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The new version of our Black Friday is finally here, and you are in for a treat!

Here is the concept! This year, we propose you to complete "quests" while playing our most generous promo games, to win "Event Tickets" used to:

1/ unlock exclusive contents:
  • a Special Event Card then,
  • a Joker Card then
  • a new concept of Exclusive card, named "EX":
An EX Card is a card which can ONLY be acquired during its specific event and won't be available in the iStripper store, nor purchased with a JokerCard, nor distributed in games.

2/ participate in our great Black Friday lottery and win up to 1 year of Cards and Special Event Cards.

Indeed, you'll also win "Event Tickets" while enjoying the 20% reload bonus and buy credits!


Here are the details:


Three of our most generous games on offer this year:

1/ the SLOT MACHINE with a bet of your choice between 1 and 10 credits, which allows you to have up to 100% reduction and a super jackpot of up to 10,000 credits.
Everything about iStripper / SLOT MACHINE - BLACK FRIDAY 2023
You know it, with the Slot Machine, the more your bet, the more you win. Choose how many credits you want to bet (from 1 to 10 credits or "max bet" for 10 credits). --> The discount range adjusts at t...
2/ Our brand new THRILL SPIN, a wheel of 9 spaces to win up to 4 cards, 1,000 credits and Special Event Cards!
Everything about iStripper / THRILL SPIN - BLACK FRIDAY 2023
A new wheel made of 9 spaces in which you can win : 3 cards 4 cards a Special Event Card (except the Special Event Card of Shelena) 50 credits 100 credits 250 credits 500 credits 1 000 credits You win...
3/ The now famous PLEASURE CHEST, with two winning levels:
1- a grid of 3 lines for 3 chances to align 3 symbols horizontally and win up to 200 credits
2- a chest to open by combining 3 keys which can contain up to 1,000 credits, Special Event Cards and Joker Cards!
Everything about iStripper / PLEASURE CHEST - BLACK FRIDAY 2023
The Pleasure Chest has a double level of prizes : 1/ Click on the arrow in front of each line to reveal the line' symbols. If you align 3 identical symbols on a line, you win the corresponding prize....


From next Friday, November 24, you will also be able to purchase the 2023 Advent Calendar
allowing you to see each new December show a day before everyone else and on December 25, you will be treated to an exceptional Special Event Card by Melena Maria Rya
Everything about iStripper / ADVENT CALENDAR 2023
Buy the 2023 Advent calendar and get all December shows one day in advance PLUS the Special Event Card of Christmas 2023 featuring Melena Maria Rya, to open on December 25th. Your VIP level discount a...


During the 2 weeks of Black Friday, for every credit purchased you will receive 20% more credits for free. That means up to 600 free credits if you pay with cryptocurrency!



During Black Friday, there are several ways to win lottery tickets ('Event tickets'):
1/ The more Event tickets you accumulate, the more exclusive content you unlock:
  • First Shelena's Special Event Card
  • Then a Joker Card
  • Finally, an “EX” Kelly Collins “Black Friday 2023” card, to be unlocked ONLY with your Event tickets and which cannot be exchanged for a Joker Card at the end of Black Friday.
Everything about iStripper / EX Card - Definition
An EX Card is a card which can ONLY be acquired during the specific event it belongs to and won't be available in the iStripper store, nor purchased with a JokerCard, nor distributed in games.
2/ These Event tickets, even 'used' by unlocking these exceptional cards, remain in your possession to participate in the Black Friday lottery and win up to 1 year of shows and Special Event Cards!
Everything about iStripper / LOTTERY - BLACK FRIDAY 2023
Cumulate Event Tickets by completing QUESTS and by buying credits to unlock the Special Event Card of Shelena, the Joker Card and the brand new sort of card, named 'EX' featuring Kelly Collins. Even a...
for each successful quest AND for the exclusive cards obtained you MUST click on the “COLLECT” button on your Quests page to collect your prize.
Don't worry, you will be notified each time you have Event tickets or content to recover.

We're here for your questions:
Everything about iStripper / Q&A - BLACK FRIDAY 2023
We're here to help !
Version Française :
Everything about iStripper / BLACK FRIDAY 2023 - Français
La nouvelle mouture de notre Black Friday est enfin là, et vous allez vous régaler ! Voilà le principe : cette *****ée, nous vous proposons de réaliser des « quêtes » en jouant à nos jeux promo les pl...

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