Absolute Doll by

Lil Vos

 4.6 (176 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2008

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June 14
Well Lil is a big girl. She really needs to lose a few pounds.

However she is a redhead & that counts for a lot.

In this show of the 18 clips only 3 were labeled XXX, all on the table for just over 12 minutes. The restt were a mixture of standing. table & pole. I didn'tt watch the non-XXX clips. I will see them eventually on the screen-saver.

In the XXX clips she used her fingers only in the first one, sucked on a dildo while fingering herself in the second one & inserted the dildo in the third.
Joined in Jan 2015

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June 11
Lil Vos s just absolutely awesome and is for me, one of the very best girls iStripper has ever released. With her fantastic looks and incredible body, the oh so sexy outfit she has on here just awesomely complements her superb curves to the max. Beauty, sex appeal and the most awesome body around, Lil is just amazing and now my favourite girl, and I'll be vey happy to add every card she has made to the very top of my collection.
Joined in Jun 2008

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June 1
Ravishing beauty. Cast her for take 2, normal and xxx cards. I'm overlooking her big tattoo. Lovely smile and just perfect all around.
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