Let's Do It Again by

Silvia Dellai

 4.46 (63 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2011

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May 17
This show counts 12 clips divided in Standing 5, Behind TB 1 and On TB 6 (with sound - mostly Czech spoken).

XXX 3 clips On TB and 1 Standing, together ± 18 minutes, two with dildo of which one anal.

Starting nude clip 8 and 9 and RFN 11 and 12. RFN = wearing nothing.

Silvia is a great dancer with personality. Scars and tattoo’s doen’t matter anymore. I like her staccato style.

Silvia’s hairstyle is different form the first three cards. It suits her well and she looks more friendly.

The taskbar clips take most of the time. In clip 10 anal + ATM.

In clip 11 first some sucking on the dildo, then insertion. The little struggle to put the dildo inside was interesting!

In clip 12 anal with dildo plus ATM. I have deleted clip 10 and 12. Therefore only 4 stars.

If you like anal and ATM, then this is a show for you.
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May 20
Toned and muscular yet sexy and smooth, long legs ... deliciously lovely pussy ... confident and proud, regal beauty. And adorable tits ... lovely stiff, erect nipples.
Joined in May 2012

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May 17
bellissima fica dotata di critoride ben in mostra
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