You Can't Handle It by

Gisha Forza

 4.33 (69 votes)

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Joined in Nov 2013

4 comment(s)
14 days ago
Gisha is great, but for whatever reason most of her "XXX" cards only seem to have one XXX-Rated clip. Same goes for this card, which is a real shame.

Outfit is nice and the performance is good, other than there being no build-up whatsoever in the only XXX clip available.

Would've given more stars if it wasnt for the one single XXX clip. In my opinion, two is the bare minimum for something to be called an XXX-Card..
Joined in Jul 2008

84 comment(s)
13 days ago
She must be a Russian woman.

She has a slim figure and a proud face. Why is the Russian woman so pretty?
Joined in Sep 2013

80 comment(s)
14 days ago
Beautiful girl. Nice outfit. Not a big XXX fan, however quite a few pole/standing in high heel clips.
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