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18 days ago
Best comment - Vivia by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Crazy neckline, crazy legs, crazy ass, crazy you if you dont buy it.
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16 days ago
Hot girl witha HOT act, but for me the icing on the cake is her tongue action, lots of licking action is very sexy !!!! More please
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18 days ago
An undoubtedly hot combination of a hot girl with long legs in a hot, skimpy dress. This card had the potential to be one of the best cards on iStripper, except for the fact that the model does not change her order of striptease - the top always come off first before her panties, which is highly dissatisfying.

Where did the pulling off of the panties from under that short skirt go to? Where are all the standing and pole-dance pantyless upskirts? Such a shame that this card lacks all of that.

There is no point in having so many repeated clips when the model is going to carry out the same strip routine each time. Please take note of this, director/producer.

I would have given this card a lower rating, but because I think Vivia deserves another shot at this, I am just going to deduct 1.5 stars.

If pantyless upskirts is also your thing, there is only 1 XXX sitting clip where she starts without panties, but she takes off her dress soon afterwards.
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