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Oxana Chic

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Joined in Jan 2012

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April 13
Agree that the model having to look to teh side for direction is distracting. The girl has a natural playfulness and smile that I can't see this was necessary at all. She is very pretty with obvious physical charms and for my taste, has not succumbed to the passe fad for tattoos.

Watching her shows when she turned her back to the camera had me wishing for a flip video option so those sexy moles could be a giant 'tick' mark to match my appreciation for this lovely lady.
Joined in Apr 2017

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April 8
April 8 download for April Pack.

I said when I reviewed her first card that she was a diamond in the rough. She's getting some more shine here. She's enjoyuing stripping and she laugs at heself when she has trouble undoing her top I like the XXX section because she has loudn and soft and differing noises, not the same loud moan throughout.

She's improved to a 4.0 here.
Joined in Feb 2018

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April 8
Beautiful model, great smile and nice moves. But... her constant glances to her right off camera (to our left) was quite distracting.

If it is really necessary for someone to keep giving instructions all the time during shooting, please at least place him/her much closer to camera so that it is not that obvious when the model seeks guidance.

But other than that, very nice card.
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