Ready For The Evening

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  • Release date: August 14, 2020
  • Shows: 15 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Level: XXX
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 7

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Oliver Nanto DIRECTOR (Oliver Nanto): "We used to shoot more evening dress in the past, we do it less often but it's still a safe bet, especially with a model like Takha who quickly understood that taking off her panties while keeping the dress is one of the sexiest move in a strip tease..."

Reviews & comments

August 14
Takha was “Ready For The Evening” in a beautiful dress. She moved very supple, fluent and elegant in Standing and Pole clips. Great eye contact in the Explicit TB clips. Three

trembling orgasms left Takha exhausted on stage.

Total 15 clips divided in Standing 4, Pole 7 and On TB 4 (3 TB clips are Explicit; together 16:43; all three with fingers). Except for the intro clip in Ukrainian, there were only

a few words more spoken by Takha in her mother tongue. The rest was “ooh, aah, hmm”. Bare feet in part of all cliptypes. Starting Nude (at least no panties) two Pole and

one TB clip. Starting Real Full Nude (wearing nothing) one Standing and one Pole clip.

I like Takha and feel a strong sympathy for her. In this show with explicit TB clips Takha talks more and so we see more of her diastema than in her e-cards. In The Netherlands

every young person would get a dental brace paid by the mandatory health insurance company, if he or she had a diastema.

Takha’s figure has the right proportions: the base is broad and the top is not too broad like in architecture. I waited for this show with the dress, which was very elegant just as

the white high heels. This type of thong with a triangle at the back does a butt look good. A nice detail is the pendant necklace.

Takha moves supple and fluent; her arm and body movements are very graceful. She’s vivacious and has a perfect body control. Good use of the Pole, but without special skills.

About the TB clips: #13 starts with everything on. Takha crawls across the stage. Hand in thong, rubbing, clothes go out, more rubbing, playing with lips and a very strong climax.

#14 starts with just the dress on and #15 with dress and thong. In both clips more rubbing, more playing with lips, different postures, fingerinsertion and again very strong climaxes.

Takha has a superb contact with the viewer in her TB clips.

The rating: Standing and Pole 4,75 (well paced dance, no special skills), Taskbar 5 (was/is Takha a camgirl?), Beauty 4,85 (perfect body proportions, -0,15 diastema) and Outfit 5

(evening dress). Total 19,6/4 = 4,9 ---> 5 stars. With 4 Standing and 7 Pole clips, this card could also be interesting for those customers, who prefer e-cards.
September 21
When Takha first appeared on iStripper I was not over-struck by her and did not buy her shows.

However – I saw this one with the fabulous LBD and with her hair in a ponytail and I decided to give her a chance.

The dress suits her well – it clings to her body and her legs look really good in it. She is small-breasted but again the dress looks good. In pole clip #6 (no nudity) Takha slips the panties down from under the dress – always an arousing action. And it’s a good tease because now you are wondering what glimpses upskirt you will get in subsequent clips. In standing clip #7 she again slips the panties off first and this time you do get to see the prize! Pantyless action carries on into pole clip #9.

She moves fluidly and well – the pole is for posing though, not for any acrobatics. She has almost a bodybuilder physique – small-breasted but powerfully muscled in the legs and abdomen.

There are 5 no-nudity clips (including preview), 7 full nudity and then 3 XXX.

In the XXX clips we have sound and in no time two fingers are making sloppy sounds in her pussy. In the first clip she starts still wearing the dress and ends with a juddering climax. In the second clip she is fully dressed with shoes on before slipping off shoes and panties and rubbing herself vigorously to even more shuddering. In the third clip she talks to you – in Russian – before pulling the panties to one side and slipping two fingers in.

So – in conclusion – I’m glad I bought this because Takha gives an excellent performance.
August 15
Awesome woman. sexy, great smile. gorgeous. Like her a lot
August 20
BEAUTIFUL outfit & Young woman.I'm glad with what I got even though I turned of The Explicit clips.Thanks again & God be Praised in ALL THINGS...
September 6
This was a good show from this brown-eyed, beauty.

Of the 15 clips 3 were XXX with her using her fingers only in all 3 to her herself off in each of the 3 clips.
12 days ago
Even a simple LBD looks great on Takha. Let's hope there are more cards of her in the future. She would make a great naught *****.
September 21
OMG wow she is WOW !!!!.
August 14
Wow! Another stunning performance from Takha!
August 15
with a woman takha . not only i'll be ready for the evening i'll be ready for her.
26 days ago
Hell yeah !!!! More Takha please thankyou x
August 14
Yes I am! ("Ready For The Evening")
August 14
sexy girl
September 3
good card
August 14
Takha est très jolie dans cette petite robe noire qui ne couvre que l'essentiel, laissant deviner la beauté des formes. Malgré une poitrine un peu petite à mon goût, Takha me fait beaucoup d'effet habillée comme ça et la contempler se caresser et se doigter le minou, me donne bien du plaisir. Merci ma belle :)
August 14
Ce qui est bien avec la miss, c'est qu'elle y va directe, c'est une déterminée :)
September 9
Ah dites donc , Takha!

Quelle bout de femme!

Mon 'One Shot' est prêt pour vous , ce soir...

Merci pour les orgzasmes partagés...
August 28

It's SO MUCH MORE GOOD WITHOUT DILDO, TAKHA is just too enjoyable to be able to control me. I hope to find her in XXXshows like this 10/20
August 14
Sexy and beautiful, comfortable and comfortable

Not bad!
August 16
Over 16 min of XXX on taskbar clips. No toys.
August 28
awsome, she dances very well
August 15
So so SeXy - MEGA