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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Stella Flex directly on your taskbar. It lasts 38 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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Director's Note

Long anal play with fingers and dildo. 4 xxx very hot scenes, plus perfect pole dancing shows. Wonderful match !!

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Joined in Jan 2012

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9 hours ago
Very hot show from a lady that knows how to hold your attention with those fabulous eyes and then proceed to totally disarm you with seductive moves of her body. She oozes confidence and sex appeal.

Normally I don't buy cards of ladies with ink unless it is minimal and not too distracting. In Stella's case I can overlook the wrist designs because they are outlines rather than solid and I'm more interested in the rest of her fabulous appearance.

The outfit too is wonderfully sexy and if you thought Stella looks good in it on the task bar it hits a new high in her VR show. In that very up close and personal presentation her sighs and moans as she undresses and uses the dildo on herself are as convincing as you'd hope for in a staged show.

But the moment that is a stand out memory in my mind is seeing how beautifully that tiny triange of red fabric just perfectly cradles her pussy from front and rear views she gives us before she sheds her panties. There were lots of reasons to get a VR headset that made me do it and now iStripper VR shows adds significantly to them.
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3 days ago
Great performer, Stella is real turn-on!

But stockings and garter belt lovers might be left hungry for more, these items are not featured in most clips.

Why present the model with an outfit that's inconsistent with the show?
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1 day ago
As good as it gets. Tit's not really tiny, but they are perfect. Stella is clean and healthy and horny. She is a pro, but she keeps it fresh.
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