Sex Clinic by

Georgie Lyall

 4.1 (111 votes)

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August 22
Best comment - Georgie Lyall by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Georgie used to be a true nurse student, so we HAD to do this outfit. Her pussy rubbing against the pole will cure all of your problems…
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September 23
Body – 4

Breasts – 4,5

Outfit – 4

Duration – 4,5

Performance – 4

Explicitness – 4


DroidScore – 4,1

Score 1: Terrible

Score 2: Save your credits

Score 3: If you like the girl

Score 4: Worth the credits

Score 5: Must have set

Score is not impacted by video/sound quality. As that Is already factored into the price.
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August 22
Yes, I like my nurses nice and nasty. NICE. AND. NASTY. I want her to dutifully get all that nasty venom pent up in my balls out.
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