Vice in April by

Ginebra Bellucci

 4.55 (146 votes)

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November 9
Best comment - Ginebra Bellucci by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

OMG ! She brings her super big inflatable dildo ! Probably the biggest we ever saw at IStripper ! Look how she plays with her large labias...
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November 9
I didn't really need to watch the promo clips to come to a decision, but I watched them "just in case" before clicking that purchase button in a flash.

A tease-tastic outfit and then Ginebra having fun with her big black dildo...

...with sound ! ! !
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November 11
This is not a bad show from this gorgeous brown-eyed beauty.

She has nice boobs & some serious pussy lips.

In this show of 13 clips 3 of them were XXX for just over 20 minutes. The dildo was interesting with a lot of girth & really stretched her out when she put it inside. Unfortunately she didn't seem to orgasm accounting for the lower score from me.
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