Tina Kay

  • City: Birmingham
  • Country: United kingdom
  • Age: 25 y.o.
  • Height: 5.74 ft.
  • Weight: 121 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 26" / 36"

British brunette Tina Kay brings a different sort of honesty to her performances than what some fans may be used to. If you watch her face and look into her eyes as she sways her hips and shakes her perfect ass, you can sense a level of sensitivity and fragile feelings beyond what most other dancers exude. She's a true sweetheart, a good girl through and through for you!

Number of shows: 12

4.1 (381 votes)

First Class

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 53
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 459 MB

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User comments (9)

Great show without a dought from a FIRST CLASS LADY. Tina, hope you do more shows real soon.
Tina has the most kissable pussy I have ever seen, it's perfect in every way I wish my lips were there kissing sucking and nibbling on savory pussy.
First Class!...Thanks.
Thank you again for my favourite internet model. Everything she does is top class and she is particularly gorgeous in this card. I hope there will be some more in future.
This little pink underwear set with black trimming and roses suits Tina perfectly and is a great outfit for the final card of her set.Her task-bar performance was sexy, playful and delightfully expressive, with an excellent sense of viewer interaction. She was somewhat more active than in her last show, but varied the pace nicely with some more leisurely and laid back spells. Although she glanced away from the camera here and there, it was always well timed and her eye contact was wonderfully se...
at last some shiny underware love it i would like to see some more maybe some satin or lyicra fullback panties
I don't tink thath this is her better card, she can make better, non a great outfit and hairstyle here, hot girl, but this card is not fully in my tastes !!!
J'ai toujours grand plaisir à voir Tina, j'aimerais bien de nouveaux shows, stp mme istripper.
Just really, really, really don't like her at all.
4.0 (368 votes)

Personal Assistant

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 66
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 431 MB

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User comments (8)

Avec une assistante personnelle comme Tina, on aurait bien peu la tête aux affaires.
This show is the best for Tina I think, great outfit and so sexy. Thanks Tina and give us more.
amazing girl
She simply does it for me. What a beauty.
I don't like outfits with too much yellow in them, but Tina looks wonderful in this little yellow and black dress, with a soft pastel shade that isn't too hard on the eyes, contrasting nicely with the black lower half.On the task-bar Tina was somewhat less energetic than in her last card for the most part, but the show didn't suffer for it in the slightest. She concentrated more on pure charm, seduction and sex appeal and it worked very effectively. The energy and fun returned in the clips where...
Yes Tina is Good Looking, I rather Fancy Her, If She Was not Clean Shaven, That would Only Enhance Her Honey Pot, Breasts a little on the large side for me, Bur I Would Luv to make cum
Tina's a beautiful lady, and she puts on a great performance in this card, but I could only give it an 8 because, imho, since she has lost so much weight, much of her sex appeal has also been lost. She was so much sexier when she had that soft bod...
Nice outfit on her, she just always dances really weirdly.
3.9 (359 votes)


  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 401 MB

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User comments (12)

So lovely and sexy, great show to have.
I found Tina to be exceptionally beautiful when I first saw her. Now, like a fine wine, with a little age she has only gotten better. Her personality is as "bubbly" as ever...but, in my opinion, she looks better than ever. And, as she always has, Tina delivers another wonderful performance.
Ms. Kay is my favorite here and on DeskBabes, but she's just too skinny in this card. Still smokin' hot, but just too skinny. Otherwise this card is worth your dollars.
Wonderful to see a return visit from Tina, as gorgeous as ever in this little red bikini, although she seems to have lost a lot of weight. I preferred her with a little more meat on her bones, but she's still a great beauty and her personality is, if anything, even more vivacious, expressive and playful than before.Her eye contact has certainly improved in this set of task-bar clips, although I still think she tends to glance away from camera a little too often. Her sense of interaction is also...
if you want to see a really happy girl enjoying herself on the stage this is the show for you. she spreads so much happiness in this one you won't be able to prevent smiling while you watch this. A 10 for sure
oh, do i love this babe, pure sex on legs, lovely moves, and red hair to shows a glimpse of red-hot passion - for one night with Tina, i would sell my soul to the devil !!!
Noticeably skinnier and older looking , Tina still puts on an excellent show with her energy and engaging personality . I hope she has been well ; would like to see her gain that weight back . 9/10
This girl has a particular body, not fully in my type, but she made a avarege show !!!
I thought i would never rate Tina less than 10. She's all skinny, short hairs and even short show :(
what a lil body...
Tina est toujours souriante et divinement sexy, elle mériterait une réédition.
4.4 (468 votes)

Duo with Faye

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 63
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 570 MB

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User comments (11)

Great show to have.
This show starts off great! Love the chemistry here and the dirty talk with their accents was tantric. They play and get sensual on and off during the show but it is balanced so well it adds another Dynamic angle to the show. Tina look great and people may not like Faye's appeal in looks but she bring the much need personality to a show. I love her change when she gives and receives pleasure.. Wonderful show.
Both Tina Kay and Faye have two things going for them that combine to make this a killer card: Tina Kay is hot and a native English speaker and Faye is ultra-sexual and also a native English speaker. Together in this card they are dynamite.Faye is decidedly more aggressive than Tina, but Tina keeps an ongoing, sexy commentary and banter. In her usual style, she incorporates the viewer in this talk, making for some sexy dialogue. Faye plays off this well, but really plays with Tina Kay's awesome...
j'ai un faible pour Tina Kay, cette petite anglaise toute douce à qui on donnerait le bon dieu sans confession et qui est en fait une bonne cochonne.
This card was excellent. Tina and Faye were beautiful and interacted well with each other
wow very hot beautifull girls. i love em
Amazing Card.The 2 girls are really into it, you can tell from how they kiss, faye in particular loves it, seems so bubbly and fun. Hot as hell too lol.Some really good hot clips definately worth buying
ma note : 11/10 !! elles sont toutes les deux sublimes, deux déesses, superbe duo ! et pour une fois elles ne font pas "vulgaires" (tout en étant très osé ;) ) . bref, que dire a part ça? le regard de tina key est vraiment envoûtant ...
Great set, two beautiful girls, into one another!
Their dirty talks are very cute!unfortunately I don't like their look.
Une blonde, une brune, toutes deux amoureuse de la chatte de l'autre !
4.3 (478 votes)

Duo with Danielle Maye

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 524 MB

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User comments (8)

Wonderfull show.
one of th ebest duos on the site!
At last! But it's way too short...
Les deux filles savent s'abandonner avec un amusement non feint. Elles délaissent vite leur costume résillé pour s'embrasser et se goder. Tina au corps statuesque fait sinuer sa silhouette quand elle enfonce le gode tandis que sa copine titille le clito. Il y a une bonne complicité entre les deux. La plupart des scènes affiche une nudité complète de sorte que l'on peut contempler la divinité féminine de la tête aux pieds. Petit problème technique, mes crédits achetés ne s'affichent que sur le si...
This is a great card and the only DeskBabes card I've seen so far that features two native English speakers. Danielle Maye is very talkative and keeps up a good repertoire of sex talk that isn't repetitive. Tina Kay is more submissive, generally being on the receiving end of Danielle's dominance.Both women are very hot, though Danielle's big fake breasts with the huge scars underneath are definitely a distraction. Tina Kay, with her big natural breasts, however, is hard not to like. In one great...
I don´t understand so bad comments, it is not a worst card than others. And these two lovely girls appears more hot whti her bodies fully naked, they are so beauty...
First, way too short. Second, the lingerie came off too soon. Other than that - beautiful models.
Danielle Maye should get her old tits back her new fake ones look really bad
4.2 (359 votes)

Duo with Lilly White

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 491 MB

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User comments (10)

Shiver me timbers!
Beautifull couple with interesting difference in skin tone, and really nice hardcore action, playfull and intense. Note for fans of legs, heels and hose - both keep fishnet stockings nad nice high heel sandals throughout the show. Sweet.
very nice show , cute girls, shame about the drilling sound in the background its not to bad, 10/10
awesome to see two uk hotties on deskbabes
This show was definitely not what i expected from Tina it was much better and hotter. Two really happy girls having fun playing with each other with a lot of smiling an laughing. Tina taking the lead most of the time. And in the last clip she kneels on the taskbar ass to screen asking to be f*** hard. Never thought Tina could be that dirty. But still she is beautiful and with a smile on her face that is in one league with Lorena and Linda Godeva and a really cute sexy voice. Thats a 10 without a...
Tina Kay is the most beautiful woman ever :)
This is a holy card for two reason:1) Lilly White in lingerire makes me crazy.2) There is a wonderful TRIBBING. :))
Quel plaisir de retrouver Tina Kay, en charmante compagnie qui plus est :) Merci Totem et bravo aux filles.
J'ai un faible pour Tina, son coté British distingué à peau blanche, ses yeux expressifs et en même temps voir qu'elle est une petite salope, elle est le meilleur atout de ce duo, même si Lilly est mignonne, elle est ici un peu en retrait. Pas le meilleur show du site mais bien excitant quand même.
Tina and Lilly are very sexy girls, particularly Tiny Kay. She's one of my msot favourites. But there is a problem under the clips. I can't account for it whywhittling somebody under the actions. It's too bad. What a pity for this noise. Therefore my points: 9/10.
4.3 (729 votes)

Delightful girl

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 483 MB

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User comments (23)

J'adore cette petite anglaise, elle est absolument superbe, hyper sexy et je la regarde sans jamais me lasser encore et encore, divine.
Shes so sexy, i litterally just bought all her cards 10/10
j'aime ennormement les forme de cette fille et elle sait en jouer toujour un plaisir a regarder
Tina Kay a un beau corps et elle sait le mettre en valeur. Elle pourrait être plus sexe et se serait encore mieux
Tina is so HOT and a real delight to watch, go Tina !!!
she so sexy she is no dout is 10/10
OKAY this I do like her round BIG BOOBS, nice legs and a her smile her eyes say it all. The way she moves make it better. 10/10 for me.
Tina Kay As Delightful Girl > I do like the photoshoots, beutifully captured and which enlighted her excuisite beauty. As she has not yet join the bimbos & porno class withtheir outrageous implants, piercings, tattoos and explicite behaviours, she can embelish my widescreens anytime. For that and even if she still has to prove herself in her routine performances while she should be given more changes to do so; I do rectify my rating to 10 out of 10.
Perfect. Love the pink and black outfit, I think it looks amazing on Tina Kay. She knows how to tease and always has me coming back for more.
one hot "classy" redhead, sums up Tina K... I feel that VG & Deskbabes needs even more natural redheads, to spice things up, as that is how we roll [redheads that is] ;)
Her gorgeousness is certainly beyond any description skills. God was profoundly generous with her mother some 25 years ago. For me personally it doesn't matter what kind of stripper she is. She's not a stripper at all, she's just a goddess. She's not a pornstar and maybe that could be one of the reasons why a couple of her moves could be defined as erotically reserved to some people but there are a myriad of other things which compensate for everything in my loving blind eyes. :-)
Elegant & sexy! 10/10 for sure!
Tina Kay is currently my favorite girl... I can't put my finger on why exactly; she just has that... certain... special... something...No, don't worry; I'm not going to burst into song. But this is a really good show; the closeups have a slow, sensual groove that just drive me crazy. 10/10!
The truly delightful Tina Kay is back in some delightfully sexy pink and black underwear. My favourite outfit for her so far.The task-bar clips in this show are an absolute joy. Tina's eye contact was once again intermittent, but I actually found it more endearing than annoying here, and it was more than made up for by her wonderful fun personality and her great sense of viewer interaction. A very sexy and very entertaining set of clips, although the explicit ones lacked a little entertainment v...
I wasn't feelin it for Tina in the first couple of cards, mostly due to outfit selections. The last two cards especially, this one & the VIP one, are making me rethink my feelings for her. She really is a stunning beauty, with that girl next door appeal. She's got the cutest little rosy cheeks as well, and likes to smile a lot, which gets points in my book. I really like her! She's also got that seductive tease thing down, much like the little cutie Adrienn does. Great card, IMO!
J'adore cette fille et ce n'est pourtant pas une blonde ;-)
This card didn't blow me away, but I definitely liked it. The outfit and girl go together well and are both very cute. As previously stated, this card didn't blow my mind, but it was still very pleasant and I enjoy it.
Great card from Miss Tina! I love her body and spirit throughout! Her sexy little strut onto the stage may be the best of any girl on VG and is super hot!Only drawback is a technical one. One of her taskbar clips crashes the software every time it's played. Bummer :(9/10
very sexy lady would love to have her in bed
Beautiful woman. She looks sexy in this Bikini/bra & panties outfit.Has a few sexy walk on moves but, alas,doesn't work as honestly erotic for me.Her vivaciousness always seems forced to the aspect of being fake.Coupled with her staccato, un-flowing movement style her cards are a rare, difficult to watch experience for me.I think she is probably a really good still photo model but has trouble getting her moves into the realm of sensual erotic offering.She could really take some lessons from Davo...
Die Show ist OK, hab Sie aber nur weil sie im BusterPack dabei war. Sonst hätte Ich mir Ihre Show warscheinlich nie geholt.
This goes into three fingers of the card which failed in purchase. They are not the model itself and a dance. It is a problem of the exposure(Camera). The feel of a material is the most important problem for me. There is not feel of a material of the skin at all seems to be covered by stockings. Therefore the bottom of the nose shines, too. I seem to watch 3D animated cartoon. Excitement degree 4/10
Just not good performing, which is a shame, because she's a lovely looking woman.
4.3 (1154 votes)

West indies

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 59
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 391 MB
  • 1080p: 576 MB

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User comments (51)

Gorgeous woman!
Wow what an outfit!!!!! Gorgeous long long long long legs that go up to her scrumptious pussy.
my goodness, ms tina kay . . . you are one beautiful lady, but do you ever slow down . . . would love to embrace you, get a little slow smoochin'' goin' on, and cuddle every inch of your lovely self . . . dj
WOW she had some okay cards before but when she came out with this one she went all out and put her in a new light. This by far is one of the best cards out there she is so hot that she makes all the other girls look so so. she is now my fav. girl
un reel plaisir de la regarder se tremousser dommage que sur cette carte la tenue soit pas au top
tina kay is the best
this is a bathing suit more woman should wear great girl and great show buy british ;)
Tina is my favorite girl, she is truely perfection in it's purest form. Her face echo's desire, her breasts are just the right size, her vagina looks like a ripe peach ready to devour, her legs are pecfectly shaped and her calfs are too die for.
Me encanta su cara inocente en cuerpo de tentación!!! Gracias por la carta! 10 desde luego!
I think Tina is my favourite of the British contingent. Her rosy complexion, childlike smile and the way she works the camera with her eyes are a delight. Her perfectly proportioned body looks amazing in a sling bikini, only to be sursassed when we see, in all her naked splendour, what's missing: Implants, tattoos, piercing, pubic hair and shoes. Rule Britannia!
True true her dance moves are a bit goofy but damn what a girl.
Nous avons avec Tina Kay, une superbe britannique. Cette brune séduisante porte un maillot de bain, ultra-sexy, qui met parfaitement en valeur ses courbe, ainsi que sa généreuse poitrine. C'est un plaisir de la voir se caresser. Elle bouge avec des mouvement sublimes. Sa peau au teint clair, avec de légères nuances roses, est sans aucun doute d'une grande douceur et un rêve à caresser. Elle joue de barre de strip de manière suggestivement séduisante. C'est très agréable de regarder son mont de v...
Amazing girl. 10/10
Beautiful breasts, perfect peach, fantastic feet, and a "girl next door" look that's hard to beat...Tina is one very hot little vixen.
Great show!
This by far Tina's best performance & the outfit or lack of, was great--her dancing and smile really win you over... thank you Tina
An amazing card, she has the most amazing body I've ever seen and with that yellow suit it's even better. Her dance in this card is pretty sexy.
I really loved seeing Tina in this outfit. It showed off her big natural tits as well as her tight and firm ass. Her moves were pretty standard but still energetic. I just wish there were more explicit shots.
omg ...
heißer Badeanzug. bitte zeigt mehr von dießen Outfits! (ich liebe solche Sachen)
Super sexy! Klasse Figur und super Show. 10 Punkte
I love this outfit, She is all natural girl. BIG BOOBS nice ass, and legs. She is all 10/10. So get her cards. She is HOT HOT.
British model is one of the latest in my collection. She has a dynamic performance. Shown sympathetic, has two snails as two suns... Right now I'm drooling... Highly recommended!
I am not usually a fan, but this outfit fits her so perfectly. Very sexy and moves well.
Delicious; just delicious :-) Thanks for a great show!
Lovely girl & real nice show too. Thankyou
Tina is really hot with a capital H. This is her best outfit, I think it's the best I have seen yet, (if onlt it weren'tyellow lol) the way she plays with you and the way she moves drove me crazy so much I could barely control myself. Very nice personality and smile and not overdone, that's the way a VG girl should be.
Thanks for the fix Starryk. Great Card
Empezando bien el 2011 con West Indies como la VIP Card de este mes. Tina Kay, una de mis consentidas.
WONDERFUL!!! (girl and outfit)
Je pense que cette carte de Tina Kay sera la meilleure de la série :) Parce que sa petite tenue jaune est originale et sexy :)
Incredible!10/10, the best of her!
she's a really cute porn star that does triple penetration... but she really is sweet. And naughty ;-)
Tina Kay has an adorable face and a Excellent body for her petite frame. Wonderful Legs and breast are really the joy of the show and are enhanced by her skimpy outfit. She gets a little to fast paced in her standing routine for me. I thought with this look she should have stayed reserved like her taskbar clips. Still a great show and top VIP card in my book.
J'aime cette fille, j'aime son visage, j'aime son corps, elle est de plus très sensuelle, un seul bémol, les clips explicites ou intégraux sont trop peu nombreux ici, surtout pour un VIP.
Pros - On-point physique, super-high energy, lots of sass, knows how to work her bodyCons - Not very explicit, borderline teaseThis girl is a hot tamale. She seems to be used to working with sex appeal. Fair warning though; she does not get down to any real hot action at all. Still, the way she wiggles and prances herself around, you can't help but like how she works that body. 9 out of 10.
Tina Kay is a very hot, very talented English desktop dancer. She has a beautiful look, big natural breasts, and a body that would turn anyone's head, every time.This card is worthy of the VIP title because it's a great one to get. The outfit is a little quirky, but Tina makes great use of it as she dances and does her striptease around its skimpy non-existence.The only flaw in her routine is with the card itself, which only has two explicit scenes and is otherwise just pretty standard stuff as...
Not my favourite colour of outfit in this one, but the costume is skimpy enough that it isn't too bad for the eyes and Tina looks stunningly sexy in it.On the task-bar Tina was energetic, full of fun and very entertaining, with a good sense of viewer interaction and very sexy and seductive with it. The downside is that she had a real problem maintaining eye contact, however, which was so intermittent that it became very distracting.Tina's pole routine was mostly up-tempo and fun, although she se...
I watched her on Taskbar clips yesterday to check for problems. This show is a must have for Foot Lovers who happen to be VIPs too. Tina is a hot woman with just perfect tits. Her show is very dynamic but what I miss is eye contact. yes she looks at the cam often but every time only for a second. More like a blink instead of a look. This way I can't really 'connect' to her performance (and scratch all dirty thoughts folks;-)) So a great outfit and a hot looking woman with a great body for sure b...
gold outfit, hooray!!! barefoot, hooray!!! great assplay, hooray!!! definitly the best vip card and just as hot as her deskbabes card!!!
good card the skimpy outfit makes it for me
Well, this girl has a nice classy and elegant body, and is very nice se the show with the 1080p resolution, but two things I do not like, the outfit, is not the best one, and the way she dance in some clips, to much frenetic and a bit ridiculous, with all respect. This are only my opinion ;-)
Wow, great outftit and body and face! Show is very nice and video quality is good too.
Tina is a beautiful girl, and she gives us a great show, but this yellow outfit does nothing for her light skin tone.
Tina is a very lovely woman & this suit is hot on her.Her StripperBabe persona is "vivacious cutie wiggler" with a high focus on playful, with a spontaneous,erratic, movement style.I think this is her best card so far.She has a nice ass wiggle and I like the whole red skin glow after she sits on her ass. I can see why so many of you like her a lot, she's got the eye catching cutie action that lookee-lookers seem to dig!No X clips,she does get closer to erotic sexy in her explicits but these lose...
one clip from this show crashes my vghd
Seriously? I thought good cards were VIP...
I have 3 of her cards and she is a sexy looking women,but IMO I don't like any of her cards so far because of her goofy looking dance moves it's just a turn off to me
It's a cute skimpy bathing suit, but there are only four clips where she takes it off, and exactly zero clips that start with it off. This is a poor way to treat your VIPs.
5 for the outfit.
4.3 (808 votes)


  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 77
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 437 MB

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User comments (25)

Bonus Videos don't display properly in Windows 10. Totwm needs to fix this problem or provide a legacy app that will present the bonus videos.
A pure beauty! The most beautiful show of Tina. Love her!
It's her whole presentation. I'm normally not a fan of a larger breasted woman, but this seems to fit her. Love her facial expressions and the way she dances. She is a very attractive woman. Plus I love the outfit. Like the fact she keeps her glasses on. Have to admit I love it when she puts the pole between her breasts.
Tina Kay is my all time favorite dream girl, she has everything a man could a body of a goddess and a face to match. She dances wonderfully I love her perfectly shaped legs, I can't say enough about this beautiful girl. There's alot of stuff I like to say but can't.
Love the glasses, cleavage, cheeky grin, out fit, swelling of the pussy lips. There's nothing like a woman who's lost all control and isn't afraid to show it.
Tina Kay on Payday is 30 minutes of one very naughty secretary. I'd work in an office with a stripper pole and a dress code that allows a dress to be this tight and short. It is a good show for upskirt shots. The outfit is perfect, and the glasses (which stay on) and up-do hair are the crown jewels.Tina Kay is a curvy, pale-skinned provocotive beauty with a cute smile, medium-large pillowy breasts, a smooth cleft of venus, and a plump butt. She really hams-up the secretary bit to perfect effect....
like to see more in this vein perhaps as a cop or nurse with a bit more hair on the landing pad
Tina is my favourite VirtuaGirl! she is so hot, and wearing glasses she is even hotter!! also the outfit is pretty sexy!!
trés attirante le look sage ne va pas sans une certaine provocation,le corps de Tina est parfait....une assistante de ce calibre,c'est tout ce que je demande!
beaucoup de charme, physique agréable, une coquine très active et excitante.
Perfection ;-)
This is a great outfit for Tina and she looks fantastic in glasses and very sexy in the dress.On the task-bar she played the office fantasy theme to perfection. Using various props, then noticing she was being watched and ramping up the eroticism in a wonderfully interactive and seductive series of performances. Near faultless for sex appeal and entertainment value.In the pole clips Tina's performance was highly erotic, dynamic and stylish. Although she didn't do anything spectacular, she used t...
BTW she gets me a 10 for shure :P this is the best card i have now
Oh, God, she is perfect! I definitely want more!
I love her! I had my doubts, based on comments on previous cards, but I am so glad I bought this one; I have to check the others out now.I can see why people remarked on the lack of eye contact, and the awkward dancing, but something about this woman just sets me on fire. The librarian glasses are a nice touch, for sure, but her pale, busty body and girl-next-door face are irresistable.10 out of 10. More, more, more!
definitely, she is a goddess I love this girl...
Lovely girl, awesome body. Great concept, cute hair and really nice to see a girl dancing naked in librarian glasses. Hot. Shaved tag is correct for once, although I desperately wish it meant trimmed this time.
Absolument craquante ! La secrétaire que tout le monde rêve d'avoir :) Merci Tina, tu es un amour.
Tina just grows on you little by little.High energy,very pretty and sexy.This makes a nice Christmas present to me.
Tina Kay >> I'm delighted with Tina's Payday Photoshoots; this shows that the girls don't have to have porno tendencies to be phototgraphed in nice erotic & provocative ways. If she keeps up with her natural look she will further herself into the Top Ten VGHD Girls. For a starter my rating is 9 out of 10.
More, more good in her previous card, Graceful Lady; really more graceful than here ...
Folks, i really wonder what and how you rate. She dont now how to move, no styled hair, what the hell is mor than 5 or less ? red knees red head nothing positive except the glases never ever a 9 or 10 sorry
Tina est très charmante. Elle a un corps parfait et ne cache rien de son intimité. Elle pourrait cependant faire plus hard notamment un peu d'anal comme on le voit quelques fois ailleurs. Ceci étant dit, je viens d'acquérir cette nouvelle carte car j'adore son minou.
Not a fan of her performance, but, probably her best show.
4.1 (665 votes)

Quiet sea

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 83
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 432 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (28)

belle petite anglaise, elle a ennormement de charme peut etre va t'elle acceder a mon top 3, y a des chance je met un 10/10
I love her sweetness and her sexy outfit! Keep 'em cumming!
anther British beauty and another fantastic stripteases for Tina and once again I think I'm in love just fantastic well done once again.
very chest and leg i love my shiver kiss
Not the best outfit, but one of my favorites.
10/10 i want more cards of this girl. She so cute in her video interview.
Adorant en autres les rousses Tina est pétillante est doit être une véritable coquine avec un visage trognon et un minou qui me fait penser à un abricot bien mur qui me rassasierait amplement.
Favorite girl on here. Gotta love her contagious smile!
There's nothing quiet about Tina, this gal rocks!!!!!!
Magnifique , une vrai beauté pas plastifier des danses avec une belle énergie puis tout sa avec un jolie sourire bref Tina a tout pour plaire.
Tina is a must have!
Omg What A Performance, Great!! Super Cute And Sexy, Great Long Explicit Scenes I Could Watch You For Hours Hope To See More From You 10/10 Ofcours Good Job Tina
Belle performance ! Personnellement, j'adore sa tenue, je la trouve très sexy habillée comme sa. Je recommande cette carte à tous .
En plus d'être belle, Tina est adorable (visionnez son interview et vous comprendrez). Ce clip est très sexy et Tina nous montre toute l'étendue de son talent, elle est irrésistible.
She is hot! Great job and performance!
10 è troppo poco per questa meraviglia !
I got this card by accident, I must have clicked buy this show, and something happened and I didn't get asked to confirm. However, it was serendipity, she is seriously quite nice, well cuddly. Yes think I'll get one for Christmas.
Tina a un gros potentiel, elle peut faire un peu plus encore mais elle est vraiment mignonne dans son petit costume marin.
Tina Kay On Quiete Sea >> At my second glance at her show & photoshoots, I have to say that she is so energetic & seductive that she can easily induce and persuade any he-men into enticement or even allure them into submission. Some women can looked awfully repulsive with a full-shaved exposed & stretch pussy, but not Tina as her well-preserved body-skin has a tender-touch feeling which looks so great and pleasant to just look at. I can have her on my widescreen as a wallpaper and/or slideshow a...
A delight from head to toe, this one. I love her facial expressions. Perfect breasts, divinely sculpted and way suckable. And that sweet ass is nothing to sneeze at. The photos alone are worth the price of admission.Did I mention those tits are amazing? :)Okay, so the sailor outfit isn't the greatest. You could dress Tina in a deep sea diver suit and she'd still be a hottie. And diving is something I'd love to do with her...the dry land kind of diving, if you know what I mean. Love that pussy. T...
I been tellin people for the longest, that the 2 places to find beautiful women are England, and Brazil, case in point. This card is hotter than any other I have, great eye contact, playful dancing, and a smoking floor show. This lady can work a strip pole to arouse the viewer, the way a puppeteer does, with their puppets. IDK what anyone says, Sailor outfits are ALWAYS sexy, and cute, they make the girls seem younger than they really are. When I see a girl in a sailor dress, I only see an 18 Y/...
I've never been keen on sailor outfits in VG shows, which I think have only been really effective for comedy value. That said, Tina does look pretty in this pink one.Her performance on the task-bar was charming, fun, interactive, seductive and very sexy. Although certainly not comedic, it was one of those performances that left me with a big smile on my face. A real pleasure to watch.In the pole clips Tina's routine was dynamic, entertaining and great fun. Although she didn't do anything spectac...
... wäre sie nicht so hektisch, dann wäre sie sehr gut :-(Sie sieht wirklich klasse aus, das Outfit ist nett, wenn auch nicht überwältigend, aber die Unruhe in ihrem Vortrag ist nicht sehr angenehm ... zu schnelle Bewegungen ... naja, wer's mag ...Aber immerhin ein hübsches Gesicht, gelegentlich ein sehr erotisches Posing, alles in allem doch sehenswert ;-)
Yes, I have noticed too, that prictures resolution is much better. That's real bonus.
Has no one noticed that clips 66302 and 66303 are duplicates of each other? This show is already way too short, so I feel a little cheated by this.
sa note me parait enorme , son show est nul , elle ne prend pas plus de plaisirs a caresser son bras que son entre jambe , pour le moment je regrette mon achat .
Tina comes off lookin' sexy-energetic and creative in this card. She uses her quirky movement style well & cutie-sexy in her stripper persona as a Dancy_Girly_Sweetie! Love her clothed panty-flashin' bend-overs & Kewpie-Cutie smile...THEN THE ANIMS WENT ALLFREAKIN' GLITCHY, SCREWIN' UP MY FLOW, AND I HAD TO DELETE HER TO SAVE MY OTHER GIRLS>>>>>>!...:(
Please never bring her back. Awful in every show.
4.4 (951 votes)

Graceful lady

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 558 MB
  • 1080p: 711 MB

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User comments (30)

This is a gorgeous model. She's more than a 10
Tina est toujours parfaite et divinement sexy.
In my Opinion one of the 24 best and most valueable Sets on VGHD so far even until End 2013. Tina Kay performs here also really STRONG Erotical and looks here cheeky good ! In Addition the Outfit of this Set is a REAL - TRUE Erotic Fetish-Lingerie Outfit and together with the First Subject (the overall Erotic) this is a Great Card - that features also many different Clips as well. This Show is an absolute Keeper especially for real Fetisherotic Fans.
Perfect "puppies", perfect "peach", beautiful breasts, and fantastic feet. What more could I ask for? Tina is fast becoming a favourite of mine.
Shit, I love her pink twat...I dont have her teacher striptease yet but i seen it in the demo and i was like damn..let me be ur personal student. if she was my high school teacher back when i was in highschool she would be in prison right now while i am taking care of our kid..lol..shit fuck damn..she gotta tight ass body.. :O
WOW I love this card the other card is good but I like this outfit on her.
When I bought my first Tina Kay card (Payday), I thought I was just taking a chance and expected an automatic delete after my first view. Was I ever wrong.Tina Kay has some undefinable quality that I can't put my finger on, but she has rapidly become my favorite. I like bigger boobs, but it doesn't matter; she is just... sooooo... sexy. She's soft and firm in all the right places, flirtatious, probably not as explicit as I'd like, but... It doesn't matter! I am in love with this woman, so hands...
Very nice and playful girl she my favorite 10+ more of her
She's a very beauty, very sexy girl with perfect smile, perfect boobs, perfect pussy and perfect ass.
What a saucy, sassy little Brit! ;) I love this card, and not just because she takes off her stockings, but because of her energy, enthusiasm, and a great pair of breasts :)
wow great new addition from England-----sexy sassy look to her- great ass and legs- she is a keeper guys
Great performance!
Tina Kay is just heart meltingly gorgeous. Utterly beautiful, but with a cheeky glint in her eye. Her début VG outfit of skimpy underwear with stockings and suspenders really couldn't be much sexier.On the task-bar Tina was quite active, sexy and expressive, but lacking in viewer interaction and seduction. Her eye contact wasn't very good. A pity since she gave some of the sexiest looks I've seen on VG. In the clips where she came up from behind the task-bar she performed with more energy and fu...
Ual vc realmente me suroriendeu ,nao tinha ainda ate hoje parado para ver voce.... ual linda sexy belo corpo peito toda gostosa ,nao me veja so como mais um , voce realmente me surpriendeu nota merecida..... ate nete momento "melisa card586" era minha rpeferida agora voce , otimo card Graceful Lady
Beautiful girl, but she is moving a bit too fast here for my taste. Fine in the club, but a bit distracting on the desktop.
Tina's not really my type, but this card attracted me, not bad but not great. Nice pink pussy!
Tina is a great model, gorgeous assets, but her dancing leaves a little to be desired in my opinion. Also, I really was not at all digging the panties. For some reason the see-thru back just wasn't revealing the right curves I guess. Otherwise, a very solid card.
Tina from Birmingham, UK? I doubt it!Tina, you came across really well in your interview, as a charming fashion model. Your posing skill doubtless improved Stanzflasher's photoset! But the whole card wasn't very sexy for me.We are talking desktop porn, here. Your fans want you to convey sexuality to them, through eye contact, etc..You seem anxious and to lack confidence, as if somebody is putting you down all the time. So, you rushed your movements and concentrated on technicalities, rather than...
Tina Kay is one of the hottest new VirtuaGirls to be seen on VirtuaGirlHD. She has a beautiful skin tone, face, and all-natural body. Her desktop dancer skills could use some work, but her attitude is great and her sexiness is hard to beat.
She definitely deserves at least a 9 (amazing body, legs, boobs, face, etc) and the lingerie could have moved her to a 9.5 but the TERRIBLE and sometime awkward dance and lack of solid eye/camera contact moved this card down to an 8. The card is definitely a keeper and I love the enthusiasm in her smile but...
great barefoot and assplay. she has pale skin, blue eyes and dark hair, natural full breasts with PINK nipples, not dark red or brown! for my tastes, tina kay is perfect and what i love the best in looks.
Tina is adept at presenting different looks, but this one I wish she hadn't made. A while back, I knew a woman of similar appearance and build who had divorced but not dated. We had a few similar interests, and chummed around in a mature, platonic way. One day, she asked me about friends with benefits, which she knew I had done in the past. She and I tried it, but it quickly felt instead like married without benefits. Tina is performing the same way - there doesn't seem to be much passion behind...
Tina is very lovely, looks like a Euro High class lady,has a sexy body, shows the requisite amount of kitty/pucker, looks friendly & seems a nice person, but just doesn't erotically arouse or interest me much. I know! I'm shocked too! Something about the insincerity of her bath interview when I bought her DB's card, & her awkward, non rhythmic movement just makes it hard for me to FantaSex with her!(I'm thinking ..Fantasies 'bout gettin' it on with a Euro Princess gone slutty? But no, can't cran...
Really attractive lady: great body and a lovely smile which we rarely get to see.I think Tina completely nails the 'strip club experience'. Unfortunately that means she looks totally bored for most of the show making the same moves time after time. It's as though she's left her body on autopilot while her mind gets on with more important things. Just like many strippers in the real world in fact.Net result is a distinctly ordinary show from such a beautiful babe.
Nice body and all BUT was it necessary to entitle this "Graceful Lady"? I've no idea what her body is doing, in fact, it troubles me to the core somehow. She's giving me that uncanny valley feel even though she's a natural human- so why is it that she moves like an NPC with piss poor mocap?
Yeah, lets bookmark a review for a worthless card and girl to try and make sales. Spacephantom is a moron and gives ridiculous reviews just like yours. Save your money.
She scores highly for looks, body and outfit, but, sadly, she's just awful. I haven't liked any of her shows at all.
Great body but awfull show as always, some tpe love dolls are more expressive than this girl...
4.4 (855 votes)


  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 45
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 517 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (32)

ein absolut süsses girl, sie sieht sogar angezogen in dem outfit schon so sexy aus,sie hat auch eine sexy stimme,sowas wünscht man sich als betthäschen,unbedingt ansehen
cette fille m'excite a chaqu'un de ses show ses deux gros melon et son petit abricot legerement humide me font perdre mes moyens j'ai qu'une envie c'est d'etre a la place de ses main et ma langue a celle de son doigt j'arrette elle m'excite de tropun gros 10/10
This is a slow card... But you slowly find yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with Tina... She is Flawless an the stockings contrast well with her skin.. She is such a delight to watch.. This card is a MUST if you like the more sensual women on DB...
How can anyone not love Tina Kay? This hot British desktop stripper is a combination of a perfect body, beautiful look, and very sexually-charged demeanor. She is that strange amalgamation of a "slutty tart" and "housewife next door" that only seems to come from the Isle.In this card, she does great striptease, a lot of self-play, and in many scenes carries on a teasing conversation with you as she does her sexy thing. She very obviously enjoys herself and with her milky skin and beautiful big n...
Just perfect... beautifull girl, great smile and interaction. Clips could have been longer, but any clip where you get such a wonderfull pussy spread eagled in fishnet stockigns nad high heeled sandals deserves a 10.
At last a British girl and from brom, well done Tina a fantastic show and thanx Totem. Its a definate 10/10 from me.
oh my! i like this one!
Ah - a beautiful young English girl - "and did those feet in ancient times..."
Absolutely great. I love her slim body, she's a sexy woman. Thank you and the Totem crew.
I had to think long and hard on what to rate this show, for DB's it's rather tame but it's really hard to argue with Tina's beauty wrapped up in that outfit. If it were almost anyone else I would have rated the show a 7 or 8.
She has ,by far, the most predominant labium majora out of any of the girls. Bravo, a wonderful girl.
Pas de jouet dans ce show, finalement assez sage, mais j'ai un faible pour cette fille, elle est tellement sensuelle et a un tel regard que je donne 10 quand même.
HELL YES!, one of best bodies and beautiful lady in here :D great show!
Wonderful fun. I like how she broke out laughing at one point. She is very seductive and beautiful.BTW this is my 1st comment at DB, and my 1st @VG (+ Co.) in a long time, because I just must say pardon my French: Of all the gorgeous girls in all the world here for me she has the most perfect pussy. She knows it, and displays and plays it well here, too. Respect.
I totally lost for words and I'm begging for more!
Tina Kay est adorable sur VGHD et elle est tout aussi adorable ici :-)
Beautiful....simply beautiful......yum.....
I love her body man such a bad ass red head :)
would be nice to see her in more lingerie - perhaps oriental?
Very nice and playful girl she my favorite 10+ more of her
STREPITOSA ! una delle migliori, TORNA PRESTO !!
Wow... best card I've seen EVER
Lovely woman. Great show. More please!!! Tina come back soon.
this is the nice, sensual side of her, believe me. I've seen her porn. She gets really, really nasty xD Also her accent is more eastern european in origin, even if she currently resides in the UK. Her look is timeless and she has amazing eyes, among other amazing assets lol. Love this card.
One of my favorites. Her poise and ability to move so slowly and smoothly while maintaining her balance and control is very sexy. She very smoothly makes the transition from one scene to another is tremendous she is smooth. Talk about HOT! It's as though she is performing just for me. She is so sexy that I don't think I'll ever make to the end of her show before my satisfaction is complete.
No fingering, no dildo :-(
Ganz hübsch, aber nicht wirklich mein Geschmack. 8/10
lotsa great assplay, fingerplay. she talks with the sexiest accent alot, not just in intros. great body, personality. dildo stuff is missing and no true insertion of fingers in her pussy is why some believe this should only be a vg show, but i look forward to her other cards!
She's lovely...Show not so much...Too erratic & not Erotically honest or intense enough for me....A rare delete!
She's better if you turn off the sounds. When she talks dirty she sounds too immature.

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