Lovenia Lux

On The Clock

 4.61 (105 votes)

  • Release date: March 1, 2019
  • Shows: 12 clips
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Level: XXX
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 7

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Reviews & comments

March 1
- Lovenia Lux by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Another Genuine impressive orgasm. Sexy upskirt show with no panties. All her XXX cards are must have for intense show lovers
Razielle Best comment
March 1
This show counts 12 clips divided in Standing 5, Behind TB 2 and On TB 5. One Standing and two TB clips are xxx

(1 with vibrator); together ± 14 minutes. No Bare feet. Starting Nude (no panties) one Standing and three TB clips.

Lovenia looks great again. I like the ponytail, real Russian. The outfit with the dress and the high heels was together with the kinky outfit in f0425/”Do As I Say” her best.

In the Standing clips varied dancing, many original and sexy postures, most interesting facial expressions.

Her style is slow, abrupt and sometimes aggressive! Great eye contact with the viewer!

In TB clips dirty, sultry talk in English. Playing with lips in #8 after total striptease. Two very intensive orgasms in #11 with fingers and #12 with vibrator.

When Eva Sugar is the top dancer, then Lovenia Lux is the top actress. Lovenia is a model of many faces!!!

The rating: Standing 5 (perfect actress), Taskbar 5 (dialogue talk in English, most intensive orgasms), Beauty 5 (dirty and lovely) and

Outfit 5 (dress and high heels). Total 20/4 = 5---> 5 stars. Another most intensive orgasm show of Lovenia!

For a great model with a great show only a great Song of the Show is appropriate and I know Lovenia will love it.

Since she is from St. Petersburg it will be “Sympathy for the Devil” from The Rolling Stones (Beggar’s Banquet/1968):

”I stuck around St. Petersburg, when it was time for a change - I killed the tzar and his ministers,

Anastasia (or Lovenia?) screamed in vain”. Since this was your last show: Bye-Bye Love-nia!!!
March 18
Lovenia is lovely and sensual. It's all for show though. She does a good "job". (On the Clock is a fitting title) Like I've said before, I prefer it when a girl is like OMG I'm really getting an orgasm doing this. She has an exciting personality, if only she would just let go.
March 19
This is a pretty good show from the beautiful Lovenia Lux.

Of the 12 clips only 3 were XXX for about 14 minutes or so.

In the first XXX clip she started nude except for the shoes and did a brief finger plunge to justify the XXX rating.

In the 2nd XXX clip she used her fingers to slowly build herself up & then had a very satisfying looking orgasm at the end of the clip.

In the 3rd XXX clip she used a dildo/vibrator to achieve the same result.

All-in-all it was a horney show (albiet a little short).
May 7
Super super sexy girl who moves her superb body so sensually across the screen, in an awesome tight short black dress and magnificent high heel shoes that I'm glad to see stay on throughout.
April 15
I love this girl, her shows are excellent and her figure is amazing.
March 1
You're Hot Lovenis Lux !
March 23
Hot sexy XXX show from miss Lux.
March 4
Luvenia Lux is always stunning, 1000/10 :))
March 1
preview peek = Instant Buy
6 days ago
Lovenia is one of the sexiest girls!!!
March 3
very very hot girl.
March 2
Lovenia est belle, complètement décomplexée et cette petite robe noire, accompagnée de jolies chaussures, brosse un tableau idyllique pour bien commencer ce show. Si vous ne savez pas ce que veut dire "orgasme intense", je vous conseille de regarder ce show, ainsi que les autres XXX de la belle, et vous comprendrez. On a qu'une seule envie, prendre son pied en même temps que Lovenia :)
March 23
You're lovely!! I want to fuck all your holes !! And fill them to the brim !!
June 19