Slap my Ass by

Alyssia Kent

 4.6 (87 votes)

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27 days ago
Best comment Alyssia Kent - by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

She performs a really hot reverse cowgirl with this succion dildo attached to the ground ! Alyssia is really taking her part seriously and play some serious game with this whip.
Joined in Jan 2010

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25 days ago
Let's see... to buy or not to buy.

Alyssia Kent: Ticks every one of my boxes. One of my top favourites, can't get enough of Alyssia.

Leather gentle fetish gear: Tick.

Rides a lifelike dildo in the correct orifice (for my taste): Tick, tock... commencing countdown... AAAAaaaarrrrgggghhh!

Excuse me... lost my train of thought there..

That's a yes, then.

Instant no-brainer, didn't even wait for the preview to finish downloading.
Joined in Feb 2009

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27 days ago
Although not personally a fan of this theme, I buy all her cards. To me, Alyssa is unrivaled in beauty. All of her outfits so far are extremely revealing from the very beginning. I'd really love to see her in a few elegant dresses or outfits that tease the imagination rather than showing so much from the beginning. If she does, they'll need to add a 6th star for me to rate her properly.
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