• City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.6 ft.
  • Weight: 121 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 24" / 34"

Long slender legs and sweet buttery thighs make Zafira a perfect specimen from the waist down. If you look at a lady’s legs first when you first meet her then Zafira is the model who will always keep you satisfied. Legs like long sweet luscious lollipops!

Number of shows: 12

4.5 (2544 votes)

Dark city

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 49
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 561 MB
  • 1080p: 829 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (88)

Her city is dark because its in the shadow of her boobs!
Zafira = dynamite on my Desktop, 100/10 :))
Oh my God... oh my God. Zafira just blows my mind with this erotic performance. What a body!!!!!!!! She has IT ... whatever IT is that every girl would love to have ... the full package. Just excuse me for one moment as I go to the bathroom ...
What a monumental beauty! Wonderful tits and marvelous pussy. Zafira, you are a real full 5 star lady!
One of my favourites because of her beauty and display of her pussy and clit spread.
You very nice with Playfull Ann. You easily canmake me sexdependent with such sweet things. Then i like to listen what you like me to do, I think I like much it to do for you. There is a deep secret in it, heartfully You know my very deep and rich compassion is here not accepted. So for you I like you to become a very nice flower, even in old age, and all secrets for health i have discovered i like to sahre with you very, very loveingly. My work for pe...
She s so Beautifull *o* .She was born for to be a Sex Symbôl *...* .
beautiful body i lov the boots
Zafira. She's just perfect! I haven't watch this card yet and I've already rated it.
Love that outfit and watching this smoking hot dancer. She just exudes an aura of intense sexuality in this card which is not matched by any others in my collection.
An approved Zafira neterpenya.Izvodit male tormentor. Sexy extreme. Victim of her flirtation ends up suffering, you can not fuck the display. You gave me a super sweet treat. Very beautiful smile. Tender breasts. All 100 of you!
Desde que descubrí este programa Zafira me vuelve loco! y al verla regresar....MMMMM deliciosa! Una excelente ejecución por una Sexy pornstar! 10
zafiria gets anyone in their right mind pumping themselves
Première carte. Magnifique!! A tout point de vue. Une vrai beauté, impossible d'en détacher le regard.
Zafira was my first purchase and I must say I am not dissapointed. She is a very beautiful and sexy woman. Well worth the credit.
So damn sexy
WOW! Hot, Hot, Hot in this sexy black leather! She has such perfect curves, lovely smile and full luscious lips! This is my first VG card of her but it won't be the last. Must have more of her since she will be one of my favourites! Thank you Zafira ;)
Slt à vous tous.Je trouve que Zafira est une très belle femme et très sexy. Dommage que Zafira n'a pas eu le rôle de lara croft dans tomb raider le film.
God! I want a woman like you Zafira! Kill me... drain my life. Take me!
wow wat a show mmmmmmm sexy best girl on vg makes the day go quicker with a girl on ur screen yummmy
Zafira is a true beauty in leather, sexy, steamy hot body Hugsss and kiss you Zafira :)
what a girl, i think i'll becoe a fan of her
Ich liebe ihren Domina-Style. Für mich eine der Besten Karten!
i love here, she smiles all the time. and the leather bustier is great addition, it fits really thight!
I find myself running this particular card more than any other! Zafira is so freaking hot! lol The black leather look is awesome, her body is amazing, and her performance is drop-dead sexy! Zafira(so far) is without a doubt my favorite!
I paid for her card but still haven't seen her on my desktop naked. I've seen her 3 videos and her nude pics. I wonder what's going on. Of all 98 cards I have...she, I feel, is the hottest and I can't see her strip naked. How painful!!
Super girl! She must shall been in each collection!
Zafira - Dark City is the fourht card I picked up. I'm not entirely sold on her, though. for the most part, she's beautiful and she does some really enticing bits on the taskbar, and I wouldn't be kicking her out of bed if I woke up to her in the morning. However, I somehow never really pay her a lot of attention, and it's a shame because she has a great body, she smiles and does things to seduce you into her world...I would be more running her when I'm actually doing something important. Every...
10/10 all the way ........
Absolutely stunning.
mmmm sexy in black
I love this woman, she was created in heaven, her body is sheer perfection.
Got to agree with ILikeEmCurvy. What a change in Zafira. The Dungeon is one of my favourites but this is even better. How about a remake of The Dungeon with your new look Zafira? Highly recommend this card.
Zafira is physically one of the most beautiful girls on VGHD. She also exudes confidence with every move and she knows just how to get a man's attention. That makes her one of the best virtuagirls. And this is one of her best shows. Highly recommended. I also recommend you check out her Deskbabes Solo and Duo cards.
Zafira went off and womaned up!!1) Gained toned thigh and booty meat - yessss!!2) Added boobies - In her outfit, Arooooooo!! Out of outfit - not perfect, but definitely will pass.3) Changed up makeup - Went from cute and cuddly to goddess mode - nice!4) Outfit - speaks for itself.At first I balked, because I remembered her other cards and thought she might be the same song, different chord. I finally gave in, and was pleased.She's still Zafira, but her metamorphosis is off the charts. Just the j...
Zafira a toute d'une déesse avec cette tenue de rêve. Divine Majesté!
Absolutely Perfect. This is my new favorite card.
so sexy in black and a really nice ass one of my best girls
what a beautiful woman!!!
Zafira is the cat's meow..even more so now
Super Hot!
Zafira is an exotic and absolutely beautiful woman, an ideal if not not an archetype. I love the outfit, not usually into leather, but the model model makes it. An aawesome erotic dance with perfect natural porportions, from a clinical point of view she is a great female specimen.. from a hetero male point of view a godess worth sacrifice.. ask of me and will give Zafira!!
This one is extremely hot. She's got a perfect outfit and knows how to move... Wow!
Beautée fatale dans ses anciennes cartes, elle devient le fantasme masculin incarné.
OMG. Bring Zafira back to VGHD was one of the best decisions Totem made. She was alltime one of my favourite girls, but here she is absolutly phantastic. She came back better then ever before. Simply great. Her sexy curvy body, her smile, her beauty.... all in combination with these hot black clothes. A must have 11/10.
Go here for my full unedited review of this card:- is a summaryA very welcome return for Zafira, who looks better than ever before in this show. Also a return to the black leather look of "The Dungeon", but even sexier.Zafira at her best is one of the sexiest task-bar performers on VG, and she certainly didn't disappoint in this show. All in all a great set of task-bar clips.Zafira was never a very good pole dancer and still isn't, but I thi...
Thank you for bringing her back!!!!!!
T H A N K Y O U - T H A N K Y O U--- For bringing back one true favorites-- she as always is a 10 and a keeper- hope there is more of her coming on the way----does she not look great in black---a 10 10 10 and a keeper for any ones collection.
An excellent come-back!
Zafira fait un retour fracassant ! De la tenue au show, tout est parfait !
ZAFIRA IS A GODDESS!Super gorgeous, she has become more lovely/sexy since her last VG dances.Her blurb above is INCORRECT!Her whole being is perfection!Curvy, long, voluptuous, so totally in wonderful, proportion, with a most beautiful, gypsy,temptress face, with her luscious cock-sucking mouth (which smiles so warm & sexy) & "pierce your soul" intensity eyes.Her movement style, more seduction than dance, is soo visually intoxicating, alluring, butterflow sexy, & so right for her beauty.She undu...
More like this please...
Zafira est de retour et c'est un réel plaisir de la revoir parmi nous surtout dans cette tenue qui lui va à ravir :)
I like her, just not the pimply/rash thing going on on her butt. Thankfuly I'm more of a "boob guy" than a 'butt guy'. She's quite sexy for the most part.
lots of curves on display here
Zafira is one of my preferred girl, I love her body, just so much stunning !!! Maybe Im not so happy about this outfit, but in overall she is fine ;-)
I am a fan as you might of guest. Zafira was my first card (solo DB)so when I saw this as demo for 1 credit I had to snap it up.Oh God she is gorgeous. She smiles at the camera a lot in this one, I love it. The black gear is great, i've seen some of her darker porn, love that too!! My perfect woman, so I am not going to say anything bad am i! to comment on someone elses remark, she has had a boob job but I would say they look perfect, not over done. lets just hope she keeps them like they are. I...
Very good show. Zafira's very pretty, I love her vamp style. Even the imperfections on her ass are sexy, for unknown and mysterious reason. She's not afraid of doing what she wants, gives really good eye contact and a high quality show. Moreover, her outfit's amazing !
Zafira porte ici une tenue, en cuir noir, presque aussi sexy et aguchant que dans son show "Ivory godess", laissant entrevoir sa fente pudendale. Son décolleté est particulièrement agréable à regarder, avec ses seins avec une absence de bronzage. Sa bouche pulpeuse est mis en valeur par le contraste crée avec la couleur passion de son rouge à lèvre. Très séduisant aussi l'absence de bronzage sur ses fesses et son mont de venus à l'aguichante absence de poils pubiens.
Nice babe with a nice body.
LOVE her in this Leather, but the boots not sure about them. Other then that she a 9/10 for me.
Lady!perfect..! :)
One of my favourites. I reckon she has Turkish blood in her as she looks quite exotic. The rash on her bum was cute :-)
rockin body
Zafira is a very beautiful woman. Seductive and sexy. I like her dancing an showing off in this show. She has impressed me very much and so I would like to thank Totem for bringing her back.
i hope to see more new cards of her soon :)
Zafira is one of the best looking girls i've seen. this card would of been a 10 in my opinion except that she seems to have had a rash in her butt cheeks wish is totally a turn off for me, however im sure others wont mind it as she has a beautiful face and great looking Boobs.
Wow!!! Zafira's body is second only to Playful Ann. Her exotic features and perfect curves makes her card a truly pleasurable experience. The outfit is this card is beyond awesome. I also must say her newer cards are much better than her older cards.
Zafira is great and one of my all time favs but she needs zit-be-gone on her ass which kinda ruined the mood for me a little.
Beautiful girl, don't think she had a boob job, if she has it's a very good one. she really knows how to put on a show, worth every penny. Shame about the spotty bottom.
Awesome, but it would be better even, if she doesn´t use leather, it´s just my point of view, I don´t like leather.
The girl really does need to show her pussy more. It seems to me that she is trying to hide it.
tolle show.
Why the boobjob ? what a pitty... The earlier cards are better
Zafira is always beautiful but we have only 4 short explicit show, no full nude and x-rated ones... I'm sorry but I expected much more!
Zafira is another home run in the looks department for Totem, that long dark hair, those moldering dark eyes, full lips, nice tits, long legs, great hips and yes a great ass. The outfit really works for her and she gets into her role. She really mixes it up between tit play, a bit of pussy rubbing and rubs her ass a bit too. She is very sexy.She is explicit but not as much as Susan, Melisa or Mia. She rubs and shows you her pussy with her legs spread so you can actually see it. She moves well, t...
Elle est très sexy Zafira dans sa lingerie en cuir noir, cette tenue lui va bien et la rend désirable!!!....Elle bouge bien et j'aime sa façon de se masser les seins pendant son show!!!.....elle fait cela avec sensualité et ça me plaît beaucoup!!!. Les cuissardes lui vont bien également et font d'elle une créature très érotique!!!.....Elle fait désormais partie de mes VirtuaGirls favorites!!!;
Not too impressed with this card. I love Zafira's body, but she just wasn't really 'there' throughout this entire card. Wasn't trying to captivate her audiance.
Pretty face with an ugly ass! Boring show!!!
leider Kunst-Titten
Very ugly rash in her butt cheeks 0/10
Pretty Woman
Great smile
Incredible card. By far her best, and she's never done a bad one. So sexy.
4.6 (2546 votes)

Dove feather

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 681 MB
  • 1080p: 1006 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (75)

Hot anal shot - love em for creamy treats - i love you zafira - let me say i am addicted to her hot anal curves - any other virtua girl try to de addict me from zafira's anal addiction - Great - Thanks virtua girl team for introducing me to dream girl zafira
Total package here!
What can I say about this fine specimen of a woman? Yep, Zafira is all woman... sensual... sexual... mesmerizing... hypnotic... exotic... and she knows how to entertain. Just look at her fine performance here. She sucks you in as she displays her erotic qualities. What man could resist her with a perfromance like this!!!!!
Those legs in those stockings ! MMM, MMM, MMM!
Love you, love you, love you Zafira!!!
Zafira ist eine sehr sexy Frau.Mit einem sehr h?bschen Gesicht und einem extrem geilen K?rper.Ich lieb sie einfach.
I like Zafira she is real sexy one of my favorite I would vote for her as number 1 so far I only have two models I enjoy the most.I also like Jana H she is very hot would vote for her as number 2.
Zafira is quite simply, gorgeous! Although not as "natural" as my favorite she's still exotically beautiful! White is one of her best colors and she knows how to please! She's one those rare women whom men look at as art! And she's certainly a work of art!!!
Well, Zafira is very much hot, and everybody knows that, but with the release of Totem of the 1080p the clips look very much better and she is more fantastic. This girl doesn't need a lot of words of comment, Zafira is Zafira, just one of the best girls og the VG story. Super raccomended, you gotta love all her cards ;-)
Zafira is my one of my favorites on VG/DB and when I see her in a card, I buy it, and I have never been disappointed! 10/10
Very beautiful and sexy. In her case the boob job has brought her to perfection, it's not an exagerated boob job like most of them.
This is what it looks like when doves fly.
So hot. Every time I watch her I find myself trying to think of a way to move Europe
over this ladies every i just cum and cum and cum
Zafira is a PERFECT 10 !!
Wow... This is what makes me hungry for some of this Hot Gal from Hungary..... I want to move to Budapest and become a pest.. And get me some of that Bud between them long legs of hers. She is so hot its making me drip.. squeeze that lemon till it runs down my leg baby....
10/10 My favorite card on Virtua girl HD ! Please add more like this with so sexy stocking modelsMust HaveThanks !
100/10. Das geilste Outfit von allem. Extrem gut gelungen ! Nr. 1 von wieviele Karten gibt es eigentlich...........
Zafira is perfect!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
My favorite of her VG cards. Hair, shoes, make up, outfit- all great. She looks glamorous yet approachable, tousled yet just made up. The outfit is wonderul for her and she works it like another prop. Great vids around, too!
Angel dotado de unos hermosos senos delicioso trasero adicionado con una cinturita que provoca cadenciosas curvas, ligera celulitis en la cintura pero a quien le importa con esa carita y poses tan persuasivas.
Zafira is one of the models that make less noise ... but she is a beauty 10. Precious body and beauty among the best in VirtuaGirl.
There's no way around it, Zafira is one very hot Virtua Girl. In this card, she is paired with an outfit that highlights her natural beauty and shapely new form. It's hard to find much wrong with her in any card, but in this one, there's nothing wrong at all.Her performance is another showcase of her beautiful body, sensual demeanor, and bright smile. Her long legs, perfect hourglass, and magazine-beautiful face and long hair are all showcased well here. The thin, contemporary high heels don't h...
I don't know how much time passed had between Zafiras' fist set of cards and her latest releases but She has certainly matured like a fine wine with age. Just smother then silk with dangerous curves and a delightful performance everything you like about her early cards here just more. More beauty, more seductive, more sensual, I think you get the idea. Amazing woman.
My favourite card of my favourite girl. All time number one...
Magnificent.Great eye contact; makes me feel totally connected.
I choose another girl with BIG BOOBS, just the way I like them. very sexy girl. I rate her 10/10. I also nice round butt to go with that sexy body.
Zafira is one of the best models here. Her cards are all very good and she's not shy. She also has quite a few Deskbabes cards, and they are all excellent as well. I never thought about visiting Hungary until I saw Zafira.
Wow. Somehow Zafira got even hotter. One of the hottest women I have ever seen. Amazing card. A must have.
Wenn ich sie sehe, kann ich nur an eines denken...und nein, es ist nicht Fußball ;-)
Gegenüber ihren alten Karten hat Zafira mindestens 2 Körbchengrößen bei ihren Titten hinzugewonnen. Zafira! Das steht dir gut. Jetzt bist du eine wahre Sex- Göttin.
Nine cards, 55 photos and three videos cannot possibly be enough of this gorgeous woman. She is always worth another look, and another... Next is card #3.
Zafira is hottest model on VirtualGirl!!She makes my heart skip a beat. WOW!
Zafira always exuded class and posh. With her latest evolution, she has morphed into true top-shelf babe material. Her look, moves, body,'s all there. 10 out of 10.
Pure beauty In Looks And In Her Performance!!
Great performance, Great breasts, Great ass - overall a great VG.
Zafira reminds me of a angel. She is the total package of Beauty & grace . The way she moves is heavenly.I can say that i can not get enough of Zafira. Even tring to find words to describe her is impossiable. When she gets naked she takes your breath away.
One of the best if not the best girl on VG.......& as a personal choice i think she looks even better with the enhanced tits.......perfect 10/10
This girl has got sex appeal in bucket loads. What a beautiful woman, she is hotter than an erupting volcano. She is adorable, I love every cm of that perfect body. WOWEE I love you.
I have all her older cards and they are all beautiful. Who would of thought that a few years older and a few lbs is all it takes to improve on perfection. Zafira is absolutely STUNNING!! She is my all time favorite. I love you Zafira. More please.
Bringing back Zafira is the best decision Totem ever made. Please give us more of her! The way she moves! Sexiest virtuagirl ever.
All I can say is wow. This is my first card of hers, and am I ever glad that I got it. Very beautiful and majestic in the way she moves. Definite 10/10 from me.
Zafira in white is incredible, I rate 100/10, a very good work. :))
I was surprised to see Zafira again, and more mature. She is still smokin' hot.
Ouch! Yup--very hot!
Elle est parfaite et c'est vraiment un plaisir de revoir cette fille :-) Que demander de plus ? ;-)
Lovely girl. Great body. Sure is one of the top girls on this site. :) 10/10.
Timeless beauty. Seems like one of a few girl who doesn't age. She probably is even more beautiful now than before. If she had any boobs enhancement, the other girls should learn from her.
zafira is hot in my desktop i cant stop watching her
Incredibly Sexy Outfit!!!!! Exellent Show.
Beautiful girl, sexy and hot
Everything she does is sizzling hot. She's got a couple porn videos that will blow your mind among other things.
Zafira kommt aus dem arabischen und bedeutet die Erfolgreiche, na ja kein Wunder bei dem Körper!
très belle fille, gracieuse dans de jolie fringues... mais on en veut plus !
Zafira As Dove Feather >> She uses well her long legs which are shapely and perfectly toned to other parts of her body; but I'm a bit septic so as to her boobs' sizes. She has a full enticing and sensuous lips and, pinkish pairs of labia & cleft perfect for oral stimulation, overall she is a goddess of erotic desire. My rating is 9 out of 10.
Nice boobs.
Zafira is a very beautiful woman. Seductive and sexy. I like her dancing an showing off in this show. She has impressed me very much and so I would like to thank Totem for bringing her back.
This card is hot. Zafira is beautiful, and her new look is perfect.
I think she is a very beautiful sexy lady
zafira looks great in white!
Another outfit in which Zafira looks fantastic. A very sexy look for her.Although not Zafira's best performance on the task-bar, this was another very good one. Exceptionally sexy and seductive with a good sense of interaction as always. Her slow and languorous style didn't make a huge impact in more than a few clips though and a bit of added fun would have helped.Zafira has never been a good pole dancer and she didn't do very much with the pole here, but her routine was again good solid sexy st...
Just my taste but I think she would be more sexy if she lost maybe 5-10 pounds.
I am so happy to remember her of other strips and this one is a fun day too.To charge the beauty Zafira into my collection with my favourite andie together is a big posibility that anybody else have like us .i saw her years ago from the www. vghd begin and like her designe. now i missed her a bit because like every day when i see a zafira i say hello to her :)i like zafira and wish to the loyals of her and to her a lot of true love and respect to your ART and watching her strip right now i did p...
ZafirA 8-)
Another sublime woman, another magnificent show it would be so good to enjoy in a better resolution...
Très belle Zafira et très sensuelle.
Très sexy la belle Zafira avec sa belle poitrine et sa lingerie blanche !
Zafira is such a beautiful and attractive woman...I love her shows
Oh Zafira, you are amazing. I miss you so much on here.
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
voluptuous Zafira, lots of eye contact, sexy girl
4.4 (580 votes)

Duo with Colette

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 499 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (17)

I always have to give Zafira a 10, but both of these girls on the screen at once; I thought my computer would melt!
A scorching hot pair! I would love being sandwiched between these horny beauties!
Wow. Leg lovers dream come true (or worst nightmare, since I cannot join them - LOL). Such gorgeous babes. Zafira in white fishnet stockings and strappy high heels. Colette in platform mules. Lovely
Zafira and Colette are two NATURAL BEAUTIES, which I LOVEI would love to see them either individualy, or in a reedited version of this card doing a good deep and hard anal pounding.I think I would do Zafira in the ass first, but Colette would definately get her pucker pluged.Yes, I am an ANAL FANATIC, if it were possible, I would do ALL the VG and DB girls up the buttColette / Zafira are you ready for it ???
Qualität recht gut diesmal, die Mädels echt heiss! Also wer auf geile Brünette mit dicken Hupen steht soll doch zugreifen :)
Deux très belles filles dans un show très correct.
Sweet duo! :)
I love this hot scene mmmmmm...
I start to become a fan of Zafira and Colette also is a hottie.
Show PERFEITO... Elas interagem bem uma com a outra... Continuem assim...
I have Colette's other Duo with Playful Ann and if you don't have it, get it. This card is equally as good Zafira is sexy, Colette is equally sexy. Both women have nice asses, tits, nice legs, pretty faces and just great bodies all around.The upside the card is great, both women play well together. They are sensual and sexy. Zafira with her dark hair and bedroom eyes and Colette with her blonde hair and Popping bright light colored eyes, just compliment each other well. They are explicit and rea...
Une blonde, une brune, 2 corps superbement sculptés pour se donner du plaisir. Un des plus beaux duos DB. J'adore !
Thats what im talking about!!!
Hot Duo, great video and audio, the Duo with Zafira are always special :))
The don't lick each other pussys at all. This should have been on VirtuaGirls not Deskbabe. Don't waste money
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
4.5 (696 votes)

Duo with Britney

  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 517 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (22)

These two are Osoooo sweet together. 10+
I saw it was a Zafira card in the demo and bought it on that fact alone--I am so pleased with this and all of Zafira's cards.
Only seeing Zafira´s breast showing off is enouht to buy this card.
Ambas chicas me fascinan desde VGHD...ahora que estan juntas jugueteando...Wow. La debes tener! 10
Great card. Two thumbs WAY up !! If you like oral, you'll love this card.
2 gran gnocche .... bella card. ;)
I like Britney also on Virtual Girl and after I saw there also Zafira, I thought it would be nice to see them in a duo show - and here it is, in a very pretty hardcore way we can enjoy them and I think both like what they do to each other. No show at all, and if, then they are more then good professionals doing their job :-) Highly recommended if one like licking deep and kissing. My "other dream" team would be Britney and Gwen... but Zafira and Britney do a very sexy show here! 10++/10
love this 2 girls
Veeery hot card, great GREAT looking girls (esp Zafira... marry me!) who handle each other often slowly and gently, as if they really mean it. Great open leg shots, lots of kissing, sucking, and smiling like they're enjoying each other. I'm really surprised this card is not rated higher than it is in the grand scheme of things. My only complaint is that it is too short (33 mins), but still longer than many others here on DB. 9.5/10
This is the best duo I've seen so far. These 2 girls are totally hot and they are perfect together. Wow, Britney really knows how to play with girls. Is she a real lesbian perhaps? If you only buy one DB card, get this one! When Totem recruits new girls for DB, this should be their training video.
Britney & Zafira are my two favorite girls and together they are FANTASTIC! This is one HOT card. Highly recommended. Thank you girls.
Goddesses! Britney & Zafie are lush bodied babes who really put forth a sexy expression of being real lovers involved in some hot & lusty sexy lovin'!They are having fun being together & it translates into deep & real erotic explosions of cumming joy!I am smilin' mid-wank when Britney's look to me while she's dildoing an ecstatically CUMMING Zafie, says, "Hey Plas, you ready for some o' this? C'mon baby!" They're so good together! They provide what is so lacking in many DB cards,LONG WET, HOT,PU...
Very good
Just the sheer hotness factor of this card alone dictates that it receive a 10 from me, putting together two of the all time hottest Virtuagirls for a lesbian lickfest.But then the fact that this card is actually a really good card makes it all that much better, coming close to knocking my all time favorite Deskbabes card, Eufrat & Misa, out of the top spot.Very nice, indeed! You can't go wrong with this one, especially if you're as big of a fan of these two beauties as I am.
For me this card is the best for Britney and Zafira: a great Duo; the 69 is incredible, fantastic sound and video, very thanks :))
Didn't know what to expect from this card as i purchased it. Sure,both Britney as Zafira are pretty but no stunnin' beauty's. And,by the looks of the two i thought that their show at best would be mediocre.I was wrong. This duo is hot. Great oral play,great toyplay. Great card.
adoro guardarle mentre giocano assieme... Si vede che si stanno divertendo... Il sorriso di Britney è qualcosa di strepitoso... I gemiti di Zafira fanno risvegliare i morti... Assieme fanno sognare... E CHE SOGNI!!!
I have to agree with some of the other comments that this is a great duo but I think, Ashly and Cindy and Playful Ann and Zafira have a strong showing too. This is show great both girls are sex and sensual, long legs, dark eyes and hair, nice tits on both girls and great asses all around. They play well together an look like they are actually enjoying one another, all the while making it seem they are just doing the show for you.This card is hot, the girls lick, rub and fuck each other with dild...
Très bon duo, jouissif
Ganz nett, aber mir zu vollbrüstig.
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
great pair, full on
4.6 (1380 votes)


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User comments (50)

Perfect, 3k needed!
sei e sarai la mia preferita in assoluto
Zafira has a big following with adult films, many of them anal special interest. Why not bring her back for a solo anal card? I'd buy two :-).
When a girl has this much to show, she should do it proudly - as she does!
ja bei mir ist auch gekommen
Can't give lesser of 10 !!! Zafira is so much stunning and hot, she makes you horny right away. Classic girl on here, she cannot miss in any collection of all we guys. Great outfit and nice performance !!!
One HOT Brunette, Zafira knows how to Please HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!
Lovely, sexy and a great body. 10+ Wonderfull show.
She is so f***ing hot, if she is ever hungry I'd feed her XD
Very sexy girl!! She's got a great body and appears to love playing with it every bit as much as I would.
She is now my favorite virtual girl. She's so hot and sensual.
how many of u guys where maasturbating over zafira ,, would not you love to fuck her
Beautiful, sexy, amazing, erotic Zafira. Got to be one of my all time favourites if not top of the list in my book. My collection includes a good few of her cards and I have no regrets purchasing any of them. Rest assured I will complete the set very soon. Zafira has a stunningly sexy body, an incredibly pretty, classical face and eyes that could melt steel. Erotic dreams are made of this. Stark naked or dressed in stockings, high heels, corsets or bikinis, Zafira is pure pleasure to watch every...
Before I've bought that card I wasn't really convinced by her, but I have to say that shes one ofe the hottest DB cards! 10/10
Wow. Yes. Soooooo beautiful. So sexy. Great performance. Lovely pussy and legs.And those eyes when you are playing with yourself. And thank you for keeping those strappy sandals all the way until the end.
Das heiseste DeskBabe überhaupt
If you're looking for a great card and you don't know where to start, Zafira is definitely the right choice. She's beautiful, has an excellent eye contact and seem to enjoy herself in her shows. Her voice when she screams is just amazing ! Beautiful body too, and a great performance, with sensual moves.
Zafira was my first card and the reason I downloaded DB/VG, you can tell from my profile I am a fan! I resisted writing a review until I had some other cards, 2nd one was Sarah. Oh god, Sarah is so hot and sexy as are most of the other girls (I Know now) but Zafira is a class apart. This is the girl you could only dream of giving a lap dance. She moves like a sex goddess so sexy and dirty and classy all at the same time. I have seen her in some hardcore porn but this card shows how classy she is...
She is fucking sexy men!!!
I remember Zafira always being a very nasty girl, but also highly sensual and sexy. She seems very natural and beautiful in this show, in a high-class kind of way. Her fat pussy looks delicious too. She belongs in Playboy in my opinion...
Zafira est une fille splendide et extrêmement sensuelle.
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
She is very hot! As always!
jolie filles
She is just perfect... wanna see more of her
My favorite girl on vituagirl!!!! yyyeesss
she makes me lick the screen :D
There?s no doubt about it. If Zafira isn't the hottest girl on DeskBabes or VirtuaGirlHD, she is definitely a Top 3 Contender. She is uber-hot and this card exemplifies that in the context of DeskBabes graphic, explicit play.Her performance here is relatively boilerplate as far as solo performances go, but seeing this hot woman with her excellent breasts and body going to town on herself with fingers and dildo makes for a great show, I don't care who you are.Most of the scenes in this card are o...
so fucking hot...
love brunetts this girl is the bomb nice every thing
I loved her on VirtuaGirl and I love her here too. She looks amazing. Great body.
My favorite girl on vituagirl and am excited by the way she performs on deskbabes. Her body is perfect and to watch the sexy moves makes me wish I was watching her for real.
Great performance. Zafira has a nice body, beautiful breasts and a lovely pussy. Hot show. Nice to see her here again.
WOW!! Zafira's at the top of her game. She's as sexy and seductive as ever.I'm giving her show a 10!!
Zafira Solo is the hottest solo on Deskbabes near Monika, Monica Sweet, Natalia and Sarah Solo, a good work :))
Zafira ist einfach nur Geil.
Few comments on this beautiful card of Zafira. First of all, I'd like to say I enjoyed a lot this card. Guys, this girl's hotter than the sun! I'm really fond of her body, and of her moves. ;) Then, I'd like to make notice few things: As lohj said before me, the sound isn't of a good quality, we hear anormal sounds. Then, and this why she doesn't make a perfect for me, she never ever shows her ass. Come on, cutie!All that for me makes a perfect 9.
Hot body
Oh ya!!!! Pretty in Pink MMMMM MMMMM Good
C'est bizarre, elle est hot, mais j'ai pas le feeling! Bonne chatte, on voit qu'elle en demande, corps beau, poitrine de rêve, pieds mignons, cri sympa, corps superbe mais j'accroche pas trop malgré tout je lui mais un 7 !! (La partie avec le joujou est très bandante qd même !) Je l'a préfère comme ça que hardeuse !
I tried 2 clips, both crash the DB software. therefore I rate 0
Zafira is a Peeerfect woman!!!
please show her in 3K
perfect fir high heel lovers!
One can write a book about her beauty, her body, how she moves...I'll just say that she drives me crazy. Love you Zafira!
sa valuable purchase
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
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Duo with Playful Ann

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User comments (32)

myself i would rarher see zafiria by herself no matter in which card type it is
Zafira was my favorite on virtugirl ans so glad she became part of DeskBabes, Thak you can I have more?
Each girl brings her own skill and style to the show. A must have card featuring two of the best together.
Two Beautiful girls in a Wonderful show.. Two top tier models in all of VG/DB girls come together for a romantic and seductive encounter.. They work so well together yet you can see they are a little hesitant and unsure at times.. Great slow action but some scenes end at bad spots or should I say good spots bad time. Still with the hotness of each model.. I can overlook it all.
You can't go wrong with these two sexpots. Instant boner!
Zafira, she's so hot and she's my favorite. I love her! Playful Ann and Zafira make a great combination.
Legs legs legs legs and more legs MMM MMM MMM. DAM SEXXY MMM MMM MMM
Wow, two gorgeous, nice-style girls. It's definitly my favorite card!
Esto es lo que resulta si juntas a dos chicas impresionantes, sexys, juguetonas y que disfrutan de estar con mujeres!!! Uno de los mejores dúos! 10 de 10
2 Very hot girls. sexy Duo. lots of good action!
Everyone knows Zafira and Playful Ann. And everyone knows that a duo card with those two girls can't be anything but exceptional. Enough said, now let's enjoy this must-have.
ellas son perfectas pero los clips son muy cortos y apenas te dejan disfrutar siempre se cortan en lo mejor
Vous déconnez sérieusement ... C'est Ann la plus merveilleuse... le regard de fou qu'elle lance quand elle se doigte, moi je deviens fou si elle est devant moi je lui fait des triplés direct ! lol Je ne suis pas du tout duo, mais alors pas du tout, mais là, j'admets que 2 perles comme ça sur son écran ça fait bander ! J'ai clairement une préférence pour Ann... Je l'épouserais directement si je j'aperçois cette sirène au loin. Zafira c'est que du cul ;-) 10/10 franchement.Ak.
I love Zafira,is hot !!
zafira is very hard
süssssss die haben den gleichen knackarsch wie ich ...
I agree with WyDude, the performance lacked passion and chemistry, it was almost like a checklist-type thing ("Now Kiss. Now Lick. Now Touch yourself. Now Scissor.") which in theory has all the elements that make a great card, but none of the passion. Still, two drop dead gorgeous women doing explicit stuff together. The show has some very long clips which is nice.
i love playful ann
mitiche arrapanti :P sono troppo belle!
The two luckiest girls in the world.
Zafira is hot,and Playful Ann is hotter. I do enjoy watching them interact with each other. Hands down the best dual card on Deskbabes.
Wonderful return of Zafira with very hot Playful Ann !For me the tribbing with Zafira and Playful Ann is fantastic, this is an EXPLOSIVE Duo :))
I haven't seen everything yet, but most of what I seen so far I liked. The card has 23 clips, 11 standing and 12 on taskbar. 3 no nudity, 4 topless, 4 explicit and 12 x-rated. 19 clips without toys and 4 with toys. There are 2 no nudity clips where the girls introduce themselves. Other than that I haven't heard a word from them yet. A lot of kissing and boobs licking. No comment on the x-rated stuff at this time(i always save the best for last) but the fact that there are 12 x-rated clips and 6...
Three new cards this week thay all look great. each week thay get better and better. Zafia & playful ann this card is hot i give a 10 .
2 belle gnocche :)
Elles sont superbes, mais le show met du temps à vraiment s'envoler il faut attendre les deux derniers clips très longs et chauds pour vraiment apprécier, mais alors la prestation est de qualité.
Good music girls but no the best.I want anal sex with you and good hot toys games ^^
I just bought this but it doesnt appear in my
Clip Notes™ for b0084 - Zafira & Playful Ann/Duo Hot pink dress, thong, black heels; black dress, black thong, black and pink heels 3. 0:47- Standing, No nudity 4. 0:41- Table, No nudity; Kissing 5. 0:22- Table, No nudity; Kissing 6. 0:36- Standing, No nudity; Kissing 7. 0:36- Standing, No nudity; Kissing 8. 0:50- Table, Topless; Kissing 9. 1:00- Table, Topless; Rubbing outside thong 10. 0:52- Standing, Topless; Nipple sucking, rubbing outside thong 11. 0:51- Standing, Topless; Kissing, nipple s...
This card proves two things: 1) having two hot women together doesn't necessarily make for a blockbuster performance and 2) nearly everything rides on chemistry, not looks.This card is very disappointing. Two of the hottest brunettes in the VirtuaGirl family are brought together. Both have great bodies, long legs, and cannot be described as anything but beautiful. Yet together, they have no chemistry or interaction and so their duo performance falls flat.Neither girl seems able to get into the p...
Ce duo est parfait, tout comme ces deux belles femmes, désirables, excitantes, sensuelles et sexuelles !
Erotic and sweet girls. PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
3.9 (1657 votes)

Red bull

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
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  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 234 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (53)

The way she wears red, makes me horny!
Superbe Zafira, belle, élégante, sexy en diable et avec dans le regard un air de vous dire les 1001 plaisirs qu'elle pourrait vous procurer, on l'imagine en princesse dans un harem des contes persans gardée par des eunuques, les héros s?entre tuant pour conquérir son c?ur.
Qué puedo decir...una de mis actrices porno favoritas contoneándose sobre mi barra de herramientas. Nada más que pedir! 9.7
The most beautiful and desirable babe on Earth!!!!She should be on every cover magazine.10/10 is not enough.Give us more cards with her.
She is perfect, this girl is so much adorable, sweet and horney. She knows good how to make hot a man. I suggest to all you guys to get all her cards. 10/10.
i usualy dont give 10s, but she is perfect, a gods gift type girl
What is particularly obvious is, that Zafira is enjoying her to be a woman. She is more women than just by having a beautiful womenly body. She is perfect charismatic creature with all I would expect from a hevenly beeing. Not to become over-poetic, I am anyway rising her rating to 10 poinst with gratefullness. Thanks Zafira for your beautifull smiling glances and gift beeing the realy natural women.
gods gift to all men
Got tell yah this woman is my second favorite after Sandra H of the smaller breasted woman. I find that as I see more of her I always have to one of shows active. Problem is which one not bad one in any I have.
Wow. She is smokin'.
Super sexy seductive. Super nice natural body.
She is hot & seductive. Love those long legs.
She is a goddess. I hope to see more from her.
I very much like her style in this one: a red dress added to her dark-brown (black shimmering) hair. That really suits you, honey!!! Reminds me of a Spanish lady. Torero, anybody? 10/10
you realy look like my girlfriend :| only my girlfriend is almost blonddamn I like you darling think I send my girl to virtuagirlhd to :Dyou are lovely, worth more than a 10
Zafira is the best thing I have seen on VGHD, well chosen Totem. I'm gonna get all of her shows, such a perfect body, good looks and oh so sexy. Thanks Zafira x.
Zafira is really special, check out All Internal for a great anal scene. Great dancer, beautiful body.
10/10 Sheer class! A beautiful lady in a stunning outfit and a great dancer.
Another fantastic set, The expressions and poses are so hot. absolutely perfect 100. Love every one of your sets Zafira, but this one is my favorite.
Again by Zafira, a great show and a lovely card to have in your collection. I enjoyed it and thankyou Zafira X
Great show love this young lady!
This is another classic, pre-enhancement Zafira card that has everything you could ask for. It's one of her sexier cards because this hot model, with her Middle Eastern look, is very sensual with her hair pulled back. Her great, natural body is beautiful to watch and she knows how to show it to you in the sexiest of ways.There is little wrong with this card, really, except that it is missing something special that would make it a Perfect 10. It's hard to pinpoint what that is, but it has to do w...
Although the sexy little red outfit in this card is fine, I don't much like Zafira's hairstyle in this one, which gives her a rather severe look.On the task-bar Zafira seemed to just sit and not do much in some clips, but she was quite expressive and had a real charm about her. Her sense of viewer interaction and seduction were also spot-on.Zafira has never been very good at pole dancing, but although this was again far from great, it was one of her best performances on the pole. A touch more dy...
Look at those eyes...
Zafria is hot from top to bottom and she's got the moves to go with it. Great sexy eye contact.
une excellente carte. un très bon show.
J'aime la façon dont elle nous montre son sublime cul. Sensuelle et explicite...c'est tout!
I think she rather overdoes the lipstick on this card, but a good performance - worth its 9.
Yum!I think Zafira's great, that body is soo smooth and pert and she gives a sultry performance. Granted as one reviewer mentioned she takes a little bit of time to grow on you, but once she has you'll be captivated. (well I was)
I like her, I prefer real breasts but she is good to go.
Zafira is a very beautiful woman. Seductive and sexy. I like her dancing an showing off in this show. She has impressed me again and so I would like to see more of her soon.
Zafi looks absolutely sensational in red! Her classical beauty shines through in this show and that tight pussy pouts at you and boy, I am soooo tempted to drill that hot little ass. I still think she needs to put on just a little weight to hide those prominent ribs, but it's another solid 9 out of 10.
This girl is so hot and sensual. She has a perfect face with delicious mouth and lips. Her little ass and her cute pussy are a call to erotic games. Wonderful !
As always a lovely lady to watch.
Es guapa, no está mal de cuerpo, es una de mis favoritas.
Nothing special too skinny!
Great show, keep it coming
I ain't her biggest fan, but since she graced my screen I can definatly say this girl knows how to move.. and to make guys move...
Naturally hot Brunette... Just a few steps behind Nella... overall an average show..
Only if she asked
Not bad but I can only give a 7/10. I've seen Zafira in some of her adult movie scenes and if she put that much energy into her shows for VirtuaGirl I'd give her a 10 no doubt.
She definatly needs to move more. She's beautiful, has nice breasts, looks good in her little nightie... I like her hair slicked back like that too, but she's not selling herslelf. She's such a gorgous tall beauty, but that's all the more reason. She's a bit bigger (taller) than most girls on this site, so she really needs to dance to sell herself. 7/10: good, but not strongly recommended.
She's beautiful but I wish I passed on this one..cause few times she gets so clumsy taking off her dress..such a turn off.And she needs to work more on her coreography too.A 7 in my opinion.
Kind of blah. She rates a 4.5
Incredible woman, stunning.
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
Une fille superbe! Un corps suberbe! WoW! Bouge bien, bonne atitude, douce et un peu provoquant.. très belle nue.. Encore!
Cette fille pulpeuse, simple et trés souriante est un régal à chaque fois. Un corps parfait avec un petit cul et une chatte bien charnue suffisent à m'enflammer...
Zafira hat einen schlanken Körper, langweilige Brüste, aber eine glattrasierte geile Muschi. Optisch ist Zafira (was ihr Gesicht und die Brüste betrifft) eher nur Durchschnitt. Das rote Kostüm ist zusammen mit der roten Kette und dem super sexy rotem String eine sehr hübsche Kombination. Besonders wenn sie ihren String langsam auszieht, geht einem das Messer in der Hose auf. Was für ein geiler Po! Die Show ist sehr nett, da man Ihre geile Pussy und ihren knackigen Arsch oft und hübsch präsentier...
Pa bon meme. Tro mince.Bezouin yon tit deye sou li.
4.0 (2174 votes)

High society

  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 46
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 255 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (78)

The mighty Zafira stikes again! Awesome show.
She is so Hot! I love her work! wow!!!!!
i am so glad i have every xard of zafira oops sorry guys ive just exploded again
Hot, sexy and a great body.
So schlank und zart mit den "richtigen" Brüsten gefällt sie mir am besten. Das Gesicht ist einfach nur göttlich. Ein tolles Kostüm und erotische moves.
Zafira is a very gorgeous and sexy lady and I love her cards! I don't have anything bad to say about her! But this card is not at all deserving of a 10. This card should go to 11!
zafira is hot & sexy,the best card in lingerie & her ass.really love to have you babe.
The best of the best!!!An angel on High Heels...Beautiful as a dream...Sexy as hell...Delicious as a sweet cake...I want a date,baby!!! You are my number ONE!!!!I cannot have enough of you...I love everything...even your sweet hungarian accent!!!Take care and give us more shows...Kisses
She is one of my favourite pstar and I adore her performancees. I would kind reccomend her for all Zafira fans and others who like exotic beauties.
I didn't think I liked Zafira that much... But this card puts her on the very top of my list. Fantastic.
Zafira is just gorgeous and is very sexy wearing this lingerie. Especially love it when she smiles. My second favorite card, gave her a "10". Too bad she didn't drop her heels.
Zafira's tight little body looks fine in this outfit, and I give this gorgeous lady a 10, though a bit small chested for me. but they are natural, and she doesn't waste any time getting naked and showing all. slower dance style, and a really nice looking fortune cookie to boot. worth the ticket, and a girl to keep an eye on.
There nothing about this lady that is not sexy, just fine and hot. Show could be about 5 times longer for me.
Okay, admittedly not the most explicit on the pussy play, but there's no finer pussy out there, and she's not afraid to display it to advantage. A solid 10 for her ass, which is as captivating as her smile. Constantly torn between her body and face - ahh! where to look.
Very underrated girl. Fabtastic smile, Killer ass and legs. The girl is sexy, what else can I say. 10 from me.
her smile reminds me of Michelle Trachtenberg... ;)
Couldn't disagree more with turbo130! I think he dissed every card he got in his booster pack. I got this card on special. But, it is worth every bit of full price. Zafira is gorgeous.
She is lOOking right at you! Her warmth, that smile, and the way she moves with that tight fit body.Uh, I thinkn EMINEM said it best. I think he was talkin' about Zafira's High Society card!Here it is:Aww B The way she moves it I can't believe it I ain't ever seen a ass like that.. the way she moves it its almost too good to be true The way she moves it shes like a belly dancer I Think someones at the door I don't believe I'll answer..The way she shakes it I can't believe it I ain 't never seen...
Cute face, hooot body and not shy to show it! She`s simply great!!!
What an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Sexy, astoundingly attractive and a remarkable tease, certainly, in my opinion, the best girl I have seen here so far. Does anyone know if she is single?
Plasonic recommended this gorgeous creature to me and by heck he was sooooo right. I bought a booster pack of ten stocking babes and she was one of them. Wow, Zafira is absolutely delicious - very beautiful dark looks which I really go for. I can just imagine her full ripe lips wrapped around my rock hard wedding tackle. I would love to run my fingers up and down that sensational slim body, suck those perfect natural breasts, kiss my way up those endless legs, and cradle her gorgeous bum cheeks...
I love is girl . It is madness .
hell yes. . .
This is the collection to have sex on legs gorgeous gorgrous girl beautiful body lovely face she can move her body and her pussy when she spreads her lips goddess gorgeous Zafira love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
One of the best I've seen so far. She has a beautiful face and a very hot body.
Worth every Ticket!! Beautiful, All Natural, She is having fun, Marta and a few others need to take lessons from her!
Zafira is no doubt one of the hottest girls on VGHD ... a truly gorgeous face and a PERFECT BODY!! What an ass on this girl!! And, she's not afraid to show off that incredible body ... Zafira moves very well and always serves up some very nice spread shots.Zafira looks VERY HOT in this outfit and this show is definitely worth getting. Ivory Godess and Florida Sun are also must-haves!More Zafira PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
I am still waiting for my dial up download of this card to finish. BUT OMIGOD! You have GOT TO GET THIS ZAFIRA CARD just to dwell on the MOST PERFECT PUSSY & HONEY PUCKER that I've ever seen shots in the accompanying photo set! Perfection!!I've been licking my screen for 20 minutes already with the three blow up pics!!There are some bend over shots on the chair that are absolutely F**knominal!What a total babe she is!! To be cuntinued.....
So hot! Great ass with lots of shots of it. She moves beautifully and is a wonder performer. No fake tits, thank god, and she has a scene where she's just sitting jiggle them. Very nice, I like!
Wow this is a hot show. Thankyou Zafire & keep up the good work. X Great Card
This is my 5th card on Zafira abd it is as good as the other cards. A very pretty girl. 9.5/10 for me.
Zafira is one of the hottest models on VGHD, IMO. Those smokey eyes and temptress lips make recieving lingernig looks from her fell like getting a personal gift. She is very good at viewer interaction.Zafira has no problem showing off her amazing body. As far as her body goes it is flawless, IMO. Her natural breasts flop and jiggle just like breasts should. She even has a clip where all she does is jiggle them for the viewer. Nice! (More of that please.)Her detractions are that there is a lot of...
Un réel plaisir de la regarder, de l'admirer, de la désirer... classe à souhait, quoiqu'un peu soft mais qui n'enlève rien à son charme. Je suis sous le charme.
Zafira looks very sexy indeed in this outfit, although I don't think the hairstyle is particularly flattering.At her best Zafira is among the sexiest task-bar performers on VG, with a great style of movement and a good sense of viewer interaction and seduction. That kind of performance was only on display in about half the task-bar clips here though, and in the others she just tended to sit there being pleasant to look at and not much else.As usual, the weakest part of the show was Zafira's pole...
To me, Zafira has a certain air of class about her. She looks like she would fit right in at the Playboy mansion.Her presentation is sensual, albeit a little mechanical at times. Nonetheless, she is gorgeous, and my kind of girl. 9 out of 10.
Very pretty, sexy moves, good dance. 9 for me.
Pretty girl with nice natural breasts and a sexy smile. I love watching her dance with her shoe straps undone--it trashes her up nicely; a few rips in her stockings would have been even better. If those shoes ever came off, I would give her a 10, but they don't so it's a 9 for Zafira.
Sooooooo sexy, not to be missed!
All around, one of my favorites!!!
Dis gurl's on fiar! Got da right moves... vary sassy, sexy, censual, spicey! A must have! Luv dose pussy lips! Solid 9 fo me.
Zafira is a very beautiful woman. Seductive and sexy. I like her dancing an showing off in this show. She has impressed me very much and so I would like to see more of her.
Excellent show. Physically she is similar to Eufrat (which is high praise) but she smiles more and seems more cute, rather than sultry. 10 from me.
a cute girl and a good show. thats a 9.
LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, I LOVE the outfit and the dance!!!!!!
she is the hottst LADY yet.. :-O ooooohhhhh what a pu*** 15 allday,slim smooth silky
Very nice. Great body with a lovely outfit love it. She is a performer and the moves are wonderful/beautifully. Zafira / The dungeon I also like a lot.
Fà vedere TUTTOOOOO!!! é la più esplicita 10 10 10
She starts to be a standard value in this site...! She is not shy at all, she spreads legs & pussy lips the way it should be!!! Definitely a delight to watch!!!
Very hot girl...have seen and or collected pics of her before. She gets an 8.5 from me.
Zafira has a nice body and an exotic look about her. She has a sweet smile and a great ass. The way she sensually works the pole is truly a sight to see.
incredibly sexy lips.... and yes once again a very very nice ass!
She's hot, she's smooth, she smiles, and she's good at showing off her body (or rather, snatch) She could move a bit more, however, and she didn't do anything amazing to wow me. For anyone else, probobly a 9, but for me, 8/10. Solid card.
Perfection all the way around...Love her legs...
Very pretty Girl in sexy outfit, but the dancing is no 10 Points !!
A very solid card for any collection. A lovely dancer giving a great performance.
Wow this is the same girl from the Red card . I like that card much better then this one.
Well....She's gorgeous and I like the props (hand chair). But thats about it. Her moves are lame. She doesnt seem to be into it like some of the better shows I've seen.
very boring not worth getting. only got this card because it was part of a boster pack.
Full on porn star, have seen her in a couple of 'golden shower movies' gives me a boner every time I see her.
one more great performance
Zafira, instant 5
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
beaute a regarde sana moderations
J'adore cette fille, elle est très belle, elle a beaucoup d'allure, de sensualité et de séduction, elle est très excitante, une merveille, vraiment.
Un show parfait. Zafira est vraiment belle et aguicheuse dans une lingerie très affriolante et sexy, même le fauteuil en forme de main ne dénote pas trop et ne dénature pas ce show. Ma note : 10/10
Un corps parfait, un sourire aguicheur, une bouche pulpeuse, l'excitation à son paroxysme... Zafira, invitation au 7ème ciel...!!!
Absolut geiles Teil. Die hält ständig mit einem Augenkontakt. Ihre geil rasiert Pussy zeigt sie in allen Varianten. Zafira ist ein total geiles Luder. Schnell downloaden. Die rentiert sich voll. Eine Traumfigur mit makelloser Haut. Zählt bald zu meinen Favoriten. !!! Glatte 10/10.
Gefällt mir sehr gut. Sehr Hübsches Mädchen mit einem heißen Körper. Make-Up und Kleidung sind sehr passend. Die Show ist wirklich sehr erotisch. (Wertung 9 von 10)
vraiment tres belle cette fille,surtout dans cette lingerie,!!! Tout y est beau : ses magnifiques seins naturels, son minou parfaitement bien rasée et son petit trou qu elle nous montre genereusement !!! a very good show !!!
un bon show, beaucoup de sensualité et sa tenue est bien. elle se débrouille bien. Mais il me semble qu'il manque quelque chose.
10 for you, super actrice X donc super strip , beautiful lady , love you
Ihre Brüste mag ich auch nicht besonders, aber der Arsch ist totale Weltklasse. Außerdem mag ich ihr Gesicht und vor allem die langen schwarzen Haare. Show und Outfit passen gut zu ihr. 9/10
une belle brune qui n'a pas froid aux yeux,ni ailleurs d'ailleurs
Une fille magnifique, au corps sublime. Son show est sensuel et nous révèle toute son intimité. Superbe !
Un regard d'ange, une bouche pulpeuse à souhait, un joli petit cul, Zafira est vraiment une très, très jolie fille. Ce show est vraiment chaud et excitant. En un mot : bravo Zafira !
the smaller version of Zafira, also lacks a little confidence
Zafira hat einen schlanken Körper, langweilige Brüste, aber eine glattrasierte geile Muschi die sie gerne zeigt und befingert. Optisch ist Zafira (was ihr Gesicht und die Brüste betrifft) eher nur Durchschnitt. Ihr Kostüm ist sexy, genau wie ihr knackiger Po. Die Show ist leider nur lauwarme Kost. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
4.1 (2583 votes)

Ivory goddess

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  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 46
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 261 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (157)

Damn, Zafira! SO many fabulous ass kissing and pussy licking poses topped only by your even MORE incredible ass licking and pussy kissing poses!
Best outfit ever. Pantiless dancing. Sooo nice.
A sexy ass and tits. I am not having fish and chips. Today, its ass and tits. Eat it up slurp it up.
i can fly after seeing this godess
I view Zafira in the knowledge of what she has become, good job this was done before she went into the porno business. Sexy, beautifull, and slight innocence, nice smile, never did mind showing her perfect pussy off.She just has to get 10/10 for this, love that dress, shows off her cute bum a treat, cna remember years ago when she was modelling, she had an all over paint job done and paraded through the streets wearing just the paint, WOW!!!!!
Zafira is one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen! Amazing in every way... would like to tell her parents thank you!
Me encanta Zafira. Espectacular.XXX. Salu2. (:-{)))
Eine echte Schönheit ! Das Kleid ist ja der Hammer :)
Zafira is movie star beautiful. Glamorous, sensuous and and pure joy to watch.
one of the only cards where I DONT want her to take her dress off!!
great body, great beauty and great show...
This one is a "need to have" card ... Simply outstanding ... That dress is made for her to wear, and it cums off nicely ...
Wow... Redefining the "backless" dress. **Wonders why this hasn't become a fashion trend...
I give Zafira a 10 because of her body, her nice-girl attitude...and that dress. The dress is amazing in and of itself. I actually didn't WANT her to take it Beautiful girl...nice moves. Easy 10.
She looks so damn sexy in this outfit! Wow, I like it very much!
Will someone please tell Zafira she has the Dress on Backwards. I'm sure it was meant for her to Wear it the Other Way. It sure would look Better to me. But either way, (even if she does have it on backwards) it still gives her a 20-20 rating from me. That's the kind of Ivory I would like to import.
Zafira you are stunning & gorgeous, another hot becoming my favourite girl on this to get it on with you babe.
Forgot to comment on this sexy lady. The rear view of that dress is worth way more than the price of admission.
Really good show and very femin. nice lady, kiss you all over ! 666 points
Insanely beautiful with killer legs and this dress alone is worth 6 credits! Wow!
amuse, charm; delight
A1, truely a superior card, one of the few imho. If you can get it for 1 ticket go for it. If not it is worthy of 2.
Highly classy look and a sexy demeanor with a knockout outfit. Her bod is perfect for this dress. Her moves are also good.
In a word, "Outstanding" !!!!!
Woo-hoo!! ... Zafira is very hot as it is, let alone what she does so seductively in this outfit and so often without any underwear on. She is a gorfeous woman, has a beautiful body, has that stylish sophisticated look... Mmmmmm, she looks very good to eat! You have to love her naturally wholesome looks... what a very fine woman she is and this card is absolutely a must have as well as a top favorite!
very hot, sexy outfit :)
i have vghd only thanks to this card,she is really hot and i like her body in her dress...
she is the hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brilliant outfit and Zafira has the body to pull in off perfectly.Excellent show.
Warning! Extreme sexy Goddess in a hot dress! 10++
this is a type of a real intertainer she knows how to please man or woman alike her earthly and lusty movement made me a complete man overall rating exsude my expectation long life and good health to you.
I agree 100% with others who appreciate real tits on a beautiful woman. Zafira is a dream and her body is perfect! I love this card.
Another winner from Zafira, great dress is an understatement. Fast becoming one of my favorites and I would say maybe underrated, I give it a 10.
I'll'll to wish for her :-))) 10 points (9++)
Though I usually prefer bustier girls, Zafira has a gorgeous face, class ass and the outfit looks knockout on her. her natural (if smallish) breasts look good on her frame and she doesn't waste any time getting naked. a slower style, but it works for her. not sorry I bought this card and gave it a 10.
Never mind the gorgeous woman. Never mind the way she performs. Both of these get a 10, but never mind that.Now, that dress!! THAT'S a 10!!
Zafira's name might be at the bottom of the alphabet but she certainly isn't WOW gorgeous body and looks she is a 10 for sure. She has everything and knows how to dance and display
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Makes me want to buy a bigger screen so I can get closer to her. She seems so sexy and then she blushes when she realizes she is showing more than she intended. With her back against the pole she is trying to pull her dress down in front to cover herself. I also love her expression when they ask her about her sexual preference on the video. So sexy and so sweet at the same time. One minute you have to smile at her innocence and the next you are lusting after her body. She...
Great outfit, body, and smile. Knows how to get your attention by putting her hands in ALL the right places.
a great show its a 10 10 10 1O -- love the outfit where could get one for my favorite LADIES
Outstanding show and outfit!
very sexy. Love the dress!
Zafira is very beautiful, Has a pretty face, good show and that dress makes me rock hard. A 10 out of 10.
Zafira is one of my favourites at VGHD. Natural,supersexy, phantastic dress, sweet smile = PERFECT 10 from me.
THAT DRESS SHE IS WEARING IS INSANE! My favorite girl. I don't know what to say......... I have fallen in lust.
My favorite VG and favorite model on the guys really need to bring her back for more shows..simply amazing..the dress she's wearing will send chills up your spine..ZAFIRA ROCKS!!!!
Beautiful, talented dancer. Perfect breasts (if there is such a thing). Nice ass, too. Long dark hair makes me sweat. By the way, the dress she is popping out of made my jaw drop to the keyboard the first time I saw it.
My favorite girl so far. Not my favorite show, but everything she does is faptastic
This woman just set me a going. A great smile, a great outfit, and man what a body. Always a great show with her.
Just received Zafria, Ivory goddess, on my calendar. What a surprise, I have always enjoyed her but this card is to much. She is incredibly sexy in this outfit. Kudoos to Totem for this outfit. Highly recommended and I don't believe that you will be sorry when you watch it.
Ooooooh wow! Zafiiiiiiiiii! Are you trying to give me a coronary? I have seen some outfits on my way home in the wee small hours, but fuck me, that back/bottomless number blows them all out of the water! What an attention-grabber, especially when it's being worn minus bra and panties!! I think for that outfit alone, you have to give Zafi a big fat 10 for having the brass neck to wear it! WOW!!!!
Full bottomless show, excellent moves, perfect body, nice smile, she should have the best rating.
This really is a great one with leg spreading, boob bouncing (once clip totally dedicated to it), and a fun smile. I love this one more than my others, and I highly recommend it to you if you like the way she looks.
One of the few times That a Virtual Girl looks like she was enjoying what she was doing.
DAYUM !! Fella's if you do not have this card your missing the show . Definately her best card yet . The "no panties" shows will drive you crazy and there's lots of them. 10+ in this man's humble opinion .
a very beautiful woman with lovely breasts great ass and an awesome dress get this ticket and be enraptured with her beauty
Zafira beautiful beautiful Zafira what a body gorgeous all i can say is 10+10 best show i have seen just a beautiful girl love you Zafira xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Zafira is wonderful to begin with but this card is simply amazing. No panties at all so you get flashes of her goods in just about every show. One of the "topless" shows is actually "bottomless" and is excellent. All in all I highly recommend this card.
Zafira is such a beuatiful girl, altough she could have done with wearing knickers under the dress asit reminds me of a hospital gown wth her bum poking through the laces at the back!
She is definitely the most beautiful!!! And she isn't shy to show that perfect body! So glad she didn't stay hidden away in Hungary. What, me in love we a VGirl? If ya can't have the real Zafira, it's the next best thing, after 2 divorces in the real world.
Zafira is one of the hottest girls on VGHD and is not afraid to show off her incredible body. She looks soooo hot in this outfit and I love the clip where she plays with her perfect natural tits the whole time. Then, it gets even better when she takes it all off and bends over the whole time really showing off her great ass and giving a very nice long look at her incredibly hot pussy. Ivory Godess and Florida Sun are must have performances! More Zafira PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
Fucking gorgeous. She has a great ass. Sexy as hell.
Wow, don't know what to say to that, this girl is HOT and quite explicit. Don't take it personally, but, if you think those are you need to watch the movie, 'There's Something About Mary'. The granny in that movie has some real .
Super hot hope theres more like her to come.
beau spectacle ,un joli corps avec un super sourire et un show chaud...très bien :)
Spectacular show!!Sexy and playful,wish she did a little more rubbing though.Speaking of goddesses,the outfit and her look reminds me of the Egyptian Goddess Isis...If anyone remembers that old 70's Saturday morning show.Anyways,she and the show are a 10
Very, very nice!! Beautiful lady, superb body, very good dancer and she's not afraid to show ALL her best features! I wasn't planning on giving any 10 ratings, but when it's right. it's right. A real live 10!!
OMG!!!!!!!!! This is the SEXIEST VG YET ;-)) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the outfit and she fits it VERY WELL:)))
Zafira is off the charts beautiful,explicitly sensual,silkily sexy,& let's give that skirt, and her incredible wearing of it, it's own 10 rating right now!This is one piece of clothing that I don't mind staying on a bit longer in this show. Wow, it hugs her honey hips so fine throughout her wiggles I can feel them sliding silky under my hands. Her ultra sexy raised skirt pantyless moves while dancing show her cookie in fine erotic splendor and lookin' so fine 'n' tasty!!Folks, this honey pumps s...
OH SHE IS WONDERFUL. She looks like she's straight from a harem. In a good way.
Just get it. You won't regret it.
That dress is amazing. So damn sexy too. Well it looks like a dress when she starts the show and then she turns around and Wow! She is so good looking and hot. Love the show. The dress must get one for my girl. Thanks Zafira for the hot sexy
Love her. She keeps the collar on when she's naked which is very yummy. A perfect ass and she has more then one scene close up, bent over, touching it.
A super sexy dress, a girl that knows how to move and tease, with beautiful long dark hair, an Oriental appeal and a pair of the most sensual lips around. What else does that add up than a 10+?
She's just straight up gorgeous anyway, but this outfit is sexy as hell! I'd love to see a lot more of her
Superbe, corps magnifique, surement une des plus sexy aujourd'hui. Elle met l'accent sur ses jolies fesses sur ce show, on en est ravis.Merci Zafira
Just a magic lady!
I wish that dress was normal female attire. Absolutely beautiful girl with a great body. Reminds me of Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives. 10
Wow, that is an awesome dress. I love this show, very hot!
Absolutle Goddnes and this dress lovi it keep going Zafira make the man's horny we love you baby!PS:thnk you totem!
Wow, I realy like this show. She dances well, and a great outfit too. Thankyou Zafire X
Zafira,every time I see you I am more impressed. The outfit is smashing and the way it fits you it you whoever designed it had you in mind. If you keep this up I might have to stop buying your shows for fear of a heart attack. (Only kidding --- I want to see many ore from you) Keep up The good work.
Great show, as always Doll. Love your smile and all your sexy moves.11/10.
love your video
Zafira est une très belle plante venue de Hongrie, même si j'ai une préférance pour les cartes 776 et 777
Zafira has had a boob job, breast enlargement, enhancement and that caused me to ignore some of her cards. I much prefer natural tits. But here's the thing: it's when she had the silicone implanted. In her first cards ( 294 to 299 ), she had not had the surgery, and you see her natural B cup breasts, and I think they are beautiful. In the newer cards, she's had the boob job, and they're pretty big. In this card, she moves well, has an absolutely beautiful smile, and the dress! is almost worth th...
Ganz hübsch, sexy outfit, für meinen Geschmack ein wenig viel busen. 9/10
What a dress....especially the back to show off that ass......but I prefer her Dark City & Dove Angel cards!
Zafira's Bonus Videoclips is another let down not by this girl but the Video Cameraman sometime focusing on the photograher in action; the whole focus should be on the model not its surraoundings that pop in & out. This girl is a real poser with good potential but she also needs to join a gym to work on her bust (chest) a little bit of muscle in those boobs will do her a lot of good; however for god's sake no Silicone Implants. Take my advice Zafira go for it.
This is an excellent outfit for Zafira in which she looks stunning. Especially when you see the back view ;-))Zafira's performance in the task-bar clips was a bit variable in this show. In some she did little more than sit there looking beautiful, while in others she was absolutely sensational - seductive, interactive and entertaining.The pole clips were where this show fell kind of flat. Zafira didn't do very much at all with the pole, although what little she did do was very sexy.The standing...
Well, I like her smile, so sweet and natural. She makes my mind start to dream...
I love the open back on the outfit and the great movement of her body.
J'adore son visage d'ange qu'éclaire un sourire enjôleur. Je trouve qu'elle a un corps magnifique que sa robe met bien en valeur. Elle danse avec des mouvements fluides et séduisants qui mettent parfaitement en valeurs les courbes parfaites de son corps.Ivory godess, un nom bien choisi pour ce show divin
not a bad show. love the short dress ;)
La bombe sexuelle Zafira est maintenant dans ma collection. Quelle femme superbe. Elle ne bat pas ma Chikita mais n'est pas très loin derrière.
She is not the best dancer (see Lorena) but she is a very beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress. I gave her a 9.
For me, she never had to get naked or show her breasts. All she had to do was turn around! What a dress! And she is perfect for it too because she actually has an ass, not some wide or flat or god forbid wide and flat ass like some on here do. Like I said in another review, she'd get a 10 from me - even without being explicit - if she had some more moves. A 9 this time. 3 because I am attracted to her, 3 for the dress, and 3 for the performance.
After seeing this card and all comments, I totally agree with two points: (1) The dress is so fantastic and tightly shows off Zafira's hot dreamy body. (2) She's definitely a goddess with the most luscious legs and greatest ass.
Zafira is super sexy in this one. I give her another "10"
that is an amazing outfit! it shows off her nice ass....
She is very sexy and a goddess.
She is gorgeous! Sex-incarnate!
A top class show from Zafira. Gloriously sensual moves top off with a very engaging smile.
She is fantastic and sexy wow, great body nice moves
She is a lot better looking in her show than in the picture I must have gone over her 20 or so times before I bought her with my remaining tickets and I don't regret it I just wish they would change the picture it's terrible.
The number one outfit in the whole VirtuaGirl site. In fact the number one outfit in the history of the world.If you like girls going commando, you are going to like this.
nice card but nothing new/special about her.
Wow what a body! I simply love that outfit she has on. It reveals her perfectly round bottom. As far as her performance, she doesn't deliver quite as well as some of the favorites on the site, but her beautiful body more than makes up for it. In fact, I think her slow and sensual movements, while straight to the point, are just fine in showing off her hotness.
Beautiful, sexy, sensual and a wonderful smile to brighten your day!
She is hotter than hot. I thought it was going to explode. My fav, definitely.
This woman is very beautiful and puts on a great show! Not only that, she isnt wearing panties in any of the shows and isnt shy about it! I hope she does more along that theme as well! Great ticket and keep up the great work!
Zafira is a very beautiful woman. Seductive and sexy. I like her dancing an showing off in this show. She has impressed me very much and so I would like to see more of her.
she is very beautiful - doesn't dance to well though - gave her a 9
I really cannot add much this lady is absolutly georgous
I loved the dress and the show too. Great show, it's well worth the credits. Bring in more dresses like this one!
très charmante et elle bouge bien ;-)
it is absolutely not fair that this lovely girl says she is heterosexual. i will settle for bi sexual. lol. and i know where i want to settle.
oh boy....this girl is HOT well worth the ticket
Magnific, I like her body, and this show is very sexy, because I like her dress at fishnet. 8/10.
Pros: Wow, I LOVE this outfit! One of the best I've seen! This card by Zafira is very sexy. The backless outfit, no panties under the dress, lots of leg spreading, and tons of ass teasing...there's lots to be excited about when Miss Zafira comes out onto your screen. Great clip variety with lots of nude & explicit clips. Pole, solo dance, and some very hot closeups.Cons: Nice natural body, but not amazing. Could use a few more different moves. The moves Zafira does are done well and are hot, but...
Zafira is incredibly hot, beautiful and puts on a great show!
Any guy that says not enough is shown needs to join a porn site. The ladies and all the one i have seen and have r all sensual and sexual. And this resolution is sick. As good as strip club except ladies cost a lot less. She is so hot its crazy.
never been the biggest fan of zafira, but she's growing on meand that dress (if it can be called that) *wipes brow* :DI wish i coulda been there to help her into it ;)
Zafira may actually be from Hungary, but in this show she looks like the perfect Mideastern odalisque, from anywhere between Algeria and India. I don't really follow the emphasis on her legs, but she's pretty much got the total package to my tastes - it's only the fierce competition on this site that lets anyone else outshine her.
saw the trailer and it looked awesome. hot ass hot eyes hot outfit. tits = thumbs down. small flat and saggy. Im not particularly obsessive about huge fake breasts or nothing, and they can be small and nice, but these ones really let me down,if she had a better rack she would be one of the top girls on the site
Zafira is such a beautiful woman! It's a shame that she just doesn't move that well. Her movements seem a little stiff. 7 for Zafira's drop dead beautiful body.
very pretty, very sensual, very nice. on the down side, she's thinner than she looked in the bonus photo's....
My first card of this lady. Most comments here were good so I gave it a try. Well, in my opinion she dissapointed because she lacks in dancing and it isn't very explicit. Best for me is still Jana Cova who knows how to dance and to tease a man. So only 6/10 from me!
This card gets a low score from me because the preview photos do not accurately represent the outfit in the card.In the preview photos, Zafira is wearing light coloured panties that I find very appealing. In fact, the main reason I bought the card was because I like the panties in the preview photos.However, in the card there are no sign of the panties at all. This was a huge dissapointment for me and makes the card a lot less interesting. So if you plan to buy the card, because like me, you are...
She's forgot her nickkers wow!
Amazing girl
Off the scale, as always.
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
tres tres belle fille
sexy,somptueuse et trés excitante..10!
Cette fille a un gros potentiel, une beauté brune un rien exotique, de magnifiques cheveux dont elle joue beaucoup, une plastique impeccable, très vite révélée ici, puisque son costume très audacieux nous laisse entrevoir d'entrée sa petite merveille, bref j'aime beaucoup.
Incroyable,stupéfiant! Cette fille m'a fait bander à la première seconde! C'est une des plus ravissante salope que j'ai eu l'occasion de voir! Tout est excitant chez elle! Son visage d'une beauté d'enfer avec des yeux débordant de désir et une bouche gourmande de beaux membres à déguster et une robe incroyable! Ses seins sont superbes,mais le must,c'est sa croupe sublime! La plus belle croupe de Virtual, qui s'offre ouvertement à de nombreuses saillies puissantes. Son cul est un appel aux instin...
Superbe !
Sensual y atrevida, simpática y juguetona, ¡qué tarjeta la de Zafira, realmente una diosa! 10
zafira pas de string au long de tout son show rien de mieu que sa BRAVO!
zafira tu et toue simplement superbe felicitation a toie
pas mal du tout bonne note 9.5/10
quelle jolie croupe excitante sanglée dans cet enchevêtrement de lacets qui permet d'éviter le port d'une petite culotte. Mais sans les lacets c'est aussi joli, sinon mieux. Elle sait ouvrir avec délicatesse ses petites lèvres qui en tremblotent de plaisir
elle est superbe
Zafira a un corp de reve et son show est super bandant!!!! une carte a posseder absolument!!!!
Un très bon show. Zafira est très belle est aguicheuse dans ce show et sa tenue est extrêmement sexy et révélatrice. Avec de meilleures danses, ce show aurait été parfait. Ma note : 09/10
Humm Zafira , j'ai hesité à prendre ta carte , par ce que je suis vraiment amoureux des gros seins , mais , nan je regrete rien du tous , j'aime tes petit seins mignon tous plein , et tu est d'une sensualitée extreme , tu souris tu te caresse comme une déesse et surtous tu n'a pas peur de nous montrer ton minous mignifique !!! tu te ratrappe bien la dessus , chaque fois que tu apparé sur mon ecran , j'arette ce que je faisai pour te matter ;) c'est dire... ma note : 09/10 !!!
Ha Zafira on t'aime tous, encore !
Justo lo que me recomendó el doctor!!!!
Zafira est hors concours = 20/10. Sublime, corps de rêve, show coquin et sexy. Un million de smacks sur le minou tout rose.
Un sourire enjôleur illuminant son beau visage, Zafira est magnifique dans ce show. Cette petite robe à lacets est terriblement sexy et la rend encore plus désirable. Bravo !
très bonne pas de problème ses shows sont extra elle dégage un charme fou.
Splendida !! Bellissima !!! ma potrebbe dare di più !!
Zafira hat einen schlanken Körper, langweilige Brüste, aber eine glattrasierte geile Muschi und einen knackigen Po. Optisch ist Zafira (was ihr Gesicht und die Brüste betrifft) eher nur Durchschnitt. Das Kostüm ist an Hässlichkeit kaum zu übertreffen, aber sie weiss, wie man eine Pussy gekonnt hier und da mal unter dem Kleid hervorblicken lässt. Dennoch gewinnt in dieser Show das schreckliche Kleid... (Wertung: 3 von 10 Punkten)
3.9 (2169 votes)

The dungeon

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 66
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 238 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (79)

Tight, black, latex outfit, cool, bitchy stares, and one great ass kissing pose after another!
This is the best show of them all, thanks Zafira. 10+
Das Kostüm ist perfekt für sie geeignet. Tolle Show - recht kurzweilig - und eine meiner liebsten von ihr. Wunderschöne Frau -selbst jetzt mit den künstlichen Brüsten ist sie noch immer eine der heißesten.
sexy girl and sexy body and sexy show = 10+
What to say... simply... adorable...
Zafira is incredibly sexy in this outfit; beautiful, seductive.
Zafira looks absolutely superb in this card. The black leather outfit suits her wonderfully and the hairstyle perfectly sets off her beautiful face.On the task-bar Zafira was at her absolute best. You simply won't see many performances on VG that are more sexy and seductive than this one. Zafira's sense of viewer interactivity was also spot-on and she was easily active enough to maintain interest.Although Zafira is far from being a great performer with the pole, she did use it to better effect t...
Zafira is fantastic. Love the way she sometimes has no panties on and her dress is just long enough
Zaphira est divine: ces lèvres charnues viennes ajouter à sa beauté de son visage angélique et de plus, elle est toute en cuir noir, assise dans un fauteuil en cuir noir. C'est un rêve!
Zafira is an extremely sexy and impressive girl. She has killer good looks, her fantastic body can make anyone hungry for more. The outfit is brilliant. This show is a high-class performance, more than seductive and more than attractive...Zafira is super-sexy!!! Don't ignore her!Summary: 10+
This card gets better every time I look at it. She is so HOT!
I am really loving Zafira in this whole leather clad dominatrix get-up. The outfit matches her well and she looks so comfortable in it. Hot sexy moves and teasing, great bod, pretty face...Zafira is phenomenal! I especially love it when she unzips her outfit from behind and slips out of it. Zafira has me at full attention with this performance.
Whether they are big or small I love natural tits. She is so sexy. I must get all of her cards.
Definetly 10 points! I love that outfit when it fits to the women, here it is perfect! One have a nive view when she is playing in the armchair ^^ good and explicit. How long are her legs? Just fantastic.
Zafira gives it her all. She doesn't seem to have a lot of natural talent in her moves, but she goes all out with plenty of swaying, shaking and rocking. Her almond-shaped eyes and open-mouthed, seductive look are great highlights to her strip show. There's nothing particularly spectacular about Zafira, but there's nothing plain at all. She's sexy, smiling, and perky. Any viewer will appreciate the moxie and drive she puts in her performance. It's a pleasure to watch her give so much leather-cla...
Well all I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!...... What a Show Zafira after that I needed cold shower
sexyyyyyyy and hot hot
I have always found Zafira sexy. In this case she has outdone herself. By far this is my favorite show.
Yeah Zafira, this is great, gloves are so sexy. Not to metion the woman the gloves are on is so sexy too! Zafira is fun to watch because she looks so good doing what she does.
I wish i was her husband ! Man she's hot ! 10/10 for me. Good looking and nice moves!
If you want to view paradise, simply look and view this beauty and then some.....mmmmmmmm!
My favorite show. She is SO Hot and the show is a little kinky without being over the top (nothing on this site is though) I recomend to anyone.
Ooooooh wow! Zafi has hit my lust button once again with this steamy show! But putting her in a prison won't do much for the rehabilitation of convicts. If all the screws looked like Zafi does here, they'd re-offend inside the first week out to get sent back. I love the outfit: love the zip opening up the back which Zafi can tease her admirers. Zafi must definitely have a short dress fetish, because this one ranks alongside her backless frock in Ivory Goddess for figure-hugginess, and when she l...
Wow! All that I can say is wow. Of all the shows so far this is the best. She has the warmist smile and you feel like she is really dancing for you. Yes a 10/10
I have joined a week or so ago. Of all the girls I have seen Zafira, although maybe not the most beautiful, is my favourite. She exudes sexuality. Her show “the dungeon” is a perfect mix of semi-dressed/ nudity/explicit content. She has a gorgeous slim natural body and a wicked smile. 10/10
Mmmmmm she is fantastic!!! Perfect body and movements. My dick loves her :-). I wanna more!!!
Love Brunettes love Zafira sex goddess sex on legs my top girl absolutely gorgeous this girl is a must have show love her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I was speaking about the girl! She is HOT! Maybe the show is not so good but I like this sexual bomb!
Abosolute stunner!! This is her best performance I have seen from her yet. She shows quite a bit of detail (if you know what I mean) A MUST HAVE!!!
her body is heaven, or aleast that is weher i want to go
OMG! Zafira is the best!She is effortlessly beautiful & effortlessly explicit!She moves her gorgeous, body in a snakey, undulating temptation of a dance, made all the more effective by the natural contours of her totally erotic curves & valleys. The black leather skirt has about the same effect as her skirt in "IVORY", hugging her hot ass 'n' flashin' her delectable cookie cover.She gets naked & explicit quickly, treating us to long & sexy dances to feast our eyes/imaginations on the fullness of...
I don't usually go for the leather/boots bit, but for her I'll make an exception. Quality show, with a high raunch factor.
10 out of 10 for Zafira,my favorite. She's beautiful sexy and very explicit. This is the only show that i have to disable when im working. She really hypnotizes me.
1:If you check the explcit only this girl performs :) Yes she shows what she's got!!Too low rated IMO>
Fantastic outfit, great body! Zafira is rapidly becoming one of my favourite girls , mind blowing close up shots leave nothing to the imagination.
Lovely Lady, nice dancer, top class outfit 10/10
It's a realy hot women. The show is realy nice. I love the dark side of this wonderful women. I give her a 10. And she is realy worth to get this card. She knows to get your attention. WOW
wow what a lovely dancer
"Goddess" would be an under-statement for Zafira! I'm tempted to disable the others so I can always have Zafira dancing for me. I just love the way she seems to enjoy touching herself for us. Her moves are exquisite, her sensual expressions, her perfect body and winning smile make her a 1,000,000 out of 10! I think... no, I know I'm in love!!! Zafira, you're a "dream come true"!
Another VG Goddess.. Scale of 1-10 She to would be a 100. Every Fantasy I have would come true to see her and Eufrat together in the same room........MINE. Baby you are the greatest! :)
YAY, that must be the hottest show on VGHD! Zafira looks just fantastic in that leather dress, and her moves and mimics are perfect either. And then those boots, and her gorgeous body, oh my... :)I think I've found a new favorite, 11/10!
Zafira est une valeur sure du site, ici le costume ne permet pas la meilleure performance possible mais malgré tout elle reste superbe.
beauty girl great body hot outfit
beautiful girl, fun show to watch
Zafira,.. what a dream.Dont get this card if you really hate beautyful women, slick sexy moves, and steaming hot sights of pleasure.Just havin this girl in your collection is a sign of refined taste.If you dont like this card,.. seek medical attention immediatly, something is horrendously wrong with you.
Most seductive of them all. Just one look in het dark eyes and your lost. At least that's my opinion!
Fellas, this card is worh the price of admission. Zafira looks wild (untamed). She totaly fits the description of a Dom. Which would make us her Subs. (She could tell me when and where to touch her any time.) If you are looking for explicitness its in here. If its dancing you want she has that too. You say you want to be teased before the big payoff. Yes, yes, yes!The only things I can say bad about this card is that Zafira's face is Plain-Jane. However, even that works for her in this card beca...
Zafira is hot, sexy and has that smoldering look in her eyes that says she can eat you alive with her sex. I love her performance! She's a woman who knows what she likes and wants. Just explicit enough without being coy or a tease. 9.55/10.
Classic. Zafira delivers! This card is testimony that VirtuaGirl and its models are really taking this media experiment to the next level. Technology... creativity... beauty... working together in Groundbreaking organization that is going to be a legendary, industry changing brand. We expect more great things to come from everyone at the VirtuaGirl Enterprise. Well done! When do you go public?
Zafira is quicking becoming one of my favorites. She has one of the most pretties pussies and her poses are so naughty. Some of the scenes are too far away for my liking and I'm not particularly impressed by leather. Zafira, however, is hot as ever so in this man's honest opinion that is a good enough reason to buy this card!
great! a must-buy! but i think its a lil too slow dance
She impressed me very much. Great show and a hot outfit. She is really underrated. Very explicit show. I'm glad she was in my calendar.
Nice show Zafira. Thanku X Also great outfit too
While I haven't seen all of the leather/S&M cards, I've seen a lot, and this is the best of the bunch. It thankfully forgoes the boob exposing corset trend, replacing that with a tight minidress with laces and a zipper. Zafira has a super narrow waist, and the slim dress hugs it relentlessly. Plus, we get some quality no panty dancing where the dress rides up just enough. Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't also point out that as always, the shaved tag is meaningless, as she has a nice littl...
Another leather girl to my collection:) Not the best, but still good
My third card of her, got her for a buck. She is another one of my favorites this one is not too bad.
Really loving this leather outfit. ZAFIRA works it well. She is a little skinny for our tastes, but not anorexic. It's obvious that's how she's built. Sexy, flirtatious and fun, she puts on a great show. RATING: 8.5
Just call me face man, but I love Zafira's facial expressions on this show. The hot body doesn't hurt, either! A very seductive woman doing a very seductive show. And I say this not being a big fan of dungeon-type costumes.
Pretty brunette with lovely face and wonderful ass. I like her mouth too. Very sexy show.
This is one of Zafira's earlier cards and is not one of her best, to be blunt. She is hotter than hell as usual and the outfit is extremely intriguing, but she doesn't do anything with it and her desktop dancing and striptease are awkward and uncoordinated in most scenes.This card suffers from both Zafira being unable to capitalize on what would otherwise be a very imagination-inducing outfit and from her uncoordinated dance and strip moves. Her look, the card's intent, and everything else is gr...
I love Girls in fetish Stile
Well !!! Maybe this is not her best card, but she remains an horney girl, she knows good how to make horney a man and she strips very fine. I love her pussy lips, they like big slize of meat !!!
she is beautiful but really boring gave her a 7
while I too like naturals best--I must admit that evidently there is room for at least a little augmentation sometimes--and the face paint here is a bit much--i think the 8.5 is about right---look at florida sun---much better
remastering to 1080 plz )
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
Oh FEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU , je suis de l'avis de "ROCCOADDICT" Je pence efectivement que c'est une des plus cochone de tous virtuaGirlHD , elle est existante dans tous ce qu'elle fait !! Quoi que vous fassiez vous banderai ou mouillerai pour les femmes rien que la regarder me donne envie !! Sans conteste une carte a achetter de toute urgence !!
Ouah la cochonne!!! Achetez cette carte et vous en redemanderez encore plus!!! Zafira est très belle , mais elle adore le sexe surtout!!! Elle a une bouche de suceuse qui m'a excité à l'extrème!!! Et son show très original se regarde comme un film... Elle a des beaux seins et un beau cul , mais le clou du spectacle , c'est sa superbe grosse chatte qui doit accepter souvent avec des objets de belle taille :) La scène dans le fauteuil est très éprouvante pour le coeur!!! Zafira fait partie des 3 o...
Mir fällt kein Grund ein zu mecken.Außer diesem klobigen Sessel! Ansonsten eine gute Show!!!
Un très bon show. Zafira est toujours aussi belle est sexy, sa tenue en cuir est sympa mais elle ne m'a pas totalement convaincu tout comme son maquillage. Par contre je ne trouve pas qu'elle soit "cochonne" ou "salope" dans ce show je trouve au contraire qu'elle est restée classe notamment lorsqu'elle joue avec ses gants. Ma note : 09/10
a avoir dans sa collection
tres jolie fille. Show tres sympa et explicite, mais il y'a un "je ne sais quoi" qui ne va pas. donc je ne lui met "que" 8/10
Très belle Suzana mais elle remue beaucoup. A revoir.
elle est super bandante, elle a un tres beau corps et n'hésite pas a montrer sa petite chatte. vraiment bien
un show bien, la
Bellissima e maliziosa !!!
Zafira hat einen schlanken Körper, für meinen Geschmack eher langweilige Brüste, aber eine glattrasierte geile Muschi die sie auch gerne zeigt. Optisch ist Zafira (was Gesicht & Körper betrifft) für mich eher nur Durchschnitt, das Lederoutfit wiederum finde ich richtig geil! Die Show ist erotisch und gefällt mir gut. (Wertung: 7 von 10 Punkten)
Schade so eine heiße Frau in so furchtbarem SM Dress. Igitt !!
4.0 (2196 votes)

Florida sun

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 58
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 223 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (89)

Love the outfit, another fine show from Zafira.
i dont care what anyone says i do cum as often as possible with her on the screen .i can hardly see anything . please give me a set of tissues
Her lean, lithe body really does it for me. Lovely tits, nice smile, legs go all the way, and a good mover
Another Great show. Thanks.
I dont get this she is from head to toe, and her face is beautiful, she could improve on her facial expressions of innocence. But she's beautiful.(Long slender legs and sweet buttery thighs make Zafira a perfect specimen from the waist down. If you look at a lady?s legs first when you first meet her then Zafira is the model who will always keep you satisfied. Legs like long sweet luscious lollipops!)
unbelievably hot girl. her ass & legs are to die for. and she knows how to work them. :)
Wow. Beautiful woman with a delicious ass that she's more than ready, willing, and able to share with the viewer at home. I always love a show that features some "ass up in the air, face down and smiling back at you" action, and THIS show doesn't disappoint on that (or any other) level. While in that position, she spreads her labia and gives us a really nice look. I love this show. :-)
Zafira... She is superfine.
i wish so much to stick my dick in her,i have never masturbated to on cheick before
Awesome Show! AAA+++
Zafira's is fast becoming a favorite of mine even though she is a bit small breasted, though larger wouldn't right with her body. Have to say she has a great ass and legs, along with a beautiful face. Upgraded all her shows to 10 as one of my favorite girls to watch.
Zafira just never has a bad card or fails to please, 10+
Beautiful girl, lovely to watch and she has great tits. A new favorite for me.
As a Floridian, I can say that she definitely fits the "Florida girl" type...well, at least Miami Florida. Very hot, puts on a great show.
I don't know if it is her sultry , seductive face or that flawless body. But mixed with her obvious personality, this woman is a 10. I would rate her higher if I could. Time to download the rest of her shows... I am in love, or at least lust.
omg hottest girl ive ever seen!!! perfect 10
Se becoming one my favorites does not matter if its a dark tone or lighted heated one like this one she awesome- a 10 10 10 10 and KEEPER
Beautiful! Fantastic body, fantastic costume. I stop whatever I am doing and watch her whenever she is on my screen. Sexy!
To stare at her .. never is enough..
A very sexy lady with a great dancing skill. Just love her ass and her long sexy legs. I'm giving her a 10/10. This card is worth keeping.
Beautiful, talented dancer. Perfect breasts (if there is such a thing). Nice ass, too. Long dark hair makes me sweat.
This lady is sizzling I would love to be her love slave!!!!
Zafi is such a beautiful fresh looking young woman, but I do think she maybe has weight issues. I'd like to see her put on maybe 10 pounds or so to eliminate those rather prominent ribs. Otherwise her body is perfect. I'm captivated by her beautiful grey-blue eyes and her stunning smile and her long flowing dark hair. Mmmmm, that pussy is soooo mouth-watering. I love it when Zafi is on all-fours, reaches back with her hand and spreads those pouting pussy lips and anyone who says they wouldn't li...
This is a very talented and beautiful young lady. I enjoy her performance for the way she moves and that wonderful smile. I like this card of hers the best. The right outfit and the pole work is very nice. Continue to show your good looks and abilities as an exotic dancer.
I think I'll write a song about being in love with the virtual reality character of the most beautiful woman on the planet. If I could only have one VGirl, it would be Zafira. I could draw my idea of the perfect female, it would be her. After her, there can only be second best! Hopefully there is a mad scientist hidden away in some lab that got some of her DNA & is cloning millions of her to set lose on the world! I'll leave my door unlocked.
All i can is wow, she is pure sexiness. she has a great ass and a cool outfit. Oh, very nice tits too. the show was very good and you just can eat her up and you just whata, well you know mmm! good. :)
Beautiful. She is just great. I love all the shows I have of hers. She is great. She spreads those lips and those ass cheeks. Great smile. Great breasts. She moves really well. Just love her.
perfect! :-)
You know, I really hate giving perfect scores, really! But I swear if Moses would have seen this lady there would have been another commandment!! She is just all that and more. Beautiful, excellent dancer, shows it all... 10!
Zafira is the reason we go to the beach!! A great tan on a perfect body!! She looks great in a bikini (and I'm glad she loses the hat quickly). There's one clip where she bends over the whole time really showing off her great ass and giving a very nice long look spreading her hot pussy. This and Ivory Godess are must have performances! More Zafira PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
I LOVE this woman. She is so hot. I love it when they smile when they strip and it's so hard not to bury my face in the screen.
yeah yeah this is my favorite XD beauty girl!!!!!
Wouaouhhh:a pure diamond!
good amount of close ups, she's a turn on if you like alot of close-ups while she carress herself.
A VG Goddess!! By far the most erotic of all the VG girls. Not afraid to show it all ...or touch all!!
Another VG Goddess.. Scale of 1-10 She to would be a 100. Every Fantasy I have would come true to see her and Eufrat together in the same room........MINE. Baby you are the greatest! :)
Zafira is one sexy girl! She has incredible edible lips (all of them) and I love the way her natural breasts move. What a beautiful smile! This a card that I would recommend to get.
You look stunning Zafire, Great show. Thankyou & all the best to you for 2008 X
The beach theme really suits Zafira and she looks fantastic in this skimpy blue bikini. The denim mini-skirt also gave her a little bit extra to work with, but I'm not so sure the hat was such a good idea and it's a pity that the sun-glasses hid her beautiful eyes in some clips.Although Zafira was as sexy, seductive and interactive on the task-bar, she wasn't particularly active in most of the clips. She was expressive though and did treat us to quite a bit to her gorgeous smile in this show.For...
Very nice outfit in this card, she is soo delicious, nice legs and ass, good moves and a great smile. Maybe her best card. 9/10.
Her body iteself is an excellent piece of artwork. She is not only a perfect specimen from the waist down, but just all over. Simple and good. Much better without the hat. Good luck Zafira.
looks better in this than in the dungeon----as I wrote then---there seems to be an argument for breast augmentation--------------this I am falling in love-------
she is very inviting and really puts on a good show one good looking women. very good a 10 for sure
Zafira - i did know that Magyar people are always lovable but that there's in Budapest such a cute and sexy Lady... Folks - an anorexia patient doesn't look and perform so gorgious as Zafira do! However, this card is worth a 9 :-)
Very sexy lady IMO. Shes very active and comes across like she is enjying herself while giving you what you want to enjoy yourself too.Shes not afraid to touch, rub and show that sweet pink either.Enjoy the show guys!9/10
Truly captivating eyes and smile
Zafira is a very beautiful woman. Seductive and sexy. I like her dancing an showing off in this show. She has impressed me very much and so I would like to see more of her.
Can't agree with previous comment! Tits which are "standing at attention" are looking artificial. I prefer natural boobs so I'm very content with Zafira, although Bijou's breast is much better!
I am ridiculously in love with Zafira and I LOVE the blue bikini and sunglasses but the hat drives me nuts! All in all though this GORGEOUS woman ROCKS!!!
She is fantastic, when I see her raises the spirit. I do not put 10 because still I believe that she can show me slightly more of her beauty. Live the Hungarians like you. If you come to Spain, I invite you to eat an ice cream in a terrace. Good-bye.
this girl really surprised me! Very nice card indeed!
Mega sexy - super hot....doiiiing :P
pure natural girl, beautifull boobs and pussy :)
Zafira is hot, great body and nice moves, not one of my favourites yet but could be with a little work!
My favorite girl on here. I could have done without the hat on this one. She doesn't need any props. But her body and moves make up for everything. On all three cards of hers I own, the explicit dances are the hottest out of any others.
Pussy up your faces!!! Better than this is Sharka or toys...! Suggested!!!
I do like the outfit on her a very pretty girl. I like the show to. 9/10 for me.
She is a favorite of mine. I like the red bull card better. But this card is not bad either.
Pros:Great clip variety(9.5/10). Pole, solo, nice closeups, & 5 explicits. Zafira's body is amazing(9.5/10). Cute natural tits, runway model quality face, & 2 of the most perfect long legs u will ever see. I liked the outfit choice(9.5/10). Normally Im not a fan of the girls in ball caps, but it works here. Light blue is her color & that jean skirt w/ no panties is amazing.Cons:Sexiness is average(8.5/10). Her teasing is decent, but the explicits are pretty tame. Short card length(7.5/10) at 29...
everyting is good about this girl and she shows what explicit means and lets us look at he essential bits. I love it
a very good card of her.
a good show, but I expected a litle bit more, there are better cards
Stunning body, especially the ass. She is pretty damn sexy and shes not afraid to show it all. Shes not a waste of tickets.
A very "natural" beautiful body, the moves are okay but more of an exhibitionist than an erotic dancer. Her moves don’t flow nor does she know how to tease and titillate. But she smiles often if even at times it looks a bit forced. Pole work needs work, floor work better but also needs seasoning. Over all a good show with just enough explicit bits to be worth the credits
Gute Show von Ihr , aber Ihre bewegungen sind vieleicht etwas verkrampft. Zu Ihren Brüsten kann man sagen " WENIGER IST MEHR? " stimmt nicht , Mir gefällt Sie mehr nach Ihrem Brüste tuning.
She's beautiful but this is before her breast enlargement. Again, I can only give her a 7/10 because she doesn't put in even half of the energy she puts into her adult movie scenes. Not a bad show, but not a high priority download.
I like the girl. She's stunning, she smiles, and she moves. Not the best, but she's good. I like the outfit. Bikni, short shorts, and hat. But the outfit and girl don't match, specifically the hat. Hat's are hot on girls, but this baseball cap dosn't compliment her. Aside from that, its a good card. Fairly average, as hot girls dancing goes. I wouldn't say its bad, but it doesn't stand out in any particular way. nitpick: she's actually TOO skinny. That much ribs usually equals anorexia. 7/10. Go...
Lovely girl with nice curves but a little skinny. She has good moves and is quite happy to show a bit of pink.
Bad dancer; a disaster on the pole. Definitely she's a pornstar more confident when opening legs.....
Beautiful girl with a great smile and killer body! Was dying to see her kick those hideous shoes off, but alas... ;)
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
Zafira is one of the sexiest and most beautiful girls on virtuagirl!
Mon Dieu,quelle est bonne cette Zafira d'amour! Elle m'a fait bander comme un cerf dès sa première carte,mais cette fois ci elle nous la joue naïade ingénue! Je peux vous dire que si je rencontre cette fille sur la plage,je la pilonne directement dans les toilettes ou dans l'eau:) Elle est incroyable de sensualité et sa sexualité est débordante! Tout est sexe chez elle! Ses seins lascifs et sa bouche de grande suceuse!(voir sur le Net) Incontestablement une des 5 plus grandes belles salopes de v...
Un vrai régal pour les yeux.
Zafira est une superbe brune comme je les aime. Sensuelle, souriante et terriblement excitante...
Non mais, quelle paire de hanches. J'adore ses hanches larges et cette petite taille aux abdominaux musclés plantée dessus.
Très belle Zafira, sans doute pas son meilleur show mais on reste dans le haut de gamme.
A l'heure où les plages sont bondées, Zafira fait une naïade parfaite. Cette fille est vraiment superbe, on ne s'en lasse pas.
tres sexy certes, mais peut beaucoup mieux faire, je trouve qu'elle se donne pas à fond
not my type but a good performance !! she what's to do !
super nana qui mérite une très bonne correction au lit, je vous jure elle est fatal cette fille
belle brune ,très souriante,mais un peu trop de maquillage
Jolie brune , bien fichue.. mais je préfere Vicky ou Morgane
beautiful girl and beautiful show !!!
Belle fille fille mais des progrès à faire. Ne m'accroche vraiment pas.
Zafira hat einen schlanken Körper, langweilige Brüste, aber eine glattrasierte geile Muschi die sie gerne zeigt und befingert. Optisch ist Zafira (was ihr Gesicht und die Brüste betrifft) für mich eher nur Durchschnitt. Der Bikini ist sexy, aber auch der superkurze Jeansrock ist heiß! Die Show ist guter Durchschnitt. (Wertung: 7 von 10 Punkten)
3.8 (1684 votes)


  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 58
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 253 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (47)

A good 10+
une perle dans mes favorites 10/10
omg girl were have you been my whole life ! also you director needs to be beet profusely then FIRED !!! they dont give you the time I want with you :P
Wow, wath I can say? Just Supreme !!!!!! Fantastic card, you can't lose it. 10/10, of course.
Uh, What's wrong with the waist up?
Heaven is in alcatraz, Zafira made it
As the blurb implies, she's a lot better below the waist than above. Even so, I've kissed many worse breasts than hers, and the nipples are good. And most of all, she puts a proper effort into the job. A marginal 9, but a 9.
The more cards of Zafira's that i get the more i fall in love with this girl mmmmmm what a body, gorgeous figure and perfect tits mmmmmm 10 agin hon
Zafira is simply magnificent, great mover very sexy and certainly makes the most of the outfit, I wouldn't mind being banged up with her!
Zafira - yes, you are in my top 10! But please... can i have my handcuts back now? Practical joke ;-)
This lady has a beautiful body and great tits! She is very explicit and shows us her lovely pussy in full view! Amazing! She sure knows how to tease! She is definitely a 10 in my book! I would recommend her to anybody!
just two words SMOKIN HOT!!!!!!!
Mmmmm, Zafi never ceases to excite me. Her beautiful smile is always enticing, her sexy eyes sparkle and seduce. When she points her arse towards you, you just want to slide inside. As for her bottom lip, Foszilla, I think that could well be your eyesight that's deficient, not Zafi's very kissable lips. Guys, Zafi is always entertaining to watch, so you can't go wrong with any of her shows. It's another 10 from me!
Zafira she is so hot. I really liked the Alcatraz show. The way she teased me with those tits and that hot pink pussy made me want to cum allover her in person.
Zafira gorgeous Zafira i dream of this girl my top girl sex on legs beautifulbody looks of a goddes when she moves her body sex on legs absolutely beautiful love Zafira love her and a brunette made in heavan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Zafira - I wasnt intending to buy any girls but just have free trailers. tonight I just thought Id treat myself as its my birthday to 1 girl - it had to be you. your sooooo beautiful. you just made a great day even better.xxxx
Wow this is a great show. I am very surprised this one is only rated 8.5... it should be at least a 9.0 if not 9.1...
I have most of this young woman's shows and this is my favorite. It was also the first I had, so maybe that makes a difference. She is simply hotter than hell. In a good way. Wonderful body. Great seductive movement. Nice smile. Damn. Really good.
She is so gorgeous and I love that thing with the handcuffs. I've been bad. Send me to prison!!!!
Great show, she turns me on every time she show up on my comp ! Her moves are really hot and explicit, and her smile is enticing ! Delicious body and she knows how to touch it to fill you with lust !
Another VG Goddess.. Scale of 1-10 She to would be a 100. Every Fantasy I have would come true to see her and Eufrat together in the same room........MINE. Baby you are the greatest! :)
Zafira is just so amazingly cute, sensual and sexy. Definitely one of the hottest girls on the internet, if not THE hottest. Just WOW. Zafira you are a dream come true .
Zafire, Your show is very ideal: lots of fun and sensuality, to put it in your own words. There is a twinkle in your eyes, a joy in your smile, a sexuality to your movements and a lushness to your body. I will see you in my dreams tonight for that is what you are --- a dream.
Again, a very nice show Zafire Thankyou X 11/10 & all the best to you for 2008 Look forward to see more of your shows.
Very sexy and hot chiks 10/10 i love her :)
Girl: 9 Show: 9 Explicit: 8,5 Overall grade: 8,8
Zafira is a gorgeous, elegant brunette with strikingly beautiful grey eyes and is one of the girls I was most attracted to when I first signed up to VG. I like the style and colour of this outfit for Zafira, but was slightly put off by the handcuffs, which tend to restrict a performance.On the task-bar, Zafira was very sexy and seductive with a good sense of interaction, quite expressive in a sultry sort of way and the handcuffs didn't restrict her too much.The pole dance clips, Zafira seemed pr...
Though not the most stunning girl here it is definitelly a card to have as she has sooooo much sex appeal that just melts my socks off.
Zafira is a very beautiful woman. Seductive and sexy. I like her dancing an showing off in this show. She has impressed me again and so I would like to see more of her soon.
Zafira is hot and not afraid to show it. However, this outfit just doesn't do it for me. Her Florida Sun and Ivory Godess shows are much better and definitely worth getting. She has an awesome body, is very sexy and gives you nice long looks at her assets. Zafira is definitely one of my favorites.
Bye Zafira, complimenti per questa performance veramente Erotica ed Eccitante da morire!!!Wow!! Wow!! Era la prima per me ma anche l'ultima purtroppo tua visto che la prossima ragazza sarà l'ultima del mio abbonamento,peccato!! Sei veramente Sexy e "Bona" come diciamo in Italia, una delle migliori in assoluto della mia collezione; insomma una gran Bella "Fica" come diciamo sempre in Italia che vuol dire che sei proprio un gran bel pezzo di Femmina!!Bye!
Things are simple: She is not the prettiest face (more or less, the bodies of all models are above the average), but she DEFINATELY gives what a man expects from a woman who is striping: PUSSY up in your FACE!!! My congrats to Totem team for choices like her!
Good, really good show :)
She does not have a real good number of moves. Basically, moving up and down, swinging her hips while rubbing herself all over is her best, if not most overused, move she has. Although there is something strange about her built I can't figure out, she is really attractive and I find myself watching her many times over. I give her an 8 overall. She smiles, great eye contact, has a sweet/naughty appeal about her, has dreamy eyes, she's seductive, nice size legs (not bony!) and amazing set of lips....
Zafira Looks good But could show more And be more explicit (8of10)
As always, Gorgeous, smooth, hot. Great dancer and I love the joke on the jumpsuit
This girl is really pretty and has a nice body but...she seems to be lacking something. She just doesn't do it for me. 7.
I have to say that I love her new look much better. Besides her obvious enhancements, her newer cards seem sexier and her dancing exudes more confidence and eroticism.
Average girl, average show.
yawn boring....
hllo hawer you all my frind
Stunning, as always.
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
Belle fille, rien a redire !
belle femme ,ses photos sons plus belles que sons show .dommage
Zafira hat einen schlanken Körper, langweilige Brüste, aber eine glattrasierte geile Muschi die sie gerne zeigt und befingert. Optisch ist Zafira (was ihr Gesicht und die Brüste betrifft) eher nur Durchschnitt. Ich mag keine Kostüme, bei der man die Muschi nur dann sehen kann, wenn die Stripperin komplett nackt ist. Auch das Orange ist nicht meine Lieblingsfarbe, von den Schuhen ganz zu schweigen. Die Show ist nichts besonderes. (Wertung: 4 von 10 Punkten)

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