Disorderly Conduct by

Georgie Lyall

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September 3
Best comment - Georgie Lyall by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Georgie decided to go DIRTY for her last strip with us : Spit, spank, chock, lick… you got the full package here, enjoy !
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September 3
This is not a bad show from Georgie although I would prefer more time spent naked.

Of the 15 clips only 3 of them were XXX comprising about 15 minutes total.

In each of the first 2 she came out completely clothed and took 1/2 of the clip to get out of the clothes. In the last XXX clip she did come out naked except for the leggings which she did finally remove at the end.

She did some pretty good finger work in the first clip & used a dildo/vibrator in the last 2.
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September 3
She certainly saved the best for last..the strip is better than the photoset which left me asking

"why" yet again. You guys have access to all of these sexy women and yet to can get them to fucking pose properly. If you need examples of how a model should spread go check out any other adult website..jeez..it's not rocket science..actually when the US studio was open you got your best shots because those girls knew how to pose..aka Keisha Grey..just look at any of her sets here as an example. Okay my rant is done. Georgie is hot but dammit give us more in the photo department.
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