though. In some clips she just didn'...
I cummed on my tv screen..She has beautiful smile.
belle fille,de trés beaux seins,un joli sourire...le show manque un peu d'intensité,dommage
Beautiful girl, nice outfit, good show.
3.9 (526 votes)

White lotus

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 494 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (14)

The always delectable beautiful Coxy is one of my favorites. I give her a 10! She has pretty hair and face, nice breasts, cute but and since she is one of my fantasy or dream fucks, obviously I love her pussy area. Great suble but Sexy performer and my dreamfuck buddy.
One fine perfect lady.
Dear VG,. just seen demo 'campus room' ,. could someone ANYONE @VG tell some of these girls Coxy included that if they are going to wear seamed stockings, the seam is supposed to be at the back of the leg!! both legs !! jeeez!
Coxy is my favorite virtuagirl, she is insanely beautiful, knows just how to keep me interested in her shows, has a very endearing face, and has a great body of course! This is my favorite card of hers because the outfit and makeup work well with her and make her look even sexier 10/10!
I LOVE Coxy! She's a beautiful, blonde dream come true! From her genuinely sweet smile and slightly naughty gleam in her eyes, to her amazing, pink nippled breasts, to her wonderfully firm ass, down to her slender, sexy legs and pretty bare feet, she is absolutely intoxicating!Her playful personality really shines here on this card as she poses perfectly and dances just right across the stage. She never seems to be trying too hard to be sexy; she just lets it come naturally so that watching her...
wunderschöne frau, gute performance man sieht, das sie Freude bei ihrem Auftritt hattesehr symphatisch, schöne Augen und sexy Körper
Nice blondie girl, better is this outfit thath I seed of her cards. Lovely body, she dance and strip very well. Almost perfect, great job of this girl !!!
I own two of her cards shes hot sexy and puts on a great show and she has small landing strip that I like.
Coxy looks fantastic in this white lacey bikini, and I think this hairstyle suits her better.On the task-bar she was as charming and sexy as always, but just seemed to lack the spark that would have made her performance really special. The clips where she came up from behind the task-bar had a little more entertainment value than the others though. Her full nude, level 3, clips were just a touch more explicit than you would normally expect, but certainly not enough for level 4.Although a bit slo...
Though she be pale, she has quality.
I'm kinda surprised by the high rating that this card has. I guess "To Each His Own". While I was watching her performance I thought her movement looked like she was posing for a photographer and not dancing for the viewer. I'm not going to dog this the card but I just didn't like it. I look at every clip and she didn't arouse me at all. She gets high marks for the outfit. 7 out of 10
Does nothing for me.
A 6 tops. Really not all that pretty or a great dancer.
Very attractive woman.
4.2 (555 votes)

Campus room

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 407 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (11)

I love her outfit in this Card! As always Coxy is beautiful, sexy , and a perfect performer and a lady after my heart. I love her pretty hair, pretty eyes, and her luscious red lips and of course there are several other of her body parts that I lust after. Coxy is my dream fuck.
Coxy is all good, wonderfull show.
Me encanta su baby-doll!!! Una belleza natural. El show es bastante movido. Creo que sólo si fuera más explícita desbancaría a varias que están más arriba que ella. 9.6.
Sexy, natural, petite.
love this girl an the outfit is gorgeous on her.. perfect 10!
perfect 10/10
This card is a much better showing from Coxy than in Gourmet Club, the last one I reviewed. In Campus Room, Coxy is much smoother, has a better routine, and doesn?t have the aloof demeanor she had before. Her smile is great and her attitude is good here as well.Her beautiful, natural body and red hair are showcased along with a great mix of tease and stripping. The outfit is also very good and she does a lot with it (it remains somewhat on her person during most of the scenes). Overall, Coxy was...
A girl with a nice outfit and BIG BOOBS I love them. I rate her 9/10.
This is a great look for Coxy. She suits the colours and, although see-through, the outfit gave her something to work with in the show.She isn't the most expressive performer on the task-bar, but Coxy came across here as both sexy and charming, if not overtly so. The presence of a teddy bear in one clip added the potential for some fun, but I didn't think she used it as well as she could have. I did like the way she played with the outfit though, especially the suspenders, but I think she missed...
Belle fille, de la beauté, de la sensualité artistique,de la grâce, mais prestations un peu limitée. Peux mieux faire.
Beautiful. Not sure about the outfit, but, nice show.
4.2 (588 votes)

Sensual time

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 63
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 401 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (16)

Coxy you can make me stiff with a smile, hard with a smirk, and rigid with a stare! And then there's that outfit you're prancing around in...
I score this a 10! Coxy is one of my favoite Girls, When she put her leg on top the edge of the desktop and her naked pussy almost touched it, she looked so close that it looked like she was climbing out of the computer screen and onto my lap (wishful thinking on my part but it did give me a tingle in my groin). Otherwise she is a smooth, suave, sensual lower keyed but sexy performer that i enjoy very, very much. Again coxy you are the greatest!
Très jolie femme, de la sensualité, un corps superbe, relativement sage comme show mais très sympathique.
See how gorgeous Coxy is in her overview!Supreme classy loveliness plus an enthusiastic,effective,smoothly confident StripperBabe performance is abundant here.The Bikini outfit,along with flesh colored stockings is perfect for her as they allow for lots of viewing of her perfect female form as she works her soft erotic magic in undulation & wiggle.I recently found out Coxy is a soft-core, glam, model on the web & her cards here reflect that.Her seduction is so good that I'm split in my horny rea...
Very beautiful!!!
A 10...pretty, engaging and she moves well.
I gotta say this girl is definately gorgeous. Unfortunately though for everyone that wants to see more explicit content from her is going to be dissapointed. From what I've found from looking around on the internet, she seems to only do light erotic photos and videos. Bummer yes but she's still smoking hot and I can't wait to see the rest of her cards.
for me a nice 10 ^^ hope for more and at last one DeskBabes Card.
One of the finest Blondes on the Site. Highly recomended,
my Taste of Girl on of my top 10, Top funny sexy Girl, verry cuit Body ... nice shows and clear, shows are good size, really good Card i like it , its 9++ ;-)
Coxy looks good in this skimpy little tartan bikini, but I think I preferred her in the black outfit from her first card.On the task-bar she was considerably more expressive and active in this card. In fact her movement often seemed a bit hurried here. Her charm and sense of viewer interaction were undiminished, however, and these were a sexy and entertaining set of clips. A good example of how a girl can give a good sexy show without resorting to an overt gynaecology lesson.The pole clips mostl...
Number of explicit clips: ZERO. Number of X-Rated clips: ZERO. Number of NO nudity clips: TEN. Totem can do better. Not recommended.
Gave it a 5/10 because she is a beautiful girl but the card was a total waste of time,deleted.
un?altra che se non si decide a "farsi vedere" come si deve, può anche "andare a casa" !!
show que l'on a envie qu'il ne s'arrete jamais j'aime
I like this show.
4.1 (700 votes)

Gourmet club

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 439 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (25)

Coxy is one of my favorite VirtuaGirls! I like the name of the clip: Gourmet club. I am feasting my eyes on her now! Great action, beautiful body, every inch of it! Great moves. Love the nudity.
Encore une très jolie femme pleine de séduction et de sex-appeal.
Didn't get these in order so this is not my first Coxy card. She is one of the more under-rated VG dancers. She has a nice figure and wonderful wild hair. Her playful demeanor is about on a par with Blue Angel and though not as comfortable with the pole, she tends to interject some truely unique moves in her routines. Generally fun and always entertaining, she is certainly in the top third of VG girls.
Coxy se ve divina es este atuendo, hace contraste perfecto con su tono de piel. Su striptease es sexy y tendencioso. Una chica guapa que si fuera más explícita tendrían que cuidarse varias de las que están arriba de ella. 9.6
i like her boobs Great show
Niced blonde.
Wow!!!. She looks so gorgeous, not only her body, but i like her face as well.Looking forward to see more of her. As long as she doesn't cut her hair, as i'm not waiting for short haired girls :(
Hot blon girl, very nice body and good moves. Great her performance, almost perfect :)
Extremely pretty. Moves well and with class.BUT I would love to see her in an actual dress with her clothes ON (weird aren't I?)
Voici une belle blonde portant une sombre et jolie tenue sexy. Le galbe de ses longues jambes est accentué par ses bas noirs, qu'elle met agréablement en pièce lors de 'un clip explicite. Ses cheveux blonds, coiffés avec élégance, encadre un joli visage fort bien maquillé. Ses lèvres fines sont d'un rouge passion. Son bustier lui donne un décolleté qu'elle sait accentuer en caressant ou massant ses seins. C'est un rêve doux que la voir caresser ses belles cuisses. Elle danse avec des mouvements...
Coxy (COSY) At Gourmet Club >> Hey another Czech Chick that cozily impressed me; green-eyes, well proportionate natural body; however, her moves show an occassional lost of activity and vigour; and her somewhat languishing look reflects indolence plus physical weakness or faintness but brings out some emotional softness and tenderness in her. Her visible legs' bruises could had been from anything ie. trying too hard to get accepted in the entertainment business or perhaps from the hardships ex r...
Coxy is a classically beautiful green-eyed blond. Not really my type, but very appealing nevertheless. Especially in this sexy outfit.On the task-bar, although she didn't seem particularly expressive, there's something very charming about Coxy. She has a subtle but very effective sense of viewer interaction, with lots of little nuisances in her performance, making for a show that is both entertaining and very sexy. The clip where she ripped her stockings off was a particular highlight.Her pole p...
Coxy is really gorgeous. Also she has the entertainer gene like Axelle or Jenni Gregg. Some very interesting ways to enter the stage in that show. Her eye contact is superb and she keeps her show interesting. On the taskbar she is very good and nicely seductive. Her good looks surely helps too. In her standing clips she shows some unusual but interesting dances but you can see she is not totally comfortable there. Same goes for the pole clips. She is no pole dancer but for the whole show goes: s...
Very, very nice debut from the lovely Coxy! An extremely pretty face and smile; beautiful breasts highlight a sexy body wearing a perfect outfit! I was liking her a lot in the beginning already, and then she takes off her high-heels and rips apart her stockings! Then I was hooked!Performance-wise, everything she tried didn't go perfectly, but at least she was trying and she comes across as unique and original by the card's end!I'm REALLY looking forward to Coxy's future cards!9/10
A real great and gorgeous looking Lady with a real very pretty Face, lovely Eyes, nice Hair and a real classy feminine ( average slim) body - generally very Erotical ! The only "Pity" is that she can not - until yet as it seems at least - move and especially dance really erotical - compared to several others. But despite of this her feminine Erotic has generally a strong and beautiful presence so I don't give her just 8 but also 9 Points. It she learns to dance most of all much more erotic - she...
Je n'étais pas pressé de l'acheter et j'ai eu raison parce que la fille est plutôt moyenne. Je lui préfère encore Aletta Ocean.
Coxy is a beautiful Virtua Girl with a great, natural body and a very sexy look. Her performance in this card is good, with a lot of striptease and some great highlights like tearing off her stockings in one scene, but overall she is not a shining star in the new lineup of VirtuaGirl HD offers.Her demeanor is a little aloof and she has a lot of hesitation during her scenes where she is clearly trying to think of what to do next. Her moves and skills are average and a little repetitive.She is ver...
Stunning woman, great lingerie... but she moves like a rabbit on a caffeine.
Outfit and girl are sexy, dance not so much, a 9 for me
Have you ever saw a naked good-shaped girl, people? If you're not - then I understand your 9 or 10 points. The very fact that she ripped off a stockings don't make a performance a bit better ESPECIALLY when she definitely shouldn't do this. These bruises on her legs - AARRGH! What is it? The last time I saw them on lady's legs is when I was 16 and bought a cheap...girl for a couple of hours. But those night nothing was boring to me and nothing can't possibly turn me off, because I was 16 and it...
I think that this card is horrible, there are much better cards out there save your time with this one
Très jolie femme, bien bandante !
5 Star
Beautiful girl, very sexy outfit.

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