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Kay J

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February 26
Best comment - Kay J by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

She is literally masturbating and fingering non-stop all along the X clips ! She hates dildo but love to give herself pleasure with fingers, she confessed that she was feeling very hot during this show
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March 23
I have mixed feelings about this show from the beautiful Kay J.

First of all she doesn't look as good with her unclothed as she does clothed. She does have surprisingly nice boobs but the body didn't quite work otherwise.

Her masturbation was very intense using her fingers only in all 3 (out of a total of 18) XXX clips but she took too long to take off her clothes in all 3 clips. There was also a lot side views and a lot of rubbing over the panties. When she did finally get her panties off she went at it pretty good.
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April 10
Love Love
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