Eva Colombus

Indecent Proposals

 4.38 (72 votes)

  • Release date: July 24, 2020
  • Shows: 15 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Level: XXX
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 4

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Ethan DIRECTOR (Ethan): "For her second time with a dildo - EVER - !! After the pink rabbit on the last student outfit, she now picks a bigger boy on this outfit. Very playful, and cherry on top, you’ll have some dirty talking in french.. So our french members will be pleased and all the other also, because what is sexier than a french accent ? well, nothing. period."

Reviews & comments

July 24
Eva did Indecent Propopals in French, which was very charming. The buzzing vibrator brought her to a strong climax. Creative use of the outfit with several variations made.

Total 15 clips divided in Standing 4, Pole 6 and On TB 5 (3 TB clips are Explicit; together ± 14 minutes; two with fingers and one with vibrator). No Bare feet. Starting Nude

(no panties) two Standing, two Pole and two TB clips. The TB clip with the vibrator lasts 7:47.

Eva was for me the most beautiful of all the corona-lockdown-models. Of this all black outfit I liked the dressing gown the most. The necklace was a very fine accessory, Red

lipstick and red vibrator matched perfectly in terms of colours with the black of the outfit and the black hair of Eva.

Eva is not a pro dancer, but she does a good show in the Standing and Pole clips. At least one time she executes the cheerleader stretch of a leg. Several spins as well. With

this outfit there are several variations made: starting with the everything on, starting with heels plus bodysuit, starting with heels plus dressing gown, which looks like a dress.

About the TB clips. After the preview a long clip of ± 5½ minutes, in which undressing and very much plus intensive playing with lips: a great clip and a very nice “Oups”! Next a

short Explicit clip followed by a long Explicit clip, which starts nude (except for the heels). Fingerinsertion in different postures, plus climax at the end. The last clip (#15) starts

with heels and dressing gown on. After putting some oil on vibrator and lips, the fun starts. The buzzing vibrator is mostly used for clit stimulation and helps her to reach a

strong climax.

The rating: Standing plus Pole 4,4 (variation with outfit, cheerleader stretch, a few spins), Taskbar 5 (intensive playing with lips, buzzing vibrator), Beauty 5 (face, body) and

Outfit 5 (bodysuit plus elegant dressing gown). Total 19,4/4 = 4,85 --→ 5 stars. With both Standing and Pole clips this show is also interesting for customers, who prefer e-cards.
July 28
Such a sweetie. And a beauty. Eva, here's good advice. The women who do porn seem to be happiest when they do it for themseves rather than to simply make others happy. What's the difference? I guess I would say the women who get off on the experience and the excitement are the winners. You have to own it.
July 25
Eva Columbus was sent to us from the gods. Her lustrous dark hair, her fiery red lips, her amazing derierre and lovely tits ... all gifts we should be grateful for. The makeup on her eyes and sweet face is so expertly done. It's such a joy watching her explore her young virginal body, making new erotic discoveries and voicing her pleasure with soft moans and whimpers.
July 24
Eva should be used to provoking indecet proposals the way she shows off that gorgeous body!
September 21
Viva La France

20 days ago
I visited Paris before Covid and I swear I met this sexy woman. Unfortunately, she did not make an indecent proposal, otherwise I probably would have accepted!
September 23
Pretty okay card.
July 27
very sexy, nice ass and pussy
July 26
How do you spell "Perfection"?
July 26
Les voix françaises c'est plutôt rare et si de plus la miss nous fait des propositions où va t-on?

Un corps magnifique, un visage adorable et une voix très claire. La vingtaine et déjà bien dans le coup...
July 25
Un show parfait pour une bonne séance d'édonisme avec Eva, vraiment très jolie fille, mais sa poitrine est vraiment trop petite pour moi.Oui je sais, la gourmandise est un péché mortel, mais je préfère les seins opulents, on ne se refait pas ;)
July 24
Not bad, but if it is a one-piece dress and a short skirt, it will be more perfect to show beautiful legs!
July 24
Süßes Girl, heiße Show. Ich liebe sie.
September 1
Vraiment bon de jouir avec Eva!

More Please!!!
July 26
15 min of XXX on taskbar clips.
July 25
July 24
She has something
July 24