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Dear All,

I'm delighted to announce that you will soon be able to buy NFT cards and DOLZ tokens using a credit card, without having to create a wallet!

Yes, a major update is coming very soon to DOLZ.io.

All you will need is:

1/ Log in with your iStripper email
2/ Purchase DOLZ using your credit card or Apple Pay.

That’s it!
No need to create a crypto wallet anymore or understand the complex mechanisms of web3!
Ready to collect your iStripper NFT trading cards!


Thanks to account abstraction technology, we'll create the wallet "behind the scene" for you.
You'll buy DOLZ tokens with a credit card and receive your DOLZ on your profile.

Then, you will have the opportunity to:
  • get from other users on our marketplace all the NFT cards previously released.
  • get the upcoming NFT cards to be released.
  • sell NFT cards on the marketplace.
Of course, those who wish will be able to continue using crypto wallets as they do today.

Belka and her "wild desire", Marina Gold and her Purple Lingerie, Alissa Foxy "Pin-up for the navy", Mina Von D "Spidey's GF", Sia Siberia, Kama Oxi, Clemence Audiard in Ninja, Lana Lane, Kelly Collins... will soon be part of your collection!

And these NFTs will soon include some XR content! Check out this preview: https://twitter.com/Dolz_official/status/1789999763032612922

Stay tuned, it's a matter of a couple weeks !!!
And visit this thread if you have questions :
Everything about iStripper / Q&A about the 1-click purchase NFT with credit card
We're here to answer your questions 😊

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