Modern school

 4.39 (657 votes)
  • Release date: 2011
  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 7

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Reviews & comments

July 26, 2011
Me Likey Likey! ;)

Luv da outfit, makes her look sexy as F**K, good movements tho erratic at times, positive viewer interaction, lovely smile, her tits, tho fake, dont actually look dat bad....impressive little bad boys!.....and the retro chair scenes were a nice touch too! luv seeing her bent ova it....make me soooo horny!

10/10 **********
October 19, 2011
PussyKat is kind of like a hot asian middle schooler with tourettes. Her movements are fast, jerky,...not really sexy. BUT, PussyKat herself is very sexy. She has a cute face and a nice slim body. Now I'm not a big fan of boob jobs, but I still find PussyKat to be very sexy regardless. Can we say, "Me love you long time". HA!
September 20, 2020
From 2011, card quality ***** in comparison to more modern cards. Right – that’s that gripe out of the way!

This is one of the shows with the big round swivel chair. It really didn’t work as a prop – if a girl gets in it she either disappears or struggles to get out and it takes up too much room on screen – it’s even worse than the cage. There are 26 clips of which the first 13 are no-nudity.

Let’s look at Pussykat. It’s a great look – she looks very young with the outfit, the lithe slim figure, the twin-ponytails and the big smile. She is very energetic, especially with the pole.

Sadly, her breasts are not in keeping with the ***** look – they have been significantly enhanced by someone other than the divine potter. They are rock-solid and no natural nipples would point skywards like that! She looks better with the top done up.

Sadly – with the fake boobs, the production quality and the stupid chair, this show is not recommended.
January 29, 2012
Pussykat is the bomb.

She is very sexy (she's a pornstar duh!) and knows how to use her assets. She's confident and fun. She said on her DeskBabes animation that she lives in France.

The only thing I don't like are the fake boobs, and I hope they aren't those faulty French ones that are painin' women... but I'm still giving her 10/10 just because she's hot and fun and knows how to show it.

August 22, 2011
This babe is soooooooooo sexy. She is probably the hottest Asian babe I've ever seen, a lovely kissable little snatch.
November 13, 2011
I really like PussyKat. I find her to be really unique and offers something different to many of the other cards and models.

She comes across as being fun loving, utalmost innocent and naive when it comes to sex. And that makes her appealing, especially in the student outfit.

In general, I love her enthusiasm and energy in this card. I realise it may not suite everyone but it is a good card to accompany to music and I really like her style.

I like the outfit a lot. It allows for plenty white panty flashing which I personally can never get enough of. However, I would have liked to have seen more deliberate panty flashing and panty upskirt clips, especially on the taskbar. i was dissapointed there were not that many.

I have to say that I ***** the chair-prop in this card. It is too deep and obscure all the interesting things I might want to see when PussyKat sat in it. It was a very poor choice of prop in my view. Thus I prefer the pole clips because at least I can see everything.

June 24, 2011
***** outfits are among my least favourite on VG, and once again I think this one serves only to make a beautiful woman look a bit silly.

Although Pussykat's outfit detracted from the eroticism for me and the book prop added nothing, an excellent task-bar performance made up for that to a large extent. Her delightfully charming personality combined with dynamic movement, her great sense of fun and viewer interaction made these clips entertaining and enjoyable, if not particularly sexy.

Although she didn't do much to impress with the pole, her movement was dynamic and upbeat in an entertaining routine. The presence of a large bowl-like chair added something a bit different to the standing clips and didn't detract from Pussykat's performance, which was again dynamic and entertaining, making good use of the chair.

With a different outfit and theme this could have been one of Pussykat's best shows for me. As it stands though its still a very good solid card which I enjoyed watching.

July 5, 2011
enfin un peu de changement vive l'Asie et ces petites femmes sensuelles desirables et un tantinet petite fille

10 j'en redemande moi je veux de la diversité
January 9, 2016
Another exciting performace from Pussy Kat. She is so playful and gives it her all that does not dissappoint. I love her Boobs and so does she as she keeps playing with them - thats all that matters. If she is happy, I am happy. The egg chair is cool but I could do without as it gets in the way from my work taking up screen space. Pussy Kat makes up for it with a great dance routine. She is fun to watch.
November 19, 2012
SEXY school girl. IMO there should be more petite & gorgeous (truly) Asian girls on the site. Nice avatars, great resolution (1080p I think) and nice size. The image is VERY sharp & clear. There have been a few that I've been disappointed with, but not this one. Pussykat is one of my favorites.
June 29, 2011
Comme l'a dit Pussykat vendredi dernier sur le forum quand cette carte est sortie: sûrement son meilleur show :)

Seul bémol, ses big boobs artificiels :(

October 31, 2013
Nice little girl But OMG that chest. It's a wounder she doesn't tip over in those heels.Her stats say that her chest is 33. 33 what?
June 24, 2011
I have to disagree with the above poster about the outfit.

Another excellent card!
August 1, 2012
Very pretty face, somewhat long winded show, at times a bit boring. Boob job, looks like they've been stuck on, not very natural looking
July 7, 2011
Wish they had a selection menu.So I can pick the show I want to watch:(

But so far the shows I have seen are OK.
July 4, 2012
I think she is amazing. She is hot as hell and does a great show. She dances a bit fast but I give her a solid 10.
June 27, 2011
when i joined virtua girls she was y first card,then i downloaded her other cards without looking at her show.she is really disapointing and was so annoyed when i checked her out.she is not sensual at all,she moves too fast and her movements have no flow.all her cards are no worth it and i regret to have spend my credits on her.to all new comer do not buy any of her cards.if you love chinese girls like i do buy mai.
November 26, 2014
me likes i dont mind i still love her
November 7, 2013
Pussykat is gorgeous! she has this innocent, cute look to her, if she went to my school i would definitely ask her out especially with tits like that!!
November 20, 2011
schöne Asiatin aber die Brüste sind nicht echt schade.
October 7, 2016
I love the "student body" in this school!
August 21, 2014
very pretty girl would love to be in her class and more
November 14, 2017
not her best show her chair prop recked the show for me
June 24, 2011
je la veut en ***** Phil !
November 15, 2016
I would attend this school!
September 29, 2011
Warning : Highly caffeinated.
August 16, 2019
nice sexy girl
July 19, 2012
she is a hot asian girl
December 4, 2011
fausse poitrine très moche!!!
May 4, 2018
Aller en cours avec Pussykat serait un vrai bonheur. Mais je pense que je n'écouterais pas beaucoup le professeur, tout absorbé à manger des yeux cette adorable petite asiatique, et à rêver de ce que l'on pourrait faire ensemble à la fin des cours. Je suis vraiment aux anges avec elle :)
June 25, 2020
Student, upskirt, awesome
April 14, 2016
Very erotic girl with hot outfit. PLEASE upgrade to hightest resolution!!
April 19, 2016
Very cute look for her. Good card.
December 24, 2020
wow !!!