Pussykat and Oldia Paris


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  • Release date: 2011
  • Shows: 10 clips
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  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Level: XXX
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Reviews & comments

November 9, 2011
An really phantastic show!!!!! :-) These two sweety pretty girls together is an dream Duo!!!!!! Great job Totem Team!!!
November 10, 2011
The girls look way better than that "funky tech" pic on their card.Oldia, especially has a cute,smoky, "island girl" loveliness that is most appealing!Her luscious, shapely legs & ass are enhanced nicely by the creative tat on her thighs.Speaking in French, the babes do a quick intro and then it's off to the pussies & ass!O licks P's cunt with a happy lusty tongue, P lays a dildo up O's ass & jams away,O returns the favor into P's tight, but lubed, pucker.It's nice to see P gettin' fucked as I always felt her VG cards were a bit too soft! (I confess to lovin' seeing her slim ass get jammed too) Both girl's beauty is enhanced by their apparent vivacious enjoyment of girl-fucking-licking each other.Oldia's sweetly & slightly wicked smile is a delight as she gets & gives a hot sexing.I like that there is a lot of tongue play here as it reflects real life more than more dildo action would.Both girls dedicated "pretty girl" licking of each others pussies & ass play is a delight to watch!!
July 29, 2020
why the hell are you guys on med? you should be on chrystal clear or some ***** like that.You both are sexy and know how to move for sure and your pussies are so good love to taste both of them well done girls lookin good and yummy
March 3, 2017
Clip Notes™ for b0255 - Pussykat & Oldia Paris/Duo

Green fishnet two-piece with heels, black fishnet one-piece with stockings, heels

1. 3:04- Table, XXX; Kissing, oral, nipple sucking

2. 3:08- Table, XXX; Foot play, nipple sucking, kissing, oral

3. 1:45- Table, XXX; Oral, rubbing, kissing

4. 3:05- Table, XXX; Oral, rubbing, 2-fingering, kissing

5. 3:47- Table, XXX; Kissing, oral, vibrator, self-rubbing

6. 3:01- Table, XXX; Anal vibrator, rubbing, oral, vibrator, kissing

7. 1:42- Table, XXX; Anal vibrator, rubbing, kissing

8. 2:51- Table, XXX; 69, rubbing, oral, self-rubbing, self-2-fingering, kissing
November 13, 2011
A good card with some real prolongued oral action. The girls appear to work well together and look ike they are genuinely enjoying it.

Don't be fooled by Oldia's picture in the preview photo. Oldia is absolutely gorgeous. She reminds me of Chems in VGHD which can only be good.

A comment below said that the action was side on which is true to some extent.

I have ***** about girls looking at the camera too much in thepast. But in this case, I was wishing that Oldia would look at the camera more so we could see her gorgeous face while PussyKat licks her out.

Apart from that, I was dissapointed Oldia's stockings were taken off erly. I would have prefered her to keep them on for all or most of the card.
November 22, 2011
Pussykat is back and we couldn't be happier! love the action here im just becoming aquainted with Oldia and im pleased to meet her. Pussykat & Davon Kim are opening the way for more asian, african american, and latina girls and it's something I can't wait for! I'll be downloading all the Pussykat shows Totem makes if shes not one of your favorites from this site you should have your pulse checked! :D gr8 job as always
July 31, 2013
Les seins de pussykat sont toujours aussi excitants à voir. quel plaisir ces jeux de langues entre ces deux filles qui savent ce que chacune attend de l'autre. un 10 pas moins
November 11, 2011
thank you for getting Pussykat back 10/10,there are still too many side on shots,why,1/10.still worth every penny,next time please have the girls full on to the camera,first one then the other.Oldia was a good partner, thank you.
November 7, 2012
Pussycats breast are way way too fake looking to be sexy IMO.

Oldia Paris has a sexy body I give her a 10 and pussycat a 0
October 15, 2022
I always enjoy watching Pussykat insert objects in her ass. I was hoping she would insert that giant white dildo, but she only got about an inch or two in. (I think I've watched too much porn, my expectations are high.)
November 18, 2011
Two sexy girl in a super, intensive show with fingering, dildo, anal, 69, etc.

My vote 10 points.
November 14, 2011
zur show sag ich mal nix...

aber zu neuen software warum nur 32 bit color mein pc hat 64...

warum ist die neue software nicht auch in german sind leider auch deutsche user hier totem...

und ich dachte hier ist alles in hd dann möchte ich nur mal wissen warum manche shows so nee schlechte qualität und fast alle einen scheiss ton haben..
November 13, 2012
Oldia ist eine klasse Frau, Pussycat hat für meinen Geschmack zu große Brüste, die auch noch künstlich aussehen. 8/10
April 8, 2014
love that beautiful french, and of course french girls
October 8, 2022
May 19, 2014
Awesome duo. 10 +
November 9, 2011
Way too short...
September 1, 2018
La France plurielle comme on l'aime nous offre ici deux merveilleuses filles qui s'amusent beaucoup ensembles. Et moi j'aimerais bien aller jouer avec elles, mon instrument de plaisir étant gonflé à bloc ;)
July 18, 2017
Duas máquinas


de auto manipulação

auto satisfatória

O que tiram

de si próprias

lhes basta

para simultânia

April 14, 2016
Very erotic girls with sexy show. PLEASE upgrade to hightest resolution!!
December 16, 2020
sexy show
June 10, 2020

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