Susan Snow

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 26 y.o.
  • Height: 5.61 ft.
  • Weight: 123 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 28.1" / 30"

If snow is supposed to be white, clean and pure - Susan Snow has a lot of explaining to do! This petite blonde may be white and clean but she definitely isn't pure! One of the dirtiest minds and most extreme playmates ever to become a Desk Babe, Susan Snow is the girl you would never marry but anyone would love to date for a while!

Number of shows: 4

Susan Snow's shows

4.3 (516 votes)


  • Shows: 2 clips
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Bonus photos: 89
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 378 MB

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User comments (22)

The most beautiful girl in the world!) BEAUTY QUEEN!)) MMMM
Susan Snow is the dirty and nasty kind of girl that every guy dreams of. I love the fact that she is into Anal sex. My final vote is a 10/10 but I would give her a 20/10 if I could.
Pretty blonde, lighting a bit harsh. But that's technical. Good angles.Proper length of clips, and the last one, with legs in the air, dildo in pussy and at the same time fingering her ass. Well - just great!. Arom a leg lover perspective... yes, she keeps fishnet, with an interesting pattern in the back, stockings and sandals on. lovely
I just got her demo with Ally and thought I'd look at the pix from her solo show, because that's pretty much all I use these girl-girl demos for.Lo and behold, I could see ALL the pix. ZING! I already had the solo! Duh! And I had never rated her. Well I have now, a 10, particularly because she gives such an amazing performance in the bonus video, offering up her sweet ass.
Extremely beautiful, Extremely sexy -- but there is one part of your 'description' that you have wrong - You say she is "not a girl to marry' and I'm telling you that is so very wrong -- I'd marry her in a heartbeat!
Absolutely sexy hot and seductive. I love her body, she's so damn hot. Thank you and the Totem crew.
Sweet, hot and dirty! Just excellent! Lovely fingering everywhere.
Stockings - yeah.And she use the Dildo realy hard!
Very hot show, you will like it. She show it all and she is so horny for you
1st U should kno I never leave comments cuz not that impressed wit DB,but SNOW gives FULL XXXHARDCORE show so ill take a min. an leave a FULL review,LUV SNOW, I rate 11/10>OVERVIEW Im TELLIN u guys,Snow is wat u WANT! Totally engaged,totally focused,and totally gets off on gettin US the viewers off! Her MOANING IS REAL,seen ENUFF porn 2 kno!EXCITING,WILD,SEXY,EXOTIC,EROTIC,SEDUCTIVE,NAUGHTY,BAD girl w/ PERFECT BODY head2toe that KNO's wat guys want 2 see and delivers a GREAT SHOW on ALL LEVELS!...
Was für eine geile Show! SUPERSEXY OUTFIT!!! Susan ist eine süße Maus !!! 10 Punkte sind ein MUSS!!!
I was iffy about should I get or not get this card. Sure Glad I Did !!!Blushed cheeks, and real exibitionism (loves to tease).Great Show, and I am willing to bet she went home and continued. HOTT !!!Side Note @Rex-Totom great to have her talking, in her native language, also real happy the sound was in sinc. TYVM (team)
ASS ASS ASS !!! 10/10
a perfect 10 + love it
Endlich wird es hier noch Interessanter.. ;-) Susan strahlt Erotik pur aus, die Show ist einfach Klasse! Einfach nur geil sind die Scenen mit zwei Fingern im Hintern und gleichzeitig dem Dildo in der Muschi. Für alle, die X-Rated Szenen mögen, ist diese Karte ein Muß! Wenn Totem solche Scenen in einem Duo bringt, wird wäre das absolute Spitzenklasse!
Ahh..Susan... Pussy/Anal dippin' ALL Czech Sexy Talkin' Dildo Pussy stabbin' Squelchy Ass soundin'... Ram 'n' Jam it... Classy Assy babe! Uh-Huh !!!
Let me start off by saying that i was surprised to see this card today,usually the girls have at least 2 duos before they have a solo! She was obviously ready to go.The reason i bought this card was because of susan's beautiul eyes,and i was just as impressed by her performance,susan truly is a knockout! But the reason i'm sending this comment is because i feel that this show should be used as an example of how to shoot shows in the future. By that i mean that by only having 8 scenes,I think tha...
Wooow she's totally hardcore, didn't expect that. There's hard dildo and DP action, good camera angles, dirty talk in czech (but who cares) and she has a hot body. Very good show!
Just a boring porn. Wasted 2 tickets.
I should have listened to mvpsome and saved 2 tickets. If only lighting was good, at least it would have been more interesting.
Belle prestation, Susan a du doigté..........
NOOO... she's not real! This is the hottest girl here. Gorgeous? Amazing? I don't know I'm in shock!!!
4.4 (485 votes)

Duo with Ally Style

  • Shows: 7 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 82
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 402 MB

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User comments (17)

All I can say is wonderfull. 10+
Wow, ich find es echt super was Susan und Ally hier hin gezaubert haben. da kann ich oft nicht genug davon bekommen.
Susan Snow in black stockings and platform heels. Ally in black studded heels. Throughout the show. Lot of anal play. And some double plugging... So there's no argument, that what we want to see, right ? right.
Anal play YEAH
Deux belles filles, un show hot et plutôt anal, mention particulière à Susan qui en plus a dans le regard un je ne sais quoi qui fait beaucoup d'effet.
Love the rough anal dildo-ing action!
this is more like it,two girls enjoying each other,thank you Susan & Ally,great show.
Its been a while, I bought this card for one reason, anal play. The girls to be honest don't have the best bodies on Db but they aren't unattractive be any means. This is my first card for both girls. Susan Snow has beautiful eyes and a nice body, she does great anal play. Both outfits are good and the girls waste no time getting out of their clothes, something that in some cards is a problem. I really enjoy the blonde on brunette actions. There is lots of contact between the girls and some nice...
O M G I have never left a comment before, but when these ladies went anal. I almost jumped out of my chair.There should be a special catagory for ladies like these, so we can find them easily. This card is a must have... I give it a 10+
very sexy, any card with anal action is awesome for me
Voil? ? nouveau un duo lesbien qui fonctionne ? merveille....les deux filles sont tr?s jolies et sexy et leurs jeux sexuels sont tr?s sensuels!!!....j'aime beaucoup le maillot vinyl noir brillant que porte Ally Style, il lui va tr?s bien tout en la rendant vraiment tr?s sexy!!!.....Le show de ces deux filles est tr?s excitant et m?rite vraiment une bonne note!!!...
Good card. Next-door pretty gal Ally Style gives a good show as is supersexy Susan Snow. Both look very good in stockings and heels. Lots of nice toyplay,espacially the anal is hot.The only thing that could have been better is the chemistry between the lady's. It's not that they're not trying but i just miss the spark between them.Nevertheless a good preformance by two very hot girls.
Only explicit and X-rated clips, and they're pretty long ! Ally Style is on top, and Susan Snow is nice too, but there's a lack of chemistry in this card. Ally is better with Elisa, which had a better performance with Susan by the way.
Ganz hübsche Mädels und geile Show, schön das Bärchen, nicht ganz meine Favs. 9/10
Theses girls are so Hot looking!
- Susan Snow is nice, but not top, lightning eyes, she rise the mean of this show, her fetish shoes give a bit color to the outfit Ally Style is not so fine, a second class body (-2) I was not convince until i have see the double penetration and anal performance, i am breathless, a very explicit performance
Un super show !
4.3 (352 votes)

Duo with Elisa

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 87
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 437 MB

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User comments (15)

I just love how fast Susan Snow & Elisa can get my dick hard by being such dirty and nasty anal whores. Seeing Susan Snow fucking Elisa in the ass with that pink dildo is bound to make anyone cum more than twice when watching them. Maybe DB can create another scene with them in the future where Susan Snow & Elisa can both anally fist each other and then after that get some anal bead action in. Overall, they work wonderfully together and I rate them at a 10/10, but in actuallity they deserve a 40...
Two gorgeous babes in heels... oh yes.
I really do love the way these women eat pussy...
If you like anal this is the show!!! I have to admitt im not a fan of anal but these girls make me enjoy it!!! They play so well toghether.. I really enjoyed this... Its more of an Elisa show than anything she gets it most of the time but there is some susan too... I like it when they play rough!!!
Magnifique show, très très hot, anal et hard, Elisa est une déesse, Susan et elle sont très complices et toujours à fond dans l'action, superbe.
This is a great card featuring the beautiful Susan Snow and the always hot Elisa. Susan is a good performer with a nice body and look, but this card is dominated by the hyper-sexuality of Elisa. She talks dirty through the scenes and, as usual, pushes things to a new level.There are both anal and straight dildo scenes, licking, and plenty of other action. The only thing this card doesn't have is an abundance of scenes involving clothing (a good thing). These two girls waste no time getting down...
These babes are gorgeous, especially Elisa! It's a particularly hot card for passionate sexy interaction. For clarity,anal licking & anal dildo are real! BUT WHY OH WHY TOTEM ARE THEY DOING MUCH FAKE ANAL FINGERING?? Both girls are true anal loving babes in other cards! Why? Answer please!!! Keep it real! Other than that, GREAT card!!
Possibile che non si possano trovare ragazze con un po' più di "classe" ! Dove sono finite le Melisa, le Morgane e le Eufrat o le Deny ???
I agree with jonnycmoore, not the most attractive women on deskbabes. But dont let these mediocre beauties fool you. What these ladies lack in appearance is more than made up for by their performance. This is the most hardcore show by deskbabes yet. If these girls don't enjoy anal, they sure as hell fooled me. Amazing show for sure. If you enjoy anal you wont be dissapointed.DeskBabes, please keep more shows this hardcore coming.
I love Elisa, she's sooo nice and dirty. She brings Susan Snow to orgasm with the highest dexterity in those hot clips. Her wild voice combined to Susan's sensuality make it the perfect mix. The show is a bit short, but definitely worth it.
The anal probing is faked; if you look closely during the scenes you can see that the girls bend their fingers so that it appears like they're inserting their fingers into each other's anus. But in fact they are not really penetrating. So I deducted points for the anal sex fakery. Everything else they did together, oral sex, various fondling was all real. Totem, in the future if the girls don't really want to insert their fingers into each other's anus, then do not let them fake it! Keep it as r...
They're far from being the prettiest twosome on Deskbabes, but it's safe to say they've produced the dirtiest, most frenzied lesbian fuck fest so far. They go to town on one another and it makes a rare change to see believable, less faked, interaction. Plenty of anal fingering from both, and Elisa gets an ass ramming with a toy. I guess the less pretty ones do try harder.....
Ces 2 femmes se donne à fond dans un style hard très jouissif
the anal is fake.
Vous êtes magnifiques quand vous baisez, vous êtes en harmonie !
4.0 (342 votes)

Duo with Tarra White

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 94
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 453 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (14)

Susan Snow et Tarra White sont splendides, séduisantes et très souriantes. Leurs culs sont divins, un show agréable à regarder. Merci à vous. M.M.
These two lovely ladies do a wonderfull duo. Both ladies are just awesome.
Unbelieveble horny!
Tarra n'est pas la plus jolie, mais c'est une vraie cochonne et sa copine ici ne s'en laisse pas compter, au final un show très stimulant avec pas mal de doigté anal.
2 anal loving girls. Hmmm!
Tarra est vraiment magnifique ... Son duo avec Susan est très chaud !
I had to give this card only 9 due to the fake anal fingering. Dip those fingers into the pucker for real and I'll give a 10.
This card features sexpot Tarra White and the hot Susan Snow, who together make an awesome lesbian duo. Tarra is one of those girls that, no matter who you put her with, it's going to be a great show. Fake fingering (all of Tarra's cards seem to have this for whatever reason) is really the only detraction from an otherwise awesome performance here.Most of the scenes in this card are great, but watching the two women not just kiss, but really make out together is awesome. Their hot interaction, w...
Ok, this is the first time i'm bothering to comment!!! I love the ass licking and the way they interact. I think the fact that Susan cant speak English is great and although i cant understand what she's saying i can tell she's enjoying what she's doing! The trouble with most Easter European girls is the lack of realism in what they are saying as they cant express themselves that well in English!As for the anal fingering, it's FAKE!!!! if you look closely (trust me i banged my head on the screen...
Lock the doors & get out the Tub o' Goose Grease,PuckerLovin' PornDolls in the house!Tarra & Susan bring on the full on FuckBoogie of Horny PornBitches In Heat,enthusiastically ramming each others Pussy & Ass on & on, just like real lovers do!Tarra always brings a wild & sexy, friendly, slightly "fuck-buddy slutty",erotic, intensity to her sex play, and is joined here, thrust for thrust, by the lovely Susan.It's all here, from hot kisses to pucker finger fucking galore!Reality strikes as we fina...
. ..I have to agree with the majority ...... the fingers ARE bent so the anal is faked. Too bad cause if they were really 'in there' this card would rate a 10/10 or higher (if thats possible), but I could not justify a higher rating than 8/10 because some scenes were FAKED.Come on TOTEM what do you think your "customers" are _ BLIND?
These two ladie are amazing. I love their interaction and enthusiasm. However, I agree with boxman - the anal is definitely fake. I would have rated this card a 10 without the anal, definitely a 10 with real anal. However since it is obviously fake I gave it an 8 for the insult. Come on Totem, we are stupid. If your not going to do it, don't try to pass it off as real.
shit, I got fooled !
o for me the anal is fake.

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