TALENT of the MONTH Dec. 2018: Ginebra Bellucci!

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12 days ago
iStripper is delighted to name Ginebra Bellucci as its Talent of the Month for December 2018!

Ginebra Bellucci, aged 22 is a young Spanish beauty. She started her career in the adult industry this year, and her success and notoriety immediately exploded!

«Ginebra is a total natural. The way she poses and stares into the camera is mesmerising. Her body is absolutely perfect and her methods of seduction are irresistible», said the studio crew.

Congratulations Ginebra! See you soon in our studios for a new shooting!!! 😍
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12 days ago
Congrads, on employee of the month good win.....yA
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12 days ago
Well deserved. 😊
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12 days ago
Well deserved!
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12 days ago (edited)
Gratz Ginebra!! 💋

**To the Totem Team I don't know who has to pick between these girls for Talent of the Month but that is one job I would not want!! lol ( Good Luck! )
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11 days ago
Awesome news well done Ginebra.😊
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11 days ago
Great choice, Team Totem. Ginebra was in my top ten as soon as I saw her first demo!❤️😍
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11 days ago
Very good choice, Ginebra is just perfect on her first appearence on iStripper. So, we need a take 2 😉
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11 days ago
Who other than Ginebra? She could bring new colors to our colorful (i)Stripper Universe. I agree, a second round will be more than fine! 😎

Congrats to this beauty!
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11 days ago
pretty good choice to make Ginebra TotM 👍😍
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11 days ago
well done .
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11 days ago
Nice. She s awesome
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11 days ago
Excellent Choice !!!! 😍👍👍

Congratulations Ginebra! See you soon in our studios for a new shooting!!! 😍

Take two ?? That would be wonderful news !!!!!!
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11 days ago
So well deserved! She's beautiful, she can dance, she knows how to tease the camera, she's self-confident - she's petite... Her cards are great! Kudos to her!
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11 days ago
Ginebra is one of the big surprises and one of the most talented of models with their debut in 2018 imo.
Since she is from Barcelona I wrote in a comment on "Time To Have Fun":
Ginebra is a great personality at stage: like Lionel Messi plays the stars from heaven in Camp Nou,
so does Ginebra on ”the holy ground” of the iStripper stage in Paris.
Where Messi does his tricks with the ball, Ginebra does her tricks on platform and pole with and without the whip.

Great to hear she comes back for a second series of shows.
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10 days ago
Works for me!
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10 days ago (edited)
Perfect choice. Beautiful, hot as hell, gets my motor running every time.
I'm really pleased to hear she'll be back for more shows, as I intend getting every card she releases.
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10 days ago
congrats 😘😍
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9 days ago
Grat Ginebra! Good decision!
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9 days ago
A take two?! 😲
I need to pre-order all those cards now ! 👍💰👍
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6 days ago

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