Meeting Miss Right by

Baby Nicols

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12 days ago
Best comment -BABY NICOLS by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Listen to her speaking spanish while playing with her toy: « hay, que rico !! ». This language is so hot in her mouth ! Lots of sexy upskirts with this outfit !
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8 days ago
So there is no doubt Baby is a gorgeous girl.

Having said that this is a bit of a lame show. She did make an effort at least but I wasn't convinced that she ever got off.

There were 3 XXX clips for a total of about 19 minutes all on the table. The rest of the clips were a mixture of standing & top of screen.
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12 days ago
Super sexy and naughty show. Baby Nicols does not disappoint and she reminds me of a naughtier Rosario Dawson a little bit. Which makes her show even hotter in my mind! :D
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