Tarra White

  • City: Ostrava
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 21 y.o.
  • Height: 5.61 ft.
  • Weight: 117 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 37" / 25.8" / 35"

While most viewers focus on her big tits and beautiful body, hardcore fans of Tarra White are more likely to notice she has amazing eyes. Tarra is a very successful stage dancer because she has the rare ability to make you feel she’s always looking right at you as if you are alone together sharing the moment.

Number of shows: 10

Tarra White's shows

4.1 (1554 votes)

Full desire

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 394 MB

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User comments (50)

I fully desire more Tarra!
Intense, taunting, locked in eye contact -- even when Tarra is bent over, legs spread, ass spread even wider, and totally nude!
Super Show, wie Tarra Ihre Hüften ein setzt ist sehr Erotisch.
Sehr schön, ein Körper zum vernaschen, Brüste zum verlieben, und ein Gesicht Vielen Dank, dass Du uns Deinen perfekten Körper zeigst.
Perfect. Best ever
This girl rocks my world her eyes & eye contact is amazing & the way that thong wraps round that booty is 2 die 4.....what an ass!
Lovely tits and pussy, shame about the shoes, they're like something my nan would wear. Get a grip Virtuagirl.
Je la trouve très sexy, c'est une de mes favorite.
What a goddess ! This woman reaches perfection from her face to her ass. She's like a cat, majestic, hypnotizing, knows how to move, how to look, how to tease...I you like cats you'll love her. Get her on deskbabes please
priceless card it's the best i've seen so far
Absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't wait for those big, beautiful tits to pop out and when they do, her expression is priceless!Great dancing, teasing and sexy beyond belief! Going to get all of her cards for sure!
A lovely Woman, a truly erotic
this lady is beautiful and very hot,incredible looks and wicked playful sexy eyes she could play on my desktop all day.wicked
Tarra White is one of those girls who brings something distinctly different to every performance, so you never quite know what to expect from one of her shows. What you can always expect from Tarra, however, is to be entertained, tantalized, seduced and ultimately satisfied by one of the best performers on vghd.In this show, Tarra is at her sexiest and most seductive. "Full Desire" in fact is a very appropriate title. In her other shows, we've seen various aspects of her performance style, but i...
Absolutely gorgeous!!
Tara White is the high water mark of a exotic dancer! She make you feel like its just you and still manages to just have fun and stays loose while she does it! While I wish her hair was down and loose (my perefence) she makes it work on me anyways. 10/10
Just love watching her dance for me.
This girl is really a wonderful site and definitely my favourite. She's perfect, my ideal of girl.
A very good performance! Can I call you my wiggle but? 10
As I sit here dpwnloading yet another girl (Tarra) I again wonder if I'll ever get to meet any of them??? Tarra, you do fill us with desire. Thankyou sweetie
Big boobed porn star!!
I have to watch the show one more time ...
She`s so beauty. Her body is almost perfect. Her moves & smiles are correctly but... it seems to be invented. Be more natural, please !
I do like her. She has a good figure which shows up nicely in her black cocktail dress
She's not my favorite pornstar, but this is one hell of an outfit. All thongs should be cut that way in the back ... and in the front for that matter. Again the shaved tag is wrong. A rather wide landing strip instead!
Tarra is a natural performer. It all seems to come so naturally to her. Being smoking hot helps as well :).
Some of the comments put me off but I had to buy this one to see for myself.Do I regret it...?....Not a chance...!!!This is a 9/10 hotness if not a tad to goofy.One of my favs
The show and Tarra grows on you over time. Would suggest graceful smooth movements is needed. The eye contact is awesume.
Tarra is a really breathtaking woman! Her body is nearly perfect. Nice show. Love it.
Don't like the tattoos. Love the lupine expression.
Well, is someting here thath not convinced me, I mean, the girl is nice withouth any doubt, even if she has fake boobs, but personally I don't like to much this outfit. In overall, this is a girl thath you must have, she is very horny, but maybe the other cards of her are better of this, for my opinion !!!
Tarra White With Full desire >> When viewing her video on widescreen her skin pigmentation shows some sort of skin disorder; and her boobs as if she had them done with vacuum techniques which were promoted for breast enlargement as long ago as 1870; which of course went wrong. And for her tattoos; she must had told herself that these days in this world everything we touch is "MADE IN CHINA" so why not make myself more "MADE IN CHINA" by having those chinese tattoos. For this brainless bimbo I go...
This card is near perfect, her stryle, grace, charisma, sexiness, confidence, and rhythm are all fantastic. She stares into your soul, with her eyes, and her body movements mesmerize the sences. Her outfit is the perfect mixture of cool, and hot even her hair is gorgeous. Only one thing wrong, lack of natural breasts. 2 points off, for missing boobies...
I just want to hold those breast and never let go.
I didn't like her hair in this card but I don't care. Tarra is gorgeous and she is having great time on my desktop :)8/10 Recommended for ppl who like funny and explicit girls ;)
This is another card from the beautiful and very hot Tarra White. Personally I think she's matured into the DeskBabes / VirtuaGirl role and most of these earlier cards are over rated by viewers who rate purely on looks and not talent. Although Tarra shows a lot of talent in these early cards, it's in fits and starts rather than as one smooth performance.This card features an outfit that is great, but nothing special. Many of the scenes are very short with one or two pole dancing scenes showing o...
I prefer natural girls, so with those fake boobs and tatoos this is not a girl for me. I wonder why I even bought this card?
Not really my card -- breasts a little too pneumatic, eyes a little too made up, moves a little too herky-jerky. Tarra is fine, but there are many girls I like far better on the site...
Don't know what it is about this performer, I think it's the eyes. If she's had a boob job it's a good one, great body, great mover. lovely.
Qualité Vidéo acceptable. Un effort sur la réalisation, SVP
I am not usually a fan of her, but, she's great in this show. Stunning.
Aussi excitante dans son clip que dans ces videos ,un regal!!!
Tarra est vraiment à tomber dans ce show ! J'adore !
pas mal , pour un ticket sa le vaux... mais peu explicite , au moment ou sa le devien elle s'efface... dommage ...9/10 car c a la limite du doigt , la prochaine foi n'éffacer pas le clip qd sa commence a devenir chaud , sinn nice girl , sexy and beauty , amateur de bon nichon vrai acheter , sinn...
Tarra est très jolie dans cette petite robe noire. Elle est magnifique et nous offre un bon show.
Belle plante typiquement slave...
4.3 (419 votes)

Duo with Elisa

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 386 MB

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User comments (20)

Alpha Female (Elisa) made a great match with a Dominant Alpha Female (Tarra)!
Girls: 8,5 Show: 10 Explicit: 10 Overall grade:9,5Note: One of the rare instance when two normal looking girls can make such a fantastic show. These girls are pure fun! Plenty of explicit and anal too...
Hands down my favorite. These two are not only into each other, they get "play-rough" at times, talk to each other all the way through, and are so much more playful and silly - while still being sexual - than any other card I have. The most entertaining Deskbabe card out of the hundreds I've browsed.
Deskbabes needs more of this. These girls are clearly enjoying what they do, and I enjoy them doing it. The amount of fun they have alone is worth the purchase.
This card is an absolute hoot, I love Tara and she has such a wicked sense of humour, the interaction is great and they obviousley enjoy giving each othert pleasure. Everyone should have this card it is brilliant.
I rarely leave comments. But these two, wow. Hope they get paired up again.
Two of the best personalities in DB, together at last. They genuinely appear to be having a lot of fun with each other. Even without the hardcore action, this would be a top rate show, just for the interaction between these two girls.
Excellent show entre deux grosses cochonnes, beaucoup de fessées, de complicité, d'humour, ambiance très agréable et néanmoins grosse excitation avec en prime un bel orgasme pour Tarra, vraiment très bien.
Sexy, funny and cool show with two sensational girls. They are very good each other. I would seen another show with this duo (or trio with Ally Style) My vote 10 points.
girls are great, show is great and fun but also the show and some of the clips are too short.
Love them both. Great, hard ANAL dildoing!
Very Good, Both of these girls are worth having in your collection.
Oh, Elisa..., are there any cards that you're not spectacular in? this is a perfect duo is. Funny and sexy, it does not disappoint. Well worth the tickets
while downloading, you should watch the bonus Video... This is sooo funny... They got a "bubble- problem" and Tarras Tittis expload^^ (not in real). I love those crazy girls.
great card, I love Tarra .... very hot girl
This is another hilarious, fun, sexy performance from Tarra White with another Desk Babes newcomer, Elisa. To be honest, just seeing Elisa on her own on a card cover, I would probably never download it as she isn't my type (in terms of looks) at all. She's pretty and has a hot body, but she doesn't have the look I prefer in women. That said, she was teamed with Tarra White and I learned something: even in desktop dancing, looks aren't everything.Elisa is very energetic, funny, obviously loves se...
I bought this card for Elisa (and let me say that her outfit is absolutely amazing), and once again I'm not disappointed. Funny, dirty and sexy as hell ! Tarra White is not very pretty but she plays Elisa's game and that's all I was asking for. I miss Elisa, she's one of the best entertainers on DB!
im a fan of tarra. i love the way they play around with each other. its a great card worth getting. just wish it wasnt so short.
schade... wäre eine gute show geworden... nur das fingern ist ein fake... aber das ist ja nichts neues hier... wird je nur alles gespielt vor allem die unechten orgasm...
Wow the playful banter between these two is fantastic! Elisa's body is super hot and she has such an amazing smile. Wonderful show!
4.0 (329 votes)

Duo with Ally Style

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 436 MB

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User comments (14)

This card is great! it's cool to see two girls having fun with their job, Tarra White is as gorgeous as ever and her tits look perfect. I've never seen Ally Style before but she has a cute face and a nice body too with great tits (Not as great as Tarra's though)
great dirty anal show !!
A very sexy and dynamic duo, GREAT SHOW!!!!!
This show is the most fun you can have watching two women not only get it on with one another, but have a hilarious time doing it. Tarra White is extremely funny with her dialogue and you can see that she and Ally Style get along very well together.The show is in sequence, as was Tarra White's solo performance on DeskBabes. Each scene continues from the last with a mixture of sensual lesbian play and downright foolishness as the girls make jokes and alternate between laughter and orgasms.You wil...
great show, these two make a good pair, hope they do more shows together
10/10 Mdr !!! Phantastische,du porno allemand ? Tara White alcoolisée faisant le clown et déblatérant à tout va, Ally style faisant mine de rien, tara crachant, cunni hard bruyant et anal,Cela change après plus de 100 cartes, les nouveautés sont bienvenues comme Elisa et son nounours.A quand les bunny, panthère, vampire, bataille de polochon hardsex ou catch pour varier ? 10/10 Lol!!! Phantastische, of the German porn? Alcoholized Tara White making the clown and badmouthing in everything goes, A...
oh man all german users GET THAT SHOW. Tarra is pretending she is Heidi aus Oestereich:-) she is speaking german in the first 2 clips. Absolutely the biggest fun since the fuckerbear. I really laughed my ass off.
when I found this card I knew I had to stay up all night to get it before the rush. That fiery red-head and the cute lil Ally, that was a card I had to have
Deux filles très chaudes et très complices, parlent beaucoup au début, un peu fofolles, mais ce n'est pas grave, par contre elle ne sont jamais totalement nues, çà c'est dommage.
Nice duo to have.
Bon Habituellement j'aime bien Tarra White, mais là elle a dû abuser de la vodka, elle fait que de parler et puis elle tombe de la scène. Autant les photos sont bonnes, le show quant a lui laisse a désirer. Desk Babes nous a encore fait un montage de merde ,21 scènes avec la moitier à décocher car soit ça dure 1mn avec trop de blabla et sans action, soit quand il y a de l'action elle se coupe juste quand celà devient intéressant et là elle ne dure à peine 15 secondes. Et oû est le pouf ou le god...
Very, VERY disappointed in this card. Starting out with only 11 clips, I thought they would make this 3 credit card well worth the money. I was sadly mistaken. Tarra turns the whole show into a freaking clown act, and wtf happened to her boobs??? She went from fake but drop dead gorgeous in Luxury Hotel from VG, an here her boobs are large but not in a good way, more like a saggy cows.. an she appears to have gained quite a bit of weight but you can never tell cause neither of the girls clothes...
Boring, I wish there was a way to get a refund. There is absolutly noting on here to brag about. out of a 10 i gve it a ZZZZZZZZZZZ
great duo and great outfits especially the shoes , big tits and the playing
4.0 (342 votes)

Duo with Susan Snow

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 94
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 453 MB

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User comments (14)

Susan Snow et Tarra White sont splendides, séduisantes et très souriantes. Leurs culs sont divins, un show agréable à regarder. Merci à vous. M.M.
These two lovely ladies do a wonderfull duo. Both ladies are just awesome.
Unbelieveble horny!
Tarra n'est pas la plus jolie, mais c'est une vraie cochonne et sa copine ici ne s'en laisse pas compter, au final un show très stimulant avec pas mal de doigté anal.
2 anal loving girls. Hmmm!
Tarra est vraiment magnifique ... Son duo avec Susan est très chaud !
I had to give this card only 9 due to the fake anal fingering. Dip those fingers into the pucker for real and I'll give a 10.
This card features sexpot Tarra White and the hot Susan Snow, who together make an awesome lesbian duo. Tarra is one of those girls that, no matter who you put her with, it's going to be a great show. Fake fingering (all of Tarra's cards seem to have this for whatever reason) is really the only detraction from an otherwise awesome performance here.Most of the scenes in this card are great, but watching the two women not just kiss, but really make out together is awesome. Their hot interaction, w...
Ok, this is the first time i'm bothering to comment!!! I love the ass licking and the way they interact. I think the fact that Susan cant speak English is great and although i cant understand what she's saying i can tell she's enjoying what she's doing! The trouble with most Easter European girls is the lack of realism in what they are saying as they cant express themselves that well in English!As for the anal fingering, it's FAKE!!!! if you look closely (trust me i banged my head on the screen...
Lock the doors & get out the Tub o' Goose Grease,PuckerLovin' PornDolls in the house!Tarra & Susan bring on the full on FuckBoogie of Horny PornBitches In Heat,enthusiastically ramming each others Pussy & Ass on & on, just like real lovers do!Tarra always brings a wild & sexy, friendly, slightly "fuck-buddy slutty",erotic, intensity to her sex play, and is joined here, thrust for thrust, by the lovely Susan.It's all here, from hot kisses to pucker finger fucking galore!Reality strikes as we fina...
. ..I have to agree with the majority ...... the fingers ARE bent so the anal is faked. Too bad cause if they were really 'in there' this card would rate a 10/10 or higher (if thats possible), but I could not justify a higher rating than 8/10 because some scenes were FAKED.Come on TOTEM what do you think your "customers" are _ BLIND?
These two ladie are amazing. I love their interaction and enthusiasm. However, I agree with boxman - the anal is definitely fake. I would have rated this card a 10 without the anal, definitely a 10 with real anal. However since it is obviously fake I gave it an 8 for the insult. Come on Totem, we are stupid. If your not going to do it, don't try to pass it off as real.
shit, I got fooled !
o for me the anal is fake.
4.3 (867 votes)


  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 72
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 373 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (57)

Holy shit
I have many cards, from Virtua Girl, to Desk Babes, and now into iStripper. Over the years, my tastes have evolved, or merely changed - but there have been a few constgants - and this card is one of them. To this day, this card for Tara is still benchmark of sexual energy and remains one of my favorite 3 cards in a collection of nearly 800. Yes, there are prettier women, there are cards of better audio and screen quailty, but none of Totem's entertainers can exceed Tara's performance in this car...
Horny horny horny is Tarra, wowww whath a great performance, nice playing dildo ass, perfect and super horny card !!!
Pour un show "X", c'est un show X, même plutôt XXL.La "performance" est plutôt décoiffante !Tarra y met tout son coeur ...Bravo !
Hot anal, dirty and passionate girl. Thanks Tara. ONE OF THE BEST CARDS ON DESKBABES.
Great show Tarra, thank you.
V?echny dívky Virtuagirl jsou nádherné. Ka?dý z nich nám dává pocit a vyvolat r?zné emoce a touhy v na?em t?le a mysli, více ?i mén? intenzivní, v závislosti na emocionální situaci, v ní? se nacházíme. Up?ímn? ?e?eno, já blahop?eji celý tým Virtuagirl, ?e je to skv?lý program plný ú?asných emocí. Blahop?ejeme! Velká Striptýz Tarra White. Miluju tu holku, s tvá?í a t?lo m??e jen p?edstavit ve snech. Ona je opravdu nádherný.
das ist mal ein d.... fun maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super performance
Terra is so kinky and sexy, her voice is so seductive. So hot!
I really enjoy watching and listening to this sexy, nasty girl.
absolut top - der heisseste Arsch weit und breit
Scharf wie ein Rasiermesser!
Redheads (with apologies to the PC brigade ) are not normally my favourite kind of girl. But, Tarra is one saucy little minx with an amazing body to boot. I love the way she gets into some seriously horny action, Tarra always gets a rise out of me every time! I love the way her corset shows off those exaggerated boobs and when she gets down and dirty with that cute pussy and ass of hers, well, its just explosive!! Naughty and nice, I say!!!
Tarra is so raunchy in this performance and I really enjoyed her anal routine !!!!
Well - I do have a problem with the shape of her modded tits. But she shows energy, and loves to stuff that toy up her ass. So if not for the looks, which are not my personla fav, she gets a 10 for performance. And from a leg lover perspective... yes, she keeps fishnets and heels on. lovely
Love this outfit. Nice pasties, nice g, nice stockings.Instant classic!
Nesse cu eu metia até os ovos
Die Frau ist echt der Wahnsinn. Die Show ist absolut heiß, wenn auch etas kurz. Aber hier heißt es, in der Kürze liegt die Würze. Für mich hier auf DB die zweit beste Show bisher. 10 +1 ;)
great card!
I love that woman. She's a very hot sexy redhead....looking very enticing. Nice show. Thank you and Totem crew.
This lady is so awesome, I love it how she does it!
Tarra n'est sans doute pas la plus jolie ni la mieux faite des filles d'ici, mais c'est une des plus cochonnes assurément, elle n'a pas son pareil pour vous émoustiller et vous mettre dans le même état que Franck (son bel ami tout rouge).
das ist mal eine geile show... wir rothaarigen sind doch am geilsten... und die beste analshow hier...
Absolutely great! Probably not the prettiest of the models, but you have to give her a 20/10 for personality and performance! Best card!
Super hot girl! The best of the best! :)
a beauty with a massive pair of breasts, a booming body and a bountiful booty. evry minute of this one is sheer bliss, and that orgasm has to be real, watch them legs twitch
Wonderful show, red big dildo in your ass is fantastic. Tarra is more over ten. 20/10
j'adore cette carte ! car Tarra se caresse pour vous , avec beaucoup de plaisir !
Perfekcyjny popis sexualny
outfit is perfect, sexy fithy language, Tarra is a real turn on. please can we have more.
I'll tell ya, She may not be the best looking (all tho she is hot) but the show she puts on is amazing. After seeing her put that dildo all the way up her ass, The cards from other girls just feel like there missing something. this is a must have...
Tarra has a shyness and quaintness that appears in real life when you pass her on the street, but is totally devoid from these clips. Actually, if she was to be naked, that would overcome the only shyness she has here, but she is totally sexually unleashed here, as she tends to be for any camera. She helps others also unleash their naughtiness when with them.If she were to choose at some point to move away from the performing bed of porn, she would be a superb director and an inspiration to all...
Definitely one of the best cards here!
This is one of the dirtiest sluts I've seen on DB. And I'm loving it! It seems that finally, Totem have listened to us paying customers and are giving us what we want. Just 7 clips and the first is just her intro. So 6 long clips of dirty, slutty action. This is more like it! Tarra, imho, is not the best looking girl on here but she more than makes up for it with REAL dirty action. 3 fingers in her tight ass, followed by the rather large dildo. Sweet. She even "deepthroats" the dildo! My kind of...
Tara's solo card, with it's Pucker Plowin' Extravaganza action,plays sooo well together with her duo card with Susan Snow with all that anal jammin' goin' on between those two babes! (In this long winter season TARRA Anal pumpin' Susan (and the opposite too) is the only SNOW PLOWIN" I wanna see!) Love the sexy,horny, fuck-buddy, "lick it & stick it, whoop tii doo",action of these babes together, and together with this card too!!! Nice work Totem...!Do the Duo Too-oo! (...and you'll be lookin' fo...
This girl redefines hot. She's saucy, dirty and with a wonderful aura of fun. The kind of girl your mother warned you to stay clear of. Download her now, you won't regret it for a second.
Wow, record-breaking! Totem has attained perfection with this one! I hope it can be repeated. The most perfectly fitting outfit makes that beautiful white, lush flesh so desireable that you can hardly think about anything else after seeing it. Even when she's being jocund, she makes it so erotically intense! All her moves and verbal interactions simply make you burn!
Really awesome. I love that sweet fingers in that sweet ass... ;)
Simply awesome anal action. Pure raw sex.
The first anal brutally 11/10
wow.....wow.....wow ......amazing !! A little short on clips, but makes up for it in sheer explosiveness !!! Hott stuff !! Just buy it !
It's nice to see Tarra make a stunning come back to the world of Totem. She always had a gorgeous body, now on DB she's able to show what she couldn't on VGHD. WELCOME back Tara
this show is amazing for ass and anal fans. yes Tarra sticks that big red dildo there where the sun doesn't shine and really deep too. Also i agree that she looks better now than on vg. And in addition some great dirty talk. Highly recommended for those who like anal play
awesome, this card is so hot, keep them coming!!!
SOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ass-Alarm ;)
Fantastic anal shot and A2M for all of you ass fans. I took off 1/2 point because her pussy needs more trimming, or just shave that bush off completely.
Now that was one hellva anal show!
This was a very tough card to rate because it has elements that I think are a real step forward for DeskBabes and elements that I didn?t like. Tarra White is a hot, natural redhead and one of the most explicit pornstars to appear on DeskBabes so far.She has gained weight since her VirtuaGirlHD appearance and looks puffy. Any shortcomings in her appearance, however, are quickly alleviated with her extremely sexually-charged performance.The videos in this card are long, averaging over 3 minutes ea...
Etwas zu kindisch , und die abgeklebten Nippel gefallen mir auch nicht! Aber Tarra hat schon eine gute Figur,deshalb kann man diese Karte durchaus kaufen!!
This is an anal clip if I ever saw one... Im not a fan of it but I like her last clip when she plays with both cums and take it deep in the rear... Still a solid show but I wouldnt be mad if I didnt have it..
I'm actually a fan of Tarra's, but the corset is totally unflattering. Her fake breasts look great in her other card, but the base of the corset pushes them up awkwardly for the whole show.
i have quite a few of her cards,and to be honest this 1 is the worst. ugly body and body features, fail performance. instant delete. yuck!
Still one of the Best Shows
4.1 (1401 votes)

Luxury hotel

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 56
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 449 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (52)

I'd stay in that hotel any night!
Lixury liner her up.
I have a couple more of Tarra's cards, but I have to say this is my favorite so far: her outfit is great, she is a great performer, and a gorgeous woman to boot. I give her a 10/10.
It's really hard to pick one favorite out of all the wonderful ladies here, but with that awesome body, sexy face and ultra sensual moves, Tarra certainly ranks in my top three!
Ohhhhh... Tarra White's moves... easily the best on the cite. NO other V-Girl moves like her. The little pauses she makes before rolling her ass, Her hand/hip movement... and look at them breasts, absolutely luscious. I'd do anything for her, my third favorite V-Girl under Anna Tatu and Marta.
Tarra ist eine Luxuspuppe mit Hamertitten und super Figur. Sehr geile Show. Absolut ein 10er wert. Echt der nackte Wahnsinn...
Tarra's bewegungen sind eifach sexy und geil. Sie ist ein bischen sehr blass, aber von Mir trotz dem 10* Punkte
Tarra White in sexy underwear and stockings. Heart meltingly gorgeous.On the task-bar Tarra's seductive sense of viewer interaction is just about as good as it gets on VG. This was another great performance. Active enough to keep your eyes on her at all times, with some excellent stripping and good use of the necklace as well. It's just a pity the shoes and stocking never came off.Her pole routine was varied, but mainly on the slow and sensual side here. She made great use of the pole for a non-...
This is my second card of Tarra's. Hot body, hot outfits.
Très explicite, elle est superbe. J'en veux encore et encore !!! et ces yeux !!! MAZETTE...
Nice Card!!
omg Tarra you are the sexiest woman of all these vgirls. I have seen them all. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... yummy...
Tarra youre beautiful i want to taste you all i can walt
whoa... smokin' sexy hot Tarra! Normally I'm not so big on the props but I liked the use of the chair in this performance!
Tarra is totally sexy, a real tease; and I would lve to get my hands on those beautiful titties of hers. YUMMY!!!!!
She hot...she beutiful...she sexy !! Tarra is #1 on on my list...I have 3 of her shows and she one of the best VGs. Worth 2 tickets !! Hope to see more of her shows.
Tara's displays the class that turns heads(and hardens them) with looks and moves when she enters a room or performs. She can be classy and nasty at the same time. Tara, this is an easy 10X10X10.
What a woman! I like Tarra a lot. She has great moves. Sultry eyes. And knows exactly how to entertain a man. Another great card from Tarra and Totem!
I give her a 9. No make that a 10. Can I boink her. I bet it would be fun.
a great card. Was hoping for the purple strands of hair to be seen on the photos but they are not there. But this is a real turn-on watching Tarra. And the level of explicitness satisfies me too. 7 clips in that category are to be found in this card And her fake boobs also are no problem because her face takes my attention much more. So this is a 10 for me. (Well a 9.5 really but as i can't vote that i give a 10.)
Here is another girl with this nice eyes. Big Boobs and legs, very good show I thing. But this is my first card on TARRA. I do like the way she looks at you through out the show. 9.5/10 for me.
This is my 2nd card of Tarra's & there will be more.......her eye contact is amazing & so is the rest of her!
I know they're fake boobs and I usually do not like them (hence a point drop) but this girl is so sexy and just enjoys her pussy so much (and so do I)
I like her more and more all the time. Perfect porportions, great outfits, really works the camera. Great expressions, great moves. A new favorite! (sorry Melissa and Sandra)
very very nice :)
Tarra is a really breathtaking woman! Her body is nearly perfect. Nice show. Waiting for more.
That's entertainment! She puts on a great show
Tarra is worth the price, as always.
Tarra White - Luxury Hotel, the fifth card I picked up on VGHD. I was a bit reluctant with this one just because she seems not quite like the dream girl knockout that others say about her, but eventually, I was sold on her eye contact point.And the stockings. Black stockings with black-trimmed white lingerie? I approve.It's not the greatest show on earth, let's just say that right now. Sometimes, she acts robotic, as if she's receiving instructions from someone behind the camera, and that's dist...
Great card, very nice explicity show, long clips, hard body, but in overall, for my tastes she is on an 8/10.
With her slightly unusual looks Tara works with what shes got. She is sexy and a decent dancer. Tho IMO this is not her best card, I give this one an eight.
I am not so thrilled about this type of girl. I'm more in for small breast with hard nipples. A little tanned or even black is my favourit. But I always look the interviews first. And this girl was great. I loved her. So I let her steal the show on my desktop too. One recommendation (not only for this girl) smile more instead of opening your mouth in a stupid O all the time. You will be far more beatiful when you do.
Gotta love this girl! Tarra is so HOT and she has personality! Fun to watch, she's sexy, a great dancer and obviously loves what she does. ANOTHER PRIMO CARD OF TARRA'S! This one is our 2nd favorite of hers with Magic Trick being our all time favorite out of ALL Girls.
Total Card Rating: 5.53 Face 3.67; Body 7.20; Performance 5.17) The term statuesque comes immediately to mind but not necessarily in a good way. Tara looks like she was carved from a piece of granite. The tits, while nice sized and attractive, look too hard. Her movements during the performance are the proverbial inflatable doll blowing in the wind. Some of the hand moves are so ?flagrant? they make you cringe. She is more concerned about looking like she?s in constant state of orgasm, which is...
Only slightly above average... and that's only because of Tarra's boobs. Pretty much the highlight of this card. Sorry, no recommendation from me.5/10
Qualité Vidéo déplorable. Dommage
Same old, same old, guess if u like Tarra White you will like this one, I have all her cards and was going to pass on this one and think that I will from now, enough of Tarra for me.
WTB less sharp-edged scrunch face
Wow gute Show mit guten Bewegungsabläufe.Wie könnte es auch anders sein bei so einer tollen Frau
Now, that's what I call room service!
Very sexy in this show. I like her a lot.
Volle 10 Punkte!! Tarra kommt sehr sexy rüber in dem Outfit, und sie hat ja auch eine tolle Figur!!!!
Très beau show. Et surtout super belle femme qui dans très bien. J'en suis amoureux, Vive Tarra White, ma description de ma femme parfaite. 10/10 Continue !!!
toda una profecional en movimientos recomiendo esta tarjeta pues esta es una mujer exotica y guapisima un 10
Sacrée Tarra , tu es toujours aussi "bonne"!!! J'ai regardé beaucoup de films de toi et je te trouve un peu sage avec nous!!! Mais dans ce show , tu te lâche bien!!! En effet tu joue bien avec ta belle grosse chatte si "open" :)) Mais la surprise du chef , c'est que tu nous offre ton magnifique cul que tu ouvres d'une façon très explicite!!! On découvre ton anus accueillant que tu caresses avec plaisir!!! C'est suffisamment rare chez Totem pour être souligné :)) En plus tu te met de l'huile!!!.....
On peut en faire des choses avec une chaise et Tarra nous le prouve de la plus belle des façons. Très jolis et sexys sous-vêtements pour une fille diablement excitante. Merci Tarra !
trés beau show d'une trés belle femme.des nouveautées sympa sur sa chaise avec quelques petites positions bien ouverte.des belles scénes de caresse mais il manque le doigté tant voulue par tous.dommage aussi que certaines scénes soit coupée au moment ou cela devient le plus excitant.bien 9/10 on verra les prochains
Tarra est une professionnelle et ça se voit. Elle a des formes généreuses et danse très bien. De plus dans ce show, elle est assez explicite même si on aimerait voir un peu plus.
nice and very hot show , good good card , kisss beauty
3.9 (1549 votes)

Magic trick

  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 470 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (75)

the perfect magician's assistant that you take home every night to gain inspiration for your next show. Sexy, Sultry and beautiful.
Tarra is so hot and sexy, great show, thanks for making my day Tarra. A great keeper.
Not a fan of Tarra and so generally ignore her cards, but the outfit and tease clip sucked me in. Am I ever glad! She gives a great show in the Karina-type showgirl style. Although she lacks some of the polish of Karina, she exhibits all her verve and energy, resulting in a very entertaining routine. On the task bar, her green cat eyes really draw you in and allow her to "vogue" as well as dance. Great job!
Love the energy, the quirkiness, and the flirtation. She is in charge and knows how to make the most of that hat!
Tarra is amazingly beautiful, and yes, her eyes are so captivating! I'd love to see her in something more Dominantly fetish....hint, hint?
My personal fave of the Tarra White cards, LOVE the "magician's" outfit. Can't understand why so many people have a problem with "fake" boobs. As long as they are done right by someone who knows what they're doing they look friggin' great!!!!
Beyond Amazing Perfect Shoe
the perfect outfit for the perfect person. just amazing.
This is my favourite look for Tarra, and above that, one of my absolute favourite outfits on VG. Unusual, fun, beautiful and sexy all at the same time. And yes, yet another very different style.Tarra is one of the truly great task-bar performers with a real sense of connection with the viewer. Every movement, expression and nuance here was a real turn-on, and there was some great entertainment value as well. She made the outfit, especially the hat, work superbly for her.Although not a pole dance...
Terra is an exciting woman I can hardly wait to see perform. She has a classiacl beauty and one heck of a figure. Awsome.
This is my second card of the lovely Tarra, I thought she was fab in Full Desire but this one gets 10 out of 10 out of 10. Anyone who doesn't watch her eyes and facial expresions is missing a lot.
Yup I have to say this is my favorite card. She knows how to move in a flirty fun way. best boob play of any card I have. I want to see Tara on Deskbabes. Make it happen please.
Able dancer, colorful outfit, sexy red high-heel sandals, a fiery-eyed booty call. No regrets!
I have an interesting connection to Tarra - when I first visited Prague a few years back, I stayed with a friend in a residential area of the city. Tarra actually lived in one of the other apartment blocks on the street, and if my memory is not a mess, she and I were on the same tram going back to the street. I didn't pay attention to her, nor likely she to I, and it was only a year later that I saw her again, this time as a presenter of RedNews where the ladies remove their clothes while presen...
i love the corset that she is wearing it bring her boobs up
i found this girl on a website when she was a couple of years younger.http://ihatejade.com/?id=b6xv1l69gx76fvejw8evbcazs0y4fzreally funny but also she is striping on this site too
She's absolutely adorable. I'm new, and i picked her for my first download, and I'm very happy I did. She has a great smile, has a cute dance, everything about her is cute. I hope to download more of her cards later. :)
OMG! I didnt think that many of the girls smiled at the camera that much or looked like they were just having fun BUT Tarra does just that and looks absolutly fantasic doing it. With this one card Tarra has egded her way to the top of my virtual girl favorites list. Schawiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!
Simply put, This girl is beautiful! I love her.
Absolutly adore Tarra. Can't get enough of those beautiful breasts and she loves the camera. 10/10
After getting another card from her "Luxury Hotel" I decided to buy this card. Also because it`s something completly different from the 'normal' outfits like bathing suits and so on. Well, one thing is for sure, she has fun stripping. Which makes it for you as the viewer also fun. ;o) She laughs and really is enjoying herself. That`s a BIG +...So for Tarra White...+10Hopefully more cards to come
I love this ticket. M favorite one
Execellent card. Great show 10/10
This is a perfect card.
Fantastic video . Great eye contact and what a body !! Makes the dollar bills want rise out of your pocket. I am moving to the Czech republic. I rate this one a solid 10.
Pros:Hot little body(9.5/10). Face, legs, ass are great & her tits are one of my favorite pairs of any girl on VG. Outfit(9.5/10) Looks great on her. As if she was born to wear it. Card length is a fantastic 39 mins long(10/10). Sexiness(9.5/10). Fun & perky yet naughty. Some of the ways she plays with herself will blow you away. Moves(10/10). I have almost 400 girls in my collection & I saw her do things Ive never seen another girl on VG do. Dance, pose, tease, play---she's a pro at all to be s...
OOO Perky nice titties and she knows how to work that hat doesn't she? Yep, We like Tarra!! Can't wait to get the rest of her cards. Definitely worth the price!
Love this card!! Love the outfit! Love her energy! I am a huge fan of hers now!!
Finally a young girl who knows how to entertain like Aria does...And probably the best bonus photo shoot on VG
Well, since Ms. Scott seems to no longer be with us - I figured I'd check out this little lady... I'm not gonna lie - hands down, it was the outfit that peaked my interest... and I'm not sorry that I rolled the dice one bit! She is very playful in this show - and the way she works that costume - Wonderful!! If I can't have any more of Monica Scott, I'm sure glad Ms. White was here to fill the void...:)
This card made me laugh!! Tarra White must of had alot of fun making this card...
Very sexy and lively. Good card, even though her boobs are fake.
Yes a good show in this card. I like the outfit looked great on her. 9.5/10 over all for me.
Nice solid performance from Tarra White. I would give the card a 10, but I waffle back and forth on liking/not liking her outfit that much. She is gorgeous and her performance is solid and right on. 9/10
Pros - she is most definitely a performer, and very willing to please; her lovely red hairstyle and positive energy are like "wow"; she has a playful side that keeps the mood light and enjoyableCons - the ruffle at the back of the dress got on my nerves after about 10 minutes; her fake boobies are just a tad too conspicuous for my taste; the explicit content is a little tameThis girl truly puts on a show, particularly in a certain handstand. ;-) Her moves and interaction are quite sharp at times...
When I decided to get this card, I got it because the outfit was very different from what I had seen, and I was slightly mesmerized by her eyes. The outfit is indeed very different, but I liked it a lot. The outfit and her performance went together well and as I had also guessed her eyes definitely entranced me. It's different and I like it a lot. My only complaint is that her boobs are fake. I really dislike fake boobs...but this card was still worth my purchase if you ask me.
This is the card that made me start collecting vgirl cards a few years back. very awesome.You can find clips of her on thepiratebay.org under the name Carla Cox.L
L'esprit de show est particulièrement amusant. Tarra éxecute des pas de danse qui fait penser aux danses des années folles. Elle joue de son chapeau avec une certaine grace. Elle sait tirer avantages de son costume et de son corps aux courbes agréables qui doit être agréable de caresser. J'aime beaucoup ses tatouages.
This card is top-notch. The little magician's cape adds a swishy allure, the collar is hot and kinky, and she really gets into the act. Love love love this show. (And love the tattoos, unlike some.)@TracerKI - if you didn't like her face why'd you download the card? You're entitled to your opinion, but I'm entitled to my opinion, and my opinion is that your opinion sucks. Love you, Tarra, don't ever change.
Nice body, huge tits but a tattoo doesn't make a girl sexy.
Well I gotta say that I really enjoy the different and unique themes and outfits that are sometimes presented to us here on VGHD. They tend to make things interesting, especially when the performer/model is talented enough to do something with what's given to them. I thought Tarra White pulled this one off quite nicely! She really fits into the "magic girl" persona and she makes this card really fun. Great body too. Nicely done Tarra!
Great dancer - great body - need I say more?
I think she has been very under rated. She sure knows how to put on a great show. Very entertaining
Amazing. Nothing more to say.
i do not like her very much, but i must say, her show is perfect!
Great interview and fantastic erotic show. What a dancer! I am really happy I got this card. Tarra is simply amazing. Makes me HOT everytime. She is MAGIC, alright.
Vital Statistics: 37D/26.5/3? What comes after that?"another great show ruined by bad editing, FIRE THE EDITOR!!!!" He must be on something strong to have made that comment about Tarra White! She's PHAT but, hip measurements 37D.26.5.3? ?
Tarra is a really breathtaking woman! Her body is nearly perfect. Nice show. Waiting for more.
another great show ruined by bad editing, FIRE THE EDITOR!!!!
I like most of the outfit. kind of hate the tail thing. I get a kick out of that short little clip where she comes up with her hat covering her crouch. as she turns she covers her butt with it and then flashes a shot her butt. then faces forward and drops back down. maybe it's just me that I think it's funny.
I like her clothes, but the show isn't too good at all.
Super aber dennoch nur 8 punkte wert.
a good outfit a good show but fake boobs
Desr cncbehreads29, If you say that she's got an ugly ass you don't know women, maybe you should try men, maybe you'd like it better. As for her tits, yes they're fake but I've seen far worst than her tits, they are nice for fake tits. I bet you don't like half of the girls here, so you should go home and go for Playgirl instead.
This girl makes very great shows, this is a nice dancing card, but not the best of her collection. 8/10 on these one !!!
the one thing that stands out on this girl is her eyes. you cant tell she knows a little about danceing and the body not bad at all but... the Tattoos take away from her looks. Tattoos make a girl look cheap and tacky. Tarra if there is a way to remove them do so it would make you look so much sexyer and classy. :) other then that vary nice.
Tarra is a very suductive girl. I love her eyes, she has great moves. I do agree with most, I would like to see her smile instead of the pouty lips all the time. But other than that a really great performance from her!
Kind of a wierd-looking girl... Fairly sexy, despite the fake boobs (they're decent fakes, along the lines of Jana H). But I think she most reminds me of Bijou, with the wierd fishy mouth poses she constantly does... 7/10. I'd buy another of her shows, but not for 2 tickets.
She moves very well and puts on a really good show, but I'm not a fan of the obviously-fake boobs.Not sure I will get any more of her shows.
Tarra White is an awesome performer. She aims to please and I give her points here for showmanship and the original costume. I dig her attitude and her moves are cool. However, while the card should have been an easy 10, the pathetic fading of most of the explicit clips ruined it for me. What is the point of bringing in major porn stars like Tarra White if you're not going to let them do what they do best? Overall, a bit of a disapointment.
Razor-faced uggo. I have a 720 gig HD and a 320 gig EHD and I didn't hesitate for a moment to delete this and all her other cards...
If you have a bird fetish...this is your girl
Eine tolle Show , mal etwas ganz anderes!! Tarra sieht sieht sehr sexy in dem Outfit aus! Sie macht es sogar besser als Dita van Teese!10 Punkte!
super belle sexy avec de la classe!!!!!10/10
Quel show époustouflant! Tarra bouge bien et j'aime bien quand elle sort sa langue... Elle aurait presque envie de nous ... le ... Un 10 et plus si possible. Encore d'autre show...
Qui connais ses vidéos doit la trouver bien sage!!! En effet , cette fille n'a pas froid aux yeux quand elle tourne!!! Néanmoins , dans ce show , elle est surprenante d'originalité et d'invention... Son cul est très réceptif comme d'habitude et ses seins sont bien gros!!! Les lèvres de sa chatte ne sont pas assez charnues , mais elle joue bien avec :)) Il manque des gros plans sur son minou , et je vais lui mettre quoi ?? Ah oui 9/10 :) Dommage car cette fille mérite des 10 , mais elle va progre...
las tetas mas perfectas y con los pezones mas rosaditos de todas, que monada!! ademas es muy sensual y muy salada.
This is a kind of magic ! Encore une fois, Tarra ne me déçoit pas et cette tenue originale lui va très bien. Une fille superbe, qui prend manifestement du plaisir à faire ces shows, pour moi c'est tout bon. Continue comme ça Tarra, tu es au top !
She looks great, fun show.
comment fait on pour reccuperer le show entier?
Une très belle fille, très efficace dans un show réussi, seul bémol, poitrine refaite manquant de naturel, dommage.
elle est pas mal,sa tenue est sympa,mais ca m'excite pas trop!
Un style original et marrant, Merci Tara !
3.9 (1284 votes)

Rock star

  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 48
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 417 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (51)

Oh, she rocks, alright!
This card is a wonderful masterpiece!! She knew exactly the moves for exciting me! Her skin seems so perfect and she has the most beautiful feet on VG! I love her feet so much! Can't wait for more cards!!
Nice outfit and a great show, for sure a star.
i love her but i wish we could see hitomi tanaka on here
I get get over why this is rated so low....this girl is amazing. What an outfit!!!
She really has a great ass
Super outfit , Super Mize , Super Show , Super 10 punkte
Another very different look and style for Tarra here. Although she looks superb in this stylish, shiny figure hugging outfit, I think her "Lap Dance" costume was much sexier.On the task-bar, she was rather more active in this show, changing position more frequently. Still with that wonderful sense of viewer interaction, great eye contact and expressiveness that make all her performances something special. Very sexy, seductive and entertaining.For me this was amongst the best pole performance on...
Geiles Girl, geile Show, Geiles Outfit.10 Punkte
Tout simplement divinement belle: tout est parfait!
simply amazing woman. My best card. She turns me on and on and on. Both cerebral and sensual. I LOVE IT !
This women is niiice!
What a Hot piece of gear! Verry verry sexy outfit! She carries it verrry well. Beautiful all-round! I could definately go for a women like her! Yummy!
Hell yeah! This girl is sooooo sexxxxy and has energy for days.
Very sexy! - more please.
SMOKIN FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have all of tarra's shows , well worth it , sexiest vg going with a gorgeous body , def a 10 all day long
Tarra is the no 1 top woman of VGHD. Her moves are espially, her body is nearly perfect, the most beautyful feet i've ever seen and her sight has this special glance revealing her fire an passion. My absolute favorite! Of course a perfect 10. Additionally she's tattooed and pierced what make her even more adorable to me. I would really love to see more of her. Just i miss some juicey things like cream ;)
Amazing tight ass and amazing eyes!! 10!
to many of her close up clips start with the top off, which is a bit of a bummer for a striptease... lol... but overall i really like this show... *applause*
I love Tarra White, this girl is fantastic, nice boobs play, rocking body, very nice to have her cards, wow she is so much explicity in her shows, expecially in this card. You must have her !!!
This is by far one of Tarra White's sexier performances on VGHD. She does a very sexy striptease, some nice explicit action, and a lot of playful teasing to go with all that.The outfit is strange, since it's supposed to be some kind of rock star thing (from the title), but is really more like "tight stripper outfit" instead. Regardless, it fits her excellent form really well, so it's good enough to get this job done.This card came out at a time when the competition on VirtuaGirl was pretty steep...
Qualité Vidéo déplorable. Dommage
Nice babe. :D
She is a great stripper and dancer, her hipmovement ist awesome! She looks hot, a great figure - though I don't like those made boobs. But its great looking at her stripping!
She'd sure as hell get the cuffz on me! I think she'd do naughty things to me and whilst held captive tantalize me by seducing another guy in front of me!
Tarra's face is very unusual, which is a good thing in my book. The way her forehead slopes down over her eyes is exotic to the point of being almost alien. However even if I didn't enjoy this strangeness in her appearance, I would still be mesmerized by her skill as a dancer and by how hot she looks in that vinyl suit. Brown is about the least sexy color in the world to me (unless it's in the form of Chems's skin), but Tarra pulls it off (pardon the pun) in this show by making me want to eat th...
She does not disappoint. Even though the outfit could be better, her personality still shines through and makes you respond with a smile when she smiles. Very playful, and it shows she had dance classes as a kid. Worht getting.
My favourite Tarra White card so far. I like her outfit, i love her body (except her silicon tits)9/10
Not bad at all,nice body,butt,silicon tities and hairless pussy.....I want her to my girlfriend. 9/10
Tarra White really has some great moves that set her apart from the other girls. With original moves and a fantastic body she is sure to become a quick favorite to the fans of VGHD.
Very good show, nice woman. Waiting for more.
Best set of fake tits on VG. Too bad they seem to always ratchet up the censor meter with her. All you have to do is check out the bonus photos to see how naughty she is.
I really like Tarras shows. Shes got something that fascinates me. Can't really say what. Just like to see her turning up on my screen. And that show is another very good one. Level of explicitness is ok nor overly explicit but on a level i can live with. Can recommend this show. Between 9 and 10 in my book. Probably more towards 9. Lets say 9.4.
Tarra's performance in this super sexy outfit is very good. She knows how to strip and gets your attention every time she pops up. Tarra's actress skills show by constantly seducing the camera. Ok, the tits are fake and her eyes might look a bit strange at first glance. But watching her more and more you will appreciate her nice body curves and love those captivating eyes. A solid performance and a great addition to your collection. She enjoys teasing and playing around. Spoiler for feet lovers:...
What a damn sexy outfit she's wearing and she fits in it like a Goddess. She is soooo sexy my screen is burning.
Not your ordinary beauty. Her face is not what you'd call beautiful. But she works what she has well. She has a enticing vagina,just look between her legs. Makes up for her facial aspects.
Thanks for the feet spoiler. Its the first reason i bought the card right away, but not the only reason. Shes fantastic.
Good performer, but I have to admit there's nothing surprising and exiting me with a pornstar that featured in hundreds movies.
tarra tu est trop siliconné de partout
I wish there was a way to exclude dancers from being downloaded by subscription. A 'No more of this girl' button. Alas, politeness forbids me from going into much detail about what a hatchet faced old boot who lurches about like an extra from a cheap zombie movie Tarra really is, and I'm trying hard not to mention those things on her chest, I don't even want to justify them by calling them tits. I paid for this? Good god.
Great show, amazing girl
Really nice looking woman, lovely bum.
When I first saw her, my impression was not my type. Then I got her by subscription and was impressed : she is hot as hell. 10 of 10 points.
Cette tenue moule son corps de déesse à la perfection. Tarra est vraiment super sexy comme ça et elle bouge super bien. Bravo !
Als " Rock Star " würde schwarz besser passen als dieses komische braun, auch die Schuhe sind unpassend.Aber : Tarra kann sich sehr gut bewegen , hat eine sexy Figur und zeigt alles!! Deshalb eine 9+!!
sono stati interrotti dei clips sul più bello! Non è la prima volta e non è corretto !!!
C'est l'exception qui confirme la règle : malgrès ses seins corrigés elle les manipule joliement et ça le fait. Je n'aime pas la tenue mais la personne a beaucoup de charme et sait décidément y faire.
4.0 (1534 votes)

Lap dance

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 71
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 413 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (48)

She can dance my lap anytime!
wow - is she hot! she was even hotter when she was young and hadnt boost her boobs, but she is still my favourite girl.
I find her dancing really impressive!!! Turns me on every time!!! Wow. 10/10 I hope she dances like this in all her cards. If she does, I'm getting all of them!!!!
Tarra White is a very hot girl!
Perfekte Show, hmm, da schmalzt Mann gleich wie Butter dahin. und dieses Gold Outfit finde ich der absolute Hammer, Deine Brüste kommen Top zur Geltung. Von mir gibt es die Bestnote. Weiter so
This sexy gold lap dancers outfit is certainly a big change in style and look over Tarra's début card, and is a really great look for her.On the task-bar her style was a little slower and more sensual here. Again her fantastic eye contact and expressions created a wonderful sense of genuine connection with the viewer through the camera, in another truly wonderful performance. She is easily one of the best task-bar performers on VG for me.Although she didn't do anything spectacular in the pole cl...
I also do not like fake boobies...but i will say that Tarra is one of my favorite girls...best looking fakies i have ever seen. besides the way she moves and looks into the camera....wow..sooooo hot. want to touch the hinnie...arrroooo!
Aveuglante par sa beauté et son élégance.
To each his own, but cncbehrends29 is full of shit cause this chick is smoking!
Tarra gets my panties wetter than hell everytime I watch her perform, would love 2 eat this sexy gal's pussy !!!!!!
The rating for this card is not high enough, imo...She is hot, looks great, and wears the skirt without panties part of the time!! Extremely sexy.
Tarra, how do you improve perfection. YOU DON"T. This girls a must for any collection. Tarra exceeds all expectations for a performace. Tarra gets an easy 10+.
Another truly amazing woman, although I think women are amazing in general, this is one of several that get me going at the sight of her.She has a perfect body, and knows exactly how to work it, and when she gives you that devilishly sexy smile...shes got you.I will buy more from her.
An amazing card, an amazing girl. Highly recommend this card and I highly request more of Tarra White! Lap Dance = 10/10
More I want more of her, PleaseOne of the best cards I ever had if not the best.10/10We need more of her
Tarra White is once again the consummate pro with piercing eyes and now upskirt pussy. This card is an improvement over her 'emergency room' card even if only for her lack of bruised knees. She still has the best eye contact in all of VGHD land and is now in a mode to more eagerly expose her charms. Too bad the cameraman's great shots of this card were edited. 10/10 for Tarra. Less for VGHD.
Tarra White - Lap Dance is a musthave card for every VirtuaGirl-lover :)
OK, you win -pianogrinder-. Yesterday, before going to sleep, I have ask to release something more sexy about her, and I woke up the next morning with this new available card. Thank you so much. Maybe tonight I gonna ask you to tell her to come and see me at home. She's beautiful!
I win!! first comment woohoo!!! Tara, wow nice show, really knows how to turn me on, graceful moves like a bird with the eyes of a tiger and the personality of a playful pro, Tarra is H-O-T and she sure shows it. a 10 for you dear Tarra.
This card is disturbing to me for some reason, i think because she moves unusually slow most of the time. She does have a great body, and i love her little ass. I also love her fake tits. I see some users putting her down because of her fake tits but i would rather see fake ones than saggy ones.I do not know if any other users had this problem, but my card has several clips of Carmen Gemini - Majestic View. Maybe i will try to re-download the card.
Tarra hat mich mit ihrem "LapDance" total überrascht und begeistert. Optisch ist sie ein richtige Granate....ihre Figur lässt einem das Wasser im Mund zusammen laufen.Sie hat eine schöne,pralle Oberweite,geile lange Beine,einen verdammt knackigen Hintern und eine sehr einladende,teilrasierte Pussy. Ihr Outfit finde ich total geil.....der Bikini,das kurze Röckchen und die geilen,schwarzen Stiefel sind perfekt um ihre Kurven in Szene zu setzen. Ihre Show an sich finde ich auch richtig gut und gelu...
Pros - Long, lean, and tight body; has the right attitude about serving it up; eye-catching outfit; love those panties!Cons - the fake boobies distract a little too much, but she gets an "E" for effortTarra has a good approach for an exotic dancer: confidence, warmth, sex-appeal, and a no-nonsense performance. The way she uses her body is quite a turn-on. I would love to have seen her before the boob job. A good 9 out of 10.
Tarra ist der Hammer, Ihre bewegungen und ihre lustvollen blicke sind Grandios. Aber dises Outfit sieht an Morgane ein bisschen besser aus, weil sie nicht gans so blass ist.
Great performance of this girl, I have a lot of shows of Tarra, and all great shows. You can only love thath body !!!!!!!!
Best Tarra White card ever! Of the three cards I have this is her best one. She really is sexy in this one. Tho it is not the most explicted card(I'd like to see more)still it is worth the money especially if you can get it for one ticket.
One of the sexiest on this site.
Tarra and Morgane may have the same the same outfit, but Tarra certainly makes better use of it. The micro skirt with no panties ..... yummy. Sure, Morgane wins the "good looks" contest hands down. But she could learn a thing or two about showmanship from Tarra. Great card. A solid 9 for me.
I am not sure about this one. I can't get it to play at all.
Tarra White is a long, tall, drink of cumtastic stripperbabeness & presents herself in a luscious sensual slink & pump-a-thon! She knows her tangtastic ass crowns her sleek voluptuous thighs and she wiggles & sways it across our hungry, horny, eyes, begging for us to batter it with droolishious tongue juice! She pins us with her foxen sharp, playfully intense, erotically charged glances, as if saying,"Cum on! Show me yours. Let's tang dance together!" Moving slow & slinky she teases with hot pan...
Very good show, nice woman. Waiting for more.
at the first look of the picture I didn't even really recognize her and I can't say I like the picture very much either. but the show is much better than the picture would have lead me to think it would be. so kudos to VGHD and the totem team.
nice girl a good show but fake boobs
Incredibly trashy hot. I'm pretty sure this girl is obsessed with sex and validates herself by being stared at. That leaps off the screen. That's a plus for me.
Maby she'd have vomit in her mouth seeing you too stupid ass. Why did you bother getting her card anyway? Please VG get that stupid ass out.
This is another good Tarra White early performance when her career was at its height. For some reason, however, this great card features a lot of non-nude scenes and is missing some of the "something special" that her other performances have always had. There is really only one explicit scene here and it's not really all that explicit, even for the 500-series at VirtuaGirl.Tarra is in a great bikini, which her form is perfect for, and her big fake breasts are almost bulging out of the thing. The...
After seeïng a lot off other girls with real natural boobs, I don't like girls with balls for tits anymore... a big turn off 5/10
Qualité Vidéo déplorable. Dommage
Lovely looking woman. Very sexy.
das ist die schönste frau der welt die es gibt und ich liebe sie am liebsten würde ich sie heiraten was aber leider ned geht ich downloade mir gerad dieses video und des dauert zwar eweig aber es lohnt sich
Cette fille est une bombe, l'une des plus sexy de la collection, elle a fière allure en plus d'être superbe, beau tempérament, on en veut plein des comme çà.
Scharfe Karte ! Eine klare 10!!
tarra white is das geilste girl hier !! jeder will mehr sehen!!!
aucun show! bug . remettez-moi mes 2 tickets svp!!
tres belle petites fesses
Superbe Tarra, qui nous montre toute l'étendue de son talent. Un coprs de rêve, un visage angélique, je suis sous le charme. Et puis elle sait utiliser ses jolis doigts. Magnifique ! On en veut encore.
Perso je n'aime pas beaucoup les seins en pommes, mais je reconnais qu'elle est très agréable à regarder. Elle bouge bien, on sent un certain savoir faire avec l'alternance de lenteur et rapidité. Pour finir, je parlerai de sa peau qui est plutôt comme j'aime : claire, fine, uniforme... Elle me séduit sur le temps.
not the prettyist girl, sry
3.8 (1271 votes)

Emergency room

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 41 min.
  • Bonus photos: 66
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 324 MB

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User comments (57)

A nurse like that in the emergency room is more likely to promote heart attacks rather than treat them! But that's OK, I would gladly suffer under her!
Now that's what I call great care!
she's great - and i love the teddy bear
Ain't that's entertainment.
Wow. Take a look at the licking of her tongue. Wow that's just plain sexy.
Tarra is so sexy in her nurse outfit, I like. GREAT PERFORMANCE and a MUST HAVE CARD !!!!!
what a woman, she could get a rise out of a corpse. stunning ,a total 20 out of 10
very nice
One absolute favorite :)
I would have paid for this show if I had seen it first. Got as a "free" download. Beauty in motion, fairly explicit, worth 2 tickets if you dont have it.
Super hot girl
The routine with the teddy-bear on the bar-stool is, without rival, the wittiest strip I've ever seen done anywhere - live or recorded. And as I go back to the great days when Miss Russell was running the Dolls' House in Carlisle Street, that's saying a lot. Clear 10 for beauty, wit and raunch factor.
A fantastic show. For enthusiasts of foreplay a few very fine "no nudity shows", long and varied. She's a good and conscientious dancer, never lazy or indifferent.Her boobs may actually be fake, but they seem soft and natural enough and are in fact very good looking. And, contrary to what horus777 says, the shows has a number quite explicit scenes, shot from both the front and the back.So if you like slow, relaxed, suggestive movements and permanent eye contact, this show is just for you. I'd ra...
Great body, Great dance, Great card
Actually paid 2 tickets for it and wow worth both of them. 10 out of 10. More Please..........................
i don't normally post comments but holy hell, she is way too fine. a part of me doesn't believe she really exist. puts on a good show, most definitely worth your time. caution, contents is extremely hot!
There's a nice amount of five very explicit scenes in this show, including clit massage and also anus showing. That's why I have to give away my usual rating of 10 out of 10 points. Nearly all VirtuaGirls deserve this rating because they're really sexy ladies. The only thing I didn't like about this show was the syringe filled with blood, although it certainly wasn't filled with real human blood and probably just was tomatoe juice I found this extremely unesthetic and somewhat of a "fantasy-kill...
smokin hot, nice dancer, and great tits
Not really into the nurses outfit but hey come on, it's Tarra White, she looks hot WITHOUT the outfit, that's the main thing. A very fine smoking hot lady with very nice eyes and tits to boot.
Fake tits? So what? She's hot as hell!
Geile Show !!!!!!!!
What a fantastic performance! I think prospective vghd models should be shown Tarra's cards before filming to let them see how it should be done.The only thing that let's this card down a little for me is that I'm not a big fan of the nurse look, although I have to say this is probably the best card of it's type on vghd.9 from from me, but if it was possible to give 9.5 I would.
Nice, very nice show, this is one of her best cards. I like the way thath she spreads her tits, hmmmm, very fantastic !!! This card makes me very horney everytime I see it. Great, 9/10.
not the best outfit for her, but she puts on a great show. love the tongue/tongue ring play. great body.
I like to see her in the Emergecy Room i,ll take tatey's place I give her a 9
Tarra White's knee bruises are more of a turn-off than her prolific ink. I do recommend her 'emergency room' performance for her piercing eyes, her pussy-play eroticism & her primo professional eminence that shine through in every clip. Have you ever had that extended most intimate eye contact with a female who was a total stranger? This card will either remind you or acquaint you of how hot that can be. 9/10 for Tarra as she is desirable for her body, eye contact and demeanor. Other plusses are...
Tarra has nice tits:p
Looking forward to more of her in the future.
Never have I wanted to be a stuffed animal more than after watching this show! Lucky bear!
She is very nice and moves good.
Although the nurses uniform isn't much enticing, the girl in it ??? That's another story. That face and body are amazing. She truly delivers a fine show and utilizes her assets in incredible ways. More of her please !!! It's just what the doctor ordered.
Looks like Sophie Ellis-Bexter, basketballs for tits, but there is something abouther (and this card in particular) that I find very sexy, like the strip with the teddy bear
This is not my favorite card of Tarra's, but she is still very sexy.
Great Tits and nice slim frim body.
Nice Milf, Nice Tits. You have to release more of her. But something with a sexy dress and without a stupid teddy bear. You can see her in action in ZTOD POV#5.
Very nice clips! She is kind of funny and enjoyable.
Tarra has the facial expression and eyes of being half hoot-owl and half rattle snake especially with that tongue thing. Boobs are good size alright but not a good enhancement job whoever did it. Dancing and show not half bad but cant give this card more than an 8 tops.
Very good show, nice woman. Waiting for more.
Too 'hard' looking for my taste. She looks like a pro, I prefer the 'good girl next door gone bad look'. Giving a 7 - perhaps future cards will be better.
Too me there is asolutely nothing attractive about fake boobs. A total turn off. Don't like the outfit and not impressed with the show.
LOVE the girl, but not so much the outfit for this card.
She gives a passable show . But she has so many things I dont Like, POORLY DONE FAKE BREASTS - TATS - SHE IS TO RIDGID NOT SMOOTH A ALL. If she cleaned up a bit and had those breasts fixed she would be alright.
The outfit means a disappointing debut......
A top card of course. But I prefer the girl next door type, as opposed to the professional stripper.
I like her face but the breasts were just too out of place. They were very stiff looking and just out of proportion for her body. Just my 2cents I know most guys like fakes better then real for some reason these days, To each his own.
Tarra's a great dancer and teaser and the costume here is great, but the performance comes off as a little too "pro" for me. Disappointing...
I would have paid to keep this card out of my collection. The upside is I can delete it. The downside is its in my collection and I run the risk of seeing that razor edged visage on occasion. WTB less sharp-edged scrunch faces...
her tits are fake avoid
Good show, she's very attractive. I like her.
helleo tara et la plus seduisante danseuse sexy okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk philippe
Geiles Fickloch,volle Pkt.Zahl von mir
Enfin un nouveau modèle à la poitrine généreuse, je l'attendais depuis un moment. Et là, quel modèle de choix. Tarra est tout simplement magnifique, de la tête aux pieds. Vivement la suite de ses aventures chez Totem.
Das Besondere ist ( auser dem Busen) , daß sie einen Blick hat der einen fesselt!!Eine 9 ist mir diese Karte auf jeden Fall wert!
Pour exciter son monde elle s'y entend la coquine, mais les tatoos on aime ou on n'aime pas, enfin bon!
Quels ballons de foot ! Regrette l'acquisition de cette carte. 7 tout de même.

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