• City: Lille
  • Country: France
  • Age: 19 y.o.
  • Height: 5.58 ft.
  • Weight: 112 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 37" / 26" / 37"

A shy new performer who just recently became nineteen years of age, Silver is like a butterfly finally ready to step out of her cocoon to take on the world. The real excitement about her is watching inner-strength build like a growing flower as she discovers herself.

Number of shows: 4

Silver's shows

1.7 (1461 votes)

Beauty Queen

  • Shows: 34 clips
  • Duration: 19 min.
  • Bonus photos: 38
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 146 MB

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User comments (62)

So beautiful I love the way she moves and shows het wonderful body it is just great to watch her dance.
very beautiful
i like her body
This little honey was one of my first cards, and she is one of my favorites. Not only is she in great shape, but her spunky "you wish" style of teasing really does it for me. She is obviously very confident with herself and is a lot of fun to watch.
I like Silver and have added this card to my favorites. All you guys out there bitching about her performance don't know what you are talking about. This leatherneck gives her a 10/10.
With this card she shows us her Katy Perry additude, and that is so HOT she deserves a higher rating than the bottom 4. A 10+ from me.
I would hardly describe Silver as shy but she is sexy, cute and quirky. I also disagree about some of the other comments about her outfit, make up and hair style which I think match her individual style and cookiness. She has really cute tits and those eyes and that sexy pout make me really wet. I bet she would make a very sexy dominatrix. I love Silver.
Agree with those who liked her. She is really different with a number of surprises,- the things you are looking for when got a couple of hundreds of regular girls. She is a very stylish in her behaviour and my only proposal could be to add some explisitness. Hope Totem is in connection with all their girls and will bring her for shooting again. It would be a good idea for every girl that when they invited for shooting againg they would appear with some small changes (I mean bold/heary,tanned/wit...
I don'y care what anyone says !Silver I think is one very hot babe here!
I like her, she has a nice kick ass body, she looks soft and she is pretty too.
she's cute not the best but she's very cute
I dissagree with some of these coments,I dont see how anyone can say she isnt sexy,cute girl lovely body,and good moves.I liked her very much
Like the last post I do not understand you guys. Silver is hot!!!!!!! This is one of my favorite cards. Sweet and sexy to me is one powerful combo. I hope she comes back for more!
I do not know what you guy are taking about, to me she has that great look about her,i would love to have her by my side and i would take her home to meet my mom and dad. To me she a 10+ more star.she know what she want and will get what want in life, by hat off to you love.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Very Very nice and a real beautiful girlxx A Very Merry Christmas To You Sliver x
I know this is different from a lot of other users views but I'm going to say that I like Silver. Granted she is not "sexy" as in the traditional sense of the word but I enjoyed this show and totally got the vibe of what she was putting out ( A petulant snooty beauty queen) and for me the effect worked. She does do a sweet sexy striptease in one of the styanding clips where she shows you everything and there are lots of variety and cookiness in her other clips both on the taskbar and the other s...
My first card of Silver and I like it. Will get more of her. Lovely lady with a great body.
I love Silver. So pretty and her blue eyes are stunning. A very cooky quirky girl. My favourite so far. I have no idea why her other commenters dont like her. She is a one off and I think she's great.
I think Silver is gorgeous! Nice natural body and a pretty youthful face. However her performance is cheesy and over acted. Perhaps it is her youth and inexperience, and also totems inexperience because her hair is equally as cheesy. This is after all card number one, and I feel that totem has gotten much better at directing, dressing and primping their models over the past several years. There is a newer Silver card numbered 266 with a high 9.67 rating as of now. I do plan to get it eventually.
Silver > why taking such name; this girl needs to learn a lot, such as self-esteem, relaxation, body-language; and attitudes whenever performing. She has a great body and an attractive face that she can use to be a top performer. She just needs some directions to be able to achieve her goals. At present my rating is not around the top marks.
Skinny but I like her style. She looks good in her panties. Strange hair style though.
I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong here? Silver is a very pretty, delightful young girl; she’s full of fun and humour with a cheeky smile. She has a great body: nice white skin, mass of jet black hair, firm breasts, fit arse and lovely, long legs, but still she doesn’t do much for me. She doesn’t seem to know how to love her own body or how best to show it off to provoke and arouse a man. Its probably just the inexperience and inhibition of youth – if you give her chance and watch her long en...
This is probably one of Silver's best shows, but unfortunately that's not saying a lot! Silver is really cute but doesn't show any enthsiasm or sexuality which leave her shows a bit flat. Maybe Virtuagirl could remaster some of the early cards and bring them up to standard!
Come on guys ... its not so bad as 6.37! There are much worst shows here. 8 from me - nothing special, just usual early VGHD show - boring, non-explicit.
Silver is a delectable blue eyed tasty treat with a luscious figure, beautiful ivory skin, firm ripe titties and small pink areolas. She is playful and seemingly innocent at times. Her overall dancing and erotic level is only average but that describes many of the girls here. Her low rating is not justified. My rating: 8
She is Lovely.i will buy your show again
The early cards have some great appeal to them. Granted, not much is revealed for the bulk of the clips, but once she gets going, Silver shows off her exquisite body with gusto. This isn't the greatest outfit and her dancing isn't the best, but I enjoyed her performance nevertheless.
Silver - this girl is so complicated beauty that disputes about its external qualities can go forever. I can not say I really sympathize with that model, but if it gets in my rotation I did not switch it. Just pay less attention than others. I even he still can not decide which I like it or not. I think 7 is more true than 6. The collection will not spoil it, but the star of her name, too, is impossible. In general, decide for yourself.
nice young fresh a fine body performance poor
Just a test by a mod
Have to agree with Oquijan, The hair and make up kill it. Hairstyle was popular in 1945, but doesn't work for her. She has an awesome body though. Not a bad card but not one of my faves.
I think she has a cute lil ass ( I usually like more shape 2) and face. Nice tits 2 but the show doesn't excite very much
Ok, ok, we've all heard how Silver's show isn't the most she doesn't dance all to she doesn't seem to be all that "jazzed" about getting you horny. And you know, I can't really disagree with any of those things. But, ya know what? I like Silver. There's something about her that's just different, and to me that makes her cool. Maybe not the first girl I go to if I wanna be in a hot mood, but I must admit I'd love to chat with her to find out what's going on in that cooky hea...
This is a card I was leery of to spend tickets on, but I got as part of a Booster Pack where I liked everyone else. That being said, this card is slightly better than what I expected it to be. As this card is numbered #1, it's a card where the bar really hasn't been set in the VirtuaGirl world and it shows. Most of SILVER's sets are very short with a whole lot of nothing going on. SILVER is attractive, has nice breasts and a good body. She displays a mildly playful personality and her few longer...
I think if you compare her performances to the girls after her, she does a very good dance. I liked her performances. I will give her a nine.
Nice like all VG models,but she has forgotten what smiling means:not the best one.
I think some of you guys are being far too harsh on this lady. She is not the best dancer, but equally, she isn't the worst. She has a very nice body and a pretty face. The only suggestion I'd make is that she smiles more...she has a beautiful smile, and when she uses it, she lights up the screen. You keep doing what you do, Silver - I'll keep watching you. And smile, babe! :)
Con questa ho già la tua terza performance, non è la migliore ma sei sempre Carina lo stesso !!
As The First Artist from Totum she is wat I expected from an internet program good but she doesnot smle.
very pretty girl, love those eyes, lovely body, but her movements are awkward
much better than the last show of hers I saw, but that's not saying much. She still needs to smile more, or at least lose that continuous, terrible pouty look she trys to do. She dances better in this one than her road work card, but its still nothing special. eh, I don't like her. 6/10: not recommended
I do like SILVER, I think she did well being one of the first Dancers here at VG. I wonder what she would do if she were to try again. As for this card, I did like it though I only rate it at a 6. I thought the whole routine to be average, I was mostly disappointed that Silver's expressions never changed while she did her dancing. The outfit did not bring her out on my screen. Silver does have a good natural body, no tattoos, and a lot of hair. She does come across as a Friendly woman. Good Luck...
Nice body, but there are no expressions and feelings in her face. Sorry this show is quite a big disappointment.
Nice try but without effect!!! Just overpass this card!
Well, nothing against Silver, she is a nice model whith a nice body, but the problem is Thath this is an older card and is not compare with the new cards, the grafic is not good and the model moves bad. Only 2 clips "Nudity" and not at a good level. I repeat, nothing against the model, but this is my opinion !!!
This chick is a boring nerd.
So, after tonight I will have all four of her cards and all I can say is thank heaven there are no more. Terrible waste of $1.32. All cards have been/will be deleted.
so not impressed with silver fav metak suxx as a dancer...
A total waste. I got 3 of her cards as a free download and paid to much for her,
Lame! Lame! Lame! She is a wasted day on my calender. I don't understand how she got this gig. Must be related to someone on totem.
Bad kitty, not worthy
She French She Has Pretty Face But She Has No Style Her Show Is Null And Painfull To Watch If Your In To Pain This Is The Ticket.
ke-rist---this is AWFUL----delete
What the fuck is wrong with this chick? Her job is to strip and make guys hot and horny and she fucking sucks at it. She is average or below average in almost every way when compared to other girls on this site. She needs to do some fucking hot pussy play to set herself apart or at least to vie for a spot on my hard drive. There are so many other chicks that have the middle of the road looks or body but they step up to the plate and try to look hot by great dancing or showing the goods. Silver n...
OK.... I will try to keep this as nice as I can, but it isn't easy. From her herky-jerky movements to her absolutely NON-EXISTANT chemistry with the camera, this so-called "Dancer" is, as another member stated, a total waste of time. VERY POOR QUALITY dancer in ALL of her cards.... Geez Totem, what were you thinking with this one? Space filler??? Anyway, I can't imagine this gal working even a mid quality club, and FORGET ABOUT a Good to High quality club!! If she came around to our table lookin...
I agree with zentegu on the fact that she looks like a total slut... but I will add I think she is a ugly slut, cant dance and a waste of toolbar space.. cant believe Totom is still using her... and what is that growing out of her spud there.. is that some kind of mutation??? Only thing I can say nice about her is I like her breast, but thats all. two thumbs way down.. no stars baby
Probably her best outfit and card.
Silver hat einen sehr schönen Köper. Sie hat weibliche Rundungen und dazu perfekt passende Brüste, ist aber dennoch sportlich und schlank. Die Show ist OK könnte jedoch etwas mehr Pepp vertragen. Sie zeigt ihre komplett rasierte Muschi, aber leider nicht in Nahaufname. Ihr Gesichtsausdruck gefällt mir überhaupt nicht. Wirkt irgendwie künstlich, unbeholfen und überhaupt nicht anmachend. 7 Punkte.Alter: 19 Jahre, Größe: 1,70 m, 94/66/94, Gewicht: 51 kg, BMI: 17,6 THV: 0,70 Kopfhaar: brünett, Scham...
Un corps naturel de toute beauté et un bon déhanchement, tout les atouts pour réussir réunis ici dans ce show décevant mais porteur d'avenir, si tu te lâchais. ( Sourire et un peu plus de coquinerie et tu seras un top !)
Silver ist sehr schlank, hat lange Beine und (gut zum Körper passende) kleine Titten. Sie trägt ein Bauchnabelpiercing und ein rundes Tattoo über dem knackigen Po. Sie hat eine komplett rasierte Muschi und einen sehr steifen Gesichtsausdruck. Das Retro-Outfit macht einen hochwertigen und sexy Eindruck, ich stehe aber nicht so sehr auf diesen Style. Dennoch ist es eine gute Show. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man allerdings vergeblich... (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
1.7 (1529 votes)

Cheeky Girl

  • Shows: 45 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 36
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 202 MB

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User comments (76)

she is one of my favourites
This show really endeared me to her greatly. She has "a way" that makes me want to cheer her on.They said she is new at this, so I think that a lot of the nay-sayers who posted previously should bear that in mind, and everybody give her a chance to warm up and find her sea legs. I really like her so far and hope to see more from her in the future.
This card and "Beauty Queen" are two of her best. 10/10.
well.. i for one am completely in love with her. she has a hot body and a beautiful face. lookswise she's the perfect woman for me.
WTF, you (I use the word loosely) people are a trip! She move more that Nesty, Maggie, Axelle Parker, Jenna Sweet for sure. Many others too I just don't want to list them all. But she has a monster clit, looks like she has a little dick! Would love to play with her for a while. Beautiful body.
You all are being too hard on this girl. She's got a very pretty face, and one of the best bodies on this site. I wouldn't turn her down, and I'm sure nobody else would either. Who gives a crap if she can't dance all that well (I personally think she does alright), I've seen worse. I'm not here to critique her dancing anyway, I just wanna see her naked! I give her a 10
This performance seems a bit out of focus/fuzzy. But still a beauty and worth adding to your collection. (Don't expect a lot from the performance, her face is usually in a defiant expression of sorts.)
Silver is a real cutie! If you're after cute girls, dancing about, teasing and having fun on your desktop then Silver is a must have. I had the free trailer, and bought this with one of my free tickets.Put on a song like Snakes and Ladders by Switches (you'll see why when you see how she dances) sit back, relax and enjoy the show.It's all pretty light hearted/softcore, so don't be expecting explicit material/much nudity, she's not the best dancer ever, but she definitely tries, which is nice to...
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star*****
Σκέτη ελαφίνα,μωράκι μου εσύ.
The more I look at Silvers shows the more I like her.
Silver isn't among my favourite girls, but I have a real soft spot for her and this is my favourite of her cards (closely followed by "Beauty Queen").She is a lovely looking girl with an endearing charm I find difficult to resist. Her performance style is quirky, unusual and always makes me smile (even laugh out loud at times).Most of the clips in her shows tend to be short with nothing explicit, but there is often something out of the ordinary about them that makes them worth seeing.In many of...
Silver - a very attractive young beauty who do only one thing wrong till so far; i guess she doesn't like to flirt with the audience or the camera. Her body is gorgeous and when she smile it seems like the sun come up! Whatever other's did telling about Silver, i have to rate "Cheecky Girl" with a 9 :-)
Eh bien, si j'avais su qu'il y avait d'aussi jolies demoiselles à Lille, j'y serais plus souvent! Bises de Dunkerque, et si je puis me permettre, ton surnom n'est pas approprié: ces yeux là méritent de l'or!Well, if I had known there were such beautiful ladies in Lille, I'd go there more often! Kisses from Dunkerque, and if I may, your nick isn't well chosen: those eyes deserve gold!
This is my second card of Silver's and I still like her. In this one she looks a lot sexier with her hair lose than she does in Beauty Queen and she performs a lot slower and without all the pouting and quirks showing exactly what I said on my review of that card that that is the persona she was trying to convay. She is in no way ugly as some reviewers wrote she's cute and interesting. It was nice to see the what the boots looked like with a dress this time and I liked what she was wearing, alth...
Une belle brune bien séduisante, malgré de rares sourire. Le teint clair de sa peaux douce est mise en valeur par sa robe grise. Elle sait preuve d'une pointe d'humour rafraichissante. Les proportions de son corps sont agréables, et plus particulièrement ses seins. Elle nous donne des clips ridiculement court. On a guère l'occasion de voir, son corps nue dans ensemble, ce qui ne permet guère de voir son petit tatouage. Toutefois, cette carte reste une carte de bonne qualité
I like Silver! This card is alright could have been longer and more explicted,but it is like alot of VG cards that way. Is my second card of her and will buy more if I can get them for 1 buck.
The idea of taking down the knickers/thong/whatever before lifting the skirt is a good one (though not new), and I'm surprised more girls don't use it. That said, the performance was otherwise unimaginative, and the make-up likewise. A brunette with that sort of colouring needs eyebrows to make her eyes flash, and any girl of whatever complexion needs a more mobile mouth.
This girl is so cute and innocent looking. She has a great smile and fantastic bedroom eyes, but some of her dances are repetitious and cliched. I'm not saying she isn't worth the tickets, though. I give her an 8 based on cuteness alone.
She is a Gorgeous girl and she has a beautiful body but she is shy when it comes to showing anything. I read the other Comments on the Other cards of her and its just the same thing. She is gorgeous but I want more of her not being so like shy
Cute enough. Not nearly naked enough.
well, interestingly, ALL the comments are correct of silver; both good and bad! she wears a weird nazi gray dress with nazi boots, hhmmmmmm. she doesnt get explicit, even in her bonus photos. on the plus side, there is no denying she is hot and worth seeing naked. she does get fully naked AND you can linder as long as you want with her bonus photos enlarging them if neccessary to see all you want. she shows it all, just doestnt get explicit about it. for the pennies you pay per ticket she is wor...
very cute girl.pretty smile and lovely hair.has a great set of tits.they are very beatiful and firm.but she needs to strip and let us see the rest what looks to be very nice.i would really like to see more of this girl...........7
It's not that she isn't sexy, she just doesn't turn me on,at leased not until she turns around then I, find my self saying "I'd hit that!"
Wow ! Silver !! Sei molto Carina , veramente Sexy ed eccitante , sei proprio bella, WOW !!
nice young fresh a fine body performance poor
She is a gorgeous young woman, but like many of the older cards the video is not the best. More nudity would have made it a lot better.
Ahh Silver. The girl who is so damn cute and teases and teases and teases and teases...........just too bad nothing ever really seems to come of it. Definitely not the best show (and also not the best of her collection), and she'll leave you feeling frustrated because you just NEED to see more, but she's got such a cute face.........Despite the subpar show I'll still give her a 6/10 for being a cutie.
Cute pretty nice body.MORE NUDITY! I can love this girl,more nudity, and some explicit. She can be A HIT!
Cheeky ..... but that was all :-(
I really like this outfit, but I wish she spent more time OUT of it in this set. Nearly two thirds of this set are clothed poses, but once it gets good, she's not half bad.
this girl looks like she's sick
Has a lovely cute arse and her moves are not as bad as others have written - they just need to be more confident
Really felt sorry for the girl. Had this been a real show there would have been a lot of hissing. Unfortunate.
I think she started showing a strong personality and attitude at first, but then... the attempt of smile, and I think that just ruined it. It is nice that the only thing she was aiming for was Erotism, but then, that's not for everyone. Work on that attitude girl! :D
Yawn...Is she done yet?
10/10 worthy really? After the first time I watched this card I was so unthrilled, that I had to warm up with a pipe wrench, flamethrower, and a pitcher of hot water.....
her longest show and yet I'm glad I only spent 1 ticket on her how boring her eyes don't move at all like she was watching some one give her cues
Once again ... why does VG insist on taking average looking models and then going out of their way to make them look as bad as possible? Cards like this are my biggest pet peeve about VG. At least try, okay?
Hahahahahaha, great show, for a laugh, but nothing else. WTF is that clawing thing she does? This girl is pretty, nice body and all. She's also a great comedian. man I needed that pick me up this morning...
My cat has more expression on its face.Her body is not bad but she does'n know how to use it.her performance looks like she is dancing for herself in front of a mirror NO SEX APPEAL. I rate it a 4 good thing this one was a freebee with membership.
This is the second time I've been disappointed by this girl, Either I have seen her worst shows or she is just bad at this. booooooorrrriiiiiing rating her a 4
Very bad show, DO NOT waist your money on this one
?????? ???? ????? :( ??? ?????? ??????? ?? ????? ???
Nice body, but there are no expressions and feelings in her face. Sorry this show is a big disappointment.
A total failure as uscual...! Ignore this card!!!
Some women just aren't meant to be exoctic dancers.
Sorry not my type, not as interesting as others in here.
No way, just a card of delete. Sorry, but not a show at good level !!!
I don't like Silver, she is strange. Please totem to delete her:D
very boring delete and forget not enough nudity
she's a robot. not worth a ticket unless you want to bore yourself.
Are you guys kidding me? 31 no nudity, 10 topless and 2 full nudity clips? Not a problem if a girl like Viki or Morgane with a pretty face and/or a luscious body dances fully clothed. Unfortunetely.... 0.5 for each nude clip = 1/10.
She has HUGE potential to be the best. It appears that she knows how to move. She's very attractive and has an impressive body. Her show, unfortunately, is very boring as it appears that she doesn't even want to be there. Oh, the attitude needs to go too. I had her downloaded as part of my subscription and there she is waving a finger at me and holding a sign saying "Buy me". WTF? Good thing there are LITERALLY 200+ more girls to choose from.
this card is boring do not buy this card don't wased your credit's on this..
Rubbish 0/10
Bien qu'elle soit mignone, c'est tout ce qu'elle a. La danse est monotone, les show sont très cours et très creu. Niveau niduté on ne voit presque rien. Son regard est trop accé sur qqch mais on sait pas quoi. Je déconseille.
Looks old, bad manicured most, wpr out, stressed, unmotibated. Is that aface or a mask? You can't tell. Horribly bad
thought these were strippers----zero-----delete-----dollars wasted
Remove this girl from VGHD. Don't torture my feelings.
This chick has average looks and nothing else. She doesn’t even try to set herself apart from the other hot average chicks. Bitch needs to learn to show her fuck hole more and stop scratching at my computer screen; WTF kind of mime dance shit is that? Scratch your pussy not the screen, 0/deleat.
Not worth the price of the ticket, Deleted,
Unfortunately the first of my full shows that has come through since joining recently. Pretty terrible really- moves awkwardly, no smiles, not a sexy performance at all. Shame because she IS pretty and has really nice bod. I wouldn't spend any cards on this one people.
Encore une petite française super mignonne, une de celles que l'on croise dans un grand magasin à la mode se pavanant dans les rayons à la recherche quoi ? Un PAN !!!
un show moyen mais il a tout de meme des choses bonnes 7/10
Tres jolie main ne nous montre rien !
Très jolie fille, et française en plus. Mais show peu explicite. C'est dommage
Silver ist sehr schlank, hat lange Beine und (gut zum Körper passende) kleine Titten. Sie trägt ein Bauchnabelpiercing und ein rundes Tattoo über dem knackigen Po. Sie hat eine komplett rasierte Muschi und einen sehr steifen Gesichtsausdruck. Das Outfit ist sexy, besonders der zum Kleid passende Slip. Sie strippt etwas unbeholfen, aber komischerweise hat die Show dennoch ihren Charme. Vielleicht liegt das daran, das sie endlich mal ein Girl ist, was als erstes den Slip unter diesem Rock auszieht...
Silver hat einen schönen Köper, weibliche Rundungen und dazu perfekt passende Brüste, ist aber dennoch sportlich und schlank. Die Show ist eher durschnitt und könnte mehr Pepp vertragen. In den kurzen Shows bekommt man ihre komplett rasierte Muschi nur selten und niemals in Nahaufnahme zu sehen. Ihr Gesichtsausdruck wirkt langweilig und wenig anmachend. 6 Punkte.Alter: 19 Jahre, Größe: 1,70 m, 94/66/94, Gewicht: 51 kg, BMI: 17,6 THV: 0,70 Kopfhaar: brünett, Schamhaar: komplett rasiert, Piercings...
Again, one of the worst cardsw, but at least the outfit is a little better this time.
En plus du coté débutant à l'extrème du show, c'était pariculièrement rude de lui affubler une coiffure pareille, pas aider la petite, reste un physique très agréable, mais à peine entrevu.
belle gueule beau corps tenue sexy mais celà s'arréte là , ses mouvements sont nul a chier manque d'éxpérience pour ma part un 4/10 c'est déja bien payé , je suis trés déçu de cette achat !!
pas terrible
francamente no esta la grande cosa deveria ser mais desnuda.
1.2 (1339 votes)

Road Work

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 15 min.
  • Bonus photos: 40
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 114 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (66)

Well worth the purchase. I love this collection of photos. Stunning,
Silver is just so beautiful ! Got a huuuge crush on her. She's got everything it takes everywhere it takes. Her beautiful body reminds me abit of Maggie (I just dig myself this type of size/mensuration in a girl). Quite a tame card but very beautiful. Love it very much.
Silver is so hot and sexy in this show. Love the show, outfit and your hot body.
i like her body a lot
you're very kind and... you work well but... it's too damn hot! please could you keep on roading a little bit naked? ILY
I'm receiving a girl now.
Man would I like to work overtime with her!
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work
beautifull face and body, very pretty girl, lovely, natural and a little shy
Girl has a great body and she can dance. Too bad those clips are way too short. I give her an 9/10.
Thank God not all road workers look like Silver - I guess there would happen much more accidents on the streets... Silver, like most of the VirtuaGirls is a very beautiful and striking lady. I wouldn't call her shy, although there's only one single scene in this show which is far away from being explicit IMO. I'll give this show a 9/10 rating and I'm hoping that Silver will return one day to perform in a more open-hearted show. ;-)
I do not understand the low rating. Yes, she is not the best dancer. How can you overlook her beauty. Needs to learn how to dance and smile more than just when she has clothes. A smile makes a women 75% more attractive. All in all, a solid 9 of 10.
I do like the girl, Silver is very pretty and can be very sexy. Not to mention those tight-ass shorts! I love watching her young body and she has great breasts, but her show was waay too short and I think she could have done more to spice it up. Hopefully one of her other shows are better than this one. 8/10
the only real fault in this show is that it's very short...and ofcourse it would have helped if her hair was down... but in the end its not that bad of a show...
This card only has a beautiful and gorgeus girl and a big cone (which I hate) and that´s all, there´s no show to see and talk about. May be because it´s the third card in the whole virtuagirl collection. Well in that case I can understand it.
Oh dear! gorgeous girl, but needs to smile more the dead pan face doesn't do it for me, although the scene where she "accidentally" comes out without her knickers on is quite entertaining.
So far this is the most tame of Silver's cards, in fact I've had it playing for some time now and I've only seen one full strip scene. She's still nice and rather than tear her apart like a lot of you are doing I'll say that she makes a good filler card between other more direct girls. She's sweet and I've always liked her. Oh and those of you bitching about the cone it's part of the role play duh and she strips and dances around it, it doesn't get in the way at all. Put on some 70s rock anthems...
I think she's very pretty but she doesn't seem to be cut out for this. She has an odd expression on her face while stripping. I suspect stripping isn't her thing. Hope she made enough money to do what she wants. She's a pretty girl and she looks sexy with that ponytail and outfit; the pics are very nice.
nice joung fresh
this card should really be offered up for free. Not that Silver is bad in this but this card is just not technically up to scratch. very short shows.silver is the first show in vghd so it is clear that there has been a bit of uncertainty with how long totam can make the shows etc.this should be a free/bonus card for uses. not even worth 1 ticket imo
By the looks of things, this would be a generous rating. Dancing is not bad. Body is alright (nothing special) . She could smile a bit though. The only advantage that I could see for her is that she is still young an has time to learn and become better. There is a lot of potential there.
I love Silver's looks and moves, and she smiles more on this show which is always nice to see. The outfit lets her down a bit though - and what's with that traffic cone?
I would like to know where "full nudity" ends and "sexually explicit behaviour" starts ...Her 1 "sexually explicit behaviour" anim is just barely "full nudity"
wohl ein paar Kilo weggemogelt. Ein Fehlkauf!
NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!! Want something good try Morgane or Jana.
So many critic! That makes me curious. So I bought her. No regret about, I think she act really hot and sexy! Nearly always she holds her view to camera. That turns on. Her "kissing" mouth looks sexy, and when she smiles, "the light is going on". She moves like a cat, smoothly sliding around. She has very long, well formed legs and beautiful feets, I wanna lick them :-) Only the clips are very short, like the whole show is about 15min. The full nude strip clip is very ok, but I would like to see...
Not great, but miles better than Cheeky Girl. 6/10
What does it say when her interview video is the best part of this card? I agree with most of the comments - not only the outfit, but also her hairstyle here are just BAD! Just an average body and movements, also.
Nice body, but one of the worst outfits on here......
I love the outfit. Her bikini is quite nice and enhances her nudity when she starts to show her body off for the camera. Again, I wish more of the clips were fully nude, but I'll take it the way she is!
Silver At Road Work >> Here is a teen girl that is aiming too high for her breeches; she should stay home and/or pursue a fashion model career with a big fashion shop, instead of lurking herself in the skin trade. Her lips' puckering and other facial impressions are a sign of anxiety & nervous stress whilst on stage for explicit performances. It would be unhelpful to her if she gets high ratings, as low ratings will be a message to her to get out of this venture. At present she is in whole natur...
Don't like the hair or outfit. She is a pretty girl.
she can't really dance, the outfit is kinda boring, and her face is... well, odd. If she smiled more, it wouldn't be so bad. There are plenty of hotter girls on this site. She is completly unneeded. Her one explicit scene wasn't that good, and few nudity scenes. 5/10: kinda bad
this one totally blows chunks - i gave her a 5 just because she looks half decent - the shows suck, her dances suck - do not get this if you have a choice to
At least this has one of the most unique animations ever, lasts about 2 secs, comes out without any pants, screams, runs back off.
elee danse pas mal mais c'est leger,explicit behaviour (c'est pour rire).
This girl does not know ow to move. He HAS NO moves. Needs to learnd how to dance. I am not impressed with this show and her. I went through over half of the shows and NO TITs. This stripping onthe desktop, so strip. You need to take this one OFF NOW. Do not buy it. UGH
26 shows in this card - 21 feature as "no nudity", which I find a bit annoying in terms of value for money. Silver is pretty, but I can't find any other redeeming quality here. As with a lot of 'dress-up' cards, the dancer either forgets to take it off, as she does here for 21 separate shows; or she takes it off too quickly, which defeats the purpose of wearing a costume.The last few shows are good, but again, I feel Silver would have done better if she'd kept the vest while removing everything...
NUL 3/10
I think we all agree that is a beautiful girl with a nice body, but the problem is the clips, too short and with little explicit. I would love to see her pussy stripping on top of desktop. Im sorry but for all these reasons I am forced to give it 3/10.
Nice body, but there are no expressions and feelings in her face. Sorry, but I have to say NEXT.
It's a total Waste Of Money, the quality is bad to worst possible, explicit !? in another life and onli 14 minutes of show, and she is not looking to good
This card is a yawner cant waitto delete it
I was so upsed by this performance. Absoulutely poor.
I don't know how she got such a hig rating. Didn't see anything good to watch.
Wow! This is one poor card. Does she even take her outfit off? I've had her in my collection for a week, and all she has done so far was dance around a cone, and hooked (not unhooked) her vest up.
This is the worst model I've seen on VGhd HANDS DOWN. Plain and simple, this girl seems to be full of so much anxiety and stress, she can't even feel comfortable in her own body. I disagree that this model or her cards should be up for free, as it would give the wrong impression to EVERYONE about the greatness of this program. Read the reviews before you buy, AVOID THIS ONE!
Not the worst card but it's in the running. Who got drunk enough to approve publishing this one?
I have to agree with the majority on this one. Very bad. 0/10.
It must be her first time, I just had to delete this one it bad.
Total ZOMBIE, absolute shite, can´t dance, face like a pig etc... etc.... get off !!
too much time with the cone, not enough of her on her own
Is silver attractive? Sure, but most of the girls are on VGHD. That said her routine sucks and the clips are short and not enough skin. Silver is not so attractive that she can get by on beauty alone. I’ll take some skank looking slut with her fingers up her fuckhole over some bland looking prude any day. Sliver needs to spicy it up a bit to stay on my hard drive. 0/delete
This card is a joke!!! Worst than Lucianna's ones!!! Just ignore it!
c'est la plu belle de tout mai avec set photos
Silver ist sehr schlank, hat lange Beine und (gut zum Körper passende) kleine Titten. Sie trägt ein Bauchnabelpiercing, ein rundes Tattoo über dem knackigem Po und hat eine komplett rasierte Muschi. Vom Outfit her (abgesehen von der Arbeiterweste) könnte sie glatt für JÄGERMEISTER promoten. Mir gefällt dieses orange-schwarze Outfit super, und die HighHeels dazu sind EINFACH NUR GEIL! Wenn man sich vorstellt, dass sie (wie in einer ihrer 'oben ohne Shows') den Bikini für einen zur Seite zieht (na...
un peu déçu je m'attendais à mieux. 7/10
Il semble que nous soyons là au tout début de l'aventure, la fille est très jolie, mais sa prestation est des plus minimaliste, on peut même dire que le minimum syndical n'y est pas, le site a fait des progrès depuis et tant mieux, sinon il n'aurait pas survécu, dommage, il aurait été bon de revoir silver quelques centaines de fiches plus tard, mais fier soyons, la première fut ch'ti.
elle est mignone c'est tout !
i feal no conection whith this girl her face expresion has ruined every show she has done i deleeted her save your money on some one beter
Die Idee mit dem Bauarbeiter Outfit finde ich Super wurd aber leider eher schlecht umgesetzt und die Hose sieht von hinten grauenvoll aus. Sie selbst sieht ja ganz nett aus aber ihre Bewegungen sind grauenvoll. Sorry aber nur 4 von 10 Punkten.
Really not a fan of this one at all. Awful outfit, not remotely erotic to me.
Vraiment nul !
pas terrible ennuyeux sons show est vraiment zéro
Also ich finde das Gesicht und den Körper im allegemeinen nicht sehr toll bis auf die Beine und die Show ist super langweilig! 0 von 10 und wieder gelöscht.
1.0 (1360 votes)

Young Bride

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 16 min.
  • Bonus photos: 36
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 122 MB

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User comments (70)

I love this card, cute girl, erotic outfit, sexy moves and she has a pretty cute porcelan face :-)
I agree with finalfreakq.
11/10 beautiful face beautiful body.I have seen her full shows and i am very impressed.
awww my man ghostdick, and the rest of u guys she's awesome I'd give my firstborne child to b w/her!!!!
As always Silver is one hot chick and this time all dressed in white!Yea!
Sllver, a great little show. Thanks 11/10 All the best to you for 2008 x
Silver is Great!
A little modesty is nice for a change. I was reluctant to buy the card because of the rating and bad reviews, but it's actually quite nice. Granted, it's short and she could dance more, but overall it's pretty good. She has a wonderful body, and the outfit reminds me of that of a vintage pornstar or something-- definitely not for those who just want another card with the same old outfits and traditional sort of show.-One of my favorite cards to date.
I don't understand why everyone is so "Down" on Silver. She is a dish! Add to that the fact that she actually has the mammo glands to atleast try some of the less conventional outfits ( I mean geeze do we REALLY need to see every single girl in a bikini? Go to a beach!) Please people give her some credit where credit is due. She may not be every single guys fantasy but some of us out there like her type just fine. I have 2 of her cards so far and I think there great!
She is not actyallu as bad as people make her to be, but definitely not worth 2 tickets, mostly because of the lenght. The card shows it's age, and the "just turned nineteen shy girl" is probably more in her mid twenties now.
Once again I think you guys are far too harsh on this lady. She's not the best on VGHD, but she's far from the worst. She has a beautiful body and knows how to move it. I also rather like this outfit - probably the best one in any of her shows. My only complaint would be that she doesn't smile enough - she has a beautiful smile when she uses it. I'd give this show a solid 8/10.
Silver - well, i did prepaire myself to watch "the worst show ever" but - it's not you who is doing anything wrong! The outfit you're wearing at this card is boring; be honest, the panties looking like some pamper's ;-) Totem Team - have a Happy New Year - and bring us more sexy girls in 2009 :-)
Very cute but rather a lame show!
Still, a gorgeous girl. Silver is definatly one of my favorites.
She has been extremely underrated and I love it. I get what all who read bad reviews or ratings then choose not to buy doesnt, Silver. If I have one complaint its that she always leaves me wanting more. Girl: 10 Show:7
nice joung fresh
After seeing Silver's horrible No. 2 card, this one was a pleasant surprise ... in that it was at least mediocre.
Is craptastic a word?
She's probably a 9 but gets deductions for her performance and her granny diaper.
In my opinion, that hair really distracts from a beautiful girl. Get her to smile more, let her hair down and she would be at the top of the heap, not near the bottom.
For the fetishist in me - this is actually not that stocking and undy Tease & Denial from a pouty mistress...or playing to the diaper dandy in me...or acting out the shy submissive collared bride fantasy...But for the mainstream perv in me...not a good card. Too bad - Silver is actually very hot. 6/10.
Too bad that Silver has been given some unlucky cards, cause she is very beautiful indeed. Just wanted to say something in her defence
Sorry....I just can't take the diapers.And she needs to let her hair down, she doesn't look happy
not so great....
BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, that is all...........
What a waste of time. She looked as bored dancing as I was watching her!!
Glad to see that some folks really liked Silver. She's not my cup of tea though. Rather than pick her apart, I'll just move on to the next model =)
Absolutely great body. However it would be nice if she smiled a bit and danced a bit more enticing.
Nice outfit, but with the strings on the back of the corset, it made it impossible to remove. Also, since she doesn't shed the shoes, she can push down the stockings, but full nudity on this installment was impossible.
Had potential but lacks any show.
No comment!!!
pretty girl, hate the hairdo, does not do anything in the show, has possiblities but needs coaching
thank god she was a free one she has a nice body but her show sucks she moves like a robot oh well she was free
I will just agree on the past comments they hit the nail on the head with this one
just not very good
Good looking girl and outfit, but the shows are so short. I have clicked on the play button several times and seen 4 or 5 shows start but only last about 30 seconds then fade away. I can't see what she is actually capable of if she won't stay on the stage. She doesn't have to do much, just be visible.
I knew that with a membership, I would eventually get this card. When I saw it as the next card, I decided to give it a chance - hey, I couldn't stop it from arriving.I have the three lowest levels of showing disabled for general play. It makes what I see more interesting. For this show, only one clip was still being shown - the one where she takes off her diaper, er, knickers. I've deleted much better shows for disk space, and this one left me with no qualms to remove.
What the F&%k is this
In the old VG, she was one I really liked. I don't know what happened,but this is a terrible show. Totem you should be ashamed all of her cards are bad. I cannot believe you even offered this, much less charged for it.
Eeeeeek, she's got a face on her like my little niece did when some vandal brat pulled the head off her favourite dolly last week!
Nice body, but there are no expressions and feelings in her face. Sorry, deleted.
got this card in my daily subscription and deleted it
The worst show ive seen
Wenn du keine Schlaftablette hast ist sie richtig!
can i double delete this please?
Its like a zombie robot without any facial expression or emotion... oh well... 1/10 will do. Cheers
How can the staff allow shows like that?? Please a little bit of quality...
Strong candidate for title of worst card in VG. The girl had potential. But the show came out horrible.
This girl's cards are a waste of money, she shows nothin' but her face and she's not even pretty.
ne ne ne das ging schon ma besser nix tolles
Oh my god....
For 16 minutes, what do you expect, If you change the name of this show to " A VISIT WITH THE DOCTOR" , would make more sense. A quick visit, a couple of moves, very slowly takes off her clothes and delicate stockings, in less than a minute you see the line of her pussy and the show is over. And you paid her Dr.´s fees. Have a nice day, come again
nice little tits-------------
UAHHH, More like this and i kill the membership. I need compensation for pain and suffering.
I only read the first page of comments, so I am not sure how she has as high as 5.7 rating. I wouldn't kick her out of bed if I walked in and she was ready to go...but I certainly wouldn't ask her back...can't believe how bad this is. What a waste of bandwidth.
Yah, this is about the worst I've seen. The granny diapers are just terrible, and she hardly moves at all. My penis fell asleep watching this....I'm sure she's a nice gal and is probably quite pretty under other circumstances, but this was the worst...
yeah this is a bad one, I deleted her too.
I can't even find a word to describe how ill I feel after watching this show! I was not sure whether to cancel my subscription or throw my notebook out the window. The videographer should be fired just for allowing the tape to be wasted.
this so bad, it makes me want to cry, the worst part is, is that she gets paid to be this bad
Everybody but Markxx, say that this card sucks!!! I say that all the persons who created this card, need to change proffession!!!
My young bring definitely dressed and looked better than this. Moved a whole lot better too. One of the worst cards in the deck.
Elle est vraiment trop belle. J'adore les brunes aux yeux bleus, elle me fait craquer!
j'ai viré le premier,le deuxième étais juste,se luis si est un peut meilleure .pas terrible,peut mieux faire il en reste 1 ,j'en veut pas
j'aime bien sa bouille et son corps tout mignon, mais peut mieux faire !
Very sweet and charming.I love her stockings!
rien a dire pas interressante
son show young bridge pas terrible,trop lent et manque de sourire!
I just hate this card. It was an early one, but just nothing nice to say about it, really, except that silver is a very pretty woman.
Silver ist sehr schlank, hat lange Beine und (gut zum Körper passende) kleine Titten. Sie trägt ein Bauchnabelpiercing und ein rundes Tattoo über dem knackigen Po. Sie hat eine komplett rasierte Muschi und einen sehr steifen Gesichtsausdruck. Der Retro-Braut-Look bewirkt bei mir das Selbe, als würde ich mir einen Beutel voller Eiswürfel in die Hose packen. Dies ist in meinen Augen das hässlichste Outfit, was ich hier bislang gesehen habe, und 'very explicit shows' gibt es auch nicht. (Wertung: 1...
Bad card

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