A Full Recovery by

Paulina Soul

 4.39 (64 votes)

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Director's Note

On this show Paulina does not hold her pleasure, she gave us a really impressive screamin’ ’n shaking orgasm. 4 XXX shows including one only anal for enlighten amateurs

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Joined in Jan 2018

66 comment(s)
5 days ago
Outfit is great, girl is awesome. However, I am bothered by the constant breaking of eye contact at various points in the clips, probably due to bad directions. There are also at least 2 scenes where the camera starts rolling, and she is not prepared for it, and somehow that still made it through post-editing. I am not extremely pleased with this card's quality, to be very honest, but just because she is one of my favourite models, I would still give her 4 stars.
Joined in Oct 2011

90 comment(s)
4 days ago
Paulina is so cute in this outfit,my only critism is the sound needs sorting out ,more please thankyou
Joined in Sep 2014

1955 comment(s)
5 days ago
Paulina will certainly cure what effects most men! Hornyness!
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