Stacy Silver

  • City: Brno
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 27 y.o.
  • Height: 5.45 ft.
  • Weight: 126 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 28.1" / 33"

Gorgeous blonde Pornstar Stacy Silver is from the same small town in the Czech Republic as Silvia Saint. It's obvious that the women of Brno are as beautiful as any you will ever find no matter where in the world you look. Dancing and performing for you in a private show on your desktop adds a new way for you to enjoy her warm personality and staggeringly sexy body!

Number of shows: 3

Stacy Silver's shows

3.8 (1090 votes)

Warm summer

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 355 MB

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User comments (27)

Beauty 10 ++++++
Very hot baby!
C'est le type même de la blonde pulpeuse avec des lèvres sensuelles qui font une moue dévastatrice. Elle a de l'expression, un beau sourire égrillard quand il faut. Ses tatouages, au nombre de deux, sont d'un beau graphisme et bien choisis. Pour parfaire le tableau, j'aime sa tignasse abondante. Elle est explicite dans ses gestes. En grand romantique, j'aimerais bien lui faire le baisemain. je vous adore madame.
Stacy just loves to play with herself.would recommend this card... i think i will be collecting the whole set
What a Beautiful Blonde!!! mmmmmm She is Smokin' HOTT!!! Love It Love It LOVE IT!!!
One hot show with best charisma and nice lingerie ! 500 points kiss
Totem, please please please, more Stacy.... Absolutely the best.
Another Great performance, that has it all--The stuff people have been wanting. 10
My fave Stacy show on VGHD, nice outfit (that comes off real quick!), playful as always but on this one her hair seems to have that sexy, just been ruffled ;) look!
Stacy is all over her breasts and pussy. Doesn't take her long to strip off what little she is wearing. Not crazy about the tatoos but what can you do.
... rather than to simply repeate the many great things already said/written about Ms. Silver of which I agree I'll simply refrain from any comments of note. FAKE tatas, however, are a shame Ms. Silver.
Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful face ... nice interaction with the eyes. Loved the clip...but felt it lacked little action. Over all enjoyed it.
YES she is GORGEOUS. love those BIG BOOBS and sexy body, and the show put on. 9/10 for me.
A really enjoyable performance by Stacy Silver! One of her best in my opinion. A very sexy girl that just can't keep her hands off herself...a major plus! Fun and flirty throughout the show, the kind of girl I would expect to see at a strip club and not be disappointed! Just a fun, sexy, and bubbly performance by Stacy. Definitely a must for fans of blondes. Cheers!
We've waited so long. Finally, she's there. Perfectly and sooooo sexy. Thanks Totem
Stacy is very hot, great body, but she can make better of this, for my opinion !!!
I love this girl and her other cards but on this one I think the pink bikini clashes with the tone of her skin. Otherwise it is a great explicit show, typical of her other cards.
cncbehrends29, tell me, what the hell are you doing on this site. Everytime you comment a girl it's to say that she's ugly or she's got an ugly ass or you hate fake tits...Great God get the hell out of here with your stupid comments. If you say that Stacy is ugly there must be two reasons, either you absolutly don't know nothing about women or you are gay. Why don't you go on gay site and leave us alone real men who know how to appreciate a nice lady like Stacy. I have enough of your stupid comm...
nice body, nice strong legs, even some bare feet - only that fake tits, shame on you - its ruin end effect
pretty girl but really fake looking tits. She didn't seem like she was into her routine at all.. too bad :(
I like a little sex and want to get turned on. I want to see everything and like girls who play with themselve. Stacy shows everything and she realy wants to turn you on. Her breast is a little to big, but she gives a great show. The most beautifull girls I bought don't let you see a lot and they don't play with themselve. Beautifull but cold.... Stacy you are hot !
Yawnfest '09
Very sexy woman.
Pour moi l'une des meilleures cartes jusqu'à maintenant. Hyper sexy (ah cette petite tenue rose), joue merveilleusement avec son appétissante petite chatte, seins superbes seins lourds, goûte ses doigts et pas qu'une fois. Vraiment très explicite, ce qui change des shows parfois monotone. Et en plus long, plus de 30 mn. Pour moi 10/10, à acheter sans problème aucun
Vraiment très sexy avec ce petit ensemble rose. Stacy est une valeur sûre, à télécharger sans se poser de questions.
En plein accord avec mon prédécesseur,je vous recommande cette carte car Stacy Silver est une valeur sure. Cette fille comme certaines autres hardeuses a beaucoup de tempérament! Sa petite tenue rose est très sexy et elle bouge bien , comme d'habitude! Sa poitrine d'enfer et sa croupe de bonne jument gourmande de sexe nous fait bander sans problèmes! Et sa belle chatte souvent prise nous ravie les yeux et la langue si on a un peu d'imagination:) Mais ce show n'est pas son meilleur car elle ne se...
Trés explicite,les filles devraient prendre exemple sur Stacy.
3.7 (1206 votes)

Mysterious room

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 355 MB

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User comments (44)

Great show and outfit Stacy, 10+
Oh, so hot and horny. Stacy can spank me any day she likes in that erotic leather gear. Such a great body underneath, too! This is one dancer I will watch again and again and.......!! If you like black figure hugging leather clad blondes ( I know I do! ) then Stacy is a perfect dream girl.
One of the hottest porn stars of the moment,more please
I happen to be in to this sort of thing and she pulls it off great. I think she has a deliciously beautiful face and a smoking hot body. Love the collar, and her hair, and her eyes. This is one of my favorite cards. How does she get that diamond to stay in her bellybutton? Stacy is always welcome to come over and teach me a few things, and I?m sure she could.
Stacy has always been a 10. This card is extremely sexy.
Bit of a Dominatrix but so hot and a true porn star happy in her work ..get her in your collection !
Very sexy; great fantasy card! Stacy looks really hot! The images are sharp and the video is smooth.
Finally a girl that knows what the paddle is for. She spanks her pussy and then bends over and paddles her own little ass. Hot!! Now if they could put two girls together doing that to each other. BEST SELLER!!
Beautiful, Explicit, Fun! I enjoyed this care and think you will too. 10/10!
This is a very explicit show from Stacy spiced with ass spanking and a lot of pussy play. Her dominatrix costume is very attractive, her legs are very sexy in those high heel boots. Stacy has a beautiful face with sexy seductive eyes and luscious lips, and her body looks amazing, emphasized her desirable breasts and her warm, inviting shaved pussy.I hope, my erotic dreams about her will come true soon... :) 10+
maybe not the best or most elaborate way to rate, or judge a card, but it made me happy and tingle somewhere so it got a 10
MMM,MMM,MMM Love this card. Possibly my favorite.
I love Girls in fetish Stile
What a body... mmmm
Très interessante. Superbe nana qui sait provoquer. J'aime sa prestation.Bonne carte.
Stacy is indeed sexy, but it's more than that...She is nasty, in the very naughty sense of the word.The only thing about the card I don't care for is I can't wait for her to unsnap the silly tit coverings she is wearing and expose her boobs!! Maybe if they weren't so damn pointy?...
Whoohooo! Damn she's sexy. The naughtly little taunts and taps of the paddle. Won't be disappointed. Thanks Totem.
We've waited so long. Finally, she's there. Perfectly and sooooo sexy. Thanks Totem
Not my favorite but she is still a turnon
No doubt as to Stacy Silver's ability or commitment to be an uninhibited vixen. Her zippered total access costume is a plus. Her having a vulva that exceeds her oh-so-wide leather thong rocks. Schwing! My recommendation: dl & pound-the-mound.
This may be the first dominatrix card/show that VG has pulled off well. Sultry and Smooth, it really kicks when she takes the "Madonna Cones" off the top. Stacy definetly knows what she has and how to use it. :) Recommended!
I'm a Stacy Silver fan. She's a Beautiful blonde with sexy body, But... I didn't like this outfit. Not my taste.
very pretty and sexy girl,she would be a easy 10 if she had real breast
I repeat, this girl is so damn hot, even if this is her worst card, but I have to give her an 8/10.
ProsOutfit(9/10). Perfect fit for Stacy in both style & attitude. Gotta love the tear-away pasties! Variety(9/10). Lots of different clips including props, closeups, & a ton of "explicits." Sexiness(9.5/10). This is where Stacy really excels. Very explicit w/ lots of pussy play & masturbation(everything except penetration). If u are looking for naughty, here she is.ConsMoves(8/10). Only slightly better than avg., especially on pole. Her stripping is good though. Length(8/10). Slightly better tha...
ein bischen entteuscht bin Ich von dieser Show, aber immerhin noch 7 Punkte.
I guess we all have our own taste in things. This tasted so bad I took it out of the play list the first time she popped up in my rotation. If you like pornstars this would be great, but not for me. Also don't like augmented boobs, and it looks like someone has hacked her nipples. There are a lot of great girls here, and this was my first card of hers. Maybe it was just a bad choice for me. I'm gonna need some convincing to drop another credit on this.
Sexy girl, alright dancer. I not really buying that outfit. I rate this card as a seven.
Her 2nd show and while I did purchase when availble for 1 ticket yesterday I don't recommend this show. Stacy has one of the worst boob jobs I have ever seen. She also is like a car with high mileage nice once, but worn out. If your thing is a woman with big boobs you may enjoy this show with the dominatrix theme.
This card...where to start. To say it blatantly, I don't like this card. I personally find the cone shape tits of the outfit...a big turn off. She does remove the..."cone" part, but only to uncover her bad-looking boobs. I prefer naturals, and these are bad implants. I dislike the outfit and I dislike her boobs. However, she is very explicit. I really like it when girls are explicit, but it doesn't save this card for me. If you don't mind fake boobs, and think the outfit looks sexy, maybe this i...
rated 6, expected more.. she is more like a standard blond girl now.. (Offcourse I had to whish that such a pretty girl was lying next to me..) but i found here face a bit old..
Tats, leather, sexy face, I thought this card would be a great one for me but it was a waste. All I got was a once beautiful woman ruined by grotesque implants. I hope all you guys who enjoy scars and plastic like her but I don't. Different strokes for different folks.
Top card, really sexy outfit.
Absolument fantastique, renversante, j'adore. Stacy, je veux bien être ton esclave, c'est quand tu veux. Bravo !
Quel beau visage de rêve cette Stacie. Une beauté parfaite. Ses seins son faux mais beaux. Petite chatte appétissante a souhait. elle donne un excellent spectacle et nous montre sans hésiter ses parties intimes. Stacie, il est si facile de se laisser aller dans des phantasmes cochons avec toi ma beauté divine. Définitivement une de mes favorites...un 12/10
Une femme très belle et très convaincante dans son show. 8/10
trés tres chaude cette jeune femme,les carresses sont assez explicites
Show très original et très réussi!!! Stacy est une vrai pro et elle aime le sexe!!! Son corps est parfait , avec un cul d'enfer , une chatte très jolie avec de très belles lèvres et des seins bien gros!!! Elle se caresse avec avidité et frénésie... Je suis d'accord avec certains membres qui réclament des dildos... Stacy serais exceptionnelle avec un bon gode car elle ne plaisante pas et elle est très excitée :)))
Merci pour ce show plus osé que beaucoup d'autres 10/10 !
Un seul défaut, la poitrine n'est pas naturelle, dommage, sinon elle serait quasi parfaite à tout point de vue.
pas térrible pour une beautée pareil on attendait détéste les tatoos mais bon a chacun son plaisir.en fait rien de bien nouveau! a voir sous d'autres préstations.8/10
Von einem Erotikstar erwarte ich , das ich ALLES sehe!! Da sind ja viele Amateure offener!! Ansonsten nicht schlecht. Aber wenn man diese Karte nicht hat , ist es auch nicht schlimm!!Maximal eine 6.
Ich habe Stacys-Show für nur ein Ticket erstanden,aber das habe ich schon bereut.Zugegeben das Outfit ist heiß,auch hat Stacy eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit mit Pamela Anderson,aber ihre Silikontitten sind so etwas von abtörnend für mich,das ich das eine Ticket schon bereut habe.Irgendwie hat da der Schönheitschirurg ganz schön gepfuscht.Also Stacy(auch mit anderen Shows) kommt mir nicht mehr auf mein Desktop,selbst wenn man mir alle Shows von ihr schenken würde.
3.9 (1808 votes)

Glamour party

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 355 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (83)

Stacy Silver is my favorite by far! Please don't ever stop moving your body. Thank You
A girl like Stacy Silver is harder to find here than a squirter on Deskbabes. Why? Because she is wearing an ankle bracelet ;) More bonus points because she is wearing it with those sexy sandals. I highly recommend this card!
no tengo palabra para expresar lo mucho que me gusta esta muger
Was für eine scharfe Frau und diese geilen Augen 10/10.
Incredible in the black lingerie. Sexy. Hot . Perfect. a 10
This is one of my favorite cards done to date. Ms. Silver drives one wild with an intensity that nearly can stop a heart. THer movements are rhythmic, her gaze unyeilding, and her coyness so engrossing, it is not possible to focus on anyting else. A pure 10 of 10.
omg! this girl is amazing! so hot!
Stacy has long been one of my all-time favorites. Beautiful, alluring, so sexy!
super, sexy, sinnlich - schön - eine meiner Favoritinen!
a part les faux seins tout est beau moi j'adore , bon show en plus , une carte que je ne regrette pas .
Super Hot ! Like a lot!
WOW...Simply fantastic, she's "smokin Hot"
wow... beautiful tits
What can I say, a bombshell blond in the sinfully naughty, little black dress.Stacy may be the sexiest girl on VGHD. It takes a certain air to be a super sex bomb. Stacy has the mouth, eyes and face to pull it off. Couple that with a tight body, long well proportioned legs and some of the best silicone boobs on VGHD and you have a card that rates in the top ten.The only thing I can down grade her on is that she lacks the really small waist that gives a girl a great set of hips. But who cares whe...
is Hot Hot wow more more cards.
Geile Blondine und sie ist ja auch noch ein Pornostar da weiß sie wo es lang geht. Sie hat einen schönen Körper ok sie hat Fake Titten aber es gibt schlimmeres sie macht es weg durch ihre Fotze und dem Arsch. Die Show ist auch nicht schlecht.Ich gebe 10 Punkte
She is the Queen of Virtual Girl. Es atrevida, súper erótica. Ufff!!! Te vas a volver locooooooo!!!! Cómprala, no te vas a arrepentir.
OMG I am so in love WWWOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
Perhaps I didn't comment on this one. I was getting her mixed up with Sendy Silver, but she is prettier and better proportioned. Yes, I think her breasts are perkier than natural, but I don't get bent out of shape about it. I would focus on how devoted she was to me. A woman to spend your life with, if she acted right.
I would have to say the best,most sexy girl on here.Complete blonde bombshell.Heard some of you complain about her fake tits...Would you kick her out of bed??? I wouldn't. A 10+++
jestes piekna hot girl
Stacy is hoTT...!!! I may be wrong, but she reminds me of Pamela Anderson. She's got hoTT bods, very playful, explicit, too...thanks VGHD...!!!
OMG! She is so sexy! She is the best, for me! 10+
I haven't seen all of Stacy's performance and I've already given her a 10. Matter of fact, she's dancing as I'm typing. OMG! I'm in love. But then I've been in love with Stacy from the first moment I saw her a couple years ago. She's my dream woman. I worship every inch of her. And I do mean every inch. So I guess I don't have to say she's my favorite. And the bonus pictures of her are awesome, too. Please give us more of Stacy.
I try not to go on the record saying this or that girl is the finest woman in the world but she's pretty damn close. In my humble opinion she's a 10.0 no doubt.
Just 10 !!!!! is anyting of wrong to say on this model and this card. I don't want to explain of her. If you want , just buy her. Belive me, she too hot. 10 forever !!!
Just excellent!!! Great body, nice moves and seems to enjoy playing with herself. I give this a 10 for sure
Forget about the fake boobs! This chic is gorgeous, has sexy aggressive moves and one of the nastiest pussy plays of my collection so far. I gave this card a 10.
Probablily the best babe in VG. !OH MY GOD.¡
hot-hot-hot with the legs of a goddess. Loved the performance and over looked the implants simply because like most women, they'll do most anything to please self-centered egotistic men!! What a shame thou.
Stacy is becoming my favorite....;) More cards please.10+
Absolutely amazing. Her body is perfectly propotion in every way. Gorgeous legs, amazing hips, and perfect breasts. I even love the tatoos. I will definitely keep her in my collection and look forward to more cards
Wow, she is hot! She gives the most explicit, sensual, and seductive show I've seen from the virtualgirls….; More Please, I'll buy as many cards of hers as they will release. thanks Totem for the addition of the pornstars. I believe there's a few of us that appreciate there openness and sensuality!
Damn! She is hot. Hope to see more of her. She is outstanding in her show. Very seductive, hot bod.
I would like to tell you that this girl, can not keep her hands away from her OUTSTANDING PUSSY & LIPS, don't like the TAT but the Bonus Photo's are Great!! I wish that the shots that were there that she would do in the video chips (But Not), HINT SPREADING Her Pussy WIDE OPEN !! OUTSTANDING LARGE PUSSY LIPS!!! 10/10 Please get some Real High Heels like the Strippers wear !!
I once stated in the VirtuaGirl forum that I was madly in love with the Hints & Tips lady from VirtuaGirl - and this clip is evidence enough why I still am! Stacy Silver reminds one of a Scandinavian lady, a woman from the north, but in your fantasy she could be a lot of things. Her full blonde hair leave the impression of a seductive nordic nymph. She could be a young and unspoiled version of Pamela Anderson or a more erotic and shameless version of Michelle Hunziker in your fantasy. However, h...
AWESOME SHOW...The show is way better if you don't fade when the nasty parts come. SO,DON'T DO THAT on her UPCOMING SHOWS(hint)I give her show a 10...I don't care if her boobs are fake,they look okay to me.
Verry Nice show!!! but you move to fast. be sesual!!!!
Pretty nice show and body, good size tits and not afraid to show off her wares. Likely been around enough that she's not a virgin lol but still a very fuckable looking gal, give her a 9
Oh yes! 10.
Perfect 10! Must Have Card!!!!!!!
Thank you V-girl for bringing back Stacy!!..I hope to see more of her Sexy Hot Body if the future...
Nice body, nice show.
I've had this card for the longest, and I can't believe that I never rated it. Allow me to correct this travesty.Pros - she looks like a Penthouse pet, absolutely hot; she has some of the best muscled legs on VG; you see exceptional showmanship, very good moves, energy, and eye contact; she is certainly not afraid to get explicit (she loves to flash her ass and pussy)Cons - not the best boob job I've seen, but not the worst either (see Sarah and Pussykat)Stacy is not only great on the eyes, she...
STACY IS ONE HOT and, BEAUTIFUL GIRL. I have other cards of her and I like this outfit. She does have a GREAT BODY. I rate her on this card 9/10, only because I have other card.
I agree with Pappy. I'm not a fake boob or tatoo lover, but her performance is fantastic!
I have seen shows rated more than 9 that are NOTHING comparing this one... UNDERRATED
Elle n'a qu'un défaut, sa poitrine est refaite, dommage sinon elle serait parfaite, 9 quand même.
She is another warriors women. Tatoo, bigger boobs, shaved.... She isn't the prettiest of the class, but is a good card for your collection. There are many more... of course. But Stacey have a correct implication, not like others. Rating: 9/10
Totally fake: Fake hair, fake breasts, probably fake eyelashes, but somehow it still works. Very stripperific.
I agree with you guys!
I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Stacy at her finest.
Great body!! Knows hows to dance and make you want more so worth it for sure!! Just dont like the tattoo on her arm.
would like to see more of her, she is hot!
Ultra vulgar but... HOT!
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss... Yeahh , Stacy . Except fotr the tats!!!
We have waited so long. Finally, she's there. Perfectly and sooooo sexy. Thanks Totem
I think Stacy is a very nice addition to my collection very nice dancer and great looking. Bought her card sight unseen and was very satisfied.
vary nice new girl, smoth moves and great body.
Beautiful tits....but compared to some VG's her face is'nt the best & im not really a face or arm tatoo's on women but she still is HOT to trot!
Stacy Silver is very attractive, she has that rock video girl look going on. I suggest watcher her strip and move to the song - "Crazy Bitch", by Buckcherry. Ooh yeah!
Oh yeah, she's HOT HOT! That tat takes a little away, but she's so fricking beautiful who cares!
hm i must say that i don't like her as much as i thought i would after seeing pictures in the forum and the picture on this card. She looks good surely but somehow she just doesn't do it for me. Somehow she comes across too cold to get me hot :-) I give this show an 8. Nur sure if i buy more cards of her. That will depend on the bonus photos and the preview.
Nice ouyfit and nice face, also she isn't on of my favorite.I thought from her more explixits, but the show is just quite fair.
Those are some extremely stiff boobs, even for a fake set.
yea she is a little fake,but i wish one of those tit's would bust in my mouth,and she is not that good thing is that she will show you it all
I like Stacy, but I'm not dancing around the room. Let's explain it this way. I have Playboys of Pamela Anderson prior to her boob job. She was perfect. Quite exciting! Stacy has similar beauty. I can envision Stacy prior to her implants so I really like her. I don't think they are bad. She must have gotten the more expensive ones.
Nasty breast enhancement.. They look like they might explode..Good thing this card was discounted. Won't hurt as much when I delete. I realize everyone has different taste, but
looks ok show ok, but for me these are no good breasts and the tatoo is not a turn on for me - very average
je n'aime pas des filles artificielles, faux seins, faux corp pfffff
Dead boring!!What a waste of money!!
I first saw Stacy as a tiny, blurred girl dancing on my desktop, and I was hooked. Now she's back and... Too much collagen, too much silicone, and too much (OTT) performance. Some memories are best left in the past.
Disgusting fake boobs, a clear 0.
Extremely sexy woman. Great show.
inmejorable!!!!! aun tengo temblores la mejor de toda la coleccion
Yeah,nice Body!!! Your swing is tooooooo hot!!! I look you any morning!!! Thanks,Stacy,for the dance!!!
Une véritable bombe atomique cette blondinette. Ce sont des filles comme Stacy que je désire voir sur VGHD, j'espère qu'il y en a d'autres en réserve et plein de shows de la belle. En revanche, je pense que le tour de poitrine annoncé sur sa fiche (76) est faux.
heißes outfit und ne gute show und anschauen lässt sie sich auch sehr nett, erinnert mich irgendwie an pam anderson. 9/10
c'est une valeur sure... plaisir pour les yeux... Pro... que du bon... ca faut largement 2 tickets...
Tres jolie cette pornstar
la ville de Brno a beau donné de très belle femme, il n'en reste pas moins que je préfère Morgane qui est originaire de cette ville. Concernant son show, il est bien,très belle paire de seins lol. presque tout y est pour lui mettre 10. je mets 9/10
Too much mouvement for ... what !?
Very desappointed, she used to be gorgeous but her breast job is simply horrible ! Plastic surgeons are butchers that kills women natural beauty to turn them in plastic dolls, imho, and that's another sad proof of it...

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