Color Me Red by

Stacy Cruz

 4.76 (100 votes)

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Director's Note

This lingerie highlights her magnificent legs and real boobs. Stacy Cruz is playing with you all along, a sultry performance with a lot of tease.

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Joined in Apr 2017

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April 18
April 18 downlaod of April Pack.

Stacy is a sweetheart! What can I say? She deserves that gold ribbon. She might have doen better to save thie red outfit for Christmas . I'll take it here in April though. Half a star off since the shoes and stockings did not come off Good XXX segments. Her sounds are not the same old same old again and again.Hoping to see her at least once more before the end of the month.
Joined in Feb 2012

36 comment(s)
April 18
Stacy is an incredible performer! Her perfect body, lovely face, and playful demeanor could not be better. The hot red outfit in this wonderful card frames her perfectly!
Joined in Nov 2012

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April 19
Stacy Cruz looking good !
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