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Hayli Sanders

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Director's Note

Hayli rocks the pole dance ! Outrageous attitude, fitting with the stocking and suspenders, femme fatale mode activated.

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Joined in Apr 2016

138 comment(s)
6 days ago
Hayli Sanders has fast become one of my favorite performers in iStripper.

A flirty smile to tease you, tight body, great eye contact, sexy moves...You can easily get lost in her performances!

She also has a "girl next door" quality, which is always a turn on for me! Hayli is super hot in and out of this outfit as well!
Joined in Jun 2015

90 comment(s)
4 days ago
one of the best girls who knows how to move her body buy also gives a hot xxx show too! i love it
Joined in Sep 2014

1940 comment(s)
6 days ago
I'm not sure about Hayli' urges, but mine are certainly aroused by her perforance
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