Don't Hold Back by

Gisha Forza

 4.2 (94 votes)

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Joined in Oct 2009

602 comment(s)
May 15
Gisha delivers a sustained RFN treat in her own measured way.

This is not an easy outfit to strip out of.

If you enjoy her cute bubble butt and endless legs,

her ink-free skin and godess face, you are in for a treat.

The more I watch, the more I'm lovin' it. You go Girl ! 5+^40
Joined in Jan 2008

196 comment(s)
May 21
SEXY!! Gorgeous girl, great figure hugging costume. Beautiful to see.
Joined in Oct 2008

174 comment(s)
May 15
Just when I thought, Ms Gisha Forza couldn't get more hot hot hotter ... BAM!!!

This sexy Asian, sure don't hold back at all!!!

I would love to have her, from the back!!!

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