Boner Is Coming by

Bonnie Parker

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Director's Note

Here she comes, our mother of Dragons, unlike Oxana Chic, we didn’t bring some dragons to the show :) Bonnie has the perfect look to play this character and being credible as a hieratic queen of sex.

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56 comment(s)
7 days ago
The show is pretty good, until they turn on the microphone. Once that happens Parker shows an utter lack of imagination. It's the same old "Do you like my tits/ass/pussy?" The same old poorly faked orgasms. If you're going to do an erotic parody, you've got to do better than that.
Joined in Aug 2010

85 comment(s)
7 days ago
I don't watch GoT, but I recognize this character, and she does look like her. Idk if she does this stuff in the show, but this card works for me. Especially the dirty talk.
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6 days ago
I'm not much of a sword and sorcery fan but I do like medieval history and Bonnie does look like a beautiful virgin princess (a horny beautiful virgin princess, that is.) She'd look quite natural in one of the many castles and fortresses in Tallinn's old town.

I adore her smile and sweet, soft angelic voice and accent. She sprinkles in the standard dialogue and orgasmic whimpers in her xxx sequence but ends with a polite 'thank you' ... so cute! Another lovely young cutie from eastern Europe.
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