FIRST RELEASE: Sata Jones tk3

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9 days ago
Sata Jones is back (once more)!!

It seems like redhead lovers have it good those days! (I feel you)

What do you think about her new show? I'm soo excited for you to watch those about to come. She's such a treat.

Here you go, Sata Jones, from Paris with love 💋

~ Sheeban 💛
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9 days ago
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9 days ago
Thanks Sheeban, I can't get enough of Sata and all the lovely redheads we have been blessed with of late. I have just downloaded Sata's new show, and look forward to enjoying it as soon as I can.😍😜😛😋
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8 days ago
what can I say ?? ..... WOW 😍😈
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8 days ago
💖💋🔥Only a heart as dear as you would give so unselfishly
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8 days ago
Sata Jones is a breath taking beauty. She's always an instant buy for me! 🔥💕💖😍
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7 days ago
The most beautiful mature wife! 💓🔞🔥💋💖
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7 days ago
👍 😍

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